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38. All Things Made New

This book, Through Eyes of Fire, is my magnum opus. Everything I have ever gone through, everything God has ever taught me, every bit of my present knowledge of God in beauty and wonder, is poured out through this book. It begins where it must begin, “Union with God First.” It ends where it must end, “Behold, I make all things new.” And in-between is every development of “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” that I presently know.


38. All Things Made New

© Daniel Yordy - 2013

I love the mountains, though Texas has only one ugly one far away. Mountains give you two wonderful things among many. They give you secluded valleys, tucked in and sheltered, with streams winding through and little lakes and waterfalls. But mountains also give you mountain peaks, heights from which to see everything in a brand new light. I have noticed this reality. Everything looks different from the mountain peak. Yes, you are looking at the same things, the little houses, the roads below, the trees, but from the mountain peak, you see from an entirely new perspective. When you're in your own valley, you see only your valley. But from the mountain peak, you see all the valleys laced together.

And then you understand how it all fits.

The problem is the writers. You see, first we figure out the valley bottom and write a book about it. Then we climb partly up the slope, seeing things a bit differently as we climb, then we write another book about our new perspective. The problem is, not that we keep climbing, but that we keep writing. You see, when we get nearer the top, everything looks different again, and we must write our new seeing.

EXCEPT we already wrote about those things. Do we really have to go back and change everything we were seeing wrongly?

This is one-half of the creation of all religious dogma. “So I have written, so it shall be.” Ha!

Watchman Nee wrote one of his most influential books, The Spiritual Man, when he was 21. What if you had given him the same chapter outline during his last year in prison, more than thirty years later, just before he was executed, and asked him to write his present seeing of the same book? How different would the later version be, and how different would the church be today as a result?

I say all this because Bonnie Morris, stepping up onto the same heights with me of seeing all things brand new, just happened to look down at something I have already “explained,” and said, “Oh, Daniel, doesn't that look entirely different from here?”

Everything looks different from here.

So I continue to present what I have written over these last several years, starting with page 15 ofThe Jesus Secret, written in September of 2006, as a journey of desire up the mountainside. I don't need to alter what I have written before because it is those things that will be recognized by other travelers as they journey up the path. Yet neither do we cast anything into stone and create dogmas or sects.

Behold, I make all things new.

Wow, are we willing to allow Him to do that? I sure am.

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him. They shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads. There shall be no night there: they need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever. Rev. 22:1-5

The throne of God out of which flows the pure river of water of life is our hearts, just as Jesus said. His name is on our foreheads.

This chapter is the conclusion of Through Eyes of Fire. I do feel it winding down, but we are in the present Tabernacles season in the natural. It seems that the passing of Tabernacles includes a fuller revelation of His glory, even if it comes, at times, through great difficulty. The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory God is revealing in us right now.

A sister mentioned the throne of heaven in the revelation of Christ on Facebook. Someone replied thus:

“You have full access. You can go boldly any time you want. Did you know that sister? You can step up without bowing, and walk straight to control central of the universe, and say 'Father' can we talk? Every thing stops. His eyes are now on you, and He says 'Come.'”

These words fill me with sorrow. So long as we define God by the Nicene Creed we will never know Him. We can never be like the Nicene Jesus Christ, thus that Creed breaks the Covenant and turns the most important verse in the Bible, Romans 8:29, into a discussion of who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. It is the Nicene Creed that keeps brethren like this out of the Holiest, all the while imagining they are “walking straight into it.”

The gospel is that I am filled full with another Person, and that Person is God. Every particle of me is found ONLY inside of God Himself in Person, and God Himself in Person fills every particle of me with ALL that He is, and God Himself in Person flows out from me at all times and in every direction. I share heart with this God who fills me full and that shared heart is the very throne of heaven, the Mercy Seat of God. I am seated always upon that throne inside of God and God inside of me. Together, He and I draw all into love upon that throne by a life laid down, by love poured out.

This is who I am; this is who He is. Those who “approach” God are declaring that He does not fill them full and that they are not utterly inside of Him, inside of His heart and mind, looking out at all things.

