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The Covenant

By Daniel Yordy

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1. The Covenant
My Experiment:
1. I take into myself ALL that God says in the New Testament. ALL. When I say, "the New Testament," I mean the words on the page from Matthew 1:1 to Revelation 22:21
2. I exclude EVERYTHING that God does not say in the New Testament. EVERYTHING.
3. I take into myself ALL that God says in the New Testament in TEN specific ways. Each of these ten things comes BY what God actually says at the core and center of the New Testament. PDF Version

2. The Two Covenants
Our Bible contains two covenants, the Old Covenant (Testament), and the New Covenant (Testament). A covenant is like a contract – a binding agreement between two parties. The difference is that a covenant is much more intimate than a contract and a matter of life or death. Three books of the New Testament are primarily concerned with the two covenants, what they mean, and the difference between them: Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews. Although other books of the New Testament also contribute, these three are the foundation of the New Covenant, that is, the contract that we signed with God and He with us. Our lives are bound by that New Contract – as is God’s. PDF Version

3. The Second Place of Knowing God
We know that everything that God is resides in Jesus and that Jesus lives in our hearts. Thus we know when we were born again, when we asked Jesus into our hearts, we received everything God has for us already. But then we come back to the first questions in this letter: “Do I know God very well? Do I know Him personally and real? Do I understand His heart?” Yes, we have received everything God has for us because all of it is in Jesus and Jesus lives in our hearts. But do we KNOW everything we have received? PDF Version

4. Altar of Incense
The passage into the Blood Covenant with God is the Veil before the Holy of Holies. It is by the Altar of Incense that we pass through that Veil into all the presence of God. It is God's intention for us to enter into the Holiest of All by the Blood of Jesus and there to become the Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat upon it, full union with God in a binding Covenant of equality with everything that is God's, personal and of His heart, now utterly ours, and everything of ours, personal and of our heart, now utterly His. PDF Version

5. Gethsemane
Gethsemane is a complete surrender into Jesus AS our will, having already, Himself, chosen God and thus, WE ALSO. When Jesus said, three times, "Not My will, but Thine be done," I said three times, "Not my will, but Thine be done." His agony is my agony; His choice is my choice; His words are my words. My surrender is to accept my place inside of Him and the place of that surrendered One inside of me. PDF Version

6. God - of the Cup
God is not under my control. I do not have Him figured out. I cannot define Him; I cannot explain Him. All I can possibly ever do is bow my head upon the ground in silence before Him. To one He says, "Speak," to another He says, "Shut up." To one He says "Go here and go there," to another He says, "Sit down, you aren't going anywhere." And He WILL do the very opposite of what you want, and He will ask you to bow in silence before His right to order His creation as He sees fit. PDF Version

7. The Way of the Cross
The way of the cross is a way of life, not a way of death; it is a way of living, not a way of dying. We have always known it wrongly. The Resurrection is the center of the Covenant, not the cross. Yet, the way of the cross is more glorious than we have ever known. The way of the cross is all about resurrection; it's all about God revealed through man. PDF Version

8. Triumph
The living way is the way of Triumph. PDF Version

9. The Veil
God places Gethsemane at the beginning of the Way into the Holiest, the altar of incense. The veil of Jesus' flesh, the veil of Gethsemane, serves two purposes. One, it is the wide-open door by which we who see Christ alone stride boldly into the Presence of the Holy, sitting upon the throne of God, and looking out through God's eyes from the Mercy-Seat, to see all things as He sees them. And two, it is the impenetrable barrier that drives away all who carry a double heart, a double mind, seeing Christ and “flesh,” good and evil, sin and God. PDF Version

10. Drink This Cup
What did Jesus drink? PDF Version

11. Cast out the Bondwoman
Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. PDF Version

12. God's Promise to Abraham
Those who say they are Jews but are NOT!

13. The Ark of the Covenant
The Covenant is not a package of things we get from God. The Covenant is God HIMSELF in Person, filling us full. God sends us nothing; He comes in Person to be Himself our insides and our outsides. And that is why faith IS the central quality of the Ark of Acacia Wood, the central quality of the human. Because, you see, God is invisible. PDF Version

14. Carry Your Cross
In all the wonder that fills an infinitely wondrous God, room after room of glorious qualities and expressions, there is no room inside of Him more Wondrous or more Holy or more filled with Living LIFE than the room I want to peek into with you, the room God calls, “the Lamb slain.”. PDF Version

15. Resurrection Life
Life has two purposes. First, life eliminates death and second, life brings forth more life. This is the Covenant, that we shall be just like Jesus. This is the fulfillment of the Covenant, when the Ark that carries that Covenant comes all the way HOME, that our bodies are swallowed up into the new creation by Resurrection Life. PDF Version

16. A Heart Throne
Jesus offers the fruit of the tree of life ONLY to those who have “overcome,” that is, who believe what God says, who see by faith fully that which is not visible to the outward sight. Those who believe ALL that God says concerning Christ our only life inside the Covenant. Jesus offers the fruit of the tree of life only to those who have passed through the veil by the fire of incense, hearts won wholly by God, and who live utterly and only in the Holy of Holies, in the glory of heaven, right here and right now. PDF Version

17. The Mercy Seat
There are two places only where anything can exist, inside the Mercy Seat or far away from the Mercy Seat, inside the Lamb Slain or far away from the Lamb Slain, inside of God or far away from God. Inside this room in God, the Mercy Seat, everything that is placed there is transformed from the old creation to the new. It's as simple as that.  It's not possible to understand that reality except by story. PDF Version

18. Until My Enemies
The Mercy Seat, the throne of God, the Lamb Slain is the place inside of God inside of us inside of God where the authority of God takes all things offensive to Himself, His “enemies,” and causes the offense to cease, and the thing or person weighted down by that offense to be transformed into something brand new in the new creation. PDF Version

19. Our Inheritance
God is infinite and filled with an infinite number of rooms filled with unending glory and goodness. He wants to share Himself with His creation. We and this Covenant are how He has determined to do that. Every single word God speaks is Christ, that is, a Door into a huge room of God Himself. Those who enter into that particular room by the Covenant then become the room itself and the open door through which God is enabled to reveal that particular part of Himself to His creation. He pours out of us as we drink of Him. PDF Version

20. The Third Place of Knowing God
The Gate by which we enter into this knowing of Jesus as Savior, was Jesus Himself. The Door by which we enter into this knowing of Jesus as Truth, was Jesus Himself. This Veil by which we enter into this knowing of Jesus as the fullness of Life, eternal life, is Jesus Himself. ~ PDF Version

21. The Pillar of Fire
She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was caught up to God and to his throne. Revelation 12:5 “Caught up” is the pillar of fire. God not only carries us from death into life, but He also arises on high and we in Him. God can consume nothing except it be placed upon the Mercy Seat. Yet all things placed there are transformed beyond what we can understand. God is always catching us up inside Himself. PDF Version

22. The Bond of the Covenant
The Bond of the Covenant - from 3 AM at the beginning of Gethsemane to 3 PM, when Jesus released Himself from His body upon the cross, twelve hours of darkness, God walked between the bloody pieces of the Covenant, God as He really is, in Core, in Being, in Nature, God ripped open for all to see – the Bond of the Covenant. This Bond, this Covenant, is the most powerful thing in the Universe. This is not something God “did.” This is the only God; know Him. PDF Version