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22. The Number of It's Name

There is no "state." There is no "collective consciousness." There is no "Christian nation." There is no "communist ideal." There is no "progressive perfection." There is no "U.S. Army." There is no NSA or CIA or KGB or MI6. All that exists upon this earth are just people. Hurting and bruised, yes. Stumbling and lost, yes. Open to abuse and coercion, yes. But just people, each one created in the image of God, each one more valuable than the universe. Each one purchased by Blood. And every single one, as the very image of God, capable of more personal creative expression than you could ever imagine.


22. The Number of It's Name

© Daniel Yordy - 2013

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of (his) name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of (a) man: His number is 666. Revelation 13:16-18

I said earlier that trying to “calculate” the meaning of the number “666” is beyond a complete waste of time. Yet there are realities of the days in which we live for us to understand that fit quite well under this title. But let's not look at anything except through Christ alone.

But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God—and... 1 Corinthians 1:30

Christ Jesus is our wisdom (and everything else); since He lives in our hearts, we have understanding. Yet it is an understanding completely different from human wisdom, it is a mind to know God.

Again, I have no intentions of giving a full and comprehensive “interpretation” of John's vision. I am not convinced there is such a thing. And it makes no difference whether we are “at the end of the age” or not. We are most certainly in Today, and since Today is the Day of Salvation, since Today is the only day that exists, since all that Christ is fills us now, Today, therefore we desire all the truth of Christ that the Holy Spirit would teach us Today.

The great and terrible Day of the Lord is always Today.

I have a couple of words in the text above in parenthesis. (His) can be translated “its,” and (a) has no need to be there.  666 – the number of man.

In other words, we do not find some individual's name, such as Nero, do some creative number-crunching, and, TA DAH!, discover 666 hidden inside that name. What kind of an idiot do people think God is, that He would play such ridiculous games? They make God to be someone just like themselves.

God is never like us. We, rather, are like Him, and He is as us. Big difference, a universe of difference.

God is concerned about One thing: His Word and the sending forth of His Word, that it might return to Him fulfilled, bearing fruit as many just like the original Word which He spoke. Against the sending forth of that Word, God placed the accuser: “Did God indeed say?” We are looking, over and over, at first things, that the intentions of God from the beginning might be fulfilled in our lives.

The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. – Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” Genesis 2:8-9 & 15-17

At this point there is no serpent, no sin, no death. Everything is perfectly ordered by God, including the presence of the tree of knowledge. Adam took that tree of knowledge and filled all the earth with it as the law of sin and death, yes, but it was God who placed that reality into Adam's garden.

God placed the Christian into the same garden.

There are two differences only between Adam's innocence and being born again as an initial Christian. Adam could have lived for thousands of years, yes, without ever eating of either life or death. But the moment he ate of life, he would have been bound instantly and forever into life, and the moment he ate of death, he was bound instantly into death and driven from life.

In contrast, the Christian, in the same garden Adam was in, knows death and life both. The Christian eats of death and of life, both. The Christian goes back and forth. This confusion is by the ordination of God. The Christian lives in a garden where the tree of knowledge permeates everything. Yet life is very much available to us; it is inside of us in a way that Adam did not know. And being a Christian means we are free to ignore the law of sin and death in totality and busy ourselves with eating only of life.

Very few do; in this letter I hope to explain why.

The serpent did not design, form, or place the tree of knowledge in the garden; God did. The tree of knowledge fills the Bible; God put it there. The tree of life fills the Bible; God put it there. We can find knowledge in the Bible and die; we can find life in the Bible and live. In a very real sense to us the Bible is the same garden of Eden.

Chris Welch often posts snippets from my letters on his Facebook page. Some person commented, “Why do you quote Daniel Yordy and not the Word of God?” That's part of why I don't care for Facebook. We, myself included, so easily say things without thought. Christians have the Bible; Christian read, memorize, and repeat the Bible at each other. Yet they remain eating of death. Only when the Word of Christ becomes personal, our very life, do we find life in the Bible.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2

Life is Christ – our only life. Death is the “self” of human imagination.

