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Ever Increasing FAITH

Bonnie Morris

After writing an article called “The God Kind of Faith” a few months ago (found on this website), my understanding of faith has continued to increase. So it is with anyone who continues to receive from Him. I hope you enjoy “EVER INCREASING FAITH”, but more than that, I hope you catch it.

It was a Tuesday evening: John, (my husband), and I gathered with precious brethren. During the gathering one of our brothers read this scripture:

John 11:25-26 "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosover liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"

Our brother didn’t expound a great deal on John 11. He merely said he was seeing something in this scripture that he had never seen before and it made the babe in his womb leap. He added that Jesus was the resurrection AND THE LIFE.

The Spirit washed over me 4 times and said to me… “HE IS RIGHT”!

The next day, the teacher began breathing upon my every thought. It was an incredibly enlightening day, and one in which I came away from, with some deep insight into faith that heretofore I had not seen. Love was simply putting the scriptures together, one here and one there, bringing fresh insight and understanding. Isn’t He wonderful?!!!

Let’s see if you can walk out this experience with me!

Holy Spirit began by asking me a question. He said to me: “How many times is the word faith used in the Old Testament? Would you know? I didn’t. So I got out the Strongs Dictionary to check it out. HMMMMMM….it is used only twice. I would not have thought this; I would have expected it was all over the Old Testament.

Once in the Old Testament, faith is used to point out that there was no faith alive in anyone. The second time faith is mentioned, it is used to point out the vision the Lord gave to Habakkuk. He told Habakkuk to write the vision and though it tarry, wait for it: because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

I wonder how many of us already know what the vision of the Lord is here in Habakkuk…?

I didn’t know. There were so many times in Christian circles that I heard different ministries share their vision and then they would quote the words above. This was always said with the idea that if no one else came along with them, they would grunt and hang on long anyway. Silly! But it is where we were, wasn’t it!!?

Reading Habakkuk 2:3 with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, today this scripture brings an entirely different concept. Like all other words and concepts, the view being from the 3rd realm (Tabernacles), causes one to see a deeper meaning.


What is HIS vision?

I will tell you this: it hasn’t come to pass yet, at least not in the depth of the meaning that He revealed to me.

This is Love’s vision: ‘THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”; Well, we all know that Martin Luther placed this edict on the door of the Catholic church and the results that came from the depths of his understanding. Today, I feel I am finding the same edict being placed on another door; the door of my heart. The meaning of it is penetrating into another higher realm. “HMMMM! whatever does this mean Lord?”?

At this point, the teacher speaks again but this time He isn’t asking a question; His voice is instructive. Holy Spirit said, “READ the hall of faith”! … OK, I read Heb. 11. What stood out to me was this: Abraham sojourned by faith in a land of PROMISE….

And the Spirit whispered …. “But you know what, He died!”.

Whatever on earth did He mean by that… OR should I say…whatever in heavens name did He mean by that! ?

In the church, the teaching went something like this:

We don’t gain access to God through works, but by faith, meaning our day to day “living” with our Lord is now lived out in faith; and though this teaching is very true, it does not accomplish the vision of the Lord, as He was about to reveal to me.

People in the Old Testament did great “acts” of faith; MOMENTARY outpourings upon someone brought miracles. But faith was only a sojourning in a land promise (not fulfillment) in their lives and single events taking place.

In the gospels, why did people believe?

Jesus walked among them and because they could see with their natural eyes, they would believe when he was there. Remember Martha saying “Lord if you would have been here Lazarus would not have died”? Even the centurion of whom Jesus remarked that, “he had not seen so great a faith; still the centurion’s faith rested in his understanding of authority.

At this point I did some research on the word “live” and one of the meanings jumped out at me and I knew this was what the Holy Spirit came to show me during this “day of learning”.

One of the meanings of live is: “KEPT alive“. ZOWIE!!! Here it is: This is what the teacher instructed me to SEE: THE JUST ARE KEPT ALIVE BY FAITH. This is why He had whispered, “Abraham died”. The ones who fulfill this vision of the Lord will not die!

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection… In John 11, Martha’s brother had just died and she believed he would rise again …in the resurrection at the last day…

But, Jesus had said unto her: “I am the resurrection”.

Everyone who receives Christ is in the resurrection as He is the resurrection. But Jesus also said… “I am the LIFE”. In its fullest sense when we are in the “life” spoken of here, we will not die a physical death. This will be accomplished by faith.

Again, the breath of God spoke ever so softly to me. “It is MY FAITH that will accomplish this!!!”

“Yes, I see that Love”.

It is the faith of the Son of God that is ever increasing in us. It is not something that we can “will” to happen, but it is what He WILLS and performs. We cannot grunt or hang on long enough for this vision to come to pass.

BUT…we can SEE it!

It is very possible the reason this vision is being revealed in this realm, in this season, is that the season for a people to live and not die is upon us. ???

I am not the only one that SEES this! God doesn’t work in dark corners. Are we the generation to experience this? Perhaps! Those who were in the upper room had SEEN something, and were waiting together in one accord.

It is for God Himself to bring His vision to pass.

AND, that being said, “Believest thou this“?

Faith is the victory!!! He authors our faith and He finishes it. And, quite frankly, He manages it during the whole process. It is His faith and it is ever increasing, producing a man child (one with the ability to lift).

Did His faith increase in me upon hearing this explanation from Him. I’ll say it did! I can now SEE there will be a people who will enter into LIFE and not die.

“OH death, where is thy sting?

“Death is SWALLOWED up in VICTORY. AND FAITH is the victory… thanks be to GOD which GIVES us the victory through Jesus Christ our LORD.”

Each day it seems, in an ever increasing manner, the Scriptures with the word “FAITH”, jump into my heart with a much keener insight and it causes the babe in my womb to leap (to coin a phrase from my beloved brother).

The just shall be kept alive by faith; the faith OF the Son of God. Ever increasing faith until …. What is that you SEE…. LIFE, simply and fully bursting forth. Isn’t HE WONDERFUL!


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