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33. War with the Lamb

Critical to our calm and certain acquisition of all victory now is the knowledge that there is no evil substance, there are only evil actions. Everything is continually sustained good by God through the speaking of the Lord Jesus. All “evil” beings are good every moment as they come forth from God. Their evil is a continual moment by moment decision to act contrary to the goodness that sustains them. They can do that because they are always free of God. They are free of God because He honors and respects them; it's called love.


33. War with the Lamb

© Daniel Yordy - 2013

The most devastating, the most unexpected reality of these last days is that many of the church of Jesus Christ, many Christians across the earth, including Spirit-filled and deeper-truth Christians, will reject the Lord Jesus in His return and will take action to oppose Him, even to be rid of Him.

Isaiah said that no one wants Him, no one seeks for Him.

Most Christians, upon hearing the phrase, “When Jesus returns,” see a powerful image in their minds, an image that eliminates all other thought, an image that is 100%, in all ways, outward appearance.

That image is false; yet, the instant it presents itself all of our knowing of the substance of Christ inside of us ends, all other things God says concerning Christ our only life that do not fit that image bow in immediate silence.

That image of “when Jesus comes back” is absolute; it is solitary. It is stern and unmovable; with all severity it thrusts “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” into oblivion.

It is the image of Apollo, the god of the sun. It is identical to the image of the “messiah” held tightly in the minds of the Pharisees, men to whom outward appearance was everything.

It is the prefect matching opposite of God revealed.

In the exact same way that the Jews rejected Jesus and for the exact same reasons, so most Christians today will reject Him again.

Everyone despises God in the flesh. Everyone despises the very thought that this worm called “human flesh” could be the very image of Almighty God. Adam hated being like God; he rejected the tree of life.

Everyone hates the very thought of One who is meek and lowly of heart, who is all inner substance and no outward appearance, One who turns His back on all things mighty and glamorous, and who, through sorrow, humiliation, and tears, lifts up the weakest and the despised, who carries even His enemies inside Himself all the way into life.

The hatred of God in Christian psychosis is overwhelming.

Most are convinced that Jesus lied when He said, “Whatever you do to the least of these My brethren, you ARE doing it to Me.” Most are convinced that right now He is absent from the earth.

They do not see Him; they do not know Him.

Let me tell you something. If you are looking for approval from a great and mighty King, if you are lifting up your certainty that you are to be proven “right,” He will turn His back on you. (I am not speaking of you, dear reader; Christ is all that you are.)

He turns His back on “you” because He cannot know you. He knows only those who are always giving their approval in great kindness and respect to the least and to the lowest. He knows only those who know that He is the least of these His brethren, and who, with Him, carry even their enemies inside themselves, stumbling and bruised all the way into life.

But look at those who seek approval from this “returning King.” When they discover He is the precise opposite of their image, they will hate Him. The very act of seeking approval is the accusation that God is a liar who lies.

God's approval of us, approval we possess as our very being and essence, is so far down in the bedrock of our thinking that we blink in surprise if someone raises any form of question about it. We are so approved by God that we no longer know any such shadow.

More than that, we hardly think of that approval, it is so God in us. Instead, our whole thought is the heart of the Father rushing out from us, enveloping into itself every lonely and hurting soul.

Only the lost KNOW Salvation; only the forgiven wash His feet with tears. No pretender can know Him.


Christian, what are you thinking?

The science is settled; history is correct; the Ashkenazi are not the children of Israel. Abraham does not know them. More than ninety percent of those in today's world who call themselves “Jews” are no Jews at all. They are Khazars, a tribe of “Scythians,” Euro-Asiatics, and entirely non-Semitic.

As fellow human beings, the doorway into salvation in Christ is wide-open to them. The invitation to freely drink of Salvation is given to all. The fact that they are deceived about who they are does not mean that God does not love them.

Yet I would grab you by the shoulders, Christian, and shake you hard. What are you doing?

Think, think, man!