The number of man is 6. Three refers to God. 666, three 6's is man as a god, the self that Adam became as he ate of knowledge. There is only one escape from Adam's self – fleeing into our true “self,” Christ as us. By choosing to be responsible for himself, just like an angel, Adam created for himself the “I” the ego, in the imagination of his own mind. But there is no such thing. To be his own “I,” Adam forged a willful agreement with another spirit.

 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience... who were... by nature children of wrath... Ephesians 2:1-3

There are only two realms of spirit, the One Holy Spirit, or the hierarchy of fallen spirits who scream under the same whip, the prince of the power of the air. “The spirit who now works in.”

In the human body, some human DNA requires the presence of life forms not part of the body, parasites, in order to operate. Most of those parasites living in a symbiotic relationship with our body are one-celled organisms (billions of them). But some are larger. In fact, there are worms that contain elements of DNA essential to the health of the human body. Now, there are both good and bad worms, good and bad bacteria. In a healthy body, the bad is always held in check by the good. But modern medicine kills the good and thus the bad grows without any control.

I realize now that a major part of my fatigue came from the antibiotics pumped into my blood in December of 1992 to save my life from the pneumonia bacteria threatening to take me out. Those antibiotics eliminated all good and essential bacteria in my system along with the pneumonia, leaving room for the bad to dominate since.

However, in exactly the same way that the human body operates in a symbiotic relationship with other organisms, so does the human spirit. If the human spirit is not being made alive by the Holy Spirit, then it is being made alive by demon spirits. No unregenerate human exists apart from the breath of demons invigorating the human spirit. “The spirit who now works in.”

It's just the way it is. Demon spirits are 100% common and familiar to every human on this planet.

Human consciousness is a story we tell ourselves in our minds. It is our identity. Every man, woman, and child on this planet, including all Christians, live every moment by the story they tell themselves about themselves. To not live by the story you tell yourself about yourself is to be not a human; it is to be vacant. Animals don't live that way, angels don't live that way, humans do. No human can be vacant. Look in the eyes of one who appears to be vacant; you will see evil lurking there, telling a story that is not true.

The breath of demons is central to the story every human being tells himself about himself. A Christian no longer has that breath in his spirit, but rather the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, just as other humans speak into you all the time, forcing your story that you tell yourself in their direction, so demons still project their words, their story of you, into your mind. Both sets of words, human or angelic, come from outside of you, but you imagine it's you and so you repeat their stories to yourself as yourself.

A human is a story-teller. All humans live by the story they tell themselves about themselves – human consciousness. But the story comes mostly from outside of ourselves, from other people and other spirits.

Or our story is Christ. Yet the tree of knowledge remains in our garden, in the Bible.

The other lamb uses the Bible to tell his story as much as Christ our life.

Now, inside this understanding, that man separate from God lives as if he is his own judge, inside this imaginative story of human consciousness, man re-defines God as an image of his own ambition, much more like Lucifer in his exalted grandeur, than the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We know God revealing Himself as Man, His image, in meekness and lowliness of heart, tender and kind.

You see, having identified the sin of the human race as the creation of a false “self” in the imagination of the human mind, we have found our glorious abandonment of that false self in the joy of Christ Jesus living as us in this world. His “self” has become our life, and we are a member of His body. As members of His body, we are members of one another. Yet inside our true self, Christ Jesus, we are not annihilated. In fact, the opposite happens, and our own personal identity, our own secret name, is treasured forever in the heart of God. We are affirmed as an individual revelation of God as we have never known. Inside that affirmation of ourselves as persons of integrity and respect, we love one another. That love is our bond, a bond of perfection, a bond that never violates anyone's person.

The Body of Christ is the continual honor and respect we show to one another in the bond of love.

What we must understand is that everyone else has identified or is identifying the sin of the human race to be the creation of a false “self” in the imagination of the human mind as well. And just as we escape our false self by fleeing into the true Lamb of God and His Body, His House, where there is a place made just for us as individuals of integrity, so all others are pressed to escape their false self by fleeing into a body, a collective.

Collectivism – my first title for this letter and the enemy of all that is holy.

Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man...

