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Participate in Ministry

Participate in Ministry
 © Daniel Yordy 2015

It has always been difficult for me to present myself as a ministry of Christ sent by the Lord Jesus for a specific purpose, that is, His intentions through me to those who belong to Him. Yes, I write and send out what I write to you, but I place myself entirely behind the face of “this is just what I like to do.” To assert that I am commissioned by the Lord Jesus in a “place” of ministry has been beyond me. There has been always a wall in my mind that to do so would be to pretend, and that I would be found out and exposed as false.

Yes, I know that the practice of presenting one’s self to God’s people as God’s ministry to them is common and ordinary throughout the Christian world. Too many who do that, however, have little concern over whether they are faking it or not. It’s easy to tell many who are faking it – they will claim, in one form or other, that by submitting to them, you and I are submitting to God.

Don’t ever imagine that your submission to my “ministry” is in any way “submitting to God,” except your receiving the goodness of Jesus Himself arising in your own heart as He makes Himself real to you. Submission in the church is a submitting of one to the other, each yielding to each in honor and joy. No pecking order of any kind, no hierarchy, exists in the Church of Jesus Christ, except that which is entirely inverted from the dark kingdoms of the evil one.

It’s not hard to tell those who are sent by Jesus. They will always lift you up, yielding themselves to you in honor, seeing you as the Lord Jesus Himself to them, a woman clothed with all the glory of the Messiah.

More than that, the word that I share, laying the groundwork for the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles in the life of the church, preparing the way for the Father coming home, making His paths straight, removing all the debris that might cause any little one to stumble in that way, declaring to you the testimony of the revelation of Jesus Christ in all glory now at this end of the age, is fairly bold and radical. It would be easy to “see myself” as somebody great, if God had not crippled me by His design.

I have no truck with “elitism.” If what I teach is not accessible to the outcast, to the simple-minded, to the has-beens and the nobodies, then it’s not from God. I would lose everything rather than see one little one who loves Jesus be treated with any kind of disrespect.

Yet it is true that I am basically by myself. I have no ministry with whom I relate, no covering individuals I check in with to see if I’m on the right track. I have no congregation or board or support group. But if I did, then I would have a reason to claim some sort of place in the church, a sectarian place, a place above and a place beneath. And if I did, I would have far more people hearing what I share – except, would I be free to write this word I write? Knowing covering ministries as I know them, I rather doubt it.

Ever so slowly, I have accepted a mantle of “place” from the Father upon my shoulders. I have been able to do that only because of those of you who write to me out from a confirming prophetic spirit encouraging me to believe that God is, in fact, sharing His word through me. Yet, I still don’t have to presume concerning “myself.” Jesus is the only “myself” that I am, and I rest all of my inability entirely inside of Him.

It is you, my readers, who give me “place,” and you do so only as you hear Jesus speaking to you from your own heart as you read or listen to what I share.

Last spring, I began to sense that the season of how I had been writing was changing into a new approach to the Word of Christ. I knew that I wanted to write about living together as one person with the Father but to write in a specific and disciplined manner. Then, as I have been writing the lessons of The Purpose of God course, that new approach has become very clear and real.

You see, I wrote The Jesus Secret entirely in hope, hoping that this new way of seeing would prove itself out in practical reality. Then, for seven years, I wrote in order to learn, in order to know the underlying assumptions of truth and reality, that Jesus might change my mind.

Writing these lessons in the course, Purpose of God, and in this format, writing that comes out from my discovery of what this wondrous word, Symmorphy, really means, and how we are connected utterly together as one person with the Father, through every word that is Jesus, has just electrified my life. I may have known life before, but now I know that snapping of electricity and the exploding of glory as I write every lesson. I am simply astonished when I complete each one. I had no idea. I do have some thought when I begin a lesson, but then, when I look at the actual words of Scripture, that thought takes form and shape far beyond my own ideas. And when I am finished, I sit here in overwhelming awe and wonder.

Please understand that as an Asperger's man, I become fairly obsessive over what obsesses me. And His word, and the design of His word, is what I was shaped by God to be obsessed over.

I am turning this first course into a book; Symmorphy I: Purpose. I see it as volume one of five volumes in the series. I have already laid out all the lessons for the next three courses/volumes, and have the fifth outlined. I am chomping at the bits, wanting to finish this present course, in all of its wonder, so that I can get started on the next three. I actually want to write three courses at once. Doing Session 1 in the first, Essence, then Session 1 in the second, Kingdom, then Session 1 in the third, Covenant, then back to Session 2 in the first, and so on throughout. When I am finished with all three, then I will be ready to write Symmorphy V: Life.