Thousands of Jews, children of Israel, inheritors of the promises, RECEIVED the Messiah God sent with wide-open hearts in obedience to Moses, did they not? Who are the children of Israel who received Christ and raised their children in Christ? Those same children know of themselves only as Christians – AND they speak Arabic! You will find them, still Christians, in Palestine, in Lebanon, and in Syria.

Yet how many of those Jews, descendant from Jacob, beloved of God because of His love and high regard of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, became Muslims over the centuries and also have no idea that they are children of Israel? Have you considered how many of the Suffi Muslims of the near Middle East just might be full-blooded Israelites and the apple of God's eye? Half? Most? How many of them will be swept into the kingdom as God finishes this age of human folly?

Yet you regard an atheist Khazar who despises any thought of David or Moses, but who has convinced himself and you that he is a “Jew,” you regard him as God's “anointed”!  How is this?

How many of the Palestinians are the people of God held close to His heart? Half? Most? All?

Whatever you do to the least of these My brethren, you do it to Me.

Yet you would turn and give honor to outward appearance, to pretenders, to the claims of Scythians from the lands of the north, locusts who descended upon the mountains of Israel to devour a despised and unprotected people! By despising the Palestinians, you are despising Jesus.

Yet here is the returning King! Do you know Him? The moment you turn to despise a Khazar, a man or a woman pretending to be a “Jew,” though he or she is not, you are despising Jesus just as much.

When we were yet enemies, Christ died for us. Romans 5

It's no good asking, “Who is the brother of Christ?” The moment you lay down your life for any enemy of God, you make that wicked person your brother, and now, Christ Himself. This is God; know Him.


[I would urge you to read a very important article to understand how the darkness of the beast is driving all into shattered immorality. These are men planning and doing these things, driven by spirits of darkness. This article itself is not “dark,” though you will be saddened and disgusted by what you read. Yet I am convinced we must understand how these things work.

It Was about Miley Cyrus Taking the Fall by Vigilant Citizen.

First, understand that Miss Cyrus's handlers are Khazars. Then, understand that the exact same thing is taking place on a much larger scale by the lying of the President and Secretary of State of the United States concerning Syria. They both know they are lying, and that they are doing it for the sole purpose of shattering the morality of the Christian church in America by causing them to support unspeakable evil. The parallels between Miley Cyrus's and Barack Obama's debacles right now are telling.]


Consider the following thought. “Right now, we have to kill them before they try to kill us, but after Jesus comes back, then everything will be different.”

Do you see the absolute atheism in the mind of the speaker, the present hatred of the Lord Jesus? In fact, if you attempt to speak of Christ revealed through us now, he will call you “antichrist” and in rebellion against God's will. Yet this one considers himself a Christian!

The recognition – entirely by faith – that I am filled full with all the fulness of God and that this God who fills me full flows out from me at all times as rivers of Spirit, grows inside my consciousness until there is simply nothing else there. If God fills us full with ALL of Himself in Person, how could there be anything else?

Remember there is no “someday” in the gospel, but only “today.” Now is the day of salvation, not tomorrow. No one will ever know “filled with all the fullness of God” except they seize hold of that knowledge by faith in the present moment, today, whatever day today might be.

But the more I KNOW that I am filled full with all of God in Person – and my knowledge increases by speaking and writing and thinking that thought, perceiving God in me by my spirit – the more my seeing changes.

Everything looks different. I see through eyes of fire.

One astonishing thing that looks different is the words of my Christian brethren. They are my brethren, they are carried utterly by Christ, as I am, but they speak so contrary to the knowledge of God. Let me make a statement that will likely offend many.

Almost all Christians are practical atheists.

Yes, they believe in God as an idea in their minds, but only as something far away from themselves. And thus I see, in so many Christian words and songs, practical atheism – the immediate absence of a far-away God.

