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22. The "Opposite" of the World

 God is a jealous God. He does not share us with another. When we bind our hearts to relationships or things or causes in this world, our hearts are then 'full' of something other than God. That contract or binding agreement we have made then pushes God into the background of our knowing. He is still God fully in us; we just do not know Him or His presence. Separation from the world and union with God are two sides of the same thing. Separation from the world is not some legalistic whip. But rather a release into the joy of knowing Him who fills us with His glory.


22. The "Opposite" of the World

© Daniel Yordy - 2012

Numerous times throughout the New Testament the Spirit of God positions the kingdom of God as the opposite of the world. The world is or does this, the kingdom of God is or does that. This contrast is not incidental, but intended by God from the beginning.

First, we must define the world once again. The world is not individual people. No matter how involved in the practice of shared evil an individual person might be, the atonement covers that individual and he or she is loved of God. Second, the world is not the earth. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. There is NOTHING about the earth that is evil or a hindrance to us. The earth suffers under the curse, but that is man's problem, not the earth’s.

The world is the system of relationships by which human beings separated from God in the darkness of their minds relate with one another. All relationships between all separated humans take place inside a spirit. No connection can happen except through a spirit - earth and heaven are utterly intertwined and woven together; they cannot be separated except as death. The spirit through which all separated human interactions occur is the spirit of disobedience. That spirit is not one omnipresent spirit, but rather a hierarchy of billions of fallen spirits joined together by fear and lust.

The world is 100% false; it is simply not real. It's 'hold' is imaginary on the one hand, yet imposed by pain and custom on the other hand.

Whenever two people on this planet connect together - except sons of God connecting through the Spirit of Christ - that connection is attended by some spirit. There are two kinds of connections in this world, casual connections and contractual connections. Contractual connections operate at a higher level of spirit power and binding than do casual connections.

NOW - Christians who live in the consciousness of Christ and the blood always flowing over them, who rejoice in the grace and goodness of God, walk through this world unscathed, regardless.

HOWEVER - there are two conditions here that we must consider. First, we are commanded by the Spirit of God to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of flesh and spirit. The reason God gives us this task is NOT to "get right" with God, but rather that, by the process of cleansing, we might know Him who is our only life. We are cleansed only by His life always welling up within us - by believing that He is, regardless of what we 'feel.' Second, any contractual heart agreement we enter into in relationships with others in this world MUST limit our ability to know the One who fills our hearts.

God is a jealous God. He does not share us with another. When we bind our hearts to relationships or things or causes in this world, our hearts are then 'full' of something other than God. That contract or binding agreement we have made then pushes God into the background of our knowing. He is still God fully in us; we just do not know Him or His presence.

Separation from the world and union with God are two sides of the same thing. Separation from the world is not some legalistic whip. But rather a release into the joy of knowing Him who fills us with His glory.

When I say 'contractual' agreement, we do not mean such everyday things as signing a credit card purchase or a work agreement in the course of business, or things of that nature that are necessary to living in this world. Rather, we refer to heart agreement with things or entities or causes of this world. One can carry a binding agreement to some possession such as a car or a house, holding onto it with clenched grip, unwilling to let it go. Pledging one's heart to the flags or the militaries of this world also binds the heart away from God much more than people realize.  

If we could see in the heavens, we would see great bands of darkness attach themselves to a person's heart when they enter into a contractual agreement with a military. That person's ability to know God is severely limited (though not necessarily broken) by those bands.

We will know God in fullness only as God alone fills every particle of our hearts. God cannot share His heart with any darkness of this world.

I have seen this reality. A heart filled with issues and concerns and causes and possessions and goals and theologies and talking points has no room for the goodness and grace of God. Yet I also know this reality, that out of a heart filled with God-only flows an unending supply of all things richly to enjoy.

NOW - God fills our heart by what He says. We do not 'get' God to fill our heart by 'pushing' out the darkness. God fills our hearts - He says so. We first believe that what He says is true, then we see God all through whatever we find in our hearts; we do not judge ourselves. Then, as God is the light of our seeing, He himself dissipates any element of darkness. We wake up one day to find our hearts completely unattached to anything in this world - YET, to our great surprise, we discover that every real thing is now ours (the world is false and not real).

Everything we once held onto so tightly - or coveted if we did not possess it, is now ours freely and forever, yet our hearts remain purely God's heart and unattached to those things. We love, but we neither bind anything to ourselves now or 'owe' anyone or any cause anything.

