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12. God's Promise to Abraham

Those who say they are Jews but are NOT!


12. God's Promise to Abraham

© Daniel Yordy - 2012

For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh; but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God. Romans 2.28-29

Understand, this is not a subject I want to spend time on. It is a subject that drives so many precious readers away from the truth of Christ. I am neither strong nor tough. My heart is filled with compassion for every individual person. But I have a problem. The Covenant I signed with God demands the conflict between the natural and the spiritual, between the seed of Abraham and the seed of the serpent. We cannot really know Christ if we hide from this issue He Himself speaks all through the gospel.

God has ordained a showdown between the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, both brought to fullness in a body of people, as the pin-point marking the fulfillment of the Covenant in the fullness of times. This is exactly how it happened with Christ versus the Pharisees; it will happen again in a very similar way with the second witness of Christ versus the same faction of the Pharisees, now sitting upon the whole earth.

What is a natural Jew?

I will make no attempt to distinguish among the tribes of Israel, but take the largest approach and use the term “Jew” as, first, meaning those who are descended in a direct line from Jacob, the grandson of Abraham.

This, of course, cannot be a useful definition for the term “Jew” as it is used by Christians in understanding God and what He is doing in the earth.

Here is why. What about Gentile Converts?

Gentile converts had children, and they had children, all raised in the synagogue. In a few generations, no one knew which “Jewish” members of the synagogue were naturally Jews and which were the descendants of Gentiles who had converted to Judaism. All are called Jews.

Now, God promised to honor Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in a way He does not honor anyone else – that is, He promised them to draw large numbers of their natural children into the Lord Jesus Christ as He finishes the age of human folly.

If the conversion of Jews to Christ is a significant thing that marks the final chapter of this present age, how will we identify this event when it happens?

Who, exactly, are these whom God Himself recognizes are “Jews” for the final honor of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

There are two possibilities only, both fraught with questions.

1.   All individuals alive upon this earth right now who are literally descended by blood and genetics from Jacob himself whether they know it or not.

2.   All of number one, plus all individuals alive upon this earth right now who are literally descended by blood and genetics from any Gentile over the last 3500 years who converted to Judaism in his lifetime.

We will assume that God alone is the judge of whether a particular individual is a “Jew” or not, and thus in line for the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. The promises of God to the natural Jew through Moses, however, are awful. 

So, concerning possibility #1, we know that there are two categories inside this definition. First, there are those individuals living upon the earth right now who are 100% descended by blood from Jacob. Surely, everyone will accept that God will consider these individuals to be “Jews” and thus included in the fulfillment of God’s honor of Abraham.

Or will they?

What about that individual alive today who is descended directly from Jacob 100% with not one iota of non-Jacob blood in him whose forefather a thousand years ago converted to Islam, whose family have been Muslims ever since, and who has no idea whatever that he is 100% a descendant of Jacob?

Does he count in the fulfillment of God’s word to Abraham?

The Jews lived among the Muslims to a greater extent through the centuries than among the Christians (and were treated much better in Muslim lands than in Christian). History records the conversion of thousands of Jews to Islam over the centuries.

Hundreds of  Muslim “Jews” rose into positions of high power in the Ottoman Empire through all the centuries of its existence and many of the Muslim officers of the Turkish military today are, in fact, blood descendants of Jacob.

Do they count in God’s fulfillment of His promise to Abraham? Are the Palestinians Jews? How many of the Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian, are 100% blood descendants of Jacob? Thousands? Half? All?

We cannot answer that question because no Christian in today’s world who supports “the Jews” has any idea who it is that God Himself calls that group of people who are to be among those who are “moved to jealousy” and so converted to Christ at the end of this age.

Many Christians believe that if an individual who is 100% descended from Jacob is a committed atheist or communist, that makes no difference to God, that individual is still of Abraham. But if an individual is 100% descended from Jacob AND a committed Muslim, are they completely cut off from the Israel of God?

Hundreds of thousands of “Jews” in Israel today moved there from Russia; many are the children or grandchildren of the Bolsheviks who brought communism to Russia, remaining committed atheists today. Yet few question whether they are “Jews” or not in God’s sight.

But what happens to the Jews who became Christians during the first century of the Christian church and their descendents? Are they in line for the fulfillment of God’s promises to the natural Jew or are they also cut off?

