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Building Bridges between God and Man

Bonnie Morris

A Union of Heart and Life

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Music while guests enter….


Unity Candle - Mother of Bride and Groom

Officiators stand - Groom and grooms men / Bridal party- Bride


God is the author of marriage and the first Father to ever give away a bride and He’s the example we are following today.

Who is the one who gives this woman to this man in lawful matrimony?


BON: We are assembled in the sight of our Lord to be witnesses to the commitment that James and Cassie are now going to make, not only to each other, but also to the institution of marriage; We desire to bless them in their union by our prayers and fellowship in the Holy Spirit. They are making a commitment to marriage, as well as to each as marriage is both, an intellectual and emotional commitment. Thus, it is important to commit to the institution of marriage itself. They understand that couples too often will go by how they are feeling. Right now, James and Cassie, feel like being married. One day they may not feel like being married. The
marriage institution is a thing, and thus it has no feelings. There are times it will be important to remain intellectually committed to one another, no matter how they feel.

God has ordained the institution of marriage, saying in the very beginning: “It is not good for man to be alone”… I will make a help-meet appropriate for him.

This statement is symbolic, as well as a reality, as today, God has made a special help-meet for you James.

Symbolically, It speaks of Jesus enjoying the relationship He has with His bride. Since God has ordained marriage… James and Cassie are now entering into it for the purpose as He, the Divine Author intends.

Today, as parents, & grandparents, ministers, family and friends…we comfort ourselves knowing God is involved in this union for His purposes. For marriage is not an easy task. It takes maturity and awareness, it takes time together and time apart. It takes understanding, communication, hope and laughter. Above all, it takes faith and believing that, as a couple, 2 are stronger together, than apart.

(Look at James and Cassie) We want to thank you … James and Cassie, for including us in this moment.
…We are hoping the following scriptures will be a witness to everyone present, of God’s Divine hand in your union.

JOHN: God is a personal God and realizing God’s word is a personal letter to each one of us, we are reading scripture today in a personal manner.

Psalms 139:1-5
1. James, the Lord has searched you, and known you.
2. He knows your down sitting and your uprising. He understands your thoughts afar off.
3. He knows your path, your lying down…and is acquainted
with all your ways.
4. There is not a word in your tongue, but, lo, the Lord knows
it altogether.
5. From the beginning to the end, He knows you. For He has
formed you and laid His hand upon you.

1. The Lord has searched you Cassie, and known you also.
2. He knows your down sitting and your uprising. He
understands your thoughts afar off.
3. He knows your path, your lying down…and is acquainted
with all your ways.
4. There is not a word in your tongue, but, lo, the Lord knows
it altogether.
5. From the beginning to the end, He knows you. For He has
formed you and laid His hand upon you.

VERSE 24 John and Bonnie together:
God loves you both, so much…May He lead you in the way everlasting…May you always share everything with Christ for a 3fold cord is hard to break.

JOHN: And now, in the reality of God’s sight… We charge you both…
As you enter and sustain this union… To pray for one another…To SEEK the FAVOR and blessing of God!!!

For when God blesses… He makes you rich in all things and adds no sorrow.

JOHN: James… Prov. 18:22 says: He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Marriage is NOT about you finding a woman who will honor and respect you James… or finding a woman who is grateful to you for your kindness. Nor even should you marry because you have found someone who will do everything you say… because you think she is under obligation to do so. It is not even about choosing someone because of great power and wealth. The right heart in choosing a mate for life is to find a woman who will sit by your side on a “garden bench” … one who is equal to you in heart and mind; who will walk through the difficult places together with you; it is about finding a woman who knows that her union with you is because you love her; it’s about finding a woman you know will walk with you in the deepest and most intimate of relationships. In Gen. 3:16 under the Old covenant, we read that the woman’s desire was not towards God, but her desire would be for her man and he would rule over her. It was part of the curse! But in the New Covenant, we see the husband, (as the head)… being her lover, protector, provider and encourager. I can tell you that the only way a man can fulfill this role in marriage is to rely on His heavenly Father. God will help you to be the husband, that today, you really want to be for Cassie.

1st Peter 3:7 says this… James, live with Cassie with understanding, and hold her with tenderness, like a delicate vessel, because she also will inherit with you the gift of eternal life; do this, that you may live in harmony!

I believe the Lord is saying a wife is a most precious person. Husbands treat your wives as if they are a beautiful work of art, made of the finest glass… someone to be honored and protected, never abused or neglected… This, is like Christ. James, will you make a public life-time commitment to the institution of marriage, and to CASSIE, to be the wife that GOD has given you, forsaking all others, and with God’s help, do the best you can to provide for her, and serve her… even as Christ is our example in laying down His life for His own bride?

JAMES: I will…

BON: Cassie, The scripture says in 1st Timothy 5:14 that young women should marry, which you are doing. It says that they should bear children. And it says that they should guide the house.

In Proverbs 31 we find a description of a virtuous woman. It says that she considers a field and buys it. You come from a long line of women who have understood that the field she purchased was her home. It cost her a lot. As a result of her dedication to her husband, her children and her home she became a selfless giver and was very blessed.

Proverbs 14:1 says that a wise woman builds her house. In today’s world we have a shortage of virtuous women. Recognizing God’s priorities will help you to overcome the temptation to get caught up in the worlds way of guiding your home.

The worlds way has made the priority of being a truly dedicated wife and mother, less than admirable.

