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The Kingdom Rising

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in The Kingdom Rising series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format.

1. Greater Love
God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself; the same God fills us with all of His fullness. It is God who reconciles; it is God who saves. What did Jesus do? He laid down His life; He revealed God. PDF Version

2. The Prayer that Birthed the Kingdom
God gave us Jesus as an example of who we are. When we see Him as He is, that is, as the one through whom God was being Himself in a mutual relationship of joy and honor, then we KNOW that we are just like Him. God is Himself through us in the same mutual relationship of joy and honor. PDF Version

3. Rambling Back
I placed this chapter here as the third in The Kingdom of God. The next several chapters drop back in time a few months to the incident that I mentioned above that inspired me to take another look at the nature and being of this One we call God and Father. I wrote “Greater Love” and “The Prayer that Birthed the Kingdom” after writing these next several letters. God uses contrast to reveal Himself. PDF Version

4. Christ Versus Superman I
Christ is always and forever humbling Himself in weakness; God is always and forever exalting above all the Christ who humbles Himself in weakness. Both, all the time, and forever. We will never know Him in His power until we know Him IN OUR weakness. Those who despise their own personal weakness cannot know Him. The real Christ of God in power is the One who is always coming out of weakness. Those who reject their weakness know only an imaginative "Christ." PDF Version

5. Christ Versus Superman II
God shaped the outer form of each one of us as He saw fit. We, on the other hand, carefully drape the garments of pretending over our earthly appearance primarily to gain from those who have the power to give us pleasure or the power to do us harm. In the world, this practice is called "keeping up with the Jones's." In the church, this practice is called "being like Christ." They are the same thing. PDF Version

6. God Is Beneath Your Feet
We KNOW this is the gospel. The first shall be last and the last first. The valleys shall be exalted and the mountains brought low. Except you become as a little child you won't even see the kingdom of God. To be the greatest in the kingdom become the lowest of servants. And a little child shall lead them. If you want to see God, look down. PDF Version

7. The Mystery of the Holy
There is deep inside of those who are the elect of God, who are also the blind, the autistic, the crippled, the maimed, the stricken, a knowledge of the holy that is hidden. It is the mystery of Christ that is unexplainable. They know it is there. They know it is holy. They know it means more than all success in this world put together. But what they cannot do is explain it to you, nor even to themselves. PDF Version

8. Repentance - Turning to Glory
Repentance is an essential element in our knowledge of God - at the beginning of each level or place of knowing Him. The reason God requires repentance is simple. He never shoves anyone around. God never imposes Himself on us; He always treats us with the highest regard. Thus God always refrains from doing anything in our lives without our permission. Once God has our permission, then He is free to release all the goodness and purpose of God in us, as us, and through us. PDF Version

9. Must We Repent of Augustine?
Let me recount that darkest of all centuries in the history of the Christian church, AD 311-410. Across that darkest of centuries, the lowest point of the fall into Roman darkness, there strides five men - Constantine, Athanasius, Damasus I, Jerome, and Augustine. The crimes committed against the gospel of Jesus Christ by these five men are beyond belief. Yet they each hold absolute sway over all of western Christianity, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical, charismatic, and even deeper-truth. PDF Version

10. Does God Take Your Breath Away?
And in a moment, I SEE Him inside of me; in a flash I KNOW that His glory fills me to overflowing. God takes my breath away! PDF Version

11. Salvation Revealed
Salvation is all about GOD showing up in the earth and in time. This great salvation Peter is setting our eyes upon IS US invading earth. We are the Salvation of God, Christ in us and as us and through us, bursting upon the present scene, in this most opportune of times, the "last" time of this present age. PDF Version

12. Defining God; Defining Man
We understand that the Bible says many things about God, but that, almost in opposition to the things "said about God," God shows Himself to His creation as He really is only through Jesus. And thus we come full circle. The way God gave us to know and to define Him is by a Man, Christ Jesus. We cannot define man without first defining God because man was created just like God. To enable us to know God, God sent a Man. We can only truly define God by looking at that Man. PDF Version

13. The Weakness of God
Then I understood what I had written: "God is always stumbling and falling; God is always rising from the dead." When I stumble, God shares my hurt. When I am in pain, He is in pain. When I suffer, He suffers with me. When I rejoice, He is laughing. God carries my griefs and bears my sorrows. When I am incapable, God is incapable. When I am limited, God is limited. When I love, God loves. When I touch, God touches. But God is always rising from the dead and ascending on high. PDF Version

14. The Foolishness of God
We take into ourselves the burdens, the concerns, the failings of those whom God brings across our path, with tender compassion, then we pass into death, whether by faith, or, at a certain point in the fullness of times, for real, not defending ourselves, not arguing or fighting back, and then we arise on high, carrying these precious ones in our hearts with us into glory and victory. To the world this is foolishness, to the church heresy, to us it is the face and power of Christ revealed now as us. PDF Version

15. The Kingdom of God
God is, by His very nature and Person, Abundance. Thus in generating increase and life and joy, God is just being Himself. That is why the increase of His Kingdom shall never end. And God is, by His very nature and Person, Victory. Thus, in defeating His enemies, God is just being Himself. That is why God presents the victory of Life over death, of the Lamb over the Beast, of Love over hatred, of Light over darkness, of Mercy over cruelty, as the moment of the birthing of His kingdom into the universe. PDF Version