God filling us full with All of Himself in Person comes first and it comes now. All that Salvation is and means flows out from that certain and immediate knowledge. God filling us full with All of Himself in Person comes BEFORE sin vanishes away, BEFORE the outward deeds of unrighteousness cease, BEFORE any true anointing to minister Christ rests upon us.

And God filling us full with All of Himself in Person comes only by faith against all outward appearance, and it comes Today!

We cannot know what we will not believe. And we will not believe what we do not speak.

I am not referring to Christ living as us in this world – yes, God filling us full with All of Himself in Person must start with our full sinking into the Lord Jesus Christ – but I am speaking of all the fullness of the Father, NOW! – And entirely by faith, by believing what we do not see.

I recently posted the statement: “I am filled with all the fullness of God” on Facebook. This, of course, sounds like something wildly “un-Biblical” to many. They have never heard such a concept; I'm sure most would be convinced it must be false and ungodly. But we know God says it, and we know Jesus said ask and believe you have received. We have done that.

But as we believe and contemplate this new reality, first, that we were created specifically to contain all of God in Person as His image, that He might be seen and known by all, and, second, that He does fill us full in Person at all times, we SEE that Ephesians 3:19 MUST BE the largest verse in the Bible, swallowing up everything else as merely minor details.

And as we contemplate and believe, believe and contemplate, knowing this reality to be true, that all of God in Person fills us full, oh, how our seeing changes.

At no point can I think about myself as if “I” am sinning or not sinning. Such thoughts cannot exist in His presence. I keep myself always in the love of God and am always grateful for my weakness should I stumble in things I used to call “sin.” My body is His body; I cannot contend with Him for some sort of “control” over it on my own, as if “I” am something other than Christ Jesus living as me.

Yet at all times I am fully aware of Omnipotence filling me full, of Omniscience, of the purist Holiness, of Rivers flowing out, of inexorable LOVE billowing always within, flowing always without.

Do I see these things? Do I feel these things? Of course not. But I have already stopped defining reality by what I see or feel outwardly. Because I have exercised myself in defining reality by what God says concerning Christ my only life, seeing reality by outward appearance no longer makes any sense to me.

Reality is substance; substance is proven by faith.

But the more I know the substance and reality of God filling me full, the more I see Him absent from the words, from the songs, and from the thinking of so many of my fellow Christians.

Most Christians are practical atheists.

In the end, most Christians will not tolerate fellow believers filled full with God. Many will take action to oppose them, many others will be secretly happy when these God-filled people are no longer going around saying such embarrassing things.

However, there are so many that sound as if they know this Guy, but something about them feels unreal. They claim to be the representatives of a God that yet remains far away and far above. They speak with great authority and conviction, yet it is evident that something is missing.

What is the secret to know that the God we know filling us full is truly God?

The God filling us full is meek and lowly of heart, tender and kind. He always sees others as equal to Himself; He always sees Himself in the other guy. He is always lifting people up, coming up from beneath of them, catching them by surprise in the tender gentleness of His heart. If He must speak strongly – and at times He must, He cannot hide the eager desire of His passion to win by love.

This is the God who fills us full; this is the God who flows out from us. When the other “god” is presented, we feel put down, we feel “under,” we feel that we don't measure up. We know who that god really is.

And that is the endless struggle of Adam/Lucifer, “I'm superior, you are inferior. No, I'm superior, it's you who are inferior.” A man and his demons are always scrapping at each other in this way, and by extension, the scrapping goes out against all other men on the one side and all other demons on the other side.

The greatest harm that comes to placing “ministry” in the body of Christ “above” in any possible way is the harm it does to them. No human ego can escape the false sense of superiority that must come when others “look up to you.” Anyone claiming “authority over” is moving out from this false gnawing, the wicked “twin sisters” of rebellion against God.

It is similar to prisons. Prison guards are damaged internally before God far more than prisoners. The disrespect for others that becomes the prison of their hearts will keep them away from God far longer than the convicted men and women weighted under sin and despair.

