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Why 9-11 Matters

Why 9/11 Matters
By Daniel Yordy - April 25, 2010
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On September 11, 2001, I was the principal/high school English teacher of a very small school district in west Texas. The first part of the morning I spent in the principal’s office or walking around the school. I taught my high school classes in the late morning/afternoon. As I was walking down the hall, a teacher stepped out of her room motioning me in to watch what was happening on television with her and her students.

Like all Americans, I was stunned and appalled by what I saw. After the shots of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center, I walked around a bit, and then came back. I happened to be in the classroom watching the TV when the first tower collapsed, so I saw the first live shot of the falling building.

I am a builder. I have built all kinds of things, working with every part of the construction trade including demolition. I know nothing personally about skyscrapers, but I have worked much with concrete. I know what it is, and I know the laws of physics that rule concrete and steel, gravity and fire, firsthand.

It took 9 seconds for the first WTC tower to fall from the moment the top began to collapse, 1000 feet above the ground, until the moment that all of it lay in ruins upon the ground. Nine seconds. About half way through those nine seconds my brain, distinctly and loudly, by the evidence of my eyes, told myself, “I am watching a controlled demolition.” I have not changed that understanding of fact since.

The rest of that day, I spent the class periods explaining to my students what was happening from a world perspective. By mid-day, the television sets had put into our minds the probability of involvement by Osama Bin Laden, a theory that I had no reason - that is, no evidence had been provided to us - to accept or deny.

First, I explained to my students that terror is a strategic weapon. Modern terrorism was developed in pre- and communist Russia. It was how the Bolsheviks won. Hit your enemy with crimes so dastardly, so evil, so terrible, that they are stunned. Stunned and dazed, they will strike here and there in confusion, and then you have them. You see that often in movies in fights between a big guy and a little guy. The little guy pretends to be weak, to fall back hurting. Then, in that weak state he mocks the big guy. The big guy, confident that he must win, hurls at the little guy in rage. The little guy suddenly perks up, steps aside, and kills the big guy with one blow.

I explained all this to my students that afternoon. I wanted them to see the larger perspective, to understand what was really going on.

Then, I drew a map of the Middle East on the board that showed all the countries including Afghanistan and Iraq. I assumed the theory that Bin Laden was, in fact, responsible. I asked the question, “If Osama Bin Laden did this, what is his purpose, what does he want the US to do in response?” My answer was clear; it is classical war theory. Bin Laden would want the US to come raging into the Middle East, against Afghanistan, yes, but primarily, Bin Laden wants the US to conquer and occupy Iraq. That way, the US is off base, striking blindly, and easily targeted. I explained that by using terror, Bin Laden might hope actually to get the US to make this most stupid and detrimental of moves. America can never control the Middle East, but it certainly can destroy itself there.

I said this, went through it four times for four different grades, 9-12, on the afternoon of September 11, 2001. This was a Tuesday. On Wednesday, I read the reports of other people, engineers - educators, who were stating that the fall of the twin towers was obviously controlled demolition and that there needed to be an investigation into how the terrorists were able to get bombs into the building. No one assumed it was anyone other than Bin Laden and his pals. One of these calls for further investigation into the controlled demolition of the WTC came from a professor of engineering at a university in nearby New Mexico.

The days passed, on Monday of the next week, I believe, less than a week after the event, I began to read reports that sent a cold chill down my spine. Stunned, confused, and frightened to my core, I read more and more of these reports over the next several days. I read a second article by the engineering professor from New Mexico, a demolitions expert, in which he deliberately, in a stone-faced tone, recanted from any idea that the fall of the twin towers was due to controlled demolition. He apologized, and claimed that he had been completely wrong. I read reports of teachers in other schools who had explained things to their students in similar ways to what I did, called into the principal’s office and fired on the spot. I read the official statement of the president, George W. Bush, that no investigation of the WTC would be allowed, none whatsoever, by his presidential decree. I read the confused protest of the NYC firefighters to the president saying, “Mr. President, our fellows died in the collapse of that building, we want to know exactly how the structure failed so we never have to face such a disaster again.” It is illegal to interfere with a criminal investigation, including for the president; the president used dictatorship power to prevent any such investigation.

At this point, a couple of weeks after the event, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that something evil had descended upon America while I was sleeping. I asked myself, “Just who is this George W. Bush that I voted for because he claimed that he would reduce American violence against other countries? And who are these people he brought into power underneath him?”

I took the names of individual after individual in the Bush administration and researched who they were on the Internet. What I learned ended any thought that maybe the world wasn’t evil, after all, a deception I had harbored for three years from the autumn of 1998 to that moment.

Every one of these men were the sons or the grandsons of the Bolshevik terrorists who had imposed or helped to impose communism on Russia. And the judges and lawyers who took complete control of all NYC legal proceedings involving 9/11 were also the sons and grandsons of Bolshevik terrorists. Literally!

