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The Feast of Tabernacles

By Daniel Yordy

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1. Why Study the Feasts
All through the Old Testament, from Genesis 1:1 to Malachi 4:6, there is a prophetic word, a speaking, a calling forth all the fullness of Christ into the human experience. ~ PDF Version

2. Applying the Feasts
God finishes what He begins. To us who walk with God, no other event in the Old Testament is as important as what took place on October 15, 972 BC. On that day, God finished the work He had begun with Israel 490 years before. ~ PDF Version

3. The Humility of Christ
I fear God. And I love Him. The Church does not belong to me; God's work in the earth does not belong to me; you do not belong to me. ~ PDF Version

4. Defining the Apostolic
I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling. 1 Corinthians 2:1-3 The underlined words are God's definition of the apostolic. ~ PDF Version

5. The Original Feasts
Before we can draw the elements of the three feasts into our present knowledge of Christ as our only life, we must know what God says about them. In this letter, I propose that a specific outline of the feasts drawn from the text could be useful to us. We will use Leviticus 23 as the base of that outline. ~ PDF Version

6. Today
Today is the holiest day of the year, the holiest day in all of time and eternity. Today we know Him. We cannot know Him on any other day. ~ PDF Version

7. Seeing the Invisible One
Those who seek the invisible do not seek what I seek. They seek for the things of the heavens, the “things of God,” imagining that those things are the invisible. I seek only to know the Invisible One – and He is inside of me. ~ PDF Version

8. Moses and Paul
Two questions. What is it that these men and women who share heart with God know that all these who are just discovering union with Christ don't? And how did they come to know it? We must explore the second question in order to arrive at the first. We will do so with just a few events from the lives of Moses and Paul. ~ PDF Version

9. Passover
The entire transaction of Passover is total, and it is immediate. No element of Passover is “for the future.” Egypt is now, Passover is now, the journey is now. The transition from one to the other happens in totality through the hours of one bloody night. ~ PDF Version

10. The Feast of Unleavened Bread
The reality of the feast of unleavened bread is so very simple – Christ alone. From the moment we were born again, our lives have never been “Christ-and,” but “Christ-only.” ~ PDF Version

11. Firstfruits
This firstfruits sheaf was the first of the harvest – which, since it occurred in early spring, it seems it must have been winter wheat. As the first of the harvest, it represented the entire harvest. Jesus, arising from the grave at the very moment of the Feast of Firstfruits, is the prototokos, the firstborn, the first One of our kind. He is the guarantee that we are just like Him. But there is also a firstfruits at the end of this age. ~ PDF Version

12. Pentecost
The simple question is, how do we get from A to B? How do we get from Christ as us to Christ revealed? How do we get from Passover to the final Day of Tabernacles? God has given us a Vehicle to take us there!!! That Vehicle is a Person, the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who introduces us to all the reality and meaning of living and walking and acting in heaven and in earth out from heaven. The Holy Spirit is our guide, our teacher. ~ PDF Version

13. According to the Pattern
The first thing that comes out of Pentecost, out of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, is this injunction to make a dwelling place for God among men beginning with the Ark of the Covenant. And this construction is to follow God's pattern precisely. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. ~ PDF Version

14. A Second Passover
God's view of time is just as real and current as man's view of time, and vice versa. God is manifest in the flesh. He created man's view of time and appreciates His creation immensely. Yet God's full use of man's view of time cannot eliminate or lessen in any way God's relationship with time. We can see clearly that God used both views of time in the setting up of the Tabernacle on April 1, 1461 BC. God began with the Mercy Seat, and then worked out from Himself, yet the further out from God He went, the more “closed off” the Heart of God became in human view. Then, once God had completed unfolding Himself out from His heart, He had placed before man what appeared to be a step-by-step WAY into that same Heart. ~ PDF Version

15. The Form of God
Most people view God as the biggest Dude in a place called heaven. And by biggest Dude, they mean an overwhelming outward appearance. BUT!!!! If all of God is inside of me, yet He is not known, then God cannot, cannot, cannot be an overwhelming outward appearance. ~ PDF Version

16. Sacrifice: Where It Fits
After writing "The Form of God," I now envision God in Person as springs of living water upwelling continuously inside of me at every point of my being and in ever moment of time. He springs up first as Servant, that is, as Word, flowing all through my faith. This is how I "see" God. Thus, these letters on sacrifice come up out of that seeing of God. ~ PDF Version

17. Sacrifice: Redemption
Who got paid and what did Jesus buy? ~ PDF Version

18. Sacrifice: The Lamb Slain
How does Jesus win your heart? ~ PDF Version

19. The Order of Journey
The order of journey in God's church is the order of the wineskin; that is, it is always fluid, changing with each season of new wine to meet the needs of those receiving the new wine and not the needs of those who worship old wineskins. – All ministry in the church is Jesus Himself revealing Himself through some that He might make Himself known as Himself living in, as, and through all, each individual member of His Body. The order of Melchizedek is 100% the opposite of external structure; it is entirely the outflow of Heart. ~ PDF Version