What happens to those individuals alive on the earth today who are 100% descended by blood from Jacob himself, but who are Christians and whose forefathers have been Christians for almost 2000 years and who speak Arabic?

Are they among the damned? Or are they among those whom God includes in His oath to Abraham of blessing those who bless and cursing those who curse?

Thousands of individuals upon the earth right now today are descended by blood 100% from Jacob; they are Christians; and they are Palestinians. Do they count with God more or less than any other descendant of Jacob?

Let’s go on to the second problem inside possibility #1.

What about an individual who is not 100% descended from Jacob, but say, 99%? Is he part of the Israel of God and an inheritor of the promises or is he cut off, according to the reckoning of God? Of course, David was only 85% from Jacob and 15% from Moab/Lot.

What about the individual, living today, who is 1% descended by blood from Jacob, but 99% descended from non-Jacob sources? Will God give such a person to Abraham as his natural seed?

Where would God draw the line in His honor of Abraham? At 50%? History shows that there are few people alive today, if any, who are 100% descended from Jacob.

Will God give converts to Judaism to Abraham as his children, converts who have never accepted Christ? If you convert to Judaism today and raise your children in the synagogue so that their children think of themselves only as Jews, will your descendants be eligible to rule with “Jesus and the Jews” from Mount Zion?

This is not a meaningless question. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that the majority (over 90%) of those who call themselves Jews today in Israel, in Russia, and in America, are the descendants of Gentile converts to Judaism down through the centuries, since the cross of Christ.

There are hundreds of thousands and most likely millions of individuals in today’s world who are known as “Jews,” but who carry no DNA from Jacob. 

Let’s look at an individual man. His Gentile forefather converted to Judaism  1200 years ago. His great grandfather was an atheist outwardly, but who practiced satanic worship behind the scenes. His grandfather was an atheist who gave money to help the Communists win control of Russia. His father was an atheist who helped finance Hitler. He is an atheist living, say, in Paris, France. He despises those who believe that there is any relevance to the Old Testament except as a mythology to give “Jews” power. Is he a Jew?

Is he in line to inherit the promise of God given to Abraham? Are Christians blessed by God when we bless him? Are Christians cursed by God if we oppose his wicked actions? Will his conversion to Christianity mark the direct fulfillment of what Paul said about the natural Jew at the end of the age?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is not descended by blood from Jacob; there is not one drop of Jacob’s blood in him. He does not believe in God; he despises the whole thought of the reality of God in the Old Testament. Yet by today’s definitions, he is a “Jew.” And being a “Jew,” he is “the Lord’s anointed.” Being a “Jew,” all of his actions are blessed by God. Being a “Jew,” if anyone opposes him, that person is opposing God. Is this true?

Now, all of these questions are, in themselves, pointless and of no real concern. The blood of Jesus was shed for all men, Jew or Gentile. The salvation of God is for all, Jew or Gentile. The cross puts an end to all natural descent and all natural claims, whether Jew or Gentile.

None of these questions about who is a Jew has any meaning in themselves.

The problem is this. The entire church in America today and around the world is committed to giving their unquestioning support to those who call themselves Jews in today’s world. They are ready to go to war for these “Jews,” even if that means world war, even if it means nuclear war, and even if it means the complete destruction of the United States. Most Christians in today’s world are convinced that if they do not stand fully with those who call themselves Jews, regardless of what they are doing, then God will stand against them.

So these questions, that are meaningless in themselves, have come to dominate all life on this planet. And for that very weird reason, they are become vital. More than that, God Himself has instituted this delusion for His purposes flowing out of love.
Now, the only promise the Old Testament gives the natural Jew, or anyone, is death.  Every individual person, Jew or Gentile, who places himself under the Old Testament, is condemned to death by God without hope.

God PROMISED the natural Jew in the Old Testament that if they rejected the One whom He would send, they would not only be cut off from the Covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but that God Himself would make them into a curse and a reproach throughout the whole earth.

THAT IS the promise of God in the Old Testament to the natural JEWS! There is nothing from God for anyone outside of Jesus. NOTHING! That is the gospel Paul preached and that is exactly why the Jews, including many Christian Jews, hated him so much.