16. A Foundation for Abundance
There extends out from each of us a mighty flood, vapor, energy - how can I describe it - that is God Himself. It is not just "Spirit," though it is Spirit, but it also affects fully the physical as well as the social realm. I am not speaking of God "in general." No created being knows God "in general." I am speaking of God revealed for the first time through many sons just like Jesus. This, for the first time in creation, is God specifically, God tangibly, God known. PDF Version

17. Abundance and Peace
Faith is the expectation of a return. God always expects a return. God never ever gives without thought of reward. God always sees the end of all things; He sees His purpose; He sees the goal He seeks. Jesus gave His life FOR the joy set before Him - you and me. He wanted us; we are His prize. God desires a body, that's why He gives Himself to us - that He might win us for Himself. PDF Version

18. The Matrix of the World
Death, the world system, and fallen angels are the matrix we find ourselves in. It was God who placed all mankind under that vanity. He did so because of Adam's willful rebellion. He did so, not because He wanted to, but because God is filled with hope. God's will is many sons just like Jesus coming out from under that matrix of darkness, setting all creation free into glorious liberty. These sons manifested in glory fill all the expectation of our Father. He expects it with all expectation, that's what "in hope" means. God expects Himself in us and through us; we expect God. PDF Version

19. Deliver the Creation
The Promised Land was filled with giants and open, savage, warfare. The heavens are dark, blighted, and filled with powers hostile to God. Yet you and I are created by God with re-created spirits to live and walk in those same heavens. We are sons of God sent into the earth by our Father. ALL of our thoughts are about how we in God and God in us in all fullness are bringing SALVATION to the entire creation. We continually think about how the river of life from the throne of God, our hearts, MUST flow out of us in specific and tangible ways to set the captives free and to deliver ALL creation, both heaven and earth, from the bondage of corruption. PDF Version

20. In the Womb of the Church
That was the environment of my seven years at Blueberry, holy and pure church life, filled with the demonstration of the Spirit and power, and spontaneous and new every morning, yet orderly as well and infused with anointed worship and clear word and sharing from the throne of God. Every gift and ministry of the Spirit operated freely at all times. The gifts of the Spirit are not for "show" or "display." They are simply normal and everyday things through which the Spirit of God moves from one to another to build us up in the Lord, as the New Testament so clearly describes. PDF Version

21. Set the Captives Free
Jesus, the always speaking of God, shouted into the entire creation, 1926 years before I was conceived in my mother's womb, "Here am I, I and the children whom You have given Me." It is impossible that any part of me or my life be found anywhere else but right there in all perfection. When I see that, when I know that, oh, how I am set free! We are called to set the captives free, and this is how we do it. Worshiping God for the perfection of our lives, that we should know Him, crying, "Holy, holy, holy." And dancing with all abandoned joy and celebration in the midst of darkness, in the midst of blindness, in the midst of all hostility against God, as the very throne of God, as the absolute triumph of our Lord and Savior through us. PDF Version

22. The 'Opposite' of the World
God is a jealous God. He does not share us with another. When we bind our hearts to relationships or things or causes in this world, our hearts are then 'full' of something other than God. That contract or binding agreement we have made then pushes God into the background of our knowing. He is still God fully in us; we just do not know Him or His presence. Separation from the world and union with God are two sides of the same thing. Separation from the world is not some legalistic whip. But rather a release into the joy of knowing Him who fills us with His glory. PDF Version

23. Are Become the Kingdom
Picture it this way. The proto-universe God originally made was like a house already completely built EXCEPT - without floor covering or paint or furnishing inside or any color or style on the outside. Adam was given the paint brush. He proceeded to paint the entire house, inside and outside, black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, mercy and cruelty, yin and yang. God burned that house to the ground (on the cross of Christ). The proto-house Jesus spoke into existence is a completely other house. We, also, have a paint brush - life - and we enter the new house to paint it all the living colors of the rainbow, the expression of every man's heart in full union with the shared heart of God - glorious liberty flowing out of our bellies. PDF Version

24. Victory over Death
The culmination of the Kingdom, the culmination of the Gospel, the culmination of the Covenant, the proving point upon which all of it hangs and through which all that God speaks MUST pass is - the Defeat of Death. By death, I mean the demise of the physical body. PDF Version

25. The Power of Seeing God
So, I take my family, my wife and children, and see them out from the Heart of God, the Atoning One. I see them out from that heart, and I see them utterly carried inside that heart. I see that God fills them, that His blood flows over them, that His power and might surrounds them as a mighty fortress wall. I see that God heals them, that He inspires them, that He guides and orders their every step. I see that they walk in union with God and God with them, His person inside of their person, and their person inside of His. As I see God, as I expect God, those whom I love are carried into the same Kingdom of God with me. PDF Version

26. Filled with God
God always fills us as Himself, as a Person, His Person inside of our person and our person inside of His Person. His consciousness inside of our consciousness and ours inside of His. This is the essence and center of our relationship forever, a continual friendship of equality and a shared heart. There is another Person inside of me and that Person is God. His Person fills every part of me in fullness and we, He and I, walk always together in sweet communion with no reference whatsoever to what my eyes might "see," or what my feelings might "feel." This is what it means to be human. Adam never did become a human being; Jesus is the first One of our kind. PDF Version