Then, we see our brethren, and we see that so many have hearts filled with so many things, including "Christian" things, and we know instinctively that a heart filled full of other things cannot know Christ, not really. We become missionaries among our brethren, seeking to win Christians to Christ.

In that light, there is no greater world power over the hearts of Christians, no greater bands of darkness in the heavens keeping them from knowing Christ than the binding contractual agreements they have made with denominations, church groups, or 'covering,' and the heart commitment they have made, in pride and in fear, to a theological system of knowing about God.

There is no greater enemy to knowing God than knowing about God. The more steeped a heart is in knowing correct theology, the less able that person is to know the God who fills their hearts with His glory and His Person.

The Spirit that binds together believers in Jesus Christ in one body operates entirely differently. The world requires obligation of commitment, the Spirit carries us through owing no man anything (our hearts are God's alone), yet, out of real, person-to-person love, we serve one another. That service is never required, but flows out of the God who fills our hearts.

The world requires servitude and obeisance. God carries, and as God flows out of us, we carry.

This is the primary difference between the world and the church. The world commands, using the force of custom and obligation, followed by the threat of pain, and then the infliction of pain and loss by violence. God carries, even His enemies, inside Himself, limiting Himself to their weakness. Stumbling along with them in their way, He arises from death into life and they in Him.

NOTE: This definition does not include the normal obligations we carry as an employee to do the tasks given us by our employer, or the proper role of children in obeying their parents. Yet even these 'obligations' are real for us only when our hearts fully know the God who fills them with His glory. And parents who know Christ will walk with their children as they are Christ, and will never teach them fear and obligation.

The world rules by violence. God carries by becoming.

ALL that the world knows is violence. Yet the kingdom of God is not a passive 'non-violence,' but rather an active Spirit-reconciliation, a peace-making.

If any nation stopped inflicting pain on people, it would soon cease to exist. Human governments and 'countries' exist only by two means. First is the continual myth-making by which people's minds and hearts are trapped in delusions of grandeur about their 'country,' most of which are simply nonsense. Second is the pain inflicted at every point where an individual person's interests go contrary to the interests of whoever controls the state or its power.

The kingdom of God is based first on a deep respect and high regard for each individual person. Since God becomes each person in a unique way, we regard each individual person as we regard Christ.

Next, the kingdom of God is non-violent, but not in a passive way. Rather, active love extends to each individual person with the goal to win them to the knowledge of the God who carries them. But there is no coercion in the kingdom, no force or manipulation.

Yes, there is justice and restitution. But the offender is held in the same regard as the offended. And the offended is held in the same regard as the judge.

Gentle words of kindness spoken by the faith of the Son of God carry more convicting power than we impute to them in our present ignorance.

The only purpose of government in the kingdom is to resolve the issues and offenses between people. It has no other purpose. "No man shall say to his neighbor, 'Know the Lord,' but all shall know Me from the least to the greatest." The New Covenant

What about violent men? What about lines of violent men all acting together to kill and destroy?

God never recognizes an 'army.' He does not know any such thing. Man can establish hierarchies of command and oaths of obedience, but God still does not know such a thing. When a so-called army moves forward in violence, for whatever reason, all God knows is each individual person committing acts of wickedness against other individual persons.

It is hard to defeat an immortal human who is always laying down his life for your sake. You can 'kill' him all you want, yet he is always arising into life, carrying you inside the God who carries him, lifting you up into life. At what point could a violent man ever defeat love?

If you are rushing at me to kill me, and I am preparing a table for you with the very thing your heart longs for in the quiet places when you are alone, how long before my gentle and real regard for you breaks through all your defenses and defeats you?

Make no mistake; this is the kingdom of God, and it is in full operation now, and we are it. We are the demonstration of that Kingdom.

Let's compare the power of the Kingdom to the wickedness of the world. Human government is not a thing in itself. It exists only as part of the curse, part of God subjecting the world to vanity. Nebuchadnezzar, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, pointed out that God seeks out the basest of humans to place into governmental power. Democracy lends itself to that vanity better than any other form of government. The worst humans in society rise to the top almost immediately in any democracy.

All human government is nothing more than wicked men who find that by working together with other wicked men, they can manipulate and control the majority of people for their own gain; they can profit from the death and loss of many. Yes, under the vanity of this age, God tells us to submit in certain ways to those wicked men, but that in no way endorses any part of what they do.

I have described previously the nature of the psychopath (The Foolishness of God). There are two kinds of psychopath: the pure psychopath of high intelligence of which Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill are prominent examples. (Many, many of the crimes - though certainly not all - attributed to Adolf Hitler, we will discover inside Churchill's account for real in the day of judgment.) Then there are the lesser psychopaths, those who do not have the ruthless capacity to claw their way to the top, but who find that they can gain the most for themselves by outward service to the more successful psychopaths.