A true son of God does not make you feel “above” them or “beneath” them. A true son of God makes you feel honored and loved, justified and kept. A true son of God never requires you to deserve respect before he respects you. A true son of God instills respect in you by holding you in the utmost honor and regard.

You see, the whole purpose of the human arena upon this planet is the shaping of the human heart. Performance and ability mean nothing. IQ means nothing. A human heart shaped by the hand of God inside an IQ of 55 will be the same human heart when the curse is lifted and the physical side of IQ shoots up to 2000. Many will see formerly Down Syndrome people revealing the glory of Christ far beyond anything they, in their “smarts” ever knew.

In the same way, the heart of a Muslim man, shaped by God over many years, in the day of Jesus Christ will receive Him with wide-open arms and surprise everyone by the glory of Christ revealed through him.

The ideas people hold in their minds mean absolutely nothing to God. The shape of their hearts to contain Him means everything. Don't ever lose your heart, it is your only possession that actually means something. Your heart is fashioned by God to contain Himself.

No one “belongs” to “another religion.” Paul said clearly, “There are no other Gods, only One.” There are no “Muslims.” There are no “Buddhists.” There are no “Satanists.” There are only human beings being shaped by God for the revelation of Jesus Christ, each in his season.

Yes, some of us will reveal His glory now by being swallowed up utterly into Him. But others will reveal His glory later as He answers, through us, their every objection, as He silences their every accusation by love out-poured. I truly believe this is what God means by “vessels created for 'destruction.'” The word, destruction, should read “cessation.” And it is a cessation of the accusation, not the person. Accusation is caused to cease only by love, and love is a consuming fire.

The contest of the ages is entirely a battle between appearance on the one hand and substance on the other, the first by envy, the second by faith. Appearance is the Nicene “Christ,” the image upon which most Christians have set their eyes. Substance is God showing Himself through our mortal flesh.

The strategy of victory is stated clearly by Paul. Let's look first at the certain victory of Substance, then we will look at the simple defeat of Appearance.

...God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did. Romans 4:17

Notice that giving life to the dead and calling those things which do not exist as though they do are two sides of the same thing. The Word is in our mouth, this word of faith which we speak.

The victory of Christ through us is by the word of our testimony.

I want to look again at the picture I gave in the last part of “From a Word to a Lamb,” a picture of the fourth most important verse in the Bible, Revelation 12:11. I saw there that John's vision does not give us three things, but rather one thing, the word of our testimony, carried by two, the Lamb in one hand and the Lamb in the other.

What people see outwardly is the word of our testimony. They do not see the Lamb that always carries us. The Lamb is for us; the Word is for creation. What I mean is this. To those who value outward appearance, our words of Christ our only life are startlingly bold and audaciously presumptuous.

YOU! Filled with all the fullness of God? How preposterous!

Yet we ourselves know that all that we are, the Lamb carries inside Himself, and all that we find ourselves to be is that same Lamb having become us. Blood and Cross. Yet both are made known ONLY by Resurrection Life as our very and only life.

We speak only by Substance. Yet to those who value Appearance over all things, we are “liars.”

Let me give an example, words written on Facebook by a reader of these letters and a sister who boldly knows that Christ is her only life.

In corresponding with a brother, he kept saying, "we represent the Lord Jesus Christ." As I kept hearing him say this, I was quickened by the Lord and He said, "You do not represent Me, but I represent you. You do not go on MY behalf but I go on your behalf." Life flowed as this revelation came to me. I tried to share this with him. He pondered and refused to grasp this truth.

I felt grieved for him and then the Lord clearly showed me that he did not have revelation of who he is in Christ Jesus. No amount of persuasion from me can show him this truth. The defeated liar has used a false humility to keep us from the truth of the finished work of the cross. Keeping us focused on only the forgiveness of sin and never able to grasp the GREAT EXCHANGE that took place during the death and resurrection. NO power until deadness is raised into LIFE! To know Him and the power of HIS RESURRECTION. NO longer I who live but CHRIST who lives in me.

