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What I Believe

What I Believe
A Declaration of Truth

  1. That God is sovereign and that all things are subject to His pleasure.
  2. That God is invisible and unknowable, yet desires to be seen, heard, and touched.
  3. That God created man in His own image and likeness uniquely for this purpose, to be God’s “body,” God’s dwelling place, that God could be seen, heard, and touched through man.
  4. That man was created with the capacity to contain God, to fit God, and to release God in a river of life to the entire universe.
  5. That, although God created man with great capacity, He also created man with no ability whatsoever.
  6. That man, without God, is nothing more than an empty suit.
  7. That nothing has ever happened that has surprised God or thwarted His purpose.
  8. That evil is subject to God and exists for His purpose, though He is not personally responsible for it.
  9. That what God speaks, His word, is more important to God than any other part of Himself.
  10. That Satan in the beginning, challenged the word God spoke, specifically concerning its power in man with these words, “Did God indeed say?”
  11. That man was also created as the champion of God in this great contest concerning the word God speaks.
  12. That God subjected all things to the futility of evil specifically so that He could prove faith in His word in the midst of unbelief, so that He could prove His power in the midst of weakness, His light in the midst of darkness, His love in the midst of hate, His tenderness in the midst of pride.
  13. That, although God is not responsible for evil, He takes upon Himself all consequences of evil – through the death of His Son on the cross.
  14. That the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross is sufficient to satisfy all legal claims against all evil.
  15. That God abhors compulsion, manipulation, and control, and will not force anyone to do anything.
  16. That God sent Jesus, the Word that God speaks, not only to fulfill the requirements of redemption, but also to seek and to save all that was lost.
  17. That Jesus will accomplish the purpose for which He was sent. Jesus will win!
  18. That Jesus will subdue all things to Himself through the power of love alone.
  19. That every being created by God will willingly yield their hearts in love to Jesus.
  20. That every being created by God will bow their knee to Jesus and will confess Jesus with their mouth.
  21. That God does not tolerate any form or shadow of a lie to continue.
  22. That every word God speaks must be fulfilled in the place and in the age into which He speaks it.
  23. That every word God speaks in the New Covenant, unless the text says otherwise, must be fulfilled in this age, in this earth, in the lives of those who believe Him.
  24. That the word God speaks cannot be fulfilled apart from the receiving of faith.
  25. That the word God speaks will find faith in the earth.
  26. That every word God speaks is fulfilled in this age, in this earth, in the lives of those who believe Him.
  27. That God’s people will be perfect just as the Father is perfect in this life and on this earth.
  28. That God’s people will love as Christ loves, will be one as the Father and the Son are One, will walk as Jesus walked, will overcome as Jesus overcame, in this life and on this earth.
  29. That no other proclamation fills the enemies of God with anger and fear more than the proclamtion of full victory in this life and on this earth.
  30. That God’s first champion, Adam, succumbed to Satan’s assault against God’s word and was defeated.
  31. That the wreckage of Adam’s defeat, including the adoption of Satan's assault against what God says, has come upon every child born of Adam on this earth.
  32. That God from the beginning took upon Himself full responsibility for Adam’s defeat and all things that flow from it.
  33. That Christ came upon this earth as a man, fully dependent upon God.
  34. That, as a man, Jesus was, again, the champion of God against Satan’s ridicule of what God speaks.
  35. That Jesus defeated Satan utterly and made an open spectacle of his defeat.
  36. That Jesus proved that God fulfills His word in this earth, in this age, in man.
  37. That Jesus took upon Himself the entire curse of God.
  38. That everyone who puts his trust in Jesus is redeemed, fully, from the wreckage of Adam’s defeat.
  39. That one witness is not sufficient for God; He requires two.
  40. That God requires a second witness, a second defeat of sin, Satan, and Satan’s defiance of what God speaks, in this earth, in order to prove that His word triumphs.
  41. That God will prove His word and His will in us in this earth.
  42. That God created man in the image and likeness of God and we are more like God than we can understand.
  43. That God’s intention from the beginning was to have many sons just like Jesus.
  44. That from the beginning, God determined that I would be just like Jesus.
  45. That when God called me to be conformed to the image of His Son, in that same moment, He also glorified me fully in who I am before Him.
  46. That, though I don’t see it with my natural eyes, I am just like Jesus before God right now.
  47. That Christ is my life, and I am one with Him, and I have no other life.
  48. That Christ lives in me, in all of my humanity, and I live in union with Him, and I am being made just like Him.
  49. That Jesus carries me in Himself, all of me, my humanity, my sin, my flesh, He carries in Himself, my anger, my fear, my hopes, my dreams, every part of who and what I am, He carries, and has always carried in Himself, and not once does He ever offer to place me back upon myself.
  50. That the seed that birthed me the second time came from the loins of Father God and I bear in my being His genetic code - Christ.
