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The Two Gospels

By Daniel Yordy

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1. Another Gospel - Another Jesus
In AD 325 another gospel containing another Jesus took full possession of what is called Christianity. Another gospel and another Jesus rule Christianity today. Both Paul’s Jesus and another Jesus share the same name, both promote a gospel using similar words, and both use Bible verses to promote their claims. Yet here is our anchor. There is no such thing as another Jesus. The other thing is imagination only. The real Jesus is Savior and Salvation. He carries all regardless of the confusion in their minds. ~ PDF Version

2. One Door - One Salvation
The door into knowing Christ is found in these words. "That every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. God made you guilty, yes – He led you into darkness. Why? So you would shut up. So you would stop saying that most ridiculous nonsense, "But I, not Christ." ~ PDF Version

3. The Inversion of Light
Inside this Covenant, inside this Salvation, inside John 14:20, I now look out ONLY through Jesus' eyes, through eyes of fire. And I testify with all certainty that everything looks different from here. God is utterly different. Jesus is utterly different. Salvation is utterly different. Heaven/earth is utterly different. I am utterly different. You are utterly different. Knowing fully how all others see, I see now that everything is so different from what all have thought. ~ PDF Version

4. God
What is a God who groans in travail? ~ PDF Version

5. The Sorrow of God
What if the entire creation is the travail and sorrow of God? ~ PDF Version

6. The Nicene Creed
In all of the What-We-Believes, God Himself in Person, His Heart and intentions, is simply not there. Words containing ideas about God do not bring God in Person into the immediate picture. The second thing missing is absent because of the absence of God's Heart and intentions, and that is MAN. What is Man? is never mentioned, let alone addressed. ~ PDF Version

7. Life
Everything in the Bible is written around the metaphor of how life brings forth life. You separate that metaphor from the Bible and nothing in the Bible makes sense; that's why the Bible is then turned into non-sense. You see that metaphor as the basis of the construction of the entire Bible and suddenly you see it all the way through, that the Bible is nothing other than a vast opening up of this one thing, the reproduction of life. - The Words that I speak to you are Spirit AND THEY ARE Life. - The seed is the Word of God. ~ PDF Version

8. Christ Jesus
What is “the Lord Jesus Christ?” ~ PDF Version

9. Man
What is Man? ~ PDF Version

10. Church
What is Church? Let me give the short answer. Church IS the Lord Jesus Christ, in substance Himself in all fullness, in appearance as many in weakness. The Church is One Person for real – the Lord Jesus. This One Person, the Church, APPEARS as many persons in outward form, yet at no point is any tiny particle of the Church, any least little member, anything other than the Person of Jesus. We ARE His body, the visible appearance of His Person, and members in particular.

By Daniel Yordy ~ PDF Version

11. Father
Home is Father. Where Father reveals Himself through, that is Home. You and I are called to be Home to all creation. Heaven is not home. Father through us is Home to all, both heaven and earth. ~ PDF Version

12. People
Christ as me is me as I really am, for real. Christ as me causes me to abandon all forms of pretending and allows me to be real, just to be me, often wrong, often foolish, often nonsensical, often bull-headed, often thoughtless of others. Me. Christ as me. No pretending I'm something that I am not. No pretending that I am a “man of God,” or that I have some great “ministry” to the church. And only when I see me for real without any pretending do I look at you for real with my heart filled with compassion and the delight of the Father. ~ PDF Version

13. Salvation
Salvation, this middle-realm in which we now live and in which we will live forever, regardless of any manifestation of that same Salvation Revealed, is vast beyond measure and filled with an infinite number of glories, powers, and rooms of experience and knowledge. But none of that is its primary quality. The most important thing we know about this realm in which we live, Salvation, is that Salvation is a PERSON, and that Person has a name, Jesus. – Jesus, this One I love, this One who lives in my heart, this One who fills me with all of His glory. ~ PDF Version

14. Face
I have no need to save face, because I was never any good at putting on any kind of face that worked. There is the Face of a Man, bloody, bruised, and unashamed; His Face is sufficient for me. ~ PDF Version

15. Church by Father
As Jesus took each step, saying continually in His own heart, “Father, for Your sake, because I love you,” inside that very HUMAN love filled with God Himself in Person, something was birthed into the universe, something that had never been, something that could come no other way. – Church! ~ PDF Version

16. Heart
Your heart, all of your heart, is good, pure, holy, and good. The moment you gave your heart to Jesus you entered into a covenant with God. The first part of covenant is that God gave you a new heart. Your heart is good. There is no "old" heart at all. You know you have only a new and good heart because Jesus lives in your heart, and He never leaves. ~ PDF Version

17. Voice
Voice is the expression, the singing, of the Heart. Three primary things make a person a person: a heart, a name, and a voice. The Lord Jesus Christ is all three; we wrap ourselves with Him. The Lord of the Universe is Heart; Jesus, the man, is His Name; Christ is all the speaking of God sustaining all, Voice. He calls each one of us by our name, by a name known only by Him and us. We live by His Voice. ~ PDF Version

18. Spirit
Everything exists in Spirit. Everything is bathed by Spirit. Everything is energized by Spirit. When we say everything, we mean all things and all beings in both earth AND heaven. Heaven substance bears the same relationship to Spirit as earthly substance, yet earthly substance is continually coming out of, is being always acted upon, by heavenly substance as well as Spirit. ~ PDF Version

19. Body
The work God is doing in this workshop He has made, “our present life in the flesh,” is the MOST IMPORTANT thing going on in time and in eternity. ~ PDF Version

20. The Two Gospels
We cannot know the false except we have our hearts filled full with the true. And we do. ~ PDF Version

21. Victory
We desire an immortal body, which, in conjunction with our already perfected spirits, causes us to be an incorruptible soul.  We must PUT ON immortality; we must PUT ON incorruptibility. We PUT ON the Lord Jesus Christ. Enduo, sink into as into a garment or into the covers of one's bed. Cast one's self utterly into perfect rest. We sink into immortality; we sink into incorruptibility. Victory is the moment, in the twinkling of an eye, when our mortal frame instantaneously becomes immortal and when our corruptible soul instantaneously becomes incorruptible. ~ PDF Version