David came in the name of the Lord. Wake up church!!! We come in the power of His Resurrection. Abiding LIFE comes with US!!! L__

You see, this sister knows as well as I the joy of needing the Lamb in one hand and the Lamb in the other every moment. Yet outwardly, she is one bold lady, bold by Christ revealed through her.

This is the meaning of Substance.

All those who love the outward form of Appearance, including all the “correct” ideas about God and salvation, cannot stomach Substance, yet Substance lays down His life through us for them.

Appearance is the simplest thing in the universe to defeat. Here's how.

For you see your calling, brethren... to bring to nothing the things that are... 1 Corinthians 1:26-28

Here is the truth about ALL Appearance. It does not exist.

Appearance is 100% “the Wizard of Oz,” that is, smoke and mirrors, bluster and swagger, crowing and hot air.

It is not.

Those who see you will gaze at you, and consider you, saying: ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble...?' Isaiah 14:17

What a nothing!

Yet look out upon the world. The Beast makes itself appear to be something in every possible direction. Everyone is convinced that the beast is the consummate model of invincible reality, the “real deal.”

Who can make war with the Beast?

We hold the simple answer to this question. That answer is, “No one.” No one can “make war with” the Beast because there is no beast. He is all bluff and no substance.

Yet look at his outward form.

The beast, male, rules by pain and pride; the world, female, rules by scorn and seduction. Every single institution that gains compliance by inflicting pain or inspiring pride is a face of that beast. Human governments are the primary faces of the beast, though not the only faces. Yet all power people inside the beast use the faces of human governments to inflict their wills. The idea that soldiers go to “fight for their country” or that government agents are “protecting us” is simply preposterous. People can say those things ten billion times, but it doesn't make them true.

The beast demands outward commitment. Everyone is forced to be part of a group and all groups give obeisance to the beast. What happens when all Christians around you stand to worship the flag and to shed tears over the beast and you do not stand? Right now people are too polite actually to do anything to you, but not for long.

You see, refusing to acknowledge the existence of the beast will likely get some of us killed; it's called martyrdom. We will join a precious company of the witnesses of Christ, those who acknowledged no beast in this world and paid for it with their lives.

No martyr fights back. The moment someone fights back, they die as a soldier of Satan, not as a martyr of Christ. In complete contrast, we walk utterly in God. Nothing can touch us except by the eternal purposing of God. Everything that presses against our way is there only that Christ might be glorified through us.

So, you find yourself in a prison cell, being interrogated by a “government agent.” You, as a son of God, know there are two people only in that room, you and the man who is wearing a silly uniform. He does not know that; he imagines that “the government” (that is, the beast) is behind him. No, it's not; there is no such thing. It's only you and he. And you judge him by love; you draw him into the Mercy Seat upon your heart. You honor and respect him as a person, regardless of either his bluster or the pain he inflicts on you.

Every claim in his mind that he is “just following orders,” or “representing the President,” or whatever, all of it is bogus. He is only himself. What he is doing to you is him doing it. No one else is there, and there is no beast, there is no country, there is no “government.” It is all bluster and hot air, swagger and bravado. Certainly, another man whom the torturer calls “boss” can come into the room. That other man can inflict pain on the torturer for not torturing you, but all of it is still nothing more than one individual person treating one other individual person with disrespect. It is nothing else.

In the movie, The Matrix, Neo won when he came to know that all matrix “reality” was not; all of it was nothing but a computer program, a series of offs and ons flowing through an electronic circuit. None of what appeared real was real. When he knew that, fully and peacefully in his mind and heart, he simply put out his hand and the bullets dropped. They could not penetrate him because he knew they were not real.

However, in the two subsequent Matrix movies, the story writers violated an absolute rule of creating a fictional world. Having established a certain form of reality in the first movie, they utterly disregarded that reality in the others. By the reality of the first movie, Neo would never again have “fought” an agent, knowing that they did not exist and that “fighting” them was as unreal as they were.