  51. That my calling and mission in this life is to see God prove His word and His will in me and through me.
  52. That God’s will will be done in this earth just as it is done in heaven.
  53. That God’s will will be done in me.
  54. That God always leads me in triumph in Christ Jesus.
  55. That, whereas in the beginning, it was Satan who challenged the word God spoke “Did God indeed say,” in the present age, it is the church, claiming the name of Jesus, who challenges the word God speaks.
  56. That the four words of Satan, “Did God indeed say,” covers every word God speaks in the thinking of “Christian” theology.
  57. That the greatest defiance in the church of what God speaks is the belief that the goal of the believer is to “go to heaven when you die.”
  58. That Satan is satisfied that God’s word should be fulfilled in heaven (it already is) so long as it is never fulfilled in the earth.
  59. That the word God speaks cannot be fulfilled in the earth unless it is first believed.  Thus Satan’s primary work is “unbelief.”
  60. That Jesus defeated death, that He abolished death, and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.
  61. That Jesus gave His mighty victory over death to us.
  62. That the goal of the believer is to defeat death and to bring the life and immortality that Jesus won in the gospel into our full experience on this earth.
  63. That God will have a people in this age and on this earth who defeat sin and Satan and unbelief and death.
  64. That God is right now preparing the hearts of those people to believe Him.
  65. That God’s people are awaiting, with eager anticipation, a grace, an enablement from God that has not yet been given, but that will come to us to enable us to walk in the full experience of every word God speaks.
  66. That this grace is coming with the unveiling of Jesus Christ.
  67. That Jesus Christ is being unveiled in us.
  68. That all evil and defiance and mockery of the word God speaks is coming to its fullness right now in the world.
  69. That all the institutions of human government and power and control as they exist in the earth right now today, are the beast of Revelation 13.
  70. That human government - democratic, bureaucratic, socialistic, all controlling, worshipped as the solution to man’s problems upon this earth - is antichrist, the beast of Revelation 13.
  71. That "government of the people, by the people, and for the people" is prophesied with this word - the number of man, standing in the place that belongs to Jesus alone, 666.
  72. That all human government stands in full defiance of Jesus Christ.
  73. That the final showdown upon this earth centers around two things Jesus said.  First, when He revealed the thoughts of the Jewish leaders who opposed Him, “Come, let us kill Him, that the inheritance will be ours.” Second, these words, “Love your enemies.”
  74. That the final issue on this earth is over the claim of the inheritance.
  75. That the Jewish people continue to reject the Messiah God sent them, claiming that the inheritance belongs to them separate from Jesus.
  76. That the head of the beast that was wounded unto death and now lives is the government of the modern nation of Israel.
  77. That the great wound that causes the whole earth to submit themselves to that head of the beast is the entire wound claimed by the Jews beginning with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 and culminating in the Holocaust.
  78. That God commanded us to cast out Judaism and the claim of the natural Jew to the inheritance.
  79. That the “false prophet” of Revelation 13 includes the modern church and those ministers who teach God’s people to support “Israel” as the people of God and to support America as the elect nation of God.
  80. That the false thinking of the modern church causes millions of Christians to give their full strength and support to the establishment of the power of antichrist upon this earth. 
  81. That the United States of America is central to the kingdom of Satan and the establishment of antichrist upon this earth and that it has been so from the beginning.
  82. That the “false prophet” of Revelation 13 includes modern science and technology that is able to do wondrous things including the American infatuation with dropping fire from heaven upon the earth and consuming her alleged enemies in the flames of agony and violence.
  83. That the “image of the beast that both speaks and causes” made by the “false prophet” includes at present, primarily, the television set through which the controlling powers of this world manipulate the minds of all those who live on the earth.
  84. That the final mercy of God will be shown through His second witness as they love their enemies, love that consumes their enemies as fire, especially the mercy shown to those who claim that they are Jews but are of the synagogue of Satan. 
  85. That the mercy shown to those whom the whole world will understand in the end are least deserving of mercy will usher in the rule of Christ.
  86. That God’s second witness of Christ will prove everything God has spoken - in their bodies on this earth.
  87. That God’s second witness of Christ, in rising out of death, will defeat death forever.
  88. That the translation of the Greek word “aeon” into the Latin word “eternal” was a part of the great fall of the church into Roman darkness and apostasy from which she is not recovered.
  89. That the calumny and accusation against God that He ‘tortures’ forever those He cannot save as if He were an evil demon god is cast down.
  90. That the lake of fire, while real and terrible, is for an age, and not forever, and is for purification, and not punishment.  The lake of fire is God; the lake of fire is Love.
  91. That those who overcome now will, in the ages to come, bring all who are lost to the redemption of Jesus.
  92. That Jesus is expecting that everything will be brought into subjection under His feet.
  93. That when all things are subject to Jesus, then Jesus will turn, and with all things, will forever be subject to God.
  94. That God will fill all things with all of Himself.
  95. That the glory of God will cover this earth as the waters cover the sea.