But Paul, even though he commands you and me by the Holy Spirit to cast out the old covenant, to cast out the natural city of Jerusalem, to cast out the natural Jew and all of his claims to the promises (Galatians 4), he does give this one offer of hope to the natural Jew – for Abraham’s sake. In spite of all the strong statements throughout the New Testament against the natural Jew and his claims, Paul does extend, in Romans 11, this personal favor God gives to Abraham. 

…God has not cast away His people whom He foreknew …if by any means I may provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them. For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? Concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers.

Who is Paul talking about? First, Paul does not raise the question of future Gentile converts to “Judaism” who reject Christ in favor of hyper-Pharaseeism. Clearly, Paul is speaking here, at least in this context, of those who are descended by blood from Jacob. 

Moses had promised the children of Israel that any individual Jew who rejected the Messiah, the Seed of Abraham, would be cut off from Israel and have no place in any promise of God. Paul, in making this incredible claim, is denying the promise of God through Moses. He has the authority to do that.

Moses promised them that the unbelieving Jews would be cut off forever without hope. But Paul, here in this chapter, by the authority given to him by the Lord Jesus Christ, counteracts Moses’ promise, and states that something different will happen for a remnant – for the sake of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Let’s look exactly at what Paul says about those Jews who receive the promise of God given through Moses, that they would be utterly cut off from the commonwealth of Israel, and from all the “good” promises of God for rejecting the One whom God sent. Read Romans 9-11, exactly what God actually says.

1. Those Jews who reject Jesus, the only Seed of Abraham, are CUT-OFF.

2. Those Jews who reject Jesus, in their cut-off state, are the enemies of the gospel through the age of the church. This statement of Paul here in Romans 11 is in complete agreement with other things that he, Peter, and Jesus all say elsewhere about the role of the natural Jew in the persecution of the church of Christ.

3. Among those Jews who reject Jesus is a remnant whom God will hold in His grace. Isaiah also speaks of the cut-off-ness of the natural Jew who rejects Jesus, and he gives a possible percentage for that remnant of grace — 10%. (We are not concerned about the percentage, just that it is a minority of the total population of real natural Jews alive today.) Most natural Jews will remain in the cut-off condition and not be included in the remnant of grace in this age.

4. A final ingathering of the remnant of cut-off Jews occurs at the very end of the church age because that ingathering is tied closely with the resurrection, the redemption of the body (life from the dead). And thus we see that Revelation 11 is talking about exactly the same thing as Romans 11.

Let me insert this here. Look carefully through Romans 9-11. What, exactly, does God actually say about that remnant of grace among the Jews? Does He speak of a wicked and violent nation being formed inside the world system of darkness? Or does He, rather, say that the promise here through Paul is that they will be grafted back into Christ? How, then, do Christians call the nation of Israel the fulfillment of what God says in Romans 11? They are making it up because of the sight of their eyes in a world filled with delusion and driven by fear. 

Now, what about the natural Jews who are not in the election of grace and who are never returned to Christ in this age. Do they play a role in the purpose of God? But  who on earth are we talking about?

The Scriptures teach that all Gentiles who converted to Judaism before the cross were counted by God as Jews and full inheritors of the promise. 

But what about those who converted to Judaism after the resurrection of Christ? How does God count them? Are they included in the election of grace concerning the remnant of natural Israel?

This question is more significant to the world today than most people realize. In fact, this question, right now, rules the earth, sitting upon it as a giant octopus with its tentacles fastened upon everything.

God does keep for Himself a remnant of the natural Jew, say 10%, inside the election of grace. A remnant of those descended by blood from Jacob are included in the church and salvation of Christ, very likely in each generation of the church age, and most definitely now, at the end of the age. I wonder if the Christian Palestinians, descended directly by blood from the Jews of the first century who received the Messiah, are a significant part of that remnant of grace?

But what does God say about the two other groups of people? What does He say about the blood descendents of Jacob who are cut-off for the duration of the church age and are never gathered back in? And what does He say about the Gentile converts to Judaism AFTER the resurrection of Christ? What does He say about those who call themselves Jews but are NOT?

I suggest that God does not count any Gentile or his descendants who converted to Judaism after the resurrection of Christ as having anything to do with Israel or the promises of God in the Old Testament or any fulfillment of anything by God upon this earth except for the fulfillment of that which is anti-Christ.

