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Building Bridges between God and Man

Revelation Inspired Version

By Bonnie Morris


In Ch. 2, John’s vision began. In Ch. 2 & 3, the condition of the soul was made known. We saw the ministry of the King in 4 and the ministry of the Lamb in 5. In Ch. 6, the Lamb takes the cover off and you “see”. This seeing is called “revelation”, Jesus is now the revealer and the revealed!!! The spiritual carpenter is now going to build His nature in your soul. Ch. 6 is the blueprint where you behold the reality within yourself of Him who is your life.

As Vines Dictionary states: “The successive opening of the seven seals discloses the events destined to take place throughout the period covered by Ch. 6-19. Nothing is still actually happening in the change your soul will go through during the trumpets. The seals opening, simply “reveal” the life of the One written within; the person of Jesus Christ.

By now, you understand that John is writing what he sees in vision about Jeus within, therefore, this author is going to leave out the “And I saw” and the “And I heard” statements in Ch. 6-19 to make this even more personalized. Again, the script will go to the “Heart of the Meaning”…

Ch. 6 is in the same book that stated in its’ first chapter that this book is given to bless you. To hear so- called, modern day prophets interpret it, makes it a scary book. It is not! It is a book about a great redemptive love, so let’s begin to “see”; not from a literal, carnal mind but with the spiritual mind of Christ!

Jesus is seen in strength and fortitude in the beginning of Ch. 6,thus represented by the warrior horseman. He is coming to make war on the serpent of your carnal thinking. He is coming in Truth with one motive; to destroy the enemy of your soul. He is not coming with guns and ammunition to fight an outward fight, but he is coming in the power of His redemptive love to conquer every enemy unto the sovereign reign of His Lordship. An equation of ¼ is given to each horse thus creating the complete transformation and burial of the carnal nature.

CH. 6
1. The first time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your soul, you could hear the word of God. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “COME!”
2. There He was! King Jesus, in the strength and power of His Divine Holiness with a covenant of victory and He was on a path of conquest to a full redemption of your spirit, soul and body! (Initial revelation of Christ within you).
3. The second time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your soul… again, the Lord said, “COME”!
4. This time the Lord appeared as a refining fire, wielding a mighty sword of judgment unto correction because of His great and wonderful love for you. Now, your flesh and spirit are at war. This correction is to keep you from being at peace with your flesh and its’ ways any longer. All the thoughts and ways of the flesh will fight to live, but this purging fire will cause their death and your fleshly nature will yield to His will and ways. (Award of a dual nature)
5. The third time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your soul… again, the Lord said, “COME”! In the strength and power of this light, the reality of your carnal life and darkened mind shown brightly and you knew you were black but comely.
6.. Valley and hill spiritual experiences, of the feasting times and seasons appointed by the Lord, loomed ahead of you. The first measure (Passover) would bring a great blessing of the Spirit. The second measure would bring a greater blessing of the Spriti but more costly than the first, as you exchange your life for His. The experience of His fullness (No measure - Tabernacles - Not yet taking place) is reserved for the time appointed of the Father. (Aware of the work of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s purpose in you)!
7. The fourth time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your soul… again, the Lord said, “COME”!
8. The final blow of the sword (S pirit word) came to destroy and bury what little life is left of the desires of your carnal mind and the deceptive authority it has to control you. Famine of the word, turbulent times, and now, even the opposing forces of the carnal nature, (because you have learned where liberty truly exists) causes you to hunger and thirst after Him and Him only. (Death and burial of the carnal mind)
9. The fifth time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your soul… you know you are now a living sacrifice unto God, having lost your carnal mind (beheaded) and witnessed (martyr) of His saving grace. (Soul is dealt with - your inward life)
10. Now, even as Jesus’ blood has been avenged upon your soul, your agony over the body of flesh cries out for the same freedom upon your fleshly tabernacle.
11. Living in active righteousness, God assured you that while you rest, it will not be long until the flesh would die (no longer rule) also.
12. The sixth time the Lamb of God released truth from the Spirit within your sould there was a Divine visitation. The light of the Passover realm (natural sun) no longer brought any life, and the shadow of life you had in Pentecost (reflective light of the candlestick) was being turned from a shadow into a reality of truth within you.
13. During this visitation, your spiritual walk is turned upside down as God deals with your outward life. You can now see through the o ld system (Ecclesiastical Babylon in the realm of Pentecost). Everything it exalted (stars) ceases to exist as the Spirit violently disrupts the normal state of things and brings an end to your world. (Your fleshly body is to rule no longer with it’s lusts and pride. This happens in Him that you my full enter Tabernacles)…
14. The outer and inner court lights (natural sun and moon - natural light of the candlestick), were closed, as both ends of a scroll coming together. Every ounce of your natural strength melted away and there is nothing of your life left here to identify with, or feed your spiritual appetite.
15. The kings and captains of your egocentric senses do not want to give way to the dissolving of, not only of the realm of heaven you have enjoyed, but now to the temporal (earthy - outward) things of the flesh (body). Old Adam wanted to hide again. (7 classes of men are mentioned here, representing the “fullness of Adam - the natural man). Every temptation in you screamed, “we don’t want to go another direction”. Old Adam (Natural source of strength) tried to hide in ecclesiastical Babylon and all its’ self righteous programs under the guise of religion, imagining God to be something He is not.
16. When Jesus speaks, old Adam says, “I don’t want to go another step with you. Let me hide behind my fig leaf and from the judgment that brings my death, and salvation unto God”.
17. For the light of judgment unto correction, comes again and again; will you embrace it?!

