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23. Are Become the Kingdom

Picture it this way. The proto-universe God originally made was like a house already completely built EXCEPT - without floor covering or paint or furnishing inside or any color or style on the outside. Adam was given the paint brush. He proceeded to paint the entire house, inside and outside, black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, mercy and cruelty, yin and yang. God burned that house to the ground (on the cross of Christ). The proto-house Jesus spoke into existence is a completely other house. We, also, have a paint brush - life - and we enter the new house to paint it all the living colors of the rainbow, the expression of every man's heart in full union with the shared heart of God - glorious liberty flowing out of our bellies. 

23. Are Become the Kingdom

© Daniel Yordy - 2012

To him who overcomes I will grant to eat of tree of life in the midst of the Paradise of God. Revelation 2

The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign through the ages. Revelation 11

Revelation 11 portrays the great transition when all the political structures of this world come to an abject end. But God does not bring something to an end in and of itself. Rather, the new swallows up the old, life swallows up death, love swallows up hatred.

The Kingdom of God is God being Himself through us.

Thus the dynamism of God flowing out of full union with us, swallows up all the lying, all the thieving, all the murdering that emanates from the world system, bringing all of it to a complete end by replacing it with an entirely different cosmos. The fascinating thing about how God swallows the old is that it is all dead in Christ, and we are transferred by faith from one creation to the other. We think we're the same people as we once were, but we are not, yet we are, yet we're not.

God placed, not just two trees before Adam, but two universes. Neither universe had come into being. Creation, as it stood before Adam, was a prototype creation, not yet finished.

God extended to Adam the role of co-creation. We see this in Adam's task of "naming" the animals, that is, imparting to each species its function and nature. But Adam had a far greater impact on the entire universe, both heaven and earth, then we have understood.

The moment Adam sank his teeth into the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fabric and substance of creation warped into its present state. Heaven changed as much as earth. All spiritual substance and all physical substance in the universe took on itself, in that moment, the inherent nature of good versus evil, light versus darkness, yin versus yang, mercy versus cruelty, intelligence versus stupidity - all down through the fabric of equally balanced and continually opposing contradictions.

Thus everyone in this present creation imagines that the whole issue is a cosmic battle between good and evil. Even angels do not understand that this construct is Adam's universe. And when knowing Christians say, "Well, God is in control," they still think out from this dualism of Adam's universe.

If this is true, if the original universe was an unfinished prototype poised to go either way presented to Adam by God, then we must face this absolute and mind-blowing truth. A universe drawing its fabric and substance from the tree of life has never existed.

That's why it is so ridiculous to want to "go to heaven." Heaven, as it is right now, is as much Adam's universe as Hades is.

I have always understood that we are not "restoring" what Adam "lost" in the garden. Not at all! We are birthing the other universe Adam did not eat.

This reality is more profound than you or I have ever considered.

God does not fix the old creation. God does not fix the old creation!

God does not fix the old creation.

The fabric, the warp and woof, the substance and nature of both the physical and the spiritual realms - ALL the heavens - and all the planetary bodies, as it now exists come entirely out of Adam's bite into the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

You cannot get from the tree of knowledge to the tree of life. There is no path between them. We are in the tree of life because God put us there. Those Christians who remain in the tree of knowledge do so only in their minds because their spirit-eyes, their eyes of faith, are closed tight-shut and they will not see the obvious. They walk by outer "sight" and not by faith.

The universe coming out of the fabric and substance of the tree of life is an entirely different universe than the one we have known. All the fabric of the earth is utterly other. All the fabric of heaven is utterly other. And all the structure of society in the new creation, both human and angelic, is utterly other.

God does not change Adam's universe so that it becomes a universe of life. God puts the entire universe, both heaven and earth, to death on the cross of Christ. Can we grasp the implication that for 3 hours God did not speak! This One who is ALWAYS speaking, always Jesusing, spoke not a word for 3 hours.

