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Musings on Union

By Daniel Yordy

This page contains the PDF versions of the articles in the Musings on Union series for downloading. To access the articles online along with the audios, click on the link just above or on the first article title. These links will take you to the new site format.

1. Union AND Freedom
“What do you want?” Do you really want to prove to God that you can make it, or would you prefer to be found in Christ, not having your own rightness at all. ~ PDF Version

2. Union AND War
There is a Man who lives inside of me, a Person who fills my heart with His glory. This Man is the King of the Universe; He is the righteous vindicator of all of God's purity and truth; He is the judgment against all iniquity. This Man, who fills my heart with His might and dominion, is my best Friend. I love Him. ~ PDF Version

3. Double or One
This great and massive split, this constant warfare inside of me, did not result in two, but three. You see, “I” could be in the flesh or “I” could be in the spirit, but “I” had to decide. More than that, “I” was frightened and vulnerable. “I” was lost. And so “I” ran back and forth, frightened of one, loving the other, and vice versa, confused and uncertain. ~ PDF Version

4. One and One
As William Law and many others have said, we can know God only inside ourselves. Though we acknowledge His omnipresent existence elsewhere, in all other places, and though we honor Him in others, we cannot know Father God except as the One who fills us, saturates us, permeates ME with all of Himself. ~ PDF Version

5. Weapons of Christ
What does God want? Victory – the honor and glory of Jesus, the Word God is always speaking. ~ PDF Version

6. Father and Healing
By Covenant Bond, my weakness belongs entirely to God. And by Covenant Bond, God's strength belongs entirely to me. You see, if my weakness is not God's weakness, then I would remain forever in this insipid and awful negotiating story line with a far away God. Yes, I might see others win the healing lottery and even win it myself now and then, but God's strength could never be mine if my weakness were not FIRST His. ~ PDF Version

7. In Christ
When I read, in Paul's gospel, the words “in Christ,” I take those words in that context to be as literal and concrete as the words literal and concrete could possibly mean. I take those words to mean literal in the physical, literal in soul or self, and literal in the substance of spirit. I take those words to mean now, absolute, and all of me. ~ PDF Version

8. Christ and Victory
God is not passivity; He designed our lives to thrive with Him as we act in union with Him against all opposition. The human heart increases by challenge. No challenge, no task, no overcoming, no victory is the most non-glorious way of living I could imagine. It is not Christ as us; Christ as us is triumph and glory. Muscular strength increases by work. Mental ability, and even IQ, increases by using the brain in difficult exercises. Love increases by bearing the pain of love. Spirit increases by spirit endeavor and warfare. ~ PDF Version

9. The God of Union
What is God? We know what we first believe. – What “God” do we know? What people believe about God rules absolutely their knowledge of God and their experience with God. ~ PDF Version

10. Union and Fellowship
It is by knowing God Love inside of us, and all things carried inside of God Love, that we are transformed and become the vessel, the light bulb of God Light, God Himself revealed through us, normal and real human beings. ~ PDF Version

11. The Christ of Union
This is the Christ of union, the One who brings me in Himself to the Father and causes me,  Daniel Yordy , to be One with the God who fills me full, always arising, every moment, from within me. ~ PDF Version

12. In the Place God Has Chosen
There is no such thing as earth without heaven all through it as its breath, its life, its spirit. There is no such thing as heaven without earth as its anchor and form. Those who have lost their physical bodies have NOT gone to another place. ~ PDF Version

13. Fellowship and Union
Fellowship with Father and fellowship with one another cannot be separated. Yes, we can experience fellowship with Father when we are by ourselves, but Father Himself never wants to stay by Himself. Father is always gathering people together. Father is always singing in community. Father is always throwing parties and inviting guests, and making sure His supper is filled with people. ~ PDF Version

14. Breaking the False Covenant
Adam and the serpent made a covenant together, a full binding agreement of purpose and union. By that covenant men and demons agreed to commit themselves to labor together for a shared purpose. It is that false covenant that you and I are commissioned by God to break. ~ PDF Version

15. Real Life
Real life is one thing alone. Real life is knowing Father, and knowing Father is believing that what God says in the Covenant He signed with us is true. Real life is travail. Real life is God known, God revealed. ~ PDF Version

16. Rest and Father
The entire purpose of our union with Christ is Father walking this earth. ~ PDF Version

18. One Body
My Bond with Father is absolute, it is complete, it is utterly pure and holy without shadow of any kind, ever. It matters not what I feel like when I awake in the night for whatever reasons, I look at Father in me and I see that my Bond with Him, utterly bound together in perfect Covenant union, Father and me, that Bond remains perfect and complete. And that Covenant Bond alone causes sin to vanish from our experience. His name is Jesus. ~ PDF Version

19. Two Bonds
I always cast down any thought that “I” could ever miss God, no matter how discouraged I find myself to be. God and I are utterly in this thing together, and the bond that binds us as One is Jesus inside of us. ~ PDF Version

20. Closing the Door
I, Daniel Yordy, put off the old man daily. I close the door to sin every moment. I put to death every deed of my body. I make no provision for the flesh. I do not yield my members to sin. I put on the Lord Jesus Christ. And have done so daily, now, for seven years. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and close the Door to sin. ~ PDF Version

22. Communion
The cause of all things of the new creation is one thing only, the Communion between Father and us inside of Jesus Sent, inside of perfect and complete Union. ~ PDF Version

In all that I have written, except for my continual expression of faith in Christ my only life, I have made only one claim concerning why anyone should regard anything I write. The one claim I have made is that I have found all I have ever sought. I have found a continual and real fellowship with Father inside my heart, a fellowship that comes every moment through the One whom I love, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One upon whose breast I ever lean my head, the One who, in every difficulty of my life, lives now as me, carrying me in all that I am all the way I must go. ~ PDF Version

Although I am a teacher, I teach no theoretical gospel. My only interest is to engage my reader as an individual together with the Mighty and Passionate Persons who live inside of you and desire with a desire greater than you can even consider to love you and to walk in full Covenant Union together with you. Yet as a teacher, I love to design curriculum, and thus I would like to set before you a course to run. ~ PDF Version