(Don’t misunderstand me, the blood and redemption of Jesus applies to all men everywhere – whosoever will may freely come, but that truth is not the focus of Christians upon the natural Jew today.)

The promise of God to the remnant of grace among those who are cut-off by Moses is a promise to blood descendants of Jacob. That group would include those who are called Sephardic Jews (the lower classes of the modern nation of Israel), a large number of those who are called Palestinians, and others who are today “Christian,” and “Muslim” all across the Middle East.

But what, exactly, does it mean to convert to “Judaism” after the resurrection of Christ. We know that the Spirit of God recognizes such a thing and warns us to be on our guard against it.

I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Revelation 2:9-10

Judaism before the cross of Christ and “Judaism” after the cross of Christ are two drastically different things, both spiritually and naturally. 

On the morning Christ was taken to the cross, God accepted all sacrifices offered to Him in the temple in Jerusalem. God even accepted the Pharisees in the honest part of their Mosaic role; He spoke against only their hypocrisy.

Then, as Christ died upon the cross, the veil in the temple separating man from God, separating Jew from Gentile, was torn down the middle from top to bottom. At that very moment, God transferred His acceptance of blood from the sacrificial order of Moses to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. That transference was total and absolute.

The morning after Christ died, all sacrifice of blood by the Mosaic order was a satanic abomination mocking all that is Christ and all that is holy. From that moment on, all sacrifice of blood by the Mosaic order is an open in-your-face denial of the sacrifice of Jesus, it IS anti-Christ.

All practice of Mosaic ritual ended with the destruction of Jerusalem partly by the Jews themselves as they killed each other to escape a Roman death and partly by that Roman brutality all the way into the Holiest, 40 years after the cross of Christ. This massive destruction – Josephus claims one million Jews died in the slaughter – holds a very significant role in the fulfillment of many things God says in His word.

We must understand the significance of this massive self-death inside the history and place of anti-sacrifice in the testimony of God concerning the fall of man upon this earth. Anti-Christ holds fully an anti-sacrifice, not one, but two. Just as the purpose of God includes a second witness of Christ and a second laying down of life, so it includes a second witness of anti-Christ and a second anti-sacrifice. The world calls that second anti-sacrifice “The Holocaust” or “the burnt offering”; the Spirit of God calls it “the wound of the beast.”

But Judaism as it is in the earth today did not begin until AFTER the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Judaism from that time until now has nothing to do with the Mosaic rituals given by God to Old Testament Israel.

Judaism as a religion began after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. From that time for the next one thousand years, the largest number of Jews in the world lived in the city of Babylon in Mesopotamia. The Babylon cursed by Jeremiah became the largest Jewish city on earth. – The largest Jewish city on earth today is New York City, which is the center of world finance and the location of world government and rule. Over 3 million Jews live in New York City, until the 1990’s there were more Jews in New York than in Israel.

The party of the Pharisees had managed to transfer itself to Babylon before Jerusalem was destroyed. They came to Babylon with an absolute hatred of Jesus and of the Christian church. That hatred guided every direction of their hearts.

Then Jesus said to them, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.” …Then they understood that He did not tell them to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Matthew 16:6-12

The doctrine, or teaching, of the Pharisees is something very real in the natural world. That doctrine was written down in Babylon by the faction of the Pharisees after the destruction of Jerusalem. That written teaching of the Pharisees is called “The Talmud,” but also includes The Cabbala. The Talmud is the source of Judaism in the world today. Elements of the Old Testament come into Judaism ONLY as they pass through The Talmud. That is, the Old Testament is allowed in Judaism only as it comes through the teaching of the Pharisees. But note, this is not just the Pharisees of Jesus’ day; this is the Pharisees who left Jerusalem with a deep and unending hatred of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christian gospel.

That hatred and doctrine simmered for a thousand years in Babylon! It was in Babylon that most of it was written down. Jeremiah’s curse against Babylon was a curse that found its fulfillment against a Jewish (blood descendants of Jacob) city. The Babylon that Jeremiah cursed was that Jewish city which forged The Talmud and The Cabbala, the books and the belief system that rules our world today. Babylon ceased, as Jeremiah foresaw, around 1000 years after Jerusalem ceased. And the Jews who had found a home in Babylon dispersed again across the world.