That's why it is unnecessary to put any stock in modern human science. Modern science is not only grossly ignorant and at least half false (only engineering science is mostly correct, all other sciences are fabricated nonsense and deliberate lies, especially medicine), but it is attempting to study the fabric of Adam's universe, a fabric that is neither the original prototype, nor does it have any relation to the universe that will be.

When God said, "A new creation," He was not speaking figuratively.

We do NOT know the new creation.

Angels do NOT know the new creation.

The New Creation is a seed inside of us. The new heavens began when our spirit was born again. But that's it. Right now, New Creation fabric and substance is found only in the regenerated spirits of the elect. It is not found in heaven - except inside the "spirits of just men made perfect." The new creation is in them as well as in us, in their human spirits, and nowhere else in all heaven.

Yes, the new creation begins with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. However, God has ordained 3 days, 3000 years, from the resurrection of Jesus until the fabric and substance of the new creation is in full being.

The proto-universe was altered absolutely all through heaven and earth the very moment Adam's teeth broke the skin of the fruit of knowing good and knowing evil. - In Adam all died. - Adam's universe then died upon the cross of Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ was the very last Adam. It is so wrong to call Him the second Adam; He was the last Adam; Adam is no more. Jesus, rather, is the second man. There is a new man; there is no new Adam.

Yet God has ordained 3 days or 3000 years for the closing out of the old creation. It is clear that He has done so.


Because God does nothing apart from us. And He does nothing except through our faith. That's just the kind of Person He is. He does all things together with us, and we do all things together with Him - His Person inside of our person and our person inside of His.

If Christ, the always-speaking of God, IS a many-membered body, then we know that God IS a many-membered body.

Now, consider - how could we be anything other than the very Word God is always speaking?

But we know that Adam altered the word God speaks into a contradiction God foreknew, but did not will. Adam chose the law of God, not His heart.

"All that God says we will do, just keep Him away from us." The children of Israel to Moses - paraphrased.

I am so astonished at how much "deeper truth," "Spirit-filled" talk expresses itself as just another way to keep God shoved out in the cold, not at all one of us. Such talk reverences Him, yes, but keeps Him always at arm's length and keeps the obligation to "do what He says," upon the separated person.

Unless we allow our flesh to be God's flesh, our heart to be God's heart, we cannot ever know Him. This surrender is NO exaltation of the human; it is God Himself we are talking about. God in us.

The truth is, when we keep God at arm's length, we are standing "as" God, choosing between right and wrong, between good and evil, between His way and "our" way. That IS the carnal mind. The truth is, Jeremiah said, "It is not in man to direct his own steps." There is no "our" way at all, people just make that up.

Adam's act of piercing the skin of the fruit of knowledge with his teeth was the signing of a binding and irrevocable contract with the serpent.

Look at these words: "God did really say that." Then, look at these words, at the change wrought by the serpent: "Did God really say that?"

SAME WORDS - almost in the same order. Only two words are switched - "God did" to "Did God."

Thus the Bible has ALWAYS been the serpent's book, almost as much as it has been God's. And the serpent, speaking into the human mind, has altered everything in the Bible, not by re-writing the Bible, but by altering two words in the heart of man - from God did to did God, an alteration that almost all Christians never ever notice.

- Except those who have been granted to eat of the tree of life.

To him who overcomes, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.

To him who comes over, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the proto-creation of God.

Picture it this way. The proto-universe God originally made was like a house already completely built EXCEPT - without floor covering or paint or furnishing inside or any color or style on the outside. Adam was given the paint brush. He proceeded to paint the entire house, inside and outside, black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, mercy and cruelty, yin and yang.

NEITHER God NOR we enter Adam's house to change the colors.

God burned that house to the ground and bulldozed the site (on the cross of Christ). The proto-house Jesus spoke into existence in John 17 is a completely other house. We, also, have a paint brush - life - and we enter the new house to paint it all the living colors of the rainbow, the expression of every man's heart in full union with the shared heart of God.