I came to this knowledge of fact within the first several weeks after 9/11 with no connection to anyone else. It is now almost nine years after the event. What difference does it make?

September 11, 2001 rules America, and it rules America for evil. That in and of itself makes little difference to me. I care little for this carnal creation of the imagination of men’s minds called “The United States of America.” But I care greatly for those who belong to Jesus, my brethren.

9/11 rules over the church of Jesus Christ in America, and it rules over my brethren for evil now, and for greater evil yet to come. The grandfathers of these men under Bush, and those who controlled the public handling of 9/11, participated in the largest and most gruesome slaughter of Christians in the history of the world – some 60 million.

That means something!

Am I saying that 9/11 is a key step towards the slaughter of American Christians? At this point in time, my understanding of reality as it exists in the world today means that I am saying something far, far worse than that.

Anyone who says that Christians should not be frightened by what is about to hit the church of Jesus Christ in this world is a tool of evil. It is not the one who denies all reality of evil that finds peace and refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ. No. It is the one who knows the reality of evil and tribulation in this world, who, in the midst of that storm, not only finds utter peace and life in the Lord Jesus, but who also rises up above the storms as they hit to soar in the heavens.

Those who deny the evil will be useless when it hits. Those who find their place in Christ above the storm now, before it's fury blows, will be the ones who have the answer for those precious brethren who were not prepared. It doesn’t mean much to say, “Sleep, sleep, there is no evil,” now and then run in screaming terror when what they claimed could not happen hits them and everyone else.

“Peace, peace, it can’t happen here,” is the fully prepared scientific strategy of those devising the evil and of the spirit of Satan that inspires them. I saw at church a pamphlet being offered on a table beneath a banner. The banner was advocating complete cooperation with the 2010 census. On it were these words “It is safe.” My wife picked up the pamphlet from the table. At the bottom of the cover of the pamphlet were these words, “The 2010 Census and the Faith-Based Community.”

We pick only those battles that are critical; I have no thought of worrying about the 2010 Census, as illegal and as dangerous as it is. What strikes me cold is to see the evidence of a direct assault by the US military against the church of Jesus Christ in America. Those words come out of scientific mind control developed by the US and British military and intelligence services through the 1940’s and 50’s. Their strategy was fully developed decades ago and long since proven effective. The Bolsheviks learned through the 20th century what Satan had known long before. You win far more effectively against the church by deception than you do by open violence.

Knowing these things does not move me. I find my full confidence and joy in an intimate and abiding relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I in Him, and He in me. In fact, I find my confidence and expectation rising higher and higher, knowing that Satan cannot be pushed out into the light in this way except that the sons of God are winning the victory over him in the heavens. The accuser of the brethren is being cast down. We rejoice because we live in the heavens, but it is bad news for those of our brethren who insist on living in the earth.

I made a claim, that my present knowledge of reality in the world is that Satan through evil men is right now executing a trap for the church of Jesus Christ in America that is far worse than death. We know that the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that this is so. Revelation 13: 7 “It was granted to him (the beast) to make war with the saints and to overcome them.” We understand that these words of John are as much a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of grace, as any other words that he wrote. But we also understand by these words in Revelation 12: 16, “But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth,” that God has a way for those who truly belong to Him in this time, this transition between two ages.

I made this claim, and I want to come back to it and not leave you in the dark. But first I want to discuss logic and clear thinking versus propaganda and mind control.

Most Americans today were educated in the public schools and therefore do not know how to think clearly. Christian schools follow the exact same approach to education as the public schools and in my experience do a far better job of removing all ability to think for one’s self from their students than do the public schools and a worse job of teaching the basics. I say, “In my experience,” and so fully affirm that my experience cannot describe all. I suspect, though, that it describes most.

When I taught in the Christian school, I tried my best to teach my students how to think for themselves, but it was hard going against the instant “God bless America” that had been drilled into them by everyone else in their lives. I find from their own testimony today that I did succeed somewhat for many of them.

It is impossible to discuss 9/11 without being capable of distinguishing between theory and statements of fact. Statements of fact can be false or true. They are verifiable. If they are false, they can be shown to be false; if they are true they can be demonstrated as true in a court of law. If a statement of fact is false, it is still a statement of fact, it is not a theory.

A theory is an attempt to explain a series of facts. It is an attempt to put a why, a how, and a who, behind the facts. All proposals of why, how, and who begin as theories. “How” and “who” can become statements of fact through the force of inquiry that can be conducted by a court of law and an impartial criminal investigation. “Why” will always remain, in part, a theory.