When we say, “I've got your number,” we mean, “I understand how you tick, what is motivating you, what you really want.” Let me explain the history of human psychology.

I've been noticing something in different historical stories that I read from time to time.  I just finished a book titled Child of Vengeance written by David Kirk, a fellow English teacher, formerly of England, but now living and teaching in Japan. The story is about a boy who grew up as a Samurai in late 1500's Japan. It is a well-written study of human psychology and a great example of this question concerning human life through history, a question that has been growing in my understanding.

Another book I read a few months ago that very much presses this question in my heart is The Dark Monk: A Hangman’s Daughter's Tale by Oliver Pӧtzsch. (I do not recommend the first book in this series, it's beginning is too awful.) Oliver Potzsch writes a well-researched story about his ancestor in Christian Bavaria, just after the horror of the Thirty Years War in which two out of every three people in all of central Europe perished. The executioner in a Christian town was pressed into an horrific life “story” by the expectations of Nicene Christianity.

The truth is, I found the exact same forces of identity creation among Christians in Bavaria as I did among the Shinto Samurai of Japan as I saw directed towards the children in the Christian school and towards the children in the communities where I once lived. You know, the more I think along these lines, the more I can see that the name of the beast and the number of his name is all about identity, the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, a story that is forced upon most by violence, that is, false theology coming by the face of others, and by demons who whisper, “You are a self separate from God; you are alone; you are on your own.”

And thus, those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name are very much those who gain full victory over the false identity held to so ferociously by most, the false story of self, by winning the full story of Christ as their only identity, the only reality they know about themselves, the only story they tell.

Human society is quite violent. By that I don't mean such outward and general violence as wars, bar fights, or muggings. Rather, it is the violence of the story forced on each by each. There is always far more psychological violence inside a gang than physical violence between rival gangs. Individuals can avoid that psychological violence for the most part IF they stay very carefully “in their place.” That definition of “place in society” is created by violence and maintained by violence. Parents direct that same violence into their children's lives by forcing a story upon them from outside of them. The movie Titanic includes a great study of that violence at all levels.

Every hierarchy of “authority” established in human society is a hierarchy of violence. It is established first by violence, and it is continually and carefully maintained by violence. Using “the displeasure of God” as your weapon is, in fact, an extremely violent and destructive force. Using “the displeasure of God” as a weapon creates the telling of such false stories in the hearts and minds of all those living under that whip, a whip not wielded by God, but by men who appreciate the rewards of “place” in the church, men and women who love to be “responsible” for the kingdom.

The existence of any kind of aristocracy in any type of society is the presence of continual and horrific violence. When a person of “noble” birth thinks of his or her place in society, that thinking is 100% violence directed against the majority. In fact, we were taught that such things as “proper” English diction and “proper” etiquette were signs of godliness. No, they were simply gang insignia, no different than anything worn by the Hell's Angels. They were the marks of membership used by some of the most violent gangs of criminals in history to identify each other above all the despicable low-lifes over whom they ruled.

If you had a gang of 100 bikers, Hells Angels, opposing one English Lord in his place, which side would you bet on? The bikers would not understand what just happened as they go down in flames. The English Lord would turn and say, “Please” and “Thank you” in a very proper and Christian way, and you would have no idea that he had just snuffed the lives out of 100 people, in fact, he would hardly “know” it; he does not dwell on such unpleasant things.

In my understanding of history, there is no more violent gang of thugs in the modern age than the Norman  aristocracy of England and the raw Saxon/Brit aggression at their disposal. It was only the machine gun that took the edge off their power. Queen Victoria presided over more death than any ruler prior to the 20th century. WWI was a squabble between her grandchildren. I suspect that when the lights are turned on and all secrets are laid bare, we will discover the English elite to bear more responsibility for the World Wars than most realize. Yet that same English face was always “proper,” “polite,” and “Christian.”

It was no different in Christian community. Yes, there was enormous outward differences, kindness and graciousness were usually visible outwardly. Yet behind the authority was always violence, except that “God” was the battleaxe used and “you are fleshy” was the story told. Sometimes such violence dressed in kindness can be more difficult to bear than the other. And always the story told was never out from “Whatever you do to the least of these My brethren, you do it to Me.” Do we put Jesus in His place; do we tell Him He is fleshy? Do we point out His sins and tell Jesus He is unsubmissive?