The new creation is not yet formed, because we are the ones who give it its color and style, its fabric and substance - glorious liberty flowing out of our bellies.

And we paint by the eating of Christ.

So, you see, the Bible kills just as easily as it gives life. The difference is entirely in the spirit of the mind of the one who reads, the "dianoia." It is as easy to use the Bible to paint an already black and white world more black and white as we find it easy to use the Bible to paint a new universe all the colors of the grace and goodness of Christ - as that new creation forms itself out of our bellies.

There was a specific order by which Adam's universe came into being. God shows in the New Testament that Adam's universe is ended by an exact duplication of that order, point by point, answer by answer. This is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

Let's look at the order of Adam's creation.

1. Adam despised his weakness – the source of all evil we have ever known.

2. Adam's teeth penetrated the skin of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

The next two things happened at the same moment.

3. Adam's spirit died in an instant - becoming the old man, the driver of good and evil, right and wrong, "my" way and His way, light and darkness, all of it a delusion inside of Adam.

4. Adam was seized into a binding contract with the accuser - he was "ashamed."

5. Adam and Eve together created the world system, covering their flesh with fig leaves, trying so very hard to "look like Christ," relating together through the spirit of disobedience ("separating" themselves from God in their minds, a delusion), and pretending.

6. Adam lied to his sons about God, and Cain killed Abel to "steal" Abel's place before God.

7. Adam's physical body died. It began to die as Adam clothed it with pretending, but it died fully before 1 day, 1000 years, was completed.

8. The whole structure of the solar system was altered drastically during the flood of Noah.

However - it is evident that God put the church of Christ into a 2000-year holding pattern. We may not be able to explain fully why yet, but we are content in our Father's wisdom until He opens Himself to our understanding. What we must do is recognize that He did place a 2000 year interim between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our being granted to eat of the tree of life today.

No one will ever eat of the tree of life so long as they insist on keeping God separated from themselves.

Thus we see that the 2000 years of the church age has been the same interim prototype-universe period that Adam also experienced. If you look at the time from Adam's formation out of the union between God and dirt until his absolute and final impact on all of the first creation - turning it into a universe of good and evil, light and darkness - that period of time parallels the age of the church - a similar proto-universe time.

Now, to the outward eye it appears, as we bring the new creation into visible formation, that the old creation as it is "becomes" the new. That's not what happens, though. In reality, the new creation is formed brand new and swallows up an already-dead old creation.

You and I are setting the fabric and substance of that new creation right now by eating, eating, eating of the tree of life. The birthing of the New follows the same steps Adam followed.

1. We embrace our weakness with all joy, giving thanks for all of our difficulties, seeing God in our flesh, expecting Him always arising into life. More than that, we accept in ALL fullness the words, "it is finished."

2. Jesus gives us to eat of the tree of life.

Understand - #1 is Christ as us. The #2 step is just beyond that. It is possible to remain in "Christ as us" without going on to eat of all the life of God. - But each one comes in their time. There is no "pecking order" in the New Creation, but only the joyous welcoming of all with wide open hearts and sheer delight.

3. Our spirit knows God, and we see Him full and real as a Person inside of our person - in sweet communion and togetherness forever.

4. The accuser is cast out of the heavens. He finds nothing inside of us and can no longer remain as a spirit being, but must show himself as the lowly worm he has made himself to be, before being removed from all the experience of man.

5. The lie is exposed for all to see and all thievery and all murders.

6. The spirit by which all humans connect together is broken. The Beast - human government - wicked men pretending and pushing other people around - is shattered and cast down. Humans on the earth are wandering and witless like ants whose queen has been destroyed, without purpose or connection.

7. The last enemy, death, is defeated in our physical bodies.

8. The whole outward structure of all creation, both heaven and earth, is altered forever after the end of the seventh day, when we step forth into creation as fully-trained adult sons of God to begin the great age of completion, the greatest of all the ages.

Every step of this progression God does together with and through us.

Every step IS the manifestation of the sons of God. Every step is the birthing of the manchild, and his catching up to the throne of God.

