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[These titles are the sessions in the Bible course "Symmorphy III: Kingdom" posted with the most recent first. Since understanding develops point by point, however, I strongly recommend that you begin with Session I: Perspectives and Layout first.]

Dear Believer in Jesus,

What does it mean that the New Covenant is fulfilled in our lives today? What is the New Covenant?

When you were baptized in water, you signed a contract with God, binding you together with Him. Do you know what the terms and goals of that contract are? Do you know what the intentions of the Father towards you are in so binding Himself to you?

Do you KNOW the One who lives in your heart?

This is eternal life, to know God and to know Jesus Christ whom God has sent (John 17:3). There is no other definition for eternal life in the Bible.

Do you know what Salvation is? Do you know that not one word in the Bible connects the Salvation of God with "going to" heaven after you die?

Know that I AM in the Father and you in Me and I in you (John 14:20). Here is the Salvation of God. John 14:20 is the only place where we live.

Here is the ruling phrase of the Bible, governing over everything else God says in His Word.

Conformed to the image of His Son.
Romans 8:29

God is determined to make you just like the Lord Jesus Christ in construction, in relationship with the Father, and in expression - right now in this age, right here on this earth.

The New Covenant Fulfilled!

Will you join me in the only safe response we could possibly give to a Mighty and a Holy God?

Look at me, Father, I belong to You. Let all that You speak, the Lord Jesus Christ, be fulfilled in my life in all that You mean.

I write the articles on these websites for one reason, to know the Lord Jesus Christ filling my heart with His glory and revealed now through me. And I publish what I write so that you also might share my joy.


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