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Ask any question you have about the revelation of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of the New Covenant. I will share from the light He has given me and do so only in the kind and caring spirit of Jesus.

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The Lord has changed my direction from the writing of the Christ Our Life letters onto a new path. I am in the process of creating the first course for a new online Bible School. Yes, the world is filled with Bible schools, but this is a significant part of my dream and  it is the Lord's time for such a joy. I believe that God has a different form for my writing, a more careful and specific approach. And – let me tell you, creating these courses is just about the most fun thing I’ve done in years.

So – the course website is Christ Revealed Bible Institute.

You are so welcome to sign up for the Bible School and join with us in fellowshipping together concerning the wondrous realities of being conformed to the image of God's Son. There is an element of Christ that can be known in no other way than in that fellowship.

Some, however, may be unable to maneuver through a "college level" Bible Course. Never fear! You can find those same lessons through my website: www.christrevealed.info.

The only disadvantage for you is that you will be unable to participate in any discussion or fellowship concerning the glory of Christ revealed through you. Yet Jesus knows exactly what He is ck on the “Mobile Version,” a link found at the bottom of the page.

Here, then, are the links to the first five of the Course Sessions now available. My advice, however, would be to begin with the first lesson and continue on through.

1. Introduction and Truth

2. Purpose and Heart

3. Conformed to His Image

4. The Image of Christ

5. Covenant Core

I must share with you that this present approach to the Word God speaks is establishing me upon a foundation of being fused together with our Father in a way I never knew existed. At the core of that foundation is the most important word in the Greek New Testament, symmorphos, which must and will become the most important word in our language today, symmorphy.

I have invested and will continue to invest my labor and my life into making what the Lord is sharing with me fully accessible to you. You see, I am a persistent fellow, and I have my eyes fixed firmly on the reward – to see you and many rejoicing in all the fullness of Christ Revealed as the joy and crown of my heart.

What I sow in tears, I will reap in joy. My Father has said.

Only one thought fills my heart towards you, that the joy of Jesus would so transform you, conforming you to His same image, that you would walk this planet as a critical member of the revelation of Jesus Christ – and be found in Him together with me forever.

With all blessings to you inside the Lord Jesus,

Daniel Yordy

A Bridge Builder
Building Bridges between God and Man
John & Bonnie Morris

New Posting
Jan. 18, 2015

I Saw the Lord - Annie's Visions
Annie Schissler
With: Edward Miller

by Dennis Rhodes

The Seeing Eye
by Fred Pruitt

Covenant Fulfilled

The new dyordy website.

Christ Revealed

Another website of mine containing the lessons for the Bible Institute available to the public, but without interaction with others.

Our Path Home

Another website of mine containing my earlier letters. I am now changing the layout to fit the present books.

The Jesus Secret: Who I Am
by Daniel Yordy

Become just like Jesus. Jesus wants you with Him, just like Him, more than anything in the universe. Learn how speaking what God speaks will transform your life.

The Jesus Secret - Download Page (The electronic copy is at no cost)

A Selection
Containing some of my more important articles.

Musings on Union is now available in book form. I do believe this is an important book for your life. Obtain a copy as soon as you are able.

Musings on Union

Note: If you live outside the US, my books can be found on Amazon UK and Amazon Europe as well.

A Prior Recent Series:

The Feast of Tabernacles

1. Why Study the Feasts?
2. Applying the Feasts
3. The Humility of Christ
4. Defining the Apostolic
5. The Original Feasts
6. Today
7. Seeing the Invisible One
8. Moses and Paul
9. Passover

10. The Feast of Unleavened Bread
11. Firstfruits
12. Pentecost
13. According to the Pattern
14. A Second Passover
15. The Form of God
16. Sacrifice: Where It Fits
17. Sacrifice: Redemption
18. Sacrifice: The Lamb Slain
19. The Order of Journey
20. Turning Away
21. Entering the Land
22. The Promised Land
23. Trumpets
24. The Trumpets of God
25. The Day of Atonement
26. The Obedience of God
27. Thinking Like Jesus
28. God's Heart in a Man
29. The Wasted Years
30. A Man of Blood
31. David's Tent
32. Melchizedek Order
33. Tabernacles
34. We ARE the Body of Christ
35. The Great Day of the Feast
36. The New World

The Feast of Tabernacles is now available in book form. I do believe this is an important book for your life. Obtain a copy as soon as you are able.

The Feast of Tabernacles

Note: If you live outside the US, my books can be found on Amazon UK and Amazon Europe as well.

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by Bonnie Morris

So Great a Faith (New August 9, 2014)

A Union of Heart and Life - A Wedding Script
A Fuller Meaning of the Word Name
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What About This?

Ever Increasing Faith
Experiencing Love God is opening our seeing now to something absolutely incredible!
Gathering Whatever God is in us, it is always for others.
The Land of the “Very Good” We live in the heavens right now.
The God Kind of Faith
We walk by believing what God says, not by what we see.

by Fred Pruitt
What If Deliverance Never Comes
The True and Only Real Liberty
Christ or Anti-Christ?
What has happened to the church of Christ?
Excerpts from Hearts of Flesh Jesus Christ is come in the flesh - personal in us now.

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