If mankind were not blind and ignorant, no psychopath would ever be given any place of responsibility in human affairs - ever.

Let me point out that in the rule of kings, a good man can occasionally be found in power. One such in the twentieth century was Nicholas II of Russia. Nicholas II is a tremendous example, a study, of what happens when a good man finds himself in power in this world through no fault of his own. Psychopaths of every stripe and persuasion swirl around such a man, each seeking his own purposes, such that the times of that man become the bloodiest and most violent in history.

All human governments lie about everything. Always.

It is inherently impossible for human government, especially democratic government or even church government to speak truth, even if such government is full of Spirit-filled Christians. In democracy, if a politician were to speak the truth, no one would vote for him, especially Christians. We demand myths and lies. I discovered that while public school text books did not give the whole picture, in complete contrast, Christian school history books were filled with blatant lies all the way through.

Politicians lie because we demand lies. A little truth is tolerated, but not much. If they did not lie, few would vote for them. Jesus said, "Men love darkness because their deeds are evil." All real actions of government always operate in the darkness, hidden and unseen - BECAUSE they are evil.

This definition applies to all human government at all times and in every situation. A member of government may present correct facts, yes, but those facts will always be arranged in a way that increases that person's place and power, and never as they will appear when the secrets of men's hearts will be opened in the day of judgment.

Now - let me get to the heart of human vanity. Anytime any small group of people sets itself to 'run' other people's lives, they MUST practice deceit. They MUST twist the facts and even the Scripture to fit the enhancement of their place and power. None of it is Christ.

I have shared about my time of sitting as an elder among elders in the pinnacle of church life in this age. I do not believe that you will find any church government in the history of the church more wise, more anointed, or more loving in the best in-part Christianity aspires to than was displayed before me in that circle. Yet those brethren had the mistaken notion that they were 'responsible' for the kingdom and that somehow, they had place to direct the lives of 'lesser' brethren.

I honor and respect every person that was in that circle, and let me say again, I do not believe you will find an example of 'human government' anywhere in history superior to that circle. Equal to, yes, likely so in the history of the church, but not superior to.

Let me say, for the first time, not as any accusation - if God should mark iniquity, who would stand? But in simple honesty, fully acknowledging my own mistakes and foolishness, let me state why I could not remain with that circle, continuing on just a few more months to be set in fully as an elder - arriving at my desire of many years.

They bent reality. They bent the facts mostly to and among themselves, but also to the people.

At first, I was just astonished, unable to grapple with the fact that I was hearing things twisted to fit the betterment of that individual and of the ruling group. I was astounded when I heard an outright and deliberate lie in the guise of 'honoring' and deferring to the apostle. I was astonished when I heard them bending reality - for their own exaltation - about the actions and role of non-elders. And I was astonished when I heard them twist the facts as they presented things to the people "for their own good."

I am in no way better than anyone in that group. But I knew that I could not lie for political gain and place, I just don't have that gift. Because, in the end, that is all that group or any group of humans trying to rule over others could ever achieve.

Jesus said, "It shall not be so among you."

All human government, all attempts of one group of individuals to rule over another group of individuals must lie; there is no other possibility. The moment there is power over, there is politics. And politics is just a fancy word for the art and science of lying.

This reality is ordained by God; it's called vanity; it's called the curse. The kingdom of God is something entirely different. Government in the kingdom of God is 'opposite' of government in the kingdoms of men.

Why did we obey the elders in Christian community against the witness of our own hearts and out of a top-down relationship? Because the ministry taught us that such a top-down order was 'God,' and that this obedience was our obedience to God. We obeyed because of fear. Such obedience can never be of faith. The obedience of faith is found in an entirely different realm.

Attempting to compare living in the tree of life to living in the tree of knowledge would be like attempting to show the similarities and differences between a tadpole and a nuclear explosion. You just can't get from one to the other.

Government in the kingdom of God is the 'opposite' of government in the kingdoms of men, including all forms of top-down government ever practiced in the church. Yet I place the word 'opposite' in quotation marks because there is no real comparison.

Government in the kingdom of God always moves by the atonement with the cross/resurrection at the center. Here is the incredible difference between the King of the universe and all church government that I have known or am aware of. In the kingdom of God, it is the KING who carries, it is the KING who lays down His life, it is the KING, the individual person - the KING, who arises into life, and it is the KING who carries His former enemies on high inside Himself.