Your home is your business. We read that young women are to guide the house. To GUIDE means you have a headship role in your home. You become a governess, with God’s authority to discipline the children that eventually you both desire to have… You have God’s authority to train them in laws of obedience and submission to you and to God. Rely on God and James both, to encourage you and back you up. Your leadership in your children’s lives will bring a peace to your home when you both follow this scriptural pattern.

Cassie: I pray God will bless you with the understanding of the importance of your Divinely given role as wife and mother.

Before you make a public commitment to James. Let me speak to you as your Grandmother… As long as I can remember you have had a sparkle in your eyes… and that is why your Grandpy and I dubbed you “Sparkle Diamond” early on. Times have changed since I married your Grandfather. Today women almost always join the work force either before or after they are married. I have come to understand this and want to share some balance I learned from my twin sister. I asked your Aunt Bunnie one day how she did it… For she always worked out from the home due to necessity; first as a hair dresser and then for a bread company in later years. She raised 2 girls and she did excellently. She said to me: “Bon, I made an agreement with God, I listened to His counsel and this is what I decided to do… if I would ever… rather be at work than home, I would quit.” She never did! She found the balance! So, remember, I’m not saying this is about working outside your home or not… but, it is about keeping your priorities straight. Your walk with God is about a relationship with Him, not a set of hard and fast set rules to follow. Talk to Him about decisions you want to make for your life. Listen to your heart and He will guide you. Grandpy and I are trusting Him to do that for you.

There is another balance we would like to make sure you understand before you commit to James… I know from experience, one way you will keep that sparkle in your eyes is to, as a wife, understand the difference between submission and obedience. Submission is a HEART attitude of respect of which the Lord says “Wives, submit to your husband as unto the Lord”. I have never found it hard to submit to the Lord as I understand He always has my best in mind. When we, as wives remember that, we can respect our husbands from our heart. When you do this, you will discover something about God that is so precious and personal…. You will find out that you can count on Him to deal with James. He will help you to be the wife, that today, you really want to be for James.

Submission is a most beautiful word when understood. It offers protection, safety in any and all areas of your life. A heart attitude of respect as unto the Lord always applies even if James isn’t acting like it is his wedding day.

Obedience however, requires action; it is not just a heart thing… and we are to obey all authorities, but within a very defined boundary. Scripture says that wives are to be self-controlled, chaste, adapting themselves to their husbands. The highest authority is God… and if anyone in authority asks us to do something that is contrary to the word of God, they have overstepped God’s boundary and we can expect God’s grace to intervene for us. If you and James understand and accept this Godly boundary, you will find it to be a blessing in your lives together.

Cassie, do you understand this Godly principle?


BONNIE: Cassie: Will you make a public, life-time commitment, to the institution of marriage and to James; will you take JAMES to be the husband that God has given you, forsaking all others,… and within the boundaries of his authority and with God’s help, to the best of your ability, adapt yourself to him, respecting and encouraging him in his goals and aspirations in life?

CASSIE: I will

JOHN: Do you wish to exchange rings?

These rings fittingly represent the ties that unite husband and wife for they are of gold… which is the element that is the least tarnished and the most enduring. They are circular, as is the Love of God, continuous and lasting… indicating that marriage is identical in meaning, continuous and lasting!

Furthermore, just as a circle has no beginning nor ending, so may your love be continuously given to one another. THUS, you are to wear these rings as a bond of REVERANCE and faith. “BOTH”, fulfilling a perfect circle of shared responsibilities and authorities that make you one.

JAMES, For as much now, as the husband is the head of the wife based on scriptures, and as you are to love her as your own body… also as the scriptures say… and as you are imparting unto her, your name, receiving her into your care and protection…


Repeat after me, “With this ring… you are wed to me,…. According to the laws of the State of Minnesota, …and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…and in the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

BON: Cassie, For as much now, as the wife is to adapt herself to her husband according to the scriptures, to receive of his love and protection, you may place the ring on James’ finger as a TOKEN… that… in faith you so receive him!

Repeat after me: “With this ring… you are wed to me,…. according to the laws of the State of Minnesota, …and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…and in the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

As the following song plays,…. we ask you to bless this union in your own way.

After the song …

JOHN: I ask at this time if anyone has just cause to state, that would not allow the declaration of the love and commitment of James and Cassie; if so - speak now or forever honor and respect their choices and their union.

CANDLE - Light Candles - Loud music
(give them time to light the candle)

JOHN: One candle gives SOME light. Together, they are brighter…. James and Cassie…May you find the same is true as you build together, your relationship, as one.

Blessing by Pastor Bert

BONNIE: And now, by the authority vested in me by the State of Minnesota, and as a minister of God’s Lawful ordinance of matrimony, I pronounce you to be husband and wife.
James you may kiss your bride…

Time for a kiss…

Step away…

So you can reflect on the joy of your wedding ceremony, “the knowledge and the commitments you have made to marriage and to one another… Here is a copy of your wedding script to keep. May you continue to learn from theses words by reading it together often.

JOHN: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privileged to introduce to you for the first time: Mr. and Mrs. James Hersch.

1. Music while guests enter - Ushers

2. Preacher enters -Prayer

3. Unity candles

4. Officiators stand

5. Groom and Grooms men

6. Bridal Party: Flower girls, Ring-bearer, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor

7. Bride

8. Who gives this woman

9. Mike - Father


11. Pastor blessing

12.Bride and Groom exit

13. Wedding party exits

14. Announcement: JOHN: There will be a receiving line in the foyer.

15. Ushers exit people