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Building Bridges between God and Man


Bonnie Morris

  We had a called-of-God gathering Sunday!  It was just the four of us!

  Many times when I am trying to “see” into what I believe but don’t quite understand it, Scriptures will come up that seem contrary to what I am trying to “see”.  This was the case when I was trying to understand if the Kingdom message on the “sons of God” was scripturally accurate. 

  I had a question on my mind that I didn't want to ask with a group around because I didn't want it to be a bone of contention, but sometimes when I just can't see, I need to ask questions of those who walk in maturity, to get to the bottom of what is keeping me from seeing...

  This seemed like a good time.  So, I posed my question.  It was this:

 WHY.... Why would God need a company of "MANIFESTED SONS"... I mean, after all we have the Holy Spirit in the earth to do the work.  I was alone when I was saved.  I was alone when I received Pentecost.  Why would God need a group of people to be unveiled, revealing the Christ?  I don't entirely get this!!!

  This was the first offering of food from our little fellowship...”Well, the Holy Spirit has been around for 2000 years and the job hasn't gotten done.”  Well, that didn't satisfy because we know the Holy Spirit is here only in a down payment, so there is more He can, and will do.  I truthfully respect those who can sit and listen to questions that need answers without getting defensive or mad, but instruct in meekness.  It is in this atmosphere that God’s Spirit moves.

 Another brother offered this... “Well, it is the plan of God.”  Well, that just did not scratch where I itched.

 Then another began to share.  He just started saying "things"...  amongst those things he shared, he mentioned the story of doubting Thomas...He didn’t know it, but he answered my question.

 Yes, the story of Thomas did it... Jesus always sets the example for us.  The Spirit of God ascended in me and I understood what had been sooooooo buggin' me... I just could not see myself in a "special" group of people... Special groupie mentality is just the same o', same o' that we experienced for years in the church.  With the right perspective of the “sons of God”, there is no, “special” group mentality.  I never considered myself better than anyone else.  I’ve seen a lot of, what appeared to be, arrogance, amongst those who called themselves Kingdom people and this just turned me off and made the message hard to be heard.

  This is what I now understand.  The message should not be, and is not really, about the sons of God... (Now if that doesn’t sit too well, I will just have to ask: where you are sitting?) Those who have been blessed to be a part of this present truth, really need to stop making this message about the sons and instead, focus on a message of His love for those of the world who know Him NOT.   The message is about His love for the “WHOLE WORLD”.  The sons of God are not special to God over and above anyone else.   We are “ALL” special to God, but the sons are “MORE BLESSED”. The reason???  Because manifested sons believe without seeing (not like Thomas) so they will be in the company of first fruits! Others have to see it with their natural eyes first. And all this is a work of grace, not of works, lest any man should boast.  Was Mary special?  No!  She had a greater portion of grace upon her life, called “GREAT GRACE”, more than any other woman.  She was favored...  Favor means grace.  God loved Jacob, and hated Esau...(in the Aramaic this is an idiom meaning that Jacob had greater favor (grace) upon Him.  Now, we know that Esau means “flesh” spiritually speaking, but as natural men, God didn’t hate Esau in the sense of our western mentality. 

 So, we see the sons of God must manifest.  Why? Because there are those who will not believe until they can see in the natural world, that which is from the Spirit of God.  This kind of faith is also ok with God.  It is His love that will meet them where they are.

 As Jesus continues to come as he left (through ascending within)... may we be able, with as much zeal as when we say we are the sons of God,... say “WE ARE THE SERVANTS OF GOD” because we are both.  We are Kings (Sons) and Priests (Servants). If you care to check it out, the book of Revelation is written to the servants of God.  Humble is a much needed word in the “Kingdom message”, recognizing that God is no respecter of persons as He has ordained an ULTIMATE reconciliation.  

Well, anyhow, as lightning went from the east to the west, my faith increased when understanding came during this little, God ordained gathering... It took all four of us coming together in harmony, to search out truth, to break that block in my head concerning the sons of God. We are the sons of God, but it doth not yet appear what we shall be.  May God bless this word to the hearing ear!

Thank you Fred, Betty and John,