And so, to convert to Judaism since the cross of Christ is to embrace with all one’s heart the conviction that Jesus was the wickedest man ever to walk this earth. That conviction is the core of Judaism, The Talmud, in the church age. Judaism is a direct repudiation of every claim of Christ and every claim of the gospel. All hope of present Judaism for the coming “Messiah” is a denial of the Lord Jesus Christ and a repudiation of God.

Their Messiah, the Seed of Abraham, came, they rejected Him, and Moses cut them off. But Paul gave a way back in for a remnant kept by grace. That way back is only through the embracing of the Christ of God and an entrance into the church of Christ. All of their actions and endeavors apart from entering into Christ are entirely inside the CUT-OFF-ness instituted by Moses.

But we are speaking, here, of those who are descended from Jacob. We are saying nothing of those Gentiles, who, since the cross of Christ, have embraced the conviction that Jesus is the wickedest man who ever lived, who took on themselves the testimony, the hatred, and the superiority complex of the Pharisees. We are saying nothing, yet, of those who claim they are Jews but are not.

I want to look more closely, now, at the promise of God through Moses to the natural Jew, the blood descendants of Jacob. That promise is found in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Before you read this passage, I want to make a few comments.

First, I know of nothing in all world literature more frightening than this passage. There is no horror movie, no nightmare, no sick rantings of a hate-filled mind more horrifying than these calm, clear words spoken by God through Moses. They do not come from hate, they come from Love, and they are sure and certain.

Deuteronomy 28:15-68 is the promise of God to the natural Jew. It is why anyone with a sane mind would flee from any form of claim to being a natural Jew. It is why anyone who tries to place any natural Jew in today’s world back under the Old Testament is an anti-Semite and a hater of the Jews.

But you and I cannot prevent God from fulfilling His promise through Moses, this “song of Moses”; all we can do is weep and cast ourselves upon the certainty that in all things, regardless of what it looks like, God is good.

We need to look at a few other things before you read the passage in Deuteronomy 28 and the remainder of Moses’ testimony against the Israelites.

First, Moses is not talking, in this passage, about the Israelites breaking the covenant of Moses. It is clear that he is referring to the covenant of grace – the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Deuteronomy 18, Moses tells the Israelites that God will send them a Prophet like himself who would speak the words of God. That Prophet is Christ. God then said through Moses, “And it shall be that whoever will not hear My words which He (Christ) speaks in My name, I will require it of him.” Instead of “require it of him,” Paul says, “Cut off from the commonwealth of Israel.”

When God says, “They will provoke Me and break My Covenant,” He was not referring to the covenant of Moses, but to the Covenant of Christ.

This means that Deuteronomy 28 refers directly to the experience of the natural Jew after their rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Moses also gives the promise of hope for the sake of Abraham. Read Deuteronomy 30:1-3

God’s order is clear. First, the remnant among those who are scattered obey the Voice of God, that is Jesus, and come into the New Covenant of Grace, BEFORE God brings them back out of captivity. And here is the contradiction. The moment they come into Christ, they cease being natural Jews, there are no Jews in Christ, and enter immediately into all the inheritance of God through Christ. If they truly belong to Jesus, they will no longer carry any “Jewish” identity.

Whoever it is that has returned to Israel today has not been brought there by God in the fulfillment of His mercy at the end of the age of human folly to the natural seed of Abraham. They have not returned to the Covenant, they have not obeyed His voice, nor received the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Look again, there is no mention in Romans 9-11 of any re-birth of a violent and wicked political human nation, but only an entrance into Christ.

And again, this entire discussion has no meaning as far as the gospel of Christ is concerned. The salvation of Jesus is open to all, regardless of natural descent. If there is a moving of the Spirit among citizens of the modern nation called Israel, it is no different than any other moving of the Spirit among anyone else on earth. Claiming to be a Jew does not make anyone special before God nor does it exclude anyone from the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus.

But I am looking for this great ingathering from among those descendants of Jacob who rejected the Lord Jesus Christ back into the mercy and grace of God. This election according to grace is a part of the purpose of God for the birthing of the age to come. I am looking for many multitudes of that ingathering to come from out of those who are called Palestinians, as well as from among many Muslim peoples of the Middle East. I am looking for that ingathering to come out of those who are called “Sephardic Jews,” who are today’s lower classes in modern Israel, despised and persecuted by the upper class “Ashkenazi Jew.”