20. Turning Away
I want to get right at this dichotomy, this press, this hammer and anvil, with the giants dwelling in fortified cities on the one hand and running back to Egypt on the other. In an upcoming letter we will explore the glory of Christ in His church, but here we must shine as bright a light as we can upon Satanic behavior in the church of Christ: envy, accusation, and control, this desperate need to pull other people down by any means possible. ~ PDF Version

21. Entering the Land
We do not know the way into the full revelation of Jesus Christ through His body because we have not been this way before. But we KNOW that the same living God who revealed Himself through Jesus now reveals Himself through us BECAUSE we see the Ark of the Covenant, this same Jesus, now residing fully in all glory in our hearts, having passed this same way before us. And thus we KNOW that all that is not Christ vanishes away by the brightness of His glory alone, now and complete in us. ~ PDF Version

22. The Promised Land
Christ (and God in Christ) is a community, the continual experience of communion together found only in full heart-union and flowing out as rivers of life and love in practical daily application. We are members of one another. ~ PDF Version

23. Trumpets
The blowing of trumpets is the prophetic word of Christ, that which calls Christ forth into the human experience. Calling those things that be not as though they ARE. ~ PDF Version

24. The Trumpets of God
WHAT ABOUT SIN???!!!??? -- What about it? ~ PDF Version

25. The Day of Atonement
Aaron KNEW that God had accepted the atonement, that sin was gone, that Israel was free. Aaron knew the acceptance of God BEFORE he turned around to go back out to the people. Aaron turned around because it was finished. ~ PDF Version

26. The Obedience of God
From the moment Jesus said, “Glorify Me,” a Man walked this earth for the first time, a Man as God intended from the beginning, a Man living out from the full reality of the tree of life. A Man, that is, God revealed, the image and likeness of GOD! ~ PDF Version

27. Thinking Like Jesus
As I walk, as I see others around me, as I am aware of myself, I think that God the Father, another Person, fills me full. I think that I am bound in a full Covenant union with this other Person, who happens to be God. I think that whatever God is, I possess as my own and that whatever I am, God possesses as His own. I think that wherever God reaches, I reach, whatever God does, I do, whatever God is, I am. I think that my limitations are God's, my inabilities are God's, my being is God's. ~ PDF Version

28. God's Heart in a Man
If the desire of your being is not to share Heart with God, to have the Father's very Heart beating in your own chest, to have the Father's Heart as the fountain and source of all that you are and all that you do, then you are not reading this letter or hearing this Word. Since you are reading this letter and hearing this Word, I know exactly what it is that you want. You want God's Heart to BE your only heart. ~ PDF Version

29. The Wasted Years
There can be no holes in our lives, either in our present thoughts or in all the memory of our past, no places not filled by Christ and finished by the Atonement. If there be evil, let it be filled with His was dead, if there be human failings, let them be carried utterly by the Father. If there be sin, let it vanish into the annihilation of God. There are NO wasted years or days or moments, for Christ is all in all. ~ PDF Version

30. A Man of Blood
Break the demons, cast their hold off of humanity, and guess what? There is no “world” left to fix, and all the arrangements of the world, nations, constitutions, organizations, groups, all cease and are no more. Remove the demons and the whole arrangement of human society must begin anew by totally different ways and structures unknown by the present world. ~ PDF Version

31. David's Tent
David's tent is never empty. David's tent is always filled with crowds of people, all rejoicing together as the Heart of God revealed. ~ PDF Version

32. Melchizedek Order
Is Christ an ability to do – who also happens to have a heart of compassion? Or is Christ a heart of compassion regardless of what either the Father or angels might be doing? ~ PDF Version

33. Tabernacles
Tabernacles is the Feast of Love. ~ PDF Version

34. We ARE the Body of Christ
All things are the Father and you walking together, God in you reconciling the world to Himself. When God enters into a full Blood Covenant Bond with a man or a woman, that Bond is complete and permanent. ~ PDF Version

35. The Great Day of the Feast
Only out from this place of being utterly content to be just like God as we are, out from this place of knowing that “falling short” is so far away from us that we hardly even know what it might be – Does not all of God in Person fill us full? Is not God in Person bound to us in full Covenant Bond as our very heart, walking with us as One, as equals, in full union first and in precious communion second? Of what does “falling short” speak? Out of utter contentment we see the Rivers that come so easily from the upwelling of God inside of us. ~ PDF Version

36. The New World
You want to know what the New World will look like? When you KNOW that you are utterly turned around in the Holy of Holies, when you KNOW that every step you take, every breath you breathe, is God flowing through you reconciling the world to Himself, regardless of how you might interpret them, when you sit there in amazing contentment, knowing that all things are yours, starting with this most precious Person, the Father, who fills you full with all of Himself and walks with you in a fused Covenant Bond forever. When you know God without pretending or any need to be self-right, then check out your own being. All the things you love, all your ways of delight, all that makes your heart sing for joy, in you is the shape of the New World. ~ PDF Version