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Through Eyes of Fire

The Song of the Lamb

Through Eyes of Fire

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in the Through Eyes of Fire series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format.

1. Union with God FIRST
Full union with God comes first and it comes now. Whatever else that is of God flows out of union first. EVERYTHING else comes second. Full union with God comes first and it comes now by FAITH. ~ PDF Version

2. Let It Be
If we can say something, anything, about Jesus, we can and must say the same about ourselves, for He is our only life. In contrast, if we cannot say something about Jesus, but we say that thing about ourselves, we are prophesying anti-Christ into our hearts and our futures and there we must live until God wakes us up. PDF Version

3. God Is a Person
God is a Person with a heart that dreams and feels in just the same way that you and I are a person with a heart that dreams and feels. God loves; He wants to be loved. God knows; He wants to be known. ~ PDF Version

4. God's Prophet for Today
Never think of Christ as an Old Testament prophet. Find the simplest heart in your assembly, one who doesn't know much and can't do much, but who loves Jesus, and in that one's heart you will find more of the glory of God than was ever upon Moses, Elijah, and all the rest of them put together. Jesus said, “The least little one in the kingdom of heaven is greater than the greatest of the prophets.” God will never go back to the minor leagues when He is the real deal in our hearts. ~ PDF Version

5. The Image of the Beast
Bring any believer in Jesus who walked closely with Him from any past generation (prior to the 20th century) right into your living room with you and turn on the television news. Let’s assume that you have a wide-screen TV of recent make. What would be the reaction taking place inside this brother or sister in the Lord who walked closely with God in power all the days of their life? Would they agree with you that what they are seeing is blasé, “been there – seen that,” normal and everyday? Or would they be stunned and speechless, convinced that everything has gone horrifically wrong? ~ PDF Version

6. Life from John's Vision
The symbols God uses always refer to one of three things. They refer to the nature of reality in the heavens, in the realms of spirit, or they refer to the life of Christ in the church and our being formed into His image, or they refer to the setting, the context, in which God tells His great story. Actually, every symbol refers to how the nature of reality in the heavens shows itself either in the church or in the setting of God's victory, that is, in the world. ~ PDF Version

7. A Christ Identity
Our true identity is to have every single one of our ten million receptors, spirit, soul, and body, connected perfectly with that particular place in God's complex Being and Person to which they were designed to connect and God Himself, then, flowing through those connections all through us in joy and power, and flowing on out through our many channels into His creation as rivers of Spirit. This is the normal Christian life; it is the normal human life. It is the image and likeness of God. ~ PDF Version

8. From a Word to a Lamb
There is just something in God that gets a real kick out of defeating the accuser by His Word alone, revealed through weakness in many. Do you see how the Great Story of God just ties everything together? The book of Revelation could not possibly be known any other way. It is an essential element in a seamless whole; it is the capstone, the climax of the story. ~ PDF Version

9. Authority Revealed
The primary word in Revelation is apocalupsis. The purpose for everything is Christ, the Word God is always speaking, revealed in weakness through many, revealed in fullness in His body. The second word of Revelation is martureo, witness or testimony, the same word of Christ spoken by many. Martureo means the prophetic word of Christ which we speak. ~ PDF Version

10. Christ, God's Story
Then something happened that no one expected. ~ PDF Version

11. Overcome
To overcome is to set creation free; it is to subdue all things. Setting creation free comes only out from the tree of life, only out from the throne of God. Being born of God comes first; believing that Christ is our only life comes first. Faith is the only come-over to the tree of Life. ~ PDF Version

12. Sealed in the Midst of the Storm
Do we weep over the limitation of Christ? I have wept over the limitation of Christ for many years and now more than ever. -- Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. -- even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body. . . Likewise the Spirit also. . . makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. -- It's all the same word. It's all a groaning over the limitation of Christ and over the elimination of death. We cannot invent this groaning, but we can give ourselves to it, knowing it is God in us. ~ PDF Version

13. The Prophetic Word of Christ
The prophetic has nothing to do with “predicting” or knowing about future events. The prophetic brings the new creation, the new heavens and the new earth, into the experience of all, thus we could say that the prophetic “creates the future,” that is, the life of the age to come is birthed by the prophetic word of Christ. We call those things which do not exist as though they did; we bring to nothing the things that are. ~ PDF Version

14. Judgment in Heaven
Judgment is the vanguard of mercy. Judgment goes before to prepare the way that mercy might follow. Judgment and the Curse are two very different things. Judgment is the first part of God come to us; the curse is contrary to God's will. Death is the consequence of separation from God, of rebellion. Judgment is the bucket of ice water dumped over one's head to wake that person up to the reality of the curse and thus to seize hold of mercy. ~ PDF Version

15. Restitution
In my letter, “Judgment in Heaven,” I spoke concerning the restoration of all things. The word means “to give back.” God will restore everything that was ever stolen. BUT, there is a big difference. God now has a body, and He does all things through His body. ~ PDF Version

