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Into His Image

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in the Into His Image series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format of Our Path Home.

1. How Do We Become Like Jesus?
That word 'transformed' is again 'metamorphosis.' We are being changed as we behold in a mirror the glory of the Lord. You see a reflection of yourself. You see yourself as you really are. We look at Jesus and we see who we are. And as we look at Him and see who we are, we are being transformed into that same image. We become what we behold! PDF Version

2. Absolute Profundity
As I sit here writing this, my heart and mind cry against all limitation of the extent and meaning of those red blood cells mixing with the dirt of this earth. My God, my God! Salvation is complete, right here, right now. To relegate any element of salvation to some future day is an open insult to the power and completeness of that blood in the dirt. Today is the day of salvation. PDF Version

3. I See God; My Whole Being Is Filled with His Light
What we set our eyes upon is what we become. PDF Version

4. I Speak Who God Says I Am
And just as God speaks His word, expecting that word to return to Him fulfilled, so we believe what God said, and we speak what He said. We speak who we are; we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus. PDF Version

5. Speaking Christ
The first command of the New Covenant is to abide in Christ. The second is to speak Christ. Speaking Christ is how we abide in Him. PDF Version

6. Wholeness Versus Shame
God wants us to be whole, from the very beginning. God wants young men and women, girls and boys, to grow up in a wholeness, without shame. He wants young men to stand against the enemy, to be who they are made to be, without shame. And He wants fathers to walk as fathers, to guide, to rule, to direct, and to give the wisdom God has given them, without shame. PDF Version

7. Led in Triumph - Always
The certainty of victory here and now is where faith lives. Complete and absolute victory, first in the little things, and then in the larger issues of life and death that God has placed before us, with the defeat of and complete victory over death being the purpose for which God has given us the Holy Spirit, and the full manifestation of all the life of Jesus inside us right here in this earth. This is the imminent reality of victory that God always leads us in the celebration of right now! PDF Version

8. What Every Member Supplies
Christ is a many-membered body. Each one of us has been immersed into that body by the Holy Spirit. Whether we believe it or not, whether we ever go on to see the life of this truth fulfilled in our lives or not, it makes no difference. When we asked Jesus into our heart, at that moment, the Spirit of God baptized us into the body of Christ and made us a member of that body. God made us a part of the lives of other people and made their lives a part of our life. PDF Version

9. Christ Is a Body
Christ is a many-membered body. We are members of one another. The fulness of the Christ-life is that which is shared with other believers. I would be in error if I presented Christ our life only as an individual experience. It is and must be first and always an individual experience, but it cannot ever stay there. The body of Christ is whole people giving to one another out of the love and life of Jesus that fills them. PDF Version

10. Guard One Another's Hearts
The greatest need we have is the experiential knowledge of the power of the Holy One who fills us right now with His glory. But we also need courage. What I need from you and what you need from me is EN-courage-ment, the impartation of heart. PDF Version

11. Christ Is God Speaking
The Lord Jesus is right now in the room with you. He is standing face to face with you, His hand resting on your shoulder. He looks you in the eyes and you in His. Then He speaks these words into your being. "Be ye therefore perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect." Suddenly, those words are no longer fodder for theological discussions. This is the Creator of the universe speaking creation into you. PDF Version

12. The Defeat of the Curse I
God is a fighter and the ethos of the victorious warrior is written all through His word. God's purpose for Satan is that we might defeat him. God's purpose for the curse is that we might cast it off. God does not form Christ inside of us by speaking a word, only. In the unsearchable wisdom of God, Christ in us needs an enemy to defeat and a restraint to cast off. Inside of this incredible crucible are the wondrous ingredients of affliction, devotion, pain, and endurance. PDF Version

13. The Defeat of the Curse II
Jesus wants to marry a woman who sits by His side on a "garden bench," who is equal to Him in heart and mind, who walks through the difficult places together with Him, leaning upon His shoulder, who knows that her union with Him is because she loves Him and He loves her. Jesus will marry only a woman who knows Him in the deepest and most intimate of friendships. Jesus will marry only a woman who knows that He has conformed Himself to her, that He loves what she loves, enjoys what she enjoys. PDF Version

Stepping out of Darkness
I picture a blind woman I know. If you were to lead her by the hand into Buckingham Palace, sit her in the Queen's throne, and say, "L___, you are seated upon the throne of the Queen." She would have no personal way of knowing whether you are telling her the truth, no. But I can picture her face, all aglow. She would look around her and say, "Cool! Tell me what I see." PDF Version

Except You Eat My Flesh
Paul, here, in verse 30, says the most extraordinary and unbelievable thing in all Scripture. He says that the reason that God loves me, the reason God cherishes and nourishes me is because I am God's flesh. Is this not what God is speaking in verse 30? I am God's flesh. My flesh is His flesh. My flesh is the flesh of God. PDF Version

14. More Precious Than Gold
The purifying of our spirit, our soul, and our body is an essential part of this glorious transformation, that the life of Jesus be revealed in our dying bodies, in our mortal flesh. For God to purify us is a privilege that no other created beings are granted. As God purifies us, we are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. PDF Version

15. Let God
When everything that can go wrong goes wrong, let go. When everything hits you hard and you find yourself in tough situations and you can hardly stand it, let go. Tears stream down your face and you say "God, I can't stand this." When you find yourself a complete failure in the eyes of everyone around you and in your own eyes, let go. Trust Him. PDF Version

16. Fear and Trust
Faith comes out of the true fear of God. I hold to Him absolutely because I regard nothing else. The fear of God produces faith that is bold. - The answer to all things is TRUST. And trust is a relationship between one who is in need and One who carries all things, and especially me and those whom I love, inside Himself. PDF Version

17. Transformed into His Image
Jesus wants us to share in His victory. He wants us to know what it is to defeat His enemies, to win, to triumph over sin, to triumph over death, to see His power victorious in us. God is not going to make it happen separate from us; He will make it happen through us, in union with us. PDF Version