We do not know who on this planet are natural, blood descendants of Jacob and who are not. It is very well possible that you and I could be blood descendants of Jacob, literally. We don’t know whether or not. We do know that over 90% of those who call themselves Jews are NOT descended from Jacob. 

Consider this fact: neither Reuben, the firstborn, nor Judah, through whom came David and Jesus, were the heir of Jacob. That honor went to Joseph, the first child of Jacob’s true love, Rachel. But Joseph received a double portion from Jacob, and thus both his sons were counted among the tribes of Israel, pushing out Levi as the tithe to God, in order to keep the count at twelve. Yet of Joseph’s sons, Jacob honored Ephraim first. Ephraim was the heir of Jacob. Abraham – Isaac – Jacob – Ephraim. Here’s what Jacob said concerning Ephraim: “his descendants shall become a multitude of nations.” Genesis 48:19

That is not enough evidence by itself for anything. Yet it is a word that must find its complete fulfillment inside the age of human folly. However, I will not make of this anything more than an idea. My (formerly) Filipino or African or Amerindian or Khazar brothers in the Lord are not one wit different from me regardless. The old is truly passed away; all things are made brand new. In that light, I continue to consider myself formerly a Gentile with no regard for any natural man outside of Christ.
But what about those Gentiles who chose to convert to the hatred and rejection of Christ during the age of grace? Are they included in this particular ingathering that Paul and Moses refer to? No, I do not believe they are included. That fact, of course, does not exclude them from the grace of Christ sent to all men.

Now, I want you to read Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Read it slowly and carefully, considering the history of the Jews from Vespasian encircling Jerusalem with armies in AD 68 until today. Consider the full horror of God’s promise to those Jews who reject Jesus.

However, in spite of how bad that promise is, Jeremiah makes it far, far worse. And again, this promise is not set aside by Jesus (unless a person who is a Jew receives Jesus); rather it is given to those who, after Jesus has come, break the Covenant by rejecting Him.

Jeremiah says this same thing five different times, applying this promise to all Israelites who reject Jesus. Jeremiah promises that those Israelites who break the covenant by rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, God will send them into all nations and God Himself will make them to BE a CURSE to all nations.

This is the history of the Western world for the last 1000 years, and the history of the whole world for the last 200 years. Jeremiah promised that wherever the natural Jew was driven throughout all the nations of the world, they would be a curse to every people among whom they lived. Paul refined that declaration by describing the Jew as “the enemy of the gospel” during the church age.

The book of Acts closes with Paul imprisoned in Rome not long before his death. The Jews of Rome came to hear him, but rejected what he said about Christ. As they left, Paul laid on them the curse spoken by Isaiah, that hearing they would not hear and seeing they would not see. Those same Jews went out and, working through a Jewess, the wife of Nero, agitated for the destruction of the Christians. It was a Gentile, Nero, who did the dirty work, by the instigation of the very Jews who walked out of Paul’s room, breaking their covenant with God.

And so it has been from then until now. The man who birthed the Inquisition, Torquemada, was a Jew along with many of the Inquisitors. The men who imposed communism on Russia were Jews. The single greatest killer of Christians in all of history, Lazar Kaganovich, a communist, was a Jew. God said that these people would BE a curse to all nations. What God said describes the world we know today. 
God is a God of Love, and this is what Love has allowed.

If we want to apply the Bible to the Jew, we better do so, and not apply made up stuff that the Bible refutes, as does the church today. If we want to know God, we must know Him as He is, not as we wish Him to be.

But here is the mercy of God, in part at least. God seems to have transferred this curse of Jeremiah off of those who are actually the seed of Jacob and onto a people who are not, a people who call themselves Jews, but are not. Although Torquemada was most likely descended from Jacob, Lazar Kaganovich was not.

And so now today, many who are actually the seed of Jacob among the Palestinians are among those who are receiving the butt-end of this curse from God sent among them – the “Jew.” Those who call themselves Jews, but are not.

John saw, in his vision on Patmos, a beast rising up out of the sea. That beast applies to all human government from the time of the early church until today. However, the beast rising out of the sea is exactly how historians who do not read the Bible describe the last 360 years of human government.