16. A Body Prepared for Me
I believe more clearly than I ever have that the body of Christ is the body of Christ. In fact, obtaining for Himself a body through which to live is the whole purpose of God in all creation. God Desires a body; He calls that body, “many sons.” ~ PDF Version

17. "Hear and Obey"
I am not speaking in any way of those who enjoy the gift of hearing particulars from the Holy Spirit, whom God has exercised in knowing that gift, and who follow that gift in joy with no shadow of curse. That gift is Christ as you; it cannot ever be “hear and obey.” It cannot be what God never speaks. You are perfectly free in Christ to move in all God has taught you concerning Christ as you; you never need to call it something God does not speak. And you never need to interpret God's teaching you of His ways as being “out of the will of God.” ~ PDF Version

18. The Other Lamb
There are two lambs in the Bible, not one. The second lamb is not incidental or peripheral. In fact, we find that the second lamb is more prominent in church history than the first. The second lamb is the other Main thing. If the second lamb did not exist, the beast would have no power in the church. Although outwardly the Lamb wages war with the Beast, inwardly, in our minds and hearts, in the womb of the church, the true Lamb wages a war of life or death against the other lamb. It is a war of faith. ~ PDF Version

19. Judgment on Earth
There are particular people walking this earth right now whom you could trust if you placed them in positions of governmental power over others. You could pick them up, sit them down in the seat of power over, put all earthly authority into their hands and trust them to do the right thing. They are those who would look around slowly, rise slowly, turn their backs and walk away, saying nothing at all.

The ones who “should” rule are the ones who would never rule. They are the only ones that can be trusted. To whom would God give the assignment of “striking the earth with all plagues, anytime they want”? That's easy, He gives it to those who simply never want to do any such thing. That's why His witness is clothed in sackcloth, just like Jesus. ~ PDF Version

20. The Battle
All strategy of war begins with this stand. If God be God, then let Him be God in us, as us, and through us. We are the Church; this planet belongs to us; we are the ones who remain. All other strategies flow out of this stand. It is the spirit and power of Elijah. ~ PDF Version

21. The Seventh Trumpet
You see, I know, now, what happened to the body in which Jesus ascended in the eyes of His disciples. I know exactly where it is. And, yes, I am convinced that Jesus returns in that very same body. I am very familiar with Jesus' ascended body; in fact I have seen it lo these many years every time I have looked in the mirror. And so have you.

Jesus has shared His own body with me; He and I live in it together. Am I not flesh of His flesh? Am I not bone of His bone? Does God not tell us the truth? This is the mighty energy by which Jesus subdues all things to Himself. ~ PDF Version

22. The Number of Its Name
There is no “state.” There is no “collective consciousness.” There is no “Christian nation.” There is no “communist ideal.” There is no “progressive perfection.” There is no “U.S. Army.” There is no NSA or CIA or KGB or MI6. All that exists upon this earth are just people. Hurting and bruised, yes. Stumbling and lost, yes. Open to abuse and coercion, yes. But just people, each one created in the image of God, each one more valuable than the universe. Each one purchased by Blood. And every single one, as the very image of God, capable of more personal creative expression than you could ever imagine. ~ PDF Version

23. The Song of the Lamb
The Song of the Lamb is, in every possible way, “I am.” My desire is to sing and sing and sing union AND communion, union AND communion, always both, always 100%, always together, always all, to sing it into you until the dawn comes and the Daystar arises in your heart. The Song of the Lamb is 100% union AND 100% communion, although union must always come first. That's God's required order; the last is always first. Communion fills union full, but it is found nowhere else. ~ PDF Version

24. Two Women or One?
Is Jesus marrying a harlot as He draws you into union with Himself? Of course He is. If you want to know who the Harlot of Revelation is, just look in the mirror. Yet He has drunk all the dregs that you and I are as His Father asked Him to do. We have become His joy ONLY because He swallows up our evil.

There is no false lamb. There are false spirits. There are lost and foolish people. And there is the true Lamb who is the Savior of all men. Are there really two women in the earth? Or is there just one? ~ PDF Version

25. Back to the Scroll
The seals do not open the Scroll. The seals prevent the Scroll from being opened. Their removal, one by one, allows, by the removal of the seventh and final seal, for the Scroll of our hearts to be opened and the God who fills us full to be seen and known and read by all. We desire two things. We desire that the seals be removed, and we desire that God will prepare us in all ways for that moment when our own hearts are ripped wide open for all creation to see and know God. Is this not the clear teaching of the gospel? Is it not the purpose of God from the beginning? ~ PDF Version

26. Time for Something to Hear
From a reader of these letters: I believe there are many just like me that need to hear truth out of the mass of confusion  out there. NO MATTER HOW DEEP it is. NO MATTER WHAT! I don't believe there is a limit when speaking truth. I believe that it is HIGH time for UTTER SERIOUSNESS! It isn't about catch phrases or gimmicks or funny picture. It's time for those with ears to hear, to have something to HEAR. – So that they too will seek a deeper knowing of God for themselves. They need the food to be set before them!! Just like it was for me!!! I really sense " NOW IS THE TIME.” And that this is to be taken very seriously! ~ PDF Version