In the Christian school, in the public school, the same violence is directed against all children all the time, to force them into the “correct” story. That story always includes a denial of their right and honor as a person inside of God. It always includes stripping them of any ability to think for themselves, something the Christian school was better at than the public.

I mentioned in an earlier letter the division of violence that existed in Jesus' day. That division of violence is highly unusual in human history. The same division exists today for the same purpose of God. Without such a division of violence, we could hardly break free from the false story forced upon all. We sometimes call this division of violence the separation of church and state, a condition known by mankind only in Roman times and today.

Let me explain. The division of violence in society that has occurred only twice in the human experience, the first century and today, means this. The authority structure that holds the outward violence as its monopoly right, holds that monopoly fiercely, not allowing any challenge to its place of inflicting outward pain on people, that authority is 100% secular. That means, it could care less what you or I believe, so long as we pay our taxes and keep our noses clean. If we pay our taxes, if we are careful not to offend that power, we can believe we are the man in the moon if we wish. No one cares.

In that same society, the authority structure that is determined to force its story into people's minds and hearts, religious authority, is very concerned about what we believe about ourselves, overwhelmingly concerned. Yet the only weapon they can use is “God's displeasure,” (or science's “displeasure” in today's religion) since the secular power guards its right to outward violence very fiercely. The religious authority does not dare to inflict outward pain on heretics.

This division of violence is NOT the normal human experience.

Now, when this rare division of violence exists, then every kind of religious group springs out of the woodwork unchecked. Every fantasy of religious ranting finds its little groups of adherents. The endless telling of absurd stories going on in little groups all over the place sure sounds like total confusion. It causes people like Pilate to ask, “What is truth?” Such questions are asked only in societies based on this division of violence. In normal human society, such a question would rarely arise, and if it did, that person would quickly be burned at the stake.

This reality is identical whether the society be Christian, Muslim, pagan, Hindu, or whatever. When the story forced upon people and outward violence are married inside the same power structure, there is no chance another story could ever be told.

And thus God slipped His true Story into that unusual occurrence in the human experience, the height of Roman rule, and thus God slips His true story into our lives today. BECAUSE no one gives a hoot what story you tell yourself about yourself, so long as you pay your taxes and keep your nose clean. More than that, the story we tell ourselves, the Song of the Lamb, Christ our only life, is so crazy that people looking at it blink a couple of times and go their way, with no idea how to process such a ridiculous story. People don't care. This is our window; we can be as crazy as we like.

This reality, this freedom to tell our own story, is NOT the normal human experience.

In normal human society every member of society is highly concerned about the story every single other member tells themselves about themselves – highly concerned. “Who do you think you are?”And outward violence is always right there at hand, available to every member of society at each level, to enforce the “correct” story you are to tell yourself upon you.

I can assure you, you do NOT want to live in a society where people care very much about the story you tell yourself about yourself AND are able to wield violence against you to force you into the “correct” story. Having that society be “Christian” makes no difference; my forefathers fled Europe to escape Christian societies and Christian governments.

The two books that I mentioned, one set in Christian Bavaria, where my own great grandfather was born, the other in Samurai/Shinto Japan, present the exact same reality forced upon every single member of society. “You will believe what we tell you to believe about yourself, that is the only story you will tell yourself, that is the only story out of which you will move in all the avenues of life. And if you show the slightest symptom of contemplating a different story, we will inflict unbearable emotional AND physical pain on you. If we see that you have adopted a different story, we will take you out, now.”

Just look at the psychological punishment directed by almost all members of society against a young man who refuses to kill his neighbor when “the government” orders him to do so. The scorn, the cries of “Coward,” the turned backs, the mockery, it all becomes quite unbearable. The only one who could continue to tell himself God's true story about himself in the midst of such violence, is one who knows that he is always laying down his life for his brethren. That's who he is. One who knows he walks in God.