You see, God has not set me, in the present season, as a functioning ministry, traveling and ministering Christ face to face or as a pastor over a local body of believers. God has not even given me, at present, a classroom in a real Bible School in which to teach the word that fills my heart. Though He may well do those things with me soon.

For now, God has limited and confined me to one expression only, to sit here in front of my computer screen and to write. And in this limited place, God does one thing for me, He opens up His Word to me, filling me with the joy of Jesus singing in my heart. Yet part of my gift from God is that I become obsessed with what fills my heart, and I pursue that obsession with unflagging zeal.

More than that, God has anointed me to know His Word by the Spirit and to express His word in a clear manner, understandable to all who love Jesus. This is my commission; this is my ministry.

All of these courses are written out of the point of view of symmorphy, of our living and walking, thinking and breathing as one person together with the Father, connected to Him by every Word that is Jesus. In other words, written out from the simple fact that we are fully saved and that we are the first ones to walk on this earth as Salvation revealed.

My purpose is to establish our full union with the Father rooted utterly in Scripture. That full union is shaped first by God’s motive, means, and opportunity as expressed through the ten most important verses in the Bible. Next it is established by a clarity of knowing what things ARE, Essence, in contrast to the lying nonsense out of which we are being delivered. Kingdom is that which goes out from each of us as individuals, connecting us first together and then out from us into all the world and all the universe. Covenant is that which God forges inside each of us as He unfolds Himself through us as individuals and as a Covenant people together. Finally, Life is the full expression of Father revealed, family, living together as one.

Please understand me. This is the most exciting thing I have ever done or considered doing in my life. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, like a six-year-old boy the day before Christmas. The fact that writing these lessons would also be the Father’s commission for me, to root the revelation of Jesus Christ utterly in and out from Scripture, is just beyond all.

That brings me to the title of this letter: Participate in Ministry.

It is my conviction, born out of absolute enthusiasm, that I should write these five volumes, making them available, not only online, but also as hard copy “textbooks.” And, besides writing, to make what I write more known, that many more who long to know Jesus as He really is in them, will be able to find it.

You see, the entrance of Tabernacles upon this earth MUST be rooted in the full marriage of Word and Spirit. It will NOT come by powerhouse ministries creating outward form that soon ossifies into human structure. It will NOT come by the unrestrained fancy of “spirit,” or the death grip of letter of the word. It will NOT come from Nicene Christianity, even present grace and Spirit outpoured Nicene Christianity, nor any compromise with the deceit of this world.

Tabernacles will come ONLY as God’s people, you and me, each one as individuals, are so rooted in the Word God speaks anointed utterly by the Spirit of God, that we can be carried by Jesus alone into spontaneous and free life together. – Tabernacles is Church by Father.

My job is to establish the Spirit WORD that is Jesus Sent, connecting each of us as one person together with the Father, and connecting us together as one body, walking in love, the revelation of Father forever.

My job is to prepare a highway, a straight path, so that those rushing into Tabernacles and the Father rushing into them, might connect together freely and truly without any hindrance or blockage.

My job is to cause you to know just how much the Lord Jesus joins Himself to you, binding you as one person together with Father at every conceivable point and binding us together as one corporate body, the Father’s home.

But life and ministry costs money. Interestingly, God outlines very clearly His intentions concerning the costs of ministry inside the church of Jesus Christ. Yet I write mostly to people who have left the organized churches because they don’t find the revelation of Christ in those places. Thus any attempt of mine to invite my readers to share in the cost of ministry is met by the “face of Eve” in my own mind, the frowns and mutterings against “grubbing for money.”

I do not teach tithing because tithing is Old Covenant. In the Old, people got to keep 9/10 of what they earned and do their own works 6/7 of the time. In the New Covenant, it’s a straight life for a life. 100% of us belongs to Jesus and 100% of Him belongs to us. We get all that He is; He gets ALL that we are, not 10%.

The Word that governs money for God’s people is this. (Read all of 1 Corinthians 9.) But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

In spite of all the imagined frowns, I want all that God speaks. Do we reject speaking in tongues because the gift has been used foolishly? Do we throw out the Bible, as some do, because Christians have read it wrong? Then let us also walk with God in the Word of His provision, desiring to see this same Word that is Jesus fulfilled in our lives.

Here is God’s way. – That you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.

Now, the question has been raised by a number of different readers the last while, “How will our brethren hear this word of Christ our life?” Paul raised the same question.

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” (Romans 10:15-15)

Here’s the word I’ve been hearing the last bit. “You have not because you ask not.” That has happened to me many times, when I really needed something specific from someone, but they did not know, and I did not ask, and more people than I suffered loss because I did not ask.

