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Building Bridges between God and Man

The Land of the “Very Good”

Bonnie Morris


Chapter 3 Book of Revelation


Again, Revelation is written to the overcomer, about the overcomer.  Failure to understand this will make it difficult to grasp the

HEART OF THE MEANING concerning what is written.  

In chapter 1, John saw the beginning and the end of the transformation of the soul, as it related to the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We should be extremely encouraged to know that this life

secures the destiny of the overcomer.  In chapters 2 and 3, we see what is going on in the soul through the instruction and correction that is given to the 7 churches. The rest of the book is but dimensions of your own experience, whereby, through the Holy Spirit, these instructions and corrections are worked out in the lives of the overcomer. 

This is a living word and relates to today’s society as much as it did in the days it was written.

The name of the church indicates its’ nature!

   In Chapter 3 we are introduced to the word “name” specifically being defined as “reputation”.  Also, remember the term “Sardis” means “red one”, as in Adam’s ruddy complexion.  In Adam’s fallen nature, we find the highest form of sacrilege taking place...the godhead of “self”;(in a word: “humanism”), wherein we find the roots of apostasy.  This intrusion into the Sovereignty of God requires the greatest of all manifestations of the Spirit of God to deal with it. 

  Another meaning of Sardis, espoused by some, states: “a remnant escaped”.  If we are to consider this meaning: think of your soul as having multitudes of thoughts, all vying for attention and then you can  understand, the thoughts that escape (like a bird out of the snare of the fowler) are the thoughts that bring life.

   In describing the One who is speaking to the Philadelphia church, we use the Greek word ‘hosiotes’.  This term refers to true holiness as those who regard truth and grace equally and is used only twice in scripture.


Chapter 3

1. My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 

   It’s Me again!  I AM Here as irresistible LOVE!  I AM keeping you and wooing you into my sacred chambers.  I AM full, perfect and complete. 

(Again, expressing the growth of your soul)

I know what’s going on.  You see yourself as having life but most of the time you are carnally minded.

2. So pay attention, be established in the truth that brought you life. Your soul is about to lose what little light it has because your steps are not going in the right direction before Me. 

3. Call to mind the truth you learned (namely that there is only One God).  Keep this in your heart and be obedient to it.  Turn away from this humanistic theme that “self is God” and all it’s ego-centric doctrines.   

If you do not pay attention, you will not recognize Me when I come to correct this in your soul because you will never realize or suspect it is Me.

4. There are times when you have seen your need for Me and in those moments, active, living righteousness that operates by faith in Me (and not “self”), reigned in your soul and we communed in the Spirit, as pure thoughts are where Love dwells.

5. When you stop robbing Me of My Sovereignty, this righteousness will always prevail and My full nature will be uncovered in you.  I will say “See Father, He is just like Me”.  The angels will also hear!

6. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

7. My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul! 

It is True Holiness speaking to you this time.  I have the authority of the King and I Am the Door that opens and shuts at My will and not another.

8. (In expressing the growth of your soul)

I see what we have accomplished together. Look overcomer, I Am Here to see you through to victory, and I Am not leaving. Even in your weakness, you have done what I asked of you out of love for one another.

9. Look overcomer, those accusations in your carnal mind, passing themselves off as Me, are nothing but lies.  The day will come when everything that hath breath in you, will praise the Lord. Your soul will understand (without a shadow of turning), the great love I have always had for you.

10. In the world you have tribulation!  But overcomer, as you ascend into the heavenlies (the land of the very good), tests and trials cannot touch the real you because patience has her perfect work.   I Am faithful to keep you safe.   

11. Look overcomer, it won’t be long Now. Claim the Mind of Christ and do not let Adam rule.

12. When you are victorious you will be able to bear whatever burdens you encounter as if they were nothing.  We will be one!  I will be in you and you in me and your soul will be made perfect in My nature.  Where I Am, you will be also.  We will be united and you will bear My new nature, Resurrection.

13. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

14. My son... I, John (but not me, it is the Spirit), write concerning your soul!   I Am Jesus Christ the Word. Amen!

15. (In, expressing the growth of your soul), 

I see what’s happening!  You never say no or yes based on the scriptures.  Stating no and yes are paramount for truth to prevail. 

16. I demand a no or yes!  Maybe this, maybe that, will never deliver truth!  Whenever you do this, you cannot speak forth words of Life. 

17. You think you got it all.  You think you have the “full gospel”; you think you understand “kingdom truths”, and need nothing more. Yet, you don’t realize that holding these rich truths in carnal-minded interpretations (unrighteousness) has caused you to be in deep poverty when it comes to union with the truth in your soul.  

18. My advice to you is to pay the price for the true riches; the attributes of God and a robe of righteousness, so the disgrace of the carnal man cannot be seen.  Ask, seek and knock that your soul may have perfect perception of all that I AM. 

19. The proof of my love for you is that I chasten you. A rebuke from Me will produce life, so change this mind set quickly.

20. Look overcomers, if you will stop leaving Me out and listen to what I am saying, we can have an intimate fellowship.

21. To the conqueror! We will be co-rulers of your soul!

22. Overcomers, hear!  Speak to your soul what I AM says!

Glossary – 1 Gr. Word:

Hosiotes:True Holiness: Those who regard truth and grace equally                                                                           

1. Adamic nature: Self                                                    

2. Cold or Hot: No or Yes

3. Dead: Carnal Mind

4. Gold: Divine Nature

5. Hour of temptation: Tribulation

6. Lukewarm: Maybe

7. Pillar: Burden bearer

8. Name: Reputation

9. New name: Resurrection

10. Seven Spirits of God: LOVE, Perfect, Complete

11. Sup: To be intimate with - fellowship

12. Synagogue of Satan: Liars

13. Undefiled Garments: Active, living Righteousness

14. White Raiment: Clothed in Pure thoughts

Due to the presence of the Holy Spirit the authors of the “INSPIRED VERSION” have enjoyed while preparing this script, they are not going to put chapters 4 – 22 online.  If you have enjoyed chapters 1 – 3 and would like to receive 4 – 22, email This material is for those who are receiving it with gladness; the Spirit in which it is given.