Just think what that same society would be like when the right to outward violence is also in their hands.

But something happens inside those governments who do not care what people believe on the one hand, but who guard with all diligence their monopoly hold on all outward violence. The window of divided violence in a society is very short. It is no coincidence that Jesus was born during the reign of Augustus Caesar. Under his rule that short window of divided violence began across the Roman world, including the land of Israel. From Herod (a personal friend of Augustus) on, the Pharisees dared not put anyone to death. The Romans guarded that right fiercely. And those same Romans had no care at all what anyone “believed.” Yet, within 100 years, that same secular power turned itself into god, while remaining secular.

The exact same thing is happening in our world today, especially in America, and it is happening very fast.

When the secular power separates itself from religious beliefs, from the story people tell themselves about themselves, and strips from religious power any right to outward violence, it is at first careful in its new-found role. But it doesn't take long, two or three generations, before that same secular power, having stripped from its view all other gods, now becomes, in the story told, a god in its own right.

The New York state legislature just passed legislation making it law that offending a police officer in any way is a felony. The state as god!

In all human religion the gods are separate from man. When the state becomes god, god now walks the earth, and god must not be offended; his wrath is immediate and overwhelming.

I saw more effort in the Christian school by administrators, teachers, and pastors, to turn the American state into god in the hearts and minds of the children than I saw in the public school. That effort took place entirely inside the presence of the Holy Spirit moving among them. I now know this same philosophy comes from Augustine.

Inflicting the Nicene Christ and the Nicene Creed by violence upon all was the very weapon Constantine used to cement his absolute rule over the entire Roman empire, not as the external power only, but as the controller of the hearts and minds of all, as the teller of every individual's story. He succeeded because the religious powers in society also demanded the telling of that same story. When church and state are married, Christ must be absent from the earth. The Nicene Christ loves the marriage of violence; he is absent, after all. Someone has to force His will.

You and I would never have had the chance, never have lived long enough or been free to speak to one another to tell ourselves the story of Christ our only life until we believed with all our hearts that it was true, until Christ was the only story we knew – if we had lived in Christian Bavaria or any other normal human society. To have been a ministry in the Anabaptist movement was to have lived a short life. The story they taught people to tell themselves about themselves was just too radical for normal human society. The denominations coming out of that movement carry the names of three men, Menno(nites), Amman(Amish), and Huter(rites) – the only Anabaptist ministries who lived long enough to be remembered.

It is fascinating that the Song of the Lamb and the blasphemy of the beast are so similar – God/god, present, walking upon the earth. God through laid down lives; god through absolute cruelty and violence, person hurting person.

My concern in this letter, however, is not the nature of the beast itself, but rather the nature of its name imprinted into the human psyche, into the story people tell themselves about themselves, the number of its name.

Now, I want to address the two primary questions I have raised. One, from whence comes this false story that each individual person learns to tell him or herself all the days of their lives? And two, what is this false story, this collective, this modern god present now on earth, that everyone is fleeing into as they seek to escape their own, obviously false and despicably limited, stories.

Every child grows up in a story-telling environment. “This is who you are.” Each child's story begins inside him or her self. Each child's story begins with the story of Adam. “I am here, all by myself. I am weak and afraid. Weak is bad. I want things that I do not have. I can get those things only when I am strong. Strong is good. I don't like myself; I don't like being weak. When I put on a strong face, when I make people think I am strong, then I get the things I want.” This internal rebellion of Adam is the source of 1/5 of each one's story.

Now, into this basic internal story, two outward rivers of voices flow into each child's mind and heart. These two rivers of voices are equal and agreed, one from invisible spirit, the other from visible physicality. These two rivers of voices begin while the child is yet in the womb.

Demons are continually whispering their story through every child's spirit. When a child is born again, the demons exit the child's spirit, yes, but they still project the same talking from a slight distance away. When a child is first born, the demons have full access via the spirit to whisper. But when they are forced away by a born-again spirit filled with the Spirit of Christ, their power lies only in the story the hearer tells himself that these demon whisperings remain true.