As I invited brethren to sign up for my course, things became quite a challenge to me. It ended up that five or six people were engaged with what I write. That’s all. I wrestled with that for a bit, finally coming to a deep peace, that if God wanted me to provide His Word to just a few, then I am utterly and forever blessed.

– But God wants His house filled.

And the Word, being established, is not for a few, but for multitudes. If there are 500 million born again believers on this planet, then one tenth of that number is still 50 million. The heart of the Lord Jesus in me goes out over all who belong to Jesus, the tithe God takes for Himself, the firstfruits, as well as all who call upon His name. Yes, all of them are in the harlot, as we have been. That makes no difference. Only entering into Christ takes any of us out of the false. There are 500 million people who need to read what I write; how can I be satisfied until all have escaped the false and entered into all the fullness of Christ?

The question Paul raises, the essential element behind the sending forth of the word is that those who carry that word must be sent, sent by the Lord Jesus, most certainly, but sent also by people. I don’t have a ministry circle that I am a part of – I suspect God has it that way so that I might remain free to hear Him alone singing in my heart. But I do have you.

Will you send me? Will you send this word out from me?

And when I say “Send me,” I don’t necessarily mean my going around preaching, though I desire very much to visit with you in your own home in the fellowship of Christ and would come to see you in a heartbeat if the Father gave provision. My devotion, however, is to the increase of the Word of Christ our only life. At the same time, I am considering ways by which I might extend the reach of my websites across the Internet. That also takes money.

Some say, “Well, just ask God. Don’t ask people.” But God provides only through people. And how can people give when they do not hear or know? – “Daniel, you have not because you ask not.”

Someone from Kansas, a dear reader whom I do not know and who is not on my mailing list, sends me a check for $100 every month and has done so for around two years now. I deeply appreciate that gift and use it to cover the present costs of the websites and to send out a few books to those who ask. Sometimes it has gotten us out of an immediate financial hole.

If 15-20 people were to take on themselves the same ministry from the Lord, committing to sending a set amount each month, then $1500 + a month would be sufficient provision for me to show my wife that my time spent writing is indeed contributing to our family’s needs.

This is what I really want to do. And I am asking of you to help me do it.

Jesus put only one word on the one side of the equation: GIVE. That one word, all by itself with nothing added to it, is absolute, without restraint or limitation of any kind, not tithe, not ten percent, just GIVE. But then, on the other side of the equation, on the receiving side, he said a mouthful. And it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you (Luke 6:38).

I place all that I write out into the public arena, made available freely to whosoever will. If I were to have been paid the same as I was paid for the academic writing I was able to do, we’re looking at well beyond $300,000 in value freely given to you. In light of the kingdom of God and the life of the age to come, however, that which I give freely is worth many millions of times more.

The power of an endless life.

There is no effective ministry without systematic, committed, and faithful financial support. God knows that, and that’s why He established such giving in His church. We should not disdain those who rely on such consistent giving in order to give themselves fully to the place God has placed them in His church, so long as they are moving in full integrity of heart.

So yes, after all this beating around the bush, I am asking this of you. Consider in your own heart whether and how much the Lord would have you commit to give to Christ Revealed Bible Institute for the express purpose of enabling me to give myself wholeheartedly to releasing into print form that which the Father has poured into me over 40 years, now, of longing to know His word.

Go to any of my websites, the PayPal Donate link is on a number of pages. Click on the Donate link. You will have the option to send a one-time amount, or to set up a monthly payment. Do that which is in your heart, out from the abundance of Father.

By clicking on the link, however, you understand that "Christ Revealed Bible Institute" is a dba for me, Daniel Yordy. Any money you provide will be used for our support that I might be free to write, or for the extension of my websites.


– Or just type into PayPal and send the amount you believe is your part of this ministry. Or send a check made out to Daniel Yordy to the following address. Daniel Yordy, 7914 Fernbank Drive, Houston, Texas, 77049

Again, my need is not just for one-time contributions, as welcome as those would be, but rather for regular monthly amounts, committed to over the long term. Give only, however, as the Lord arises in your own heart with joy.

In the love of Christ Jesus,
Daniel Yordy

[I have not and will not create a corporation regulated by the government for the sole purpose of playing the IRS games. Thus all moneys you send to Christ Revealed I treat as income, as your investment, when I fill out my tax forms, and I count all costs of writing, etc., as business expenses. Thus any money you send me cannot be claimed by you as a “charity deduction,” unless you file business income and call it an expense – which is perfectly legitimate.

But that also leaves me free to offer you the Post Script bonus.]

P.S. Each one of you who participate with me in this ministry of Christ, in sending donations that will give me the time I need to write these courses and to extend the reach of my websites, will receive a copy of each one of the five volumes of Symmorphy as they are made ready.