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Building Bridges between God and Man

Revelation Inspired Version

By Bonnie Morris


Recapping now: We learned about the state of the soul when we studied Ch. 1-3 When you are Christ’s, He hovers over your soul like a mother hen hovers over her brood. His coded life within you, has begun to change those conditions that are not in union with Christ.

There is an engagement taking place.

There is a marriage on the horizon!

CH. 4

1. The vision continued! I John, saw Jesus inviting you to sup with Him! His proclamation was that you would keep growing and become one with His nature. Many experiences were coming; all orchestrated by Him.
2. I could see spiritually, and there you were in a realm of spirit with Jesus Christ, the ruler.
3. Christ, the bridegroom, was ruling in your spirit, full of light, love and promises of life!
4. He surrounded your soul (like a bridegroom caring for a bride). You were seated with Him as a royal priest to rule your flesh with the purity of the mind of Christ.
5. Out of the midst of your soul, you could hear God Almighty speaking.
6. Now, because Jesus rules in your spirit, you see your “soul” in all its’ humanity. You cannot hide anything from He who is the All Knowing (seeing-understanding-perceiving) God. In this new relationship, you are beginning to look like Him. He has begun to develop His nature in you and He will finish it.
7. And this nature is the nature of a King, a Servant/Priest, a Son of Man, (higher order than of an animal in intelligence and understanding with the mind of Christ) and a Son of God.
8. Together, with great vision, you will govern from within your spirit. This life within your spirit will never cease to proclaim the very nature and kingdom authority of His Holiness, for He is always and forever the Omnipotent God.
9. And when your nature actually brings glory and honor and thanks to Jesus who is alive forevermore,
10. You will humble yourself in adoration before the living God of the throne, giving back any crown you are ever given, acknowledging,
11. He alone is worthy to receive glory and honor and dominion because He is the One who gave life to everything in the first place and He did it for His pleasure.

Glossary of sign and symbols:

1. #24: Government of God - Priests - Elders
2. 4 x 6 = 24: Government of God - Kingship - 4 Beasts
3. Beast: Creature expressing life
4. Come up hither: Keep growing
5. Eagle: Son of God
6. Emerald: Green Stone: Life
7. Face of a man: Intelligence: Higher order than of an animal in intelligence and understanding with the mind of Christ.
8. Heaven: Realm of Spirit - Spirit and soul (mind of Christ) are 2 realms of spirit / heaven
9. Jasper: Crystal stone: Light
10. Lion: King
11. Ox: Servant / Priest
12. Rainbow: Promises / Covenant
13. Sardine: Red stone: Love
14. Sea of Glass: Humanity (flesh)


In Ch. 4, you received an invitation to a marriage: YOURS! “Soul, COME INTO UNION with Jesus, the very nature that is in your spirit.” In Ch. 5, the Lamb makes this marriage possible. John continues to see what is coming in the outworking of the Holy Spirit within man.

CH. 5

1. And I John, perceived a divine life, full of power, written upon your spirit, but your soul could not see this life because it was completely covered from sight.
2. And I saw a life giving messenger heralding the question, “Who has the qualifications to uncover this life:?
3. And there wasn’t anyone in the entire universe which was able to see or uncover this life that was planted within your spirit.
4. I John, sobbed uncontrollable because I could not find anyone who was fit for this task.
5. And one of God’s ambassadors said to me, Dry your tears! Look! See the man! Jesus has already overcome, and His resurrection power will bring His life forth again; this time from within the soul.
6. And there in the midst of your soul, (your spirit where God’s government rules), was Jesus, the Lamb of God, as dead… but resurrected, possessed by the Holy Spirit.
7. The lamb had already lived the script written aftertime by the Almighty, All powerful God.
8. And when the lamb had lived every word written aforetime, the Kingdom of God and every saint who ever lived, with every prayer they ever said and every message they had ever trumpeted, submitted themselves to the Lamb.
9. Because there is a brand new message and it is resounding within you: “Jesus, you alone are worthy. You alone can uncover your life and nature that lives within. Your life poured out, has made it possible for my full redemption to God,
10. Because I have been made unto God, a royal priest who shall reign over all my carnal desires (nations).”
11. And round about your soul was a multitude of messages about God’s nature and kingdom, and all of them,
12 Were proclaiming the same thing; Only the Lamb is worthy to be called “YOUR EXELLENCY”.
13 & 14. With hearty approval, everything within you blessed and honored the Lion and the Lamb, submitting to and recognizing the glorification of Him who was and is Almighty… The NOW!

Glossary of signs and symbols:
1. Book: Life
2. Earth: Carnality - Soulish - Fleshly
3. Golden vials full of odors: Prayers of the saints
4. Harps: Messages
5. Lamb: Jesus
6. Lion of the tribe of Judah: Jesus the man (tribal lineage)
7. New Song: New Message
8. Root of David: Jesus the man - Seed of David according to the flesh
9. Sea: Humanity: Sometimes also means wicked - Storms of life
10. Sealed: Covered - Closed - Unseen
11. Vocie of many angels: Multitude of messages