Those who still look AT Jesus cannot know Him. Only those who look out from His eyes alone, seven eyes of fire, know Him. We do that by faith, because we know that God speaks the truth. We do that, even though we feel our worst and look our ugliest, because we know that God speaks the truth.

Those who demand outward appearance before they will acknowledge God do not know Him.

I can testify with all certainty that as you begin to see all things out from the God who fills you full with ALL of Himself, everything will change and change and change in your eyesight. And I continue to marvel at the wonderful change deep in my insides that I continue to know since I prayed the prayer of “Sealed in the Midst of the Storm” out loud into audio.

Although they do not give us the full perspective of God's purpose that my layout of the ten “most important verses” in the Bible does, there are three specific verses that I now see as the realGospel Road. These three verses are the true essence of Passover – Pentecost – Tabernacles. These three verses must always be together, held tightly inside our hearts in all reality as we go forward, though all else may fall away. Even as we lose sight of everything else in the coming season, these three will take us home, that is, to God revealed.

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. – At that day you will know that I am in My Father and you in Me and I in you. – By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Galatians 2:20 – John 14:20 – 1 John 3:16

Symmorphos, Christ become us, perfection first. – Enduo, put on the Lord Jesus Christ second. –Nike, life and love poured out subduing all things, third.

Christ is always all first, we put on the Lord Jesus Christ, sinking utterly into Him as into a garment, spirit, soul, and body, second, before anything not-Christ could ever vanish away, third.

Passover – Pentecost – Tabernacles.

Christ become us – Sink into Him – Subdue all things.

Communion filling union full and flowing out as rivers.

Union – Communion – Victory

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ is what we do. We put Him on inside of perfect union already completed in all fulness. As we put on the Lord Jesus Christ, He just does what He does, that is, lay down His life through us and flow out as rivers, subduing all things.

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ is 100% literal, spirit, soul, and body.

People get offended when I say, “I set creation free,” all the while sitting here in my chair doing “nothing” in their eyes. They don't understand that my words are Jesus speaking. Is Jesus not free to say such a thing? It's not me, it's Christ. Yet, in all wonder, it is also me, for He calls me by name and we walk together in perfect communion. When I say, “I set creation free,” it is Christ and me speaking. The words are His; I am found nowhere but inside of Him; He shares His glory with me.

The word is in our mouth, this word of faith which we speak.

Behold, I make all things new. Behold, I make all things new. Behold, I make all things new.

The “I” is Christ Jesus, the “I” is Daniel Yordy, the “I” is you. We are never separated; we can never be found except inside one another in all ways. Yet we, Christ, me, and you, are each called by name and honored in all ways by each other. We never disappear. God honors each one of us with the same honor by which He honors Jesus.

I am found in Him. Do you see Him? You will find me there. Hi, I'm the guy next to you looking out with you through His eyes.

Behold, “I” make all things new.

Christians who will not enter through Galatians 2:20 can never know the wonder of enveloping themselves in John 14:20. And those who do not know the wonder of enveloping themselves in John 14:20 cannot have one clue of what we are talking about as 1 John 3:16 flows out from us transforming all things, making all things new.

This book, Through Eyes of Fire, is my magnum opus. Everything I have ever gone through, everything God has ever taught me, every bit of my present knowledge of God in beauty and wonder, is poured out through this book. It begins where it must begin, “Union with God First.” It ends where it must end, “Behold, I make all things new.” And in-between is every development of “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” that I presently know.

Through all the years of the book of Revelation flowing through me, one word at a time, I longed to  know and to present such a thing that this book is. Yet I had no idea, not a clue, as to the wonder I now know. If this is all I ever do, writing this book is enough. Yet here's the deal we signed onto. The revelation of Jesus Christ never ends; the increase of His kingdom is forever. We will never stop declaring His glory; we will never come to an end of discovering anew what His life in us really means.

Jesus said, “He who keeps his life in this world will lose it, but he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

Life for life; self for self.

