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The Song of the Lamb

The Song of the Lamb

The Song of the Lamb

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in The Song of the Lamb series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format.

This volume is my present series.

1. My Yoke Is Easy
Jesus subdues by one means alone. He wins our hearts. Love. And thus this series will include a perusal of the love scenes of Scripture, including the story of Ruth and The Song of Songs. These things speak to us of our entrance into the Communion of the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit, our entrance into God. ~ PDF Version

2. The Measure of Christ
If I am measured by Christ, then Christ is all my dimensions. ~ PDF Version