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Every single human being belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ; He purchased all with Blood.

 ...And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world (that is, every individual person)1 John 2:1-2

There is no world; there is no beast. Not one person belongs to either.

However, demon spirits are real. But in their reality, their power over operates by one means alone. They are the servants; man is the master. They “rule” only by subterfuge, by deceit, by spinning a story that is simply not true. They exercise “power over” only when they can convince their masters to believe their deluded mutterings.

Thus, critical to our calm and certain acquisition of all victory now is the knowledge that there is no evil substance, there are only evil actions. Everything is continually sustained good by God through the speaking of the Lord Jesus. All “evil” beings are good every moment as they come forth from God. Their evil is a continual moment by moment decision to act contrary to the goodness that sustains them. They can do that because they are always free of God. They are free of God because He honors and respects them; it's called love.

Seeing all evil in this way renders it powerless. By this way of seeing we do not close our eyes to evil actions and all the horror and wrongfulness that they are. Neither do we remove any requirement of justice. Yet we see the complete lack of foundation behind evil words and actions. Evil is not some thing. It is always a momentary and false decision made by one person alone. It is a fog-thin mask that vanishes as it never was the moment it is penetrated by goodness.

You see, I have struggled with this dichotomy between God all in all versus the existence of real cruelty and abuse, evil actions that must be brought to account. As I wrote “Appearance Versus Substance,” that struggle ceased. Now I see how God is all in all without Himself being responsible for the evil deeds. Yet He bends the outcome of all evil thoughts and deeds to serve the  good He intends, that is, the revelation of the glory of Jesus Christ to all.

Jesus wins all victory over all evil by swallowing up all evil with goodness. He does so one by one; He does so through us. And when all victory is accomplished and evil is no more, then we will know Him as we never could have known Him otherwise. And we will see with all wonder and awe that we are just like Him.

These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.” Revelation 17:13-14

These will make war with the Lamb – and the Lamb will overcome them.

Overcome evil with good. Romans 12

 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world (the beast) — our faith. 1 John 5:4

Overcome evil with good.

God never turns evil things into good things. Those who are trying to make the world a better place are not walking in God; rather, they are serving the beast. Not one real entity passes from the evil side of things to the good, that is, to the Christ side of things except by passing through the cross of Christ.

All outward appearance dies upon the cross. Only Substance arises into newness of life.

Think of that. God made the revelation of Himself to be the most awful looking thing by outward appearance. Yet the totality of Substance, “Father, forgive them,” could not have been greater, nor more the absolute center of God and the full revelation of His heart.

I just read an article about a group of criminals wearing US government uniforms torturing innocent men in Guantanamo prison who are held there by that beast-head called the US government against all law and against all justice. The description of the torture being conducted right now is beyond all human belief. If you want to know what a beast-group is in this world, including those beast-groups called countries, don't look at what is seen in the spotlights, look only at what is done in secret – yet sanctioned and even “required” by all.

And the Christian church argues that these sick human beings are doing these wicked things to others because they are just like God, because this is what God does to those He does not like.

Yet God, when He showed the innermost secrets of Himself to the universe, is seen only as One taking on all the outward appearance of the tortured and the abused and in the midst of that awful appearance spoke GOODNESS into the universe, “Father, forgive them.”

This is God; know Him.

Don't be fooled by the symbols of John's vision.

Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. – Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. Revelation 19:11&15

God uses earthly symbols to speak of heavenly realities. The mightiest blow ever struck in war in either heaven or earth was struck by Jesus with the sword of His mouth – “Father, forgive them.” Do you see ALL of His enemies laid low by His warfare?

Jesus defeats His enemies first by silencing their every accusation, and then by making them His closest and dearest friends. He kills all who oppose Him by drawing them into His one death upon the cross, and then, to all astonishment, He arises into life, and we in Him.

Jesus overcomes all things with goodness, and He does so through faith revealed in us.

Faith is the Substance of God; God manifest in the flesh.

Overcome evil with good.