That specific role of King Jesus is NEVER delegated. We share that role ONLY as He is utterly Himself in us. We share that role ONLY in the intimate joy of our precious and incredible union with Him, His Person inside of our person. We are that individual and personal KING, Christ Jesus, made visible to others. Their faith is strengthened to connect with Him as they see His tender kindness manifest through us.

In the circle of elders in which I sat, the cross was something imposed on the non-elders, but assumed by the elders. They did not know the cross, nor the nature of the atonement. I could give specific instances of that way of thinking, but I will not.

NEVER does the King impose the cross. ALWAYS He carries you, your cross, and every concern and lack you bear.

Always, the King laughs in delight, "It is finished, My dear one. You are already and forever completely in Me. And I live in every part of you in all of your weakness."

The King is always personal. He is always real. And He is always filling in fullness and flowing in glory from every particle of our human being and person. God made flesh for Himself.  And we reveal His goodness to our enemies and to all who oppose Him. We lay down our lives for our brethren, even and especially when they are attempting to kill us. - That is the Kingdom. -

The kingdoms of the world persuade their young men that to go murder someone else is the highest pinnacle of glory they can achieve. The church joins this idolatry, glorifying those who have murdered and spurning those who refuse. The young people who have murdered for "God" and "country" are then thrust into an impossible contradiction of horror inside themselves.

They know they have murdered and performed dark and wicked things. They know these wicked acts stand between themselves and the knowledge of God. But their own parents, their own pastors, their own countrymen and leaders praise them, telling them they are just like Christ. They know they have burned families in their homes, gunned down children in the streets, butchered fathers desperately trying to protect their families, crushed the skulls of brothers trying to keep their sisters from rape. They know they have joined hearts with others to shed blood and to do wicked deeds.

They know this, but everyone in their lives tells them they have served "God" and are examples of "Christ." Thus they merge the lie with the lie and with acts of murder and violence. Thousands of these young men caught in this contradiction commit suicide; many others become pastors and politicians.

God calls this whole practice "the harlot riding the beast."

Christians call it "God" and "freedom."

There is no such thing as an army or a political nation. These are figments of human delusion only, made "real" by the infliction of pain and loss. Every individual human action is the action of that individual alone. No one will stand with him when he gives an account, nor labor for him as he provides full and just restitution for all the hurt and sorrow and loss he has brought into the lives of others.

When you tell a young man to join the military, you are committing a greater crime against God and against man than all the wicked actions that young man and his buddies in wickedness will commit. Jesus said that it would be better that a millstone be tied around one's neck and he be tossed into the sea than to offend these little ones.

I know many pastors and Christian school leaders who will be desperately wishing for the choice of the millstone, a choice long past them. They belong to Jesus, yes, and He will carry them through, but God is just and all things stolen in the darkness will be restored - by the ones who have LIED.

ALL wars are built entirely on lies. No one would pick up a weapon to kill his neighbor except he be persuaded by a lie and a liar; even if that LIAR is his own father or pastor.

The Great Lie under-girding that wicked and arrogant nation, the United States, is the Lie that claims that "freedom" comes from killing people. All who repeat that lie demonstrate that they have never thought seriously about the deceit of this world, not once. They are content with lies and lying.

"The serpent deceives the whole world." Every part and particle of the world is a lie and all of it is built on violence. Lies and violence are the fabric and the texture of the entire thing. There is nothing good in this world, nothing right, nothing true.

If there were anything true in this world, then God would be a liar. And if God speaks the truth, then we know that the entire world is a lie. No compromise nor meeting ground exists.

More than 90% of those who call themselves 'Jews' in this world are NOT Jews, they have no blood from Jacob. God would never treat Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with such contempt as to pawn off a bunch of Gentile Khazars on those old men as their seed.

What we call 'Israel' in today's world should be called Khazaria, the locusts from the north devouring the mountains of Israel. There are more descendants of Jacob, the 'Jews' Paul says will be gathered in honor of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to be found among the Palestinians than are found among those who call themselves 'Jews.'

That solitary LIE, that Khazars are 'Jews,' that they are 'innocent,' and that they are the 'victims,' is the Great Lie of the Beast upon which the delusion of the end of the age is built.

There is NO COMPROMISE!! Love will NEVER promote the lie.

If you truly love a Khazar, a white Asiatic pretending to be a Jew, then you will tell them they no longer need to pretend being a Jew because they are not. They are a Gentile just like the rest of us and God wants to reveal Himself through them anyway. Their attempt to be the 'Jew' is the mightiest pretense Adam has ever achieved inside the tree of pretending.