All human government today is in every possible way, democratic, parliamentarian, socialistic, bureaucratic, all-controlling, holding a monopoly on all power and violence, allowing no opposition – modern government is the fullest expression of that beast found in the age of human folly.

The critical years of the formation of modern government as it exists in the world today begin in the period of 1624 through 1694. It is entirely appropriate to apply the vision John saw of “the beast arising from the sea” to begin around the year 1650. In 1651, the philosophy that underlies modern human government was published in a book called, appropriately, Leviathan, or the beast. Writing in support of parliamentary government, seen then for the first time upon the earth, Thomas Hobbes proposes that modern government should sit upon the brutish masses of humanity like a great beast and control every aspect of their lives, something no king could ever do.
The argument that democracies are “peaceful” has no relationship with any form of history. Kings are more likely to preserve their country, to treat enemies with respect, and to negotiate for peace than democracies.

But the history of the rise of the beast in the earth today is a different topic. What I want to look at here is the driving force controlling and directing the rise of that Beast that John saw in his vision. That driving force is the embodiment of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

In 1648 Sabbatai Zevi, at the age of 22, declared himself to be the Messiah of the Jews. He brought his convictions out of his study of the Talmud and of the Jewish Cabbala. He used the Jewish Cabbala, satanic practices in Jewish form, as the basis of his claims and actions. He gained a wide following throughout the Jewish world, declaring himself again to be the Christ of God in Palestine, promising the return of the Jews to the land of Israel. His life was a mess, but many Jews clung to the belief that he was the Messiah. In the 1700’s another Jew, Jacob Frank, claimed to be the re-incarnation of Sabbatai Zevi and gained a large following as a prophet of “God.”

The point is this. Sabbatean/Frankist Jews exist as a satanic cult inside the spectrum of world Jewry. That cult rules the world today. The leading Sabbatean Jew of history was Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Any knowledge of “Jews” in the world today is almost entirely irrelevant unless that knowledge contains inside it a full understanding and recognition of the role of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the role of his sons, and their overwhelming impact on the whole earth.

That knowledge is outside the scope of this volume. But unless the role of the Rothschild’s and their rule of money is part of our knowledge of the world and our application of Scripture to the present day, then we have no idea of present reality. Rather, we are subject, as far as our life in this world is concerned, to all the back and forth nonsense designed to keep foolish people in thrall to the power of money.

The power of money and banking is the power of Rothschild, and Rothschild money created the modern nation of Israel and built the most evil building on earth, the Supreme Court of Israel, in that wicked city that God calls Sodom, but that men try to call “Jerusalem.”

God has a purpose in giving the whole world into the hands and power of this satanic cult of people who claim to be Jews, but are not, who have intermarried with the Royal houses of northwest Europe, especially the English royal family. That is why every single President and Vice President in American history has been a blood member of the royal house of England.

God has a direct purpose that has nothing to do with evil itself, but that has everything to do with the exaltation of His Son and His victory in and through His saints upon this earth. It is God who instituted all these things through Moses and through Jeremiah as an anti-thesis to the fulfilling of His Covenant with Christ in the flesh upon this earth.
God has a purpose, and He will bring that purpose to its final conclusion upon this earth. God brings all things into the exaltation of His Son in us.

Understanding the role of the Jews in the purposes of God, both as a curse to all nations – the enemies of the gospel, and as the demonstration of His great mercy at the beginning of the age to come, is the only possible way we can understand the world in which we live and the final showdown of the Covenant God has appointed us to fulfill.

This doing of God is clear all through the Bible. God placed both the serpent and the tree of knowledge to press against Adam’s way. Thus God placed the serpent’s words, “Did God indeed say?” against His own word, “Let there be light.”  Then, God placed Satan and the Pharisees and all the hordes of demonic assualt to press against Jesus’ way.

God sets the beast the crawls up from the bottomless pit, the modern government of the nation of Israel as the pinpoint of the rule and domination of the Pharisees and hyper-law throughout the earth, the tree of knowledge in a body of people. He sets this beast against those who reveal Christ to all as He really is, the tree of life in a body of people.

God does this to reveal Himself, to be ripped wide open for all to see. Somehow, this pattern is the only way that happens. 

And a sword shall pierce through your own heart also that the thoughts of many hearts might be revealed.

Christ reveals Mercy to all, both Jew and Gentile, and all creation falls on its face in worship.