Getting rid of our own self never produces a new self; in fact, getting rid of self is nothing other than a delusion of self, one more way of keeping it.

There is one way only to be rid of your self life; that is to adopt another self as your own.

The other self, though, must be legitimate and real – that is, the only other self we could adopt must be another Person. Any other self would be just one more mask.

The whole intention of God from the beginning was that we would adopt Him as our true self. That's what image means. Calling Jesus our true and only self is the only program God ever had in mind.

“The Christ within” doesn't cut it. If there is not another Person matching our own person in all ways and at every point, then “the Christ within” is just one more mask humans wear.

I have never felt real in my life – until the last few months. Speaking Christ as my only life has made me REAL all through my innards. I am made real ONLY because I am one with another Person inside of me. I never want to be alone – ever. Yet my new self, Christ Jesus Himself, loves me and gives His life for me. I am always honored inside my new Self.

This is the normal Christian life. In the end, it is the only Christian life.

Let me define weak. A weak person NEEDS both Savior and Salvation every moment both carrying them in all things and as their very and only life.

A not-weak person does just fine meeting God's requirements, going to God, expecting heaven only after death. There are many symptoms of not-weak persons: throwing stones, spouting reams of Bible verses with no knowledge of Christ their only life, presenting themselves as a man or woman of God.

Only the lost know salvation; only the forgiven wash His feet with tears.

It's easy to tell a weak person. They are meek and lowly of heart, gentle and tender and kind. God has taught them to cry; He has made them just like Himself.

What is the fruit of weakness? What is the fruit of those who will not live except another Person, God, lives as them, as their very and only Self?

Behold, I make all things new.

God is the Poet; He is the Creator, the supreme Artist. He is the true “horse-whisperer,” the Shepherd, the Husbandman, the Keeper of all Abundance. We were made to contain All of this Poet; we were made to be the release out from us of the supreme Artist.

And here is our wonder forever! Everyone sees that it is us AND everyone knows that it is Him. He does the Art, yet our name is on the painting, yet everyone knows it is God, yet everyone sees it is God through us.

If we said, “It's God, not me,” we would be lying. Since God cannot lie, we say, “God and I did it together as one.”

Saying “It's not me, it's Christ,” is only the door. We must also say, “Yet, it is still me, Christ and I are one.”

The new heavens and the new earth come entirely out of our belly, out of the words that we speak. That word is Christ; we are the mouth and voice of God forming all things new. God speaks through us, as Peter said.

A present human poet arranges words on paper in a way that is pleasing to both ear and eye. Our words, the poems we write, will be as a song forever unfolding in colors and shapes, all the patterns and rhythms of the new creation coming out of our innermost being, coming out of God/us. Maybe our new name is Gus? (

Listen, we are filled with the most fascinating, exhilarating, personable, hilarious, sorrowful, witty, com-passionate, romantic, artistic, poetic, sexiest, colorful, adventurous, awesome Person in the universe.

And here is another wonderful thing. We never have to “be God.” We never have to bear responsibility for all. Inside this God who carries all, we carry others. Yet we never imagine that others are dependent on our ability to carry. We are never responsible for the kingdom. Yet our words, as we speak them, birth life in all who hear.

We are filled with Joy. We overflow with Compassion. Yet, though we are forever the glory and revelation of God, forever, we sink also always into the Lord Jesus Christ and He always carries us.

Is not God, our new Self, the real meaning of Salvation? Is this not the most wonderful reality that could be?

All Salvation is here, it is now, He is Personal in us. We have nothing more to gain; we have forever to know and experience All that fills us full right now.

But right now we are caught in the birthing. Right now God is doing through us the mightiest thing He will ever do. God starts with the biggest bang and all things flow out from there.

Right now God is proving the Atonement through us. Right now, God is laying down His life through us for all. Right now, God is defeating death.

I want to look again at one of the most extraordinary things that has come to us through this journey through John's vision. – We are the body of Christ.

But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you. Romans 8:11

Christ Jesus who will transform our vile body that it be conformed (symmorphosto His glorious body by the power with which He subdues all things to Himself.