The Great Showdown of the ages will take place very soon in the city that men call Jerusalem, but that God calls Sodom over this very issue. And all those who are truly descended from Jacob whom God will sweep into the kingdom ONLY for His high regard for those three old fellows, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and for NO other reason, will abandon all Jewishness at the foot of the cross, leaving it forever dead and buried as they arise into one new man in Christ.

There is no Jew in Christ, ever. Not one.

It is clear to me now that there is no possible way anyone including ourselves can know or understand or be the kingdom except by knowing and understanding and being the Atonement - that path of our Lord Jesus Christ from His prayer in the upper room to His sitting down at the right hand of the Father and we in Him.

I can honestly say that I have never known the atonement in the way I see it now, nor have I ever heard or read anyone that presented it this way. I know that some individuals down through church history came to live in a knowing of the atonement, but I don't think they ever articulated it in terms of the gospel and in terms of the words on the pages of the New Testament. In fact, I know that George Mueller was one such, and I know that I live, now, where he lived.

I do not boast of myself, there is no 'myself' to boast in. But I delight in God and worship in the certainty of the Nature and Being of the One who fills me with His glory BY that very atonement and AS that atonement through me.

But the Atonement in all that it means is more a part of my next series, The Covenant. By writing this series on The Kingdom of God, I have come to see the Atonement as it really is, as God Himself. As I write the series of The Covenant, I eagerly anticipate knowing our Atonement God more deeply as He reveals Himself in me and in you.

There is another name in the Bible for the Atonement. It is the mercy seat, the seventh and final piece of furniture in the Holy of Holies - God as He really is in us and through us. The throne of our hearts, the throne of heaven, upon which we sit entirely inside of Him.

The mercy seat is the Kingdom; the Kingdom is the mercy seat. The path of Jesus from John 17 to the right hand of the Father is the Kingdom; the Kingdom is the path of Jesus from John 17 to the right hand of the Father revealed through us.

We do not know that kingdom until these words are true all through our being, spirit, soul, and body. We know them by faith, before we will ever see it with our eyes.

Put an AK-47 in Jesus' hands, his lips peeled back in hatred, gunning down the Pharisees mocking Him and the Roman soldiers beating Him and all the 'collateral damage' that was stupid enough to get into His 'fight for freedom,' and you have the world pretending to be 'Christ.'

There are many, many Christians, beloved of the Lord, who will vomit uncontrollably when they see the horror they have called 'Christ.' Jesus said there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world are entirely different realms and there is no path of connection between them.

The Spirit of God can use all sorts of things to teach those who live in the tree of Life, in the true Kingdom of God, in the Atonement, the truth of Christ their life.

But those who live in the tree of knowledge, in all the realms of Christian pretending, cannot ever see the Kingdom of God, and when they use the hierarchy and structures of this world to describe that kingdom, all they can do is create an utterly false image. Yet to them, you and I speaking our completed oneness with God and with every part of the Atonement through us, we are the blasphemers in their eyes.

Let me give a little 'test' here, a litmus paper, for anyone to be able to tell if they live in the kingdom or not. "I, Daniel Yordy, say to you, face-to-face, boldly, but in sincerity of heart and utter faith in my Savior these words. The Lord Jesus Christ and I are one. He carries every part of me including my sin and my flesh inside Himself all the time, and He fills every part of my human weakness every moment of my life. More than that, God in me is reconciling the world, including you, to Himself through my every word and action, through my every breath, regardless of what I may 'look like' to outward sight or even to the best of 'fruit' inspectors."

Now, hearing me say that to you in person, is there inside of you the words, "You can't say that, Daniel"? If those words are there, if you do not say the same thing yourself with all joy, then you do not know the Kingdom of God and Jesus has not yet given you to eat of the tree of Life.

But be of good cheer. You have every reason to hope in all expectancy. You are already in the tree of life in truth; He put you there long ago. All that you need to do is to believe what He says and to eat, eat, eat of Him with me.

The Kingdom of God, the tree of Life, is a simple, honest, and final act of the human will. It is a simple decision to eat of Christ and to disregard all other claims. Especially to disregard that evil voice, "Sin, sin, flesh, flesh, what about that?" Yes, I look at my 'sin.'

Yes, I look at my 'flesh,' and for the life of me, all I can see is Christ and all I can do is laugh with His joy overflowing up inside of me.

And the astonishing thing is, I no longer say that by faith. It is true and real, proven through the darkness, demonstrated for real in the valley of the shadow of death.

It is Jesus; I am one with Him.

And that is the Kingdom of God.