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Gathering to Life

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Gathering to Life

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in the Gathering to Life series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format of Our Path Home.

1. Eating of Christ
All eating is always by invitation only. You can help yourself to whatever of Christ you want, as much of each element or as little as you wish. You are perfectly free to skip this and that, and to eat of only what you choose. And eating what you choose is of God. Picking this part of Christ and passing up that part of Christ is your right. Your every choice is holy. PDF Version

2. Life Versus Knowledge
God made us weak, completely unable to do anything, including keeping His law, that's why He doesn't want us messing around with it. God created us to contain Him, to reveal Him, to be one person with Him. The mechanism by which that union happens is the stark presumption of FAITH. Eat, eat, eat of Christ, without any thought of the tree of knowledge. PDF Version

3. The Life of the Age to Come
The life of the age to come is Christ our life. Jesus calls the life of the age to come (eternal life) “the kingdom of God.”. PDF Version

4. To Know the Father
To know God is to know one's true self, for the knowledge of God is the only life we have. In our certainty that God alone fills our hearts, we know that we are the Word that He speaks. All that we do comes out of who He is and we not only please Him, but we know Him even as He knows us. Our union with Him is intimate, personal, and without limit. God reveals Himself through us. PDF Version

5. Knowing God
Right now we are filled with all the fullness of God. We are bursting and overflowing with more of God than we can ever comprehend. It will take eternity to know all that God already is right now in us; we will never come to an end of learning the God who fills us full. We cannot have more of God than what fills us right now. How can we have more than all? And that is our problem, not that God is absent; our problem is that we are ignorant of Him. Eternal life is to know God, to know the One who already fills us full. PDF Version

6. Strange Fire
Christ accusing Christ. I don't think so. PDF Version

7. The Bowels of Christ
The Lord Jesus Christ is the most passionate Person in the universe.  He is utterly consumed with two driving zeals and intentions. One is the vindication of the Word His Father speaks, but that zeal cannot be separated from and is all tied up with His other passion. The Bowels of Jesus yearn with all yearning right now, in the present year of our Lord, over His bride upon this earth. To be filled with Christ is to be caught in the grip of and to be consumed with that very Passion. PDF Version

8. Water of Life
Jesus said that if we drink of Him, the water of life would well up inside of us as a gushing spring of water resulting in unending LIFE. Jesus said that if we drink of Him, rivers of living water, the river of life itself from the throne of God, would flow out of our bellies, out of our hearts, our innermost beings, bringing life and healing to all whom we pass by – the physical earth, other people, and all creation. Paul said that the same resurrection Spirit of life that resurrected the dead body of Jesus is right now imparting that same life to our dying physical bodies. Is this real? PDF Version

9. Diagram of Spirit-Soul-Body
The Bible does not limit Christ to a tiny place in my center. This is the single greatest error perpetrated by most “spirit-soul-body” diagrams. Christ lives in my heart. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I have the mind of Christ, Christ conforms my will to the Father’s, and the Holy Spirit fills me with His emotions. PDF Version

10. Living in Our Spirit
Spirit is greater and more real, if that be possible, than physical matter. Our spirit body is more significant to our lives in every possible way than our physical body whether we know it or whether we don't. PDF Version

11. Seeing with Our Spirit
Whatever you tell yourself is true, that's what you believe. And whatever you believe, that's what you see. PDF Version

12. Exercising Our Spirit
Faith is the capacity of the spirit to do work. I have the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith works by love. PDF Version

13. Members in Particular
Christ is small groups of people moving together in high regard and respect for one another, who always relate with each other in a Spirit of prophetic utterance and worship – in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Christ is small groups of people moving together in one mind, in one heart, in one Spirit – as the second witness of Christ. PDF Version

14. Eunuchs Only Need Apply
I will not walk in agreement with posers and pretenders, nor ever come under their control. And neither will Jesus. But I desire with all my heart to walk side by side with those who are real, honoring one another, yielding to one another, submitting to one another, seeking each other’s well being. PDF Version

15. Open the Gates
What are those gates? There are three of them, to be exact. And who opens the gates? Who is entrusted with this greatest of tasks, this greatest of responsibilities? Who gets the honor of being the one who opens the gates to allow the King of Glory to ride through and into every part of the earth? PDF Version

16. The King of Glory Enters
Releasing God into creation in power is a simple, normal part of the normal Christian life. It is as simple as giving a cup of cold water - and seeing Christ move in power with our minds.We know it is happening because we believe it to be true. We have lifted up our heads and opened our minds to the entrance of the King of Glory, and He is riding through! PDF Version