Glossary of signs and symbols:

1. Alter: Brazen alter where the animals were killed
2. Ashen: Little life
3. Balance: Mixture
4. Barley Harvest: Resurrection - Beginning of Christ’s resurrected in you - Passover
5. Beheaded: Lost carnal mind
6. Bow: Promise
7. Crown: Ruling ability
8. Dwells on earth: Body of flesh
9. End of world: No rule of flesh
10. Fellow servants and Brethren: Flesh
11. Grace: #5 - Power to do the will of God
12. Great earthquake: Mighty visitation from God
13. Horse: Strength
14. Moon: Natural light of candlestick realm
15. Mountains and rocks: Old Adam - Natural source of strength
16. Oil and wine: Realm of Tabernacles
17. Open the seal: Release the truth
18. Red: Refining Fire (Provoked by Love)
19. Scroll: Book - Your life
20 Seven classes of men: Fullness of Adam
21. Stars of heaven: Exalted idea / theologies of Ecclesiastical Babylon in the Pentecost realm/system
22. Sun: Natural light
23. Sword: Word of God
24. Testimony: Witness - Martyr
25. Wheat: Pentecost - Feast of first fruits - Baptism of Holy Spirit
26. White: Divine Holiness
27. Wrath of the Lamb: Judgment unto salvation


It becomes apparent, that the completion of God’s purpose, including the destruction of the beast (soulish nature-old heaven) and the formation of the new spiritual man within (new heaven), is seen in the names of the 12 tribes of Israel in Ch. 7. All John has seen up to this point is the following (the condition of the soul, the ministry of the King and the Lamb and that which caused you to see the Revealer/Revelation). This, worked within, does not really take place until the trumpets begin. The whole point of the tribes is to be understood in symbolic language. John saw them, but what they represented is the point. Again, they are symbols that tell us the story of your life or His within. This must be kept in mind or you will see 2 separate and distinct groups of people in this chapter. There are not 2, but one, as the tribes represent the Royal Priesthood (God’s government) within you. Although this is your story, this chapter makes it plain that this story takes place within others as well… This should appear as obvious at this point. So, John sees the government of God within a great multitude of people. The evidence that this chapter speaks of just one group is that the ones who represent the government of God are the ones who endure great pressure/tribulation in surrendering everything to God.