– That it become His glorious body. –

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, spirit, soul, and body, 100% for real.

I know that my physical body, in spite of its present outward appearance, is the very same body that came out of the tomb and ascended up into the heavens before the watching eyes of the disciples. My body is Jesus' very body.

Does God not say that I am OF His flesh and OF His bones?

Transubstantiation is for real. Only, it's not wine and bread that are transformed into the body and blood of Christ, but my own physical body. I am transubstantiated by faith, by knowing it is true against all outward sight because God says. I am transubstantiated because I eat His flesh and drink His blood, because I put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Resurrection will come no other way. It comes only through faith. You see, if I cannot get rid of self so that a new self will come, then the same thing works for my body. We will never win a resurrected body by “getting rid” of our present dying flesh.

There is one way only to be rid of our dying flesh; that is to adopt another body as our own, to be swallowed up by life.

The other body, though, must be legitimate and real – that is, the only other body we could adopt must be the resurrected body of Christ as our own.  The whole intention of God from the beginning was that we would become His own body. That's what image means. That body of God is the body of Christ.

This corruptible must PUT ON incorruptibility and this mortal must PUT ON immortality.

Jesus' soul, His mind, His will, and His emotions are my mind, my will, and my emotions, as Paul says. That is, my mind, my will, and my emotions are Christ Jesus living as me. Then, in the exact same way, His body IS my body, that is, my body is His body.

The Holy Spirit then does what He does. The Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out only through our faith, only by the words that we speak, calling those things that “be not” by outward appearance as they are. Understand that this does not mean that we tell our body, “You are Christ's body, therefore you cannot be weak.” No, that is the rebellion of Adam. We will never know Him in His power until we first know Him as our weakness. That weakness we are is the image of God. Yet out from that weakness flows the indomitable expectation of God.

Enduo, sinking entirely into Christ Jesus, spirit, soul, and body, is what we do. It is the working of Pentecost; it is our part in this whole thing. It is the means by which God takes us from perfection to perfecting, from a born-again spirit to an incorruptible body.

But God has placed the revelation of Jesus Christ inside a very definite arena, the vanity of this world.

We defeat all that opposes God by knowing all reality as it is.

Since Jesus sustains all things by the good words He is always speaking, then all things continue to be good. This truth, that he is continually sustained good, is hated by the serpent more than any other. In the end, the falseness of his mask must vanish into the goodness by which he is sustained.

However, the judgment of angels is reserved for a future age. Right now we only cast them down. We cast down the accuser by speaking Christ our only life, by enveloping ourselves in the truth so that no word of accusation can ever penetrate. The accuser is defeated when his words are not heard.

And we do not hear his words because we are busy speaking Christ, carried by the Lamb in one hand, His blood, and by the Lamb in the other, His cross.

Only those who speak Christ their only life, “I am He who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore, Amen, and I have the keys of Hades and of death,” cease hearing any word of accusation. Those who will not “presume” to speak Christ their only life, though they speak great words of religious reasoning, yet in their quiet moments, you can be sure, they give full ear to accusation. Some even call that accusation, “God.” You know it is true, because they are so ready themselves to speak their “god” at others.

God is in our mouth, whichever “god” we serve.

But it is the press of the beast that the Author uses as the climax of His story, as the travail by which His woman brings forth the Life she carries.

Here is the awfulness of the world in which we live.

A poet we are studying made this comment: “There is an organization to the universe, but it is not personal.”

I have stumbled into a vast, powerful, and dark religious cult. It sits in all colleges across the world as a great octopus with its tentacles sliding into everything. It is much less visible in the practical arenas of colleges, in engineering schools and all subjects dealing immediately and continually with real-world implementation. But in those college arenas completely divorced from reality, such as college literature, it rules openly. I am appalled at the so-called “studies” found inside of graduate-level English. They are more worthless than you can imagine; no one would give a plug nickel for anything produced by these people, yet they continually tell each other that they are “onto something.”