27. The Song of the Beast
There is an essential difference, however, between the song of Adam and the song of the beast. The song of Adam is the song of the individualized self. That story is manifestly untrue, even to those who sing it the hardest. And in a world filled with selfs, all singing an untrue story, knowing that it is untrue, yet trying very hard to act as a god, capable and wise, yet pressing up against other selfs singing the same empty song, another story, another song arises among men, the song of the group. The song of the group is the song of the beast. ~ PDF Version

28. The Dragon and the Beast
The lie says that Christ is not my life. The curse says that I have a life not His.

You can always tell the dragon, he makes you feel that you don't measure up (“Let me tell you a secret; you are not the image of God”). You can always tell the beast, he imposes on you an identity not Christ (“Know your place, worm”). ~ PDF Version

29. They Sat on Thrones
It is not the prosecutor who judges, but the judge. It is not the law-giver who judges, but the judge. It is not the defense attorney, the advocate, who judges, but the judge. It is not the executioner who judges, but the judge. A judge does not make things up. Rather, he reaches back and finds what is called “precedence” for his decisions. A judge finds a word and by that word he establishes judgment. What word will “they” find? Upon which precedent will “they” cast their judgments? ~ PDF Version

30. Grapes and Supper
Life on this earth is ALL about the shaping of the human heart in the knowing of God, and everything that exists and everything that happens to us is focused on that one thing alone. It is heart alone that judges true, a heart shaped and filled by God's heart. And heart will always walk alongside in patience, for years if needs be, until another heart is won for Christ, another heart is subdued to Him. ~ PDF Version

31. Judging to Life
I do not use anything God says to do battle with or to eliminate anything else God says. But I accept fully that some things God says stand above and rule over – govern – other things God says. Paul's gospel of Christ our life, confirmed by John, together – what I call the ten most important verses in the Bible – rule over all that God speaks IN PLACE of the Nicene Creed. I throw out the Nicene Creed entirely and use Paul's gospel as the rule over all my reading and believing of what God says.

Thus I use Paul's account of the end of all things to rule over everything else said about the subject in the Bible. I do so by faith. ~ PDF Version

32. Appearance Versus Substance
Adam was not deceived are among the most horrific of all words in the Bible. Adam knew exactly what was going on. He understood perfectly the meaning of the serpent's words. He knew exactly the intentions and psychology of the lie. Adam played the serpent as much or more than the serpent played Adam. The two made a deal. We must understand that deal. ~ PDF Version

33. War with the Lamb
Critical to our calm and certain acquisition of all victory now is the knowledge that there is no evil substance, there are only evil actions. Everything is continually sustained good by God through the speaking of the Lord Jesus. All “evil” beings are good every moment as they come forth from God. Their evil is a continual moment by moment decision to act contrary to the goodness that sustains them. They can do that because they are always free of God. They are free of God because He honors and respects them; it's called love. ~ PDF Version

34. Adam's Grave
The moment Adam bit into the law, the law did the only thing it was made to do, the only thing it can do. The law killed Adam. We are the ones who bury him. Look in the tomb of Christ. Can you find any atoms of Adam remaining there? Not a one! You are not a sinner; you are not fallen; you have no “human nature” other than that humanity that is designed to look just like God in the earth and just like God in the heavens. An outer mirage of Adam remains in our minds for one reason, that we ourselves might bury him in the grave of Christ. ~ PDF Version

35. Clothed with the Sun
“Clothed with the sun,” is the same thing as Paul's statement, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” – sink into Him as into a garment. There is no “mystery” here. They are simply two ways of saying exactly the same thing. Here is a definition of the Greek word translated “clothed.” – “I cast around, wrap a garment about, put on; hence: I put on to myself, clothe myself, dress; I draw (a line around me).” – Notice that the word implies action on her part, that is, by faith, by speaking what God says is true against all outward appearance. ~ PDF Version

36. The New Jerusalem
John, because he saw a vision, wrote down careionifully all the descriptive terms he could find to describe what he saw. On the other hand, Paul said exactly the same thing as this entire passage much more directly, in fact, with six little words: Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no difference whatsoever between John's entire vision of the heavenly Jersualem and Paul's words: Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. ~ PDF Version

37. The Mother of Us All
Human faith is the only element in the universe through which God can know the deepest desire of His heart, the desire that has cost Him everything. Human faith is Christ as us. Human faith is our consent. The Holy Spirit is not the mother of us all. The Christian church is not the mother of us all. The mother of us all, the New Jerusalem, is the perfect union in all ways of Spirit and Bride, Bride and Spirit. The New Jerusalem is Christian communities scattered across the whole earth. ~ PDF Version

38. All Things Made New
This book, Through Eyes of Fire, is my magnum opus. Everything I have ever gone through, everything God has ever taught me, every bit of my present knowledge of God in beauty and wonder, is poured out through this bo