If you are human, you know demons; they are so very familiar to you, as familiar as the bacteria that fills your gut. They are the source of 2/5's of the story not Christ that you whisper to yourself.

Demons are busy whispering two kinds of things into the minds of all. The first is to reinforce whatever proclivity, a face of strength or crippling weakness, that each individual becomes most comfortable with. Thus the voice, “I am a miserable loser, poor me,” or the voice, “I know how to get my way.” At the same time, they are ever ready to magnify the advantages to the human story of any opportunity to sin. Sin creates guilt, and guilt is the whip the demon uses to maintain all separation from God in the delusions of the human story, whether by the strength of the psychopath or the weakness of the drunk in the gutter, or whatever in-between arrangement each individual story has crafted.

Yes, it was Scar who lied, in The Lion King. But all difficulty came because Simba believed that lie and lived under the guilt of it. Simba's own guilt was the weapon Scar used to keep Simba far away from the throne.

That's why we boldly enter in, sitting down upon the throne of God, refusing the accuser in every way.

Just as a violent man can beat you up and leave you in physical pain, so demons inflict inner, emotional pain on people. The story they whisper prevails by violence. In the same way, the other river of story coming to you from all the people in your life, the final 2/5's of the human story, prevails also by violence, that is, by the imposition of guilt.

Imposing consequences upon children so that they learn to protect themselves in a dangerous and hostile world, is an essential part of godly parenting. But when a Christian parent adds blame, guilt, and shame to those consequences, through words or deeds, that parent is working together in full agreement with the demons.

It has always been my fierce intent to separate my children from guilt and shame especially when I impose consequences, even when part of consequence is my own anger. Once my own anger has subsided (normal and human), then I find it so important to me to re-establish my child's knowledge of my respect and regard for them, through an expression of tender kindness, as soon as possible. I operate the same way in the classroom.

However, for most children, the force coming against themselves, the story hurtled at them about who they are and what society expects of them from every individual person their age or older is simply overwhelming. All succumb. All children will tell themselves the story they are told about themselves by others. They will twist that story to their own personal bent, yes, but it will be that same story.

And the story told by all to all is the story of superiority – inferiority. “Know your place.”

Do you see how the words of Jesus, “Whatever you do to the least of these My brethren, you do it to Me,” simply blows to pieces the telling of every human story shaped by superiority – inferiority.

If you are Christ Jesus in Person filling your person, and if I am Christ Jesus in Person filling my person, then my story is of the highest regard AND your story is of the highest regard.

That's why God says that the name of Jesus is above every name. I must regard both you and myself as the highest story there is. It is the name of Jesus against the name of the beast, my Story against a story not Christ.

I held the elderships to which I submitted for many years in move community in the highest regard and honor. But then when I sat among them, my whole story was shattered to its foundation. When I heard the story these good, loving, and Spirit-anointed brethren told themselves about themselves internally, and the story they told themselves about the majority who were not elders, it was no story I had ever heard outside of that small circle. It was a story, not coming out of lives laid down for others, but out of group-think, a story of superiority and inferiority. We are the anointed ones; they are the fleshy ones. God has given us the burden of carrying them as our cross in order to perfect us. Once I saw the reality of that story, I saw it everywhere in the governmental hierarchy of the move. I left the move primarily because of that false story. Yet I found the same false story told by everyone everywhere. We are superior; they are inferior.

Everyone forces this delusional story on everyone else. Except – here's Jesus' story: Let him who would be great in the kingdom of God become the servant of all. When God shows up on the earth, He stoops to serve as the lowest of the low. Let the weak say, “I am strong”; let the strong glory in his humility.

The root and fabric of all false story screamed at every individual all the days of their lives is an abject hatred of the weakness God made us to be. All Christians who busy themselves getting their flesh under control do NOT do so because they believe they are doing right, they do so BECAUSE they hate the weakness of the human. The motive of their actions is the rebellion of Adam. They are ashamed of what they are, ashamed of being the image of God.

Finally, let's look briefly at the collective every human story is being driven into now, in our day. Here, I want to consider it individually. In “The Song of the Beast,” I hope to consider it as a collective whole.