Now - the defeat of the last enemy, death, MUST BE proven by God's original terms, that is, human beings celebrating 1000 years of living upon this earth. And thus the final re-arrangement of the outward form of the universe does not come until after that event is celebrated. And I'm not making any of this up; it all comes out of what God actually says in the New Testament.

However, steps 1-7 are where we are engaged right now. As we rejoice in our weakness, as we see God in our flesh, as we give thanks through our stumbling, as we speak "Christ is my life; I have no other life," against all the crying of that other voice, "Choose His way and not your own, pretend, pretend, pretend to look like Christ," then Jesus, wonder of all wonders, grants to us to eat of the tree of life.

In that moment our eyes are opened from Adam's closed-eye "seeing," and we see God Himself filling us full right now and forever.

Then, with all authority, we cast down the accuser. We face the lying, the thievery, and the murders of this world and shine the light fully upon all of it, breaking the spirit by which all mankind relates together. Those who are unwilling to obey the gospel by placing the cross of Christ upon every form of Jewishness, natural or pretend, cannot be a part of breaking that world-spirit.

Understand that God blessing three old gents with their real flesh and blood children being gathered into Christ in a huge sweep near the end, as Paul says, for the sake of the "fathers," is separate from the terms of the New Covenant and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They must come in through that gospel, yes, but we recognize that this one concession God chooses to give in regard to the flesh comes quite apart from everything else God says concerning the natural man, Jew or Gentile, in the gospel. No natural man stands in Christ; there is NO Jew in Him. God proves that Christ is the New Creation and not the old.

As these things take place, glorious rivers of living water flow out of us, more and more, in direct impact on our visible surroundings. We get so beside-ourselves excited - enthused - that our bodies can no longer stand it and they give way to total resurrection. At that moment floods of living water are released out upon the whole earth and all mankind, and the New Creation - the Kingdom of God - becomes visible.

Now - as these things happen for real, there is no doubt that our understanding will alter to fit that reality. I see these things now more clearly than I ever have before, but I wait with fervent expectation for the full opening of my eyes.

The time period from the moment our teeth bit into the fruit of the tree of life, a moment that began for me, I truly believe, a few months ago (if that is true, it does not make me "above" anyone, but simply that I would share the joy of showing the many the precious answer to the longing of their own hearts) - from that moment until the moment our bodies are swallowed up in the life billowing out of us in gushing floods could be 3 ½ years or it could be 7 years. I'm not really into mental strangulation over obscure Bible phrases in order to "figure things out." Yes, 7 years and 3 ½ years are figurative, but heaven and earth are utterly connected and elements of heavenly reality show themselves in the earth as specific time periods - the fullness of times.

Time and eternity are two sides of the same thing.

Nevertheless, we are in it, and it is now. Now is the Day of Salvation.

The Kingdom of God is come. The tree of life is open and full now upon this earth and we are that tree. Out of our bellies flow the fabric and substance, the warp and woof, the nature and being of the new creation of God, the new heavens and the new earth, spoken into existence by Jesus in John 17.

We have a universe to paint with all the creative glory of the God who fills us full, His Person inside of our person, His joy inside of our joy.

And the painting and furnishing, the growth and increase of that Kingdom will never end.

According to John's vision, God intends to prove that New Creation once again after death has been shown powerless by many celebrating their 1000th birthday right here on this earth. That final proving is the time of "Gog and Magog" as spoken by Ezekiel. We know our God; we have no need to "figure out" what that means. The point is that finally, after that final proving ordained by our Father, the structure of the entire universe is altered, both heaven and earth and all the stars and planets, to be the outer form of that New Creation birthed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.

Thus, "out of death and into life" will be the story forever told, the scars of Jesus the brightest jewels in the universe. Some say that we will "forget" this time of sorrows. I find that thought absurd. We will not know it as a time of sorrows, but the time when our glory began.

We have a universe to create, we and God; our joy together has just begun.