There was no legal, criminal investigation of the facts of 9/11. Therefore all proposals as to why, how, and who remain entirely in the realm of theory. The 9/11 commission was not in any form a legal, criminal investigation of the facts as is almost always conducted after any crime.

The government proposed a theory as to the “who, how and why” of 9/11, but they provided no facts of evidence that would stand in a court of law in support of that theory. There is no evidence of any direct Muslim involvement in 9/11; it is a theory only. There were no airplane tickets purchased by the alleged conspirators, there were no boarding passes issued to them, none of their names were on any passenger lists, there was no video of any of them boarding any of those particular flights, and there was no DNA evidence of the presence of their bodies in any of the wreckage. The director of the FBI stated on mainstream television news, long after any appropriate time needed for a criminal investigation, that the passports of the 19 alleged conspirators had been reported stolen by them to the immigration authorities at some point or other before 9/11. The entirety of the facts on the ground concerning these men consists of the 19 passports, 17 of them in a briefcase in a car at Logan airport, Boston and two that miraculously survived the WTC inferno to be picked up safe and whole on the streets of New York, as well as a video of two of those men boarding a flight in Bangor, Maine early that morning.

Now, all of these points of evidence are statements of fact. As statements of fact they can be proven true or false. I stated that the alleged conspirators did not purchase tickets for those flights. That is a statement of fact. If they actually did purchase tickets, my statement of fact can easily be proven wrong.

But even wrong, it is not a theory; it is a statement of fact.

On the other hand, the idea that Osama Bin Laden and “Al Qaida” were the “who” of 9/11 and “they hate us for our freedoms” was the “why,” are entirely statements of theory. There is no element of fact in them. As statements of theory, they could actually explain the facts for us or not. If they do explain the facts, that still does not make them anything other than a theory until legal evidence is produced in a court of law sufficient to move those ideas from theory into fact. No such evidence has ever been produced in court or even indicated to the American people. The “passports” and the technologically impossible cell phone calls would easily be turned into an embarrassment for the prosecution by any competent and impartial defense attorney in any impartial court of law. That is partly why no part of 9/11 has ever been allowed into any court - not a small feat. A lot of money and the skill of brilliant minds have worked for years successfully to prevent any part of 9/11 from ever entering the jurisdiction of any court (with the exception of the trial of the alleged “20th” hijacker, a trial that was rigged from the beginning).

Let me repeat. A statement of fact does not need to be true to be a statement of fact. But if it is not true, it can easily be shown to be false. Nevertheless, it remains a statement of fact and not a theory.

I want to go back to what my mind told me as I first watched the first WTC tower collapse in the live shot on the TV news. My mind said to me, “I am watching a controlled demolition.” Those were the exact words. That statement was a theory, a theory based on the evidence of fact that my eyes were watching.

Let me make a statement of fact concerning the first 4 seconds of the WTC collapse. This statement of fact is irrefutable. Within the first 4 seconds of collapse at free-fall speeds – no resistance whatever, most of the top section of that skyscraper, thousands of tons of steel and concrete, turned into fine powder in those first few seconds and filled all of south Manhattan with choking dust. That is a statement of fact that is confirmed by evidence.

Here is another statement of fact. You can prove it true or false for yourself. Take a coffee cup, made of ceramic (similar to concrete, but weaker) up onto your roof above your cement drive or sidewalk. Raise it as high into the air as you can and drop it.

Statement of fact #1: It will not turn into fine powder when it hits the concrete. It will shatter, yes, but there will be no powder to blow in the breeze.

Statement of fact #2: The coffee cup will NOT turn to powder and blow away in the breeze BEFORE it hits the concrete.

Now how can I make such a preposterous claim, that concrete simply does not burst into powder in mid-air? Easy! Go do it and prove my statement of fact #2 either true or false.

Yet tons of concrete turned to fine powder in the first two seconds of the WTC collapse – a collapse that moved at free-fall speed with no resistance.

And heat from fire does not come into the picture. I have huddled around a wood stove in a shop with other men with the temperature outside at 50 below zero and the solid steel stove bright red from the blazing heat and a heavy steel chimney sitting on that cherry red steel. The other men around the stove were well-educated, hard-working, wonderful Christian men. Not once did the thought enter any of our minds that the steel stove was about to burst into pieces and collapse in our midst. No, it did not.

These are the facts that were pressing against my mind in the first three seconds of viewing a physical occurrence with my eyes as it was happening. For someone who is capable of thinking clearly, this is the end of the discussion – the “official” theory does not explain those facts.

Now, let’s move into propaganda and mind control. Most Christians in America embrace the “official” theory behind the events of 9/11 against the evidence of the basic laws of physics confirmed by the sight of their own eyes.

Why? What theories can explain the fact of this incredible reality, that American Christians believe that steel and concrete bursts into fine powder in mid-air and blows away in the wind just because it does