Modern day theologies purport John to have seen 2 groups of people in this chapter. Many take everything back to the natural nation of Israel, (the 12,000 from each tribe which total 144,000), but when all the evidence is gathered, it points to spiritual Israel, of whom you are in Christ). The natural tribes of Dan and Ephraim are not mentioned because the meaning of their names do not apply to this group of overcomers. Levi was not counted as a tribe in the Old Testament. This is further evidence that John saw a nature in a people and was not to be taken as seeing a literal group. Again, the number 12, as seen in 12,000 and 144,000, represents government and has nothing to do with seeing an actual number of people.

A new man is seen in the sixth seal (even as in the sixth day when Adam was formed)… One who is on the throne (King) and one who is before the throne (Priest); a royal priest!

The righteous judgments of God cannot come forth until this man is perfected. Until the sons/servants of God are mature, there is no judgment unto correction, only misguided judgment that leads to condemnation of the soul and liberty. When you judge yourself, are you set free, or do you come under condemnation?

Again, remember, this is the HEART OF THE MEANING…

CH. 7
Harvesting Your Life
The Gov’t of God in a great multitude - the promise to Abraham

1. During all these experiences, God’s messengers were holding back the winds of judgment against Babylon (the kingdom of the Beast - soulish nature - all flesh).
2. And the Spirit of Grace coming from God with His approval, commanded the messengers to whom could destroy Babylon,
3. Saying, “Wait, do not blow upon Babylon until the servants of God have put on the mind of Christ.
4. There were 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel who would put on the mind of Christ and learn to govern their flesh!
5. The mind of Christ is full of praise, - JUDAH, is born of God - REUBEN, and is one body with many members (troop) - GAD
6. Full of joy - ASHER, overcomes - NAPHTALI
7. Forgets the past - MANASSEH, hears the voice of his Shepherd - SIMEOON, is joined to the Lord (not Adam) - LEVI, has been redeemed with a price - ISSACHAR
8. Is a dwelling place of the Spirit of God - ZEBULUN, is fruitful - JOSEPH, has authority - BENJAMIN
9. Amid all this was a vast host of innumerable people from tribes, peoples and languages. In mature service to God and the Lamb, and with the purity of the mind of Christ, they worshipped.
10. Fully persuaded, they confessed, Our wholeness is because of our God and the Lamb Who reigns and to Whom we owe our deliverance.
11. All of heaven were there, and they fell prostrate in worship to God.
12. With hearty approval they voiced every conceivable goodness that could be ascribed to the God of the ages and ages. So be it!
13. I, John was asked by a messenger of God, “Who are these people who have the purity of the mind of Christ? Where did they come from?
I4. John, replied, “You know”! He further said to me, “These are they who have come out of great pressure to overcome the beast (carnal mind), and have become the active, living righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.”
15. Because of this, they are now in the presence of God and serve Him forever and ever. The Lamb will always abide in their midst.
16. Their souls’ inner longing for Him will cease as they will be continually satisfied with His truth and life. They will triumph over everything.
17. Because the Lamb in their midst will be their Shepherd, guiding them with His word and there will be no occasion for any more weeping.

1. After: Amidst - During
2. Asher: Full of joy
3. Babylon: The kingdom of the Beast… Soulish - Ecclesiastical, Political and Economical.
4. Benjamin: Son of my right hand
5. Earth: Low realm
6. Fifth angel: Spirit of Grace
7. Four winds: Judgment
8. Gad: A troop
9. Issachar: A price was paid
10. Joseph: Fruitful
11. Judah: Praise
12. Levi: Joined
13. Manasseh: Forgets
14. Naphtali: Overcomes
15. Palm branches: Represents Worship
16. Reuben: A son is born
17. Sea: Lowest realm
18. Sealed forehead: Mind of Christ
19. Simeon: Hearing
20. Stood: Stature of maturity
21. Zebulun: A dwelling place
22: 12 and 144,000 and 12,000: Complete Gov’t pf God.