17. Rango: Finding One's True Self
Jesus said that if we lose our “self” (psyche - soul) in this world, we will find our true self. We never understood what He meant until we stopped viewing ourselves as a “self” separate from the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, as we walk in the knowing that Christ is our life; we have no other life, the nature of the delusion of being a “self” unto ourselves becomes so very apparent. Of truth, we lose nothing but an illusion — the matrix. PDF Version

18. Members One of Another
I am a Christian community person. I know the testimony and the power that a small group of believers walking together in love, sharing a property and the means of life together, is of the reality and substance of Christ. Christ is a many-membered body. PDF Version

19. A Community of Christ
The first reason I would move back into community must be the most real, and that is that I love Christian community so very deeply and I miss it so very much. PDF Version

20. Elijah Is Always Coming First
Elijah speaks what must be. Elijah calls those things that “be not” as though they are. Elijah presses everyone into the valley of decision. If the Lord Jesus Christ be God manifest in the flesh, then let God be manifest in MY flesh, and if the citadels of human reasoning and all the folly of the human upon this earth, dragging on “without end” be God, then let that “God” prove his claim, let him show himself to be “God.” Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision. At the age of 21, I departed from that valley and I have never returned since. If God speaks, He speaks true, and every man stands a liar. PDF Version

21. My Vision I: The Tomb
For eighteen years I have carried a word inside of me, a word I have never let go of, holding to it by faith, knowing that God does what He says. But outwardly, by the sight of the eyes, that word has been dead for 14 years. God spoke to me, now, in late September, 2012, “I will finish the word I planted in your heart.” PDF Version

22. My Vision II: Lazarus Come Forth
You will spend time working with the members of the family in the fields, in the barns, in the gardens, in the kitchens, in all the workplaces where the normal work of the community takes place. You will eat in the community dining rooms – all of your food will be natural and organic. You will enjoy skits and choral music put on by the young people. You will laugh; you will sing along. You will join the family in awesome worship and praise. You will be asked to share Christ from your heart with all. You will hear the goodness of God in thanksgiving. You will learn what speaking Christ really means. On your way back to Fort St. John, on the paved highway once again, you turn to your wife and say, “Can you believe that, Sweetheart! That was the most incredible, fulfilling “vacation” time we have ever known. Did you notice how much those Christians love one another?” PDF Version

23. High Regard Is Freedom
Freedom is holding one's neighbor in the utmost respect and regard without thought of any human differences. PDF Version

24. Drinking of the Same Spirit
The same Spirit I am infused with, you are infused with. That same Spirit is larger than the universe, yet always close and personal with each one of us. If you pour many cups of water into a swimming pool, it is likely that the particles from those individual cups would get all infused together. It would be impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins, or which is the original swimming pool and which is the newly added cups of water. Yet here is the mystery – God never violates our person, but always treats each one of us with the utmost and careful respect. Yet we drink of the same Spirit, who is a conscious Person. PDF Version

25. For the Sake of His Body
Jesus is not just Savior; He is also Salvation. The Salvation of God lives in my heart and IS there what He IS in all fullness, dynamic and filled with great energy and mighty workings. PDF Version

26. Carrying One Another
Everyone is always finding exactly what they are looking for in other people and in themselves. More than that, everyone is always finding their own personal definition of “God,” whatever that might be, in other people and in themselves. If I am seeking Christ inside of you, I will most certainly find Him. If I am seeking fault inside of you, I will most certainly find fault.

I look for Christ when I look at you; I seek Him, and OH, how I find Him! I look for Christ when I look at me; I seek Him, and OH, how I find Him! PDF Version

27. Turning the Church Right-Side Up
Only the true apostolic, walking just as Jesus walked, will turn the church right side up. That is, will place themselves always beneath, always lifting others above themselves, through the power by which Jesus subdues all things to Himself, the power of the Mercy Seat filling them full, the throne of heaven. That church will then line itself up without any outward pressure according to the same heart flowing through the apostolic, the very heart of God. PDF Version

28. Called to Account
I do not “deify” the Bible. I do not see God with some “master plan” sitting above dispensing how things will be. God does not dispense, He carries, working together with us to make all things good. God spoke His word through men. Silly, weak, vacillating human beings. The Bible is much more cobbled together than most Christians will allow. PDF Version

29. Every Member Supplies
What would a local assembly look like moving in the full expression of Church as it is meant to be? PDF Version

30. The Gathering Together
The Lord Jesus Christ is calling His Bride into that final gathering together unto Him. The passion of the Lord Jesus Christ for His Bride fills our hearts. Her gathering together is our love and joy. We give ourselves with all abandon, with no thought for ourselves, indeed, there is no “self” for us to give thought to. Christ and we are one. Our identity is His Person expressed through our unique persons. PDF Version