This dark religious cult has a god named Envy and Hatred, and Marx and Darwin are its prophets. It is rooted in the conviction that there are no persons at all, that human beings are nothing more than a complicated series of chemical reactions. That a person is the same thing as mixing vinegar and soda; it fizzes a bit and then vanishes.

If the universe is not Personal, than neither are we. That means that the highest form of combined chemical reaction, the state, is the supreme goal. In the end, all will be forced to know their identity only as a member in particular of that great impersonal god, the state, the highest evolution of chemical reactions.

The conflict they endure is that if Marx and Darwin are correct, then what difference does it make who treats whom with contempt? If men have abused women for centuries, who cares, it's all just a chemical reaction. But no, you see, their very response proves the falseness of their prophets. Animals do not know Hate and Envy. And Hate and Envy are not chemical reactions, but persons, Satan and his demons.

God is the most incredibly wonderful Person that could possibly exist. We call Him Father and He fills us full with all of His Person, yet, wonder of all wonders, this unbelievably fascinating and glorious Person calls each one of us by our name. He calls us persons; the personal revelation of His Person.

What honor! What respect! What a universe!

We defeat the beast by knowing that it does not exist; it is nothing more than the imaginative construct created in the minds of people who have turned their backs on God, giving them the justification they think they need to hurt one another and call it “the law.”

Then, knowing there is no such thing as “the state,” that all of its claims are just hot air, we see each individual person, stumbling and lost, as the very image and likeness of this wondrous God who fills us full. And by the same honor that He IS, by love poured out, we lay down our lives as the Mercy Seat of heaven for each individual one.

Isn't this whole thing just awesome?

What kind of a Person dreamed up such a Story?

Our Father who fills us full, Holy is Your name. Your kingdom flows out from us, Your will is done throughout all the earth. You are our ever-flowing provision. Your forgiveness upon which we sit flows out from us as rivers, severing chains, setting free. You are the Kingdom; You are the Honor; You are the Glory, revealed through us forever.

We worship You, we joy in the fierce Joy of our shared heart.

 Now, I want to set your eyes. You are not busy looking upon Jesus' “beautiful face” as an imaginative image. You are in no way “going into God.”

You are utterly and entirely inside of Jesus, looking out through His eyes alone, seven eyes of fire, and you and He together, He in you and you in Him, are looking upon His beautiful face, only she doesn't look beautiful at all.

The beautiful face of Jesus is in the agony of travail.

Here is what I shared in an earlier letter.

 Since this woman rules the heart of the Lord Jesus, in turn, she rules all things taking place now upon the earth.

Everything is for her, including us. It is for her that we lay down our lives. Make no mistake about it, Jesus will spend us gladly for her sake. That He is free to do so is the greatest honor known by any created being.

And I tell you, with all the tears of certainty, that ONE THING ALONE commands the passion of the heart of this One who has seized us in His grip to use us freely for His DESIRE. That one thing is this woman, polluted and wandering, faithless and confused, AND more precious to Him than His own blood.

If He poured out His life for her; He will do the same with us; He will pour us out just as freely.

Never again concern yourself with yourself. You are utterly poured out by a Fierce and Uncontrollable God who has already locked you in as a channel through whom He will show Himself as He is, a second time upon this earth. We walk in an absolute Bubble of God; our way is nothing but eternal and infinite PURPOSE.

The purpose of God is this woman, His beloved, our precious brothers and sisters in Christ, known or unknown, born again right now or yet unregenerate, high or low, this woman that fills the Passion who fills our hearts.

Set your eyes upon her and see Jesus. We are her intercession. We give ourselves with all abandon for her sake.

My dear brother, my dear sister, if I could but turn your heart. There is no greater PURPOSE in time or eternity, in heaven or earth than this moment in which you and I are caught, to stand together with Christ as her intercession, in her hour of desperation, screaming in pain to birth the very life of God made visible into the experience and knowledge of all.

That God might be seen and known, touched and handled, that God might be read upon our hearts ripped wide open. That God might win His dream.

That God might be known.

And All Shall Know ME.