The saying, “a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing,” could be, “a little bit of science” just as well. Science speaks with authority. However, because modern man knows so little about most everything, much that is called science in today's world isn't actually science at all, but quackery in science garb. Science itself is good, but much that is called science is hype only, the story pushed by the collective, and not based on any real evidence.

At the beginning of that quackery is the violence of vaccinations against the bodies of almost all infants born into the world. There is no science, no dis-interested weighing of forensic evidence behind any vaccination claims; just endless hot air. Yet the beast is overwhelming in its demands for that violence to be forced upon all. I suspect that vaccinations are one third of the coming fullness of the “mark” of the beast. They work in tangent with debit cards and cell phones. I suspect that all three will come together in one horrific nightmare before this thing is over.

Vaccinations shatter the frequencies and workings of human DNA by incredibly ungodly means. I suspect they are a large part of the severe loss of personal integrity across the earth, the merging of all into one vast collective. Social medicine is also central to that vast collective. As the state waxes more and more as god in the earth, “Get your shots,” will come with all violence behind.“After all, the state pays for your body; we own you.” Everyone is on drugs. I want you to think for yourself; therefore I say, “Study it out.” Pharmaceutical drugs are no part of health. If you are taking them, you are believing things that are not true. Modern medicine is good in response to emergencies, but it is a huge part of the triumph of the beast over all.

Modern education, both public and Christian, is central to that vast collective. Christian children being taught to place their hands upon their HEARTS? And to pledge themselves, body and soul, to the battle flags of this world? By a sworn oath of their mouths? – The word is in your mouth. – What mindless horror do those parents and school officials labor under? Every single day, an oath of sworn allegiance to the violence of the beast coming out of little hearts and mouths? Do they imagine that words do not rule? Do they think they can shovel their little ones into the belly of the beast without consequence?

We regard ONE testimony about this world ONLY. ONE!!!

“The world hates Me because I testify against it, that its deeds are evil.”

I see no difference whatsoever between Christian parents training their children to swear binding oaths of allegiance to flags of deceit, and any new age guru teaching collective consciousness or any progressive claiming that the state is us or any communist agitator driving everyone to collective war or any school teacher saying, “Believe what's in your textbook,” or any medical doctor saying, “Trust me.” When they all arrive at their destination, they will all be at the same place; they will all be carried by the same story.

You see, everyone is taught that their own story is false – and it is. Everyone is taught to flee from their own story, that their own story is “greed, self-for-self.” BUT to flee into a collective story, a story in which we are all merged into one great blob, one god, represented to all as the state.

By absolutism, Louis the Fourteenth said, “I am the state.” Today, everyone is taught to say, “The state is all of us.”

Here is the problem. There is no such thing. Adam was lied to; he created a story for himself that was simply, in every possible way, untrue. Therefore everything inside that story does not exist.

There is no “state.” There is no “collective consciousness.” There is no “Christian nation.” There is no “communist ideal.” There is no “progressive perfection.” There is no “U.S. Army.” There is no NSA or CIA or KGB or MI6.

All that exists upon this earth are just people. Hurting and bruised, yes. Stumbling and lost, yes. Open to abuse and coercion, yes. But just people, each one created in the image of God, each one more valuable than the universe. Each one purchased by Blood. And every single one, as the very image of God, capable of more personal creative expression than you could ever imagine.

And this thing called “the state,” this thing that strides upon the earth as god?

All it is is a bunch of individual thugs, who have discovered that by putting on a great mask, that is, by telling everyone a bunch of lies, AND by working together, they can succeed in plundering their fellow human beings.

The curse (your husband shall rule over you – human government) comes only by the lie, only by the endless telling and re-telling of stories that are all simply not true.

And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies... Revelation 13:5

The final story of human folly is the story of the beast; and the craziest thing is that there is no “beast” at all, just stupid lies people tell themselves and each other. It is only individual peopleinflicting pain on individual people.

But against that story, a god that is not, walking upon the earth, is arrayed another story, the Song of the Lamb, God true, also walking upon the earth, telling His Story, Christ our only life, through us, the story of a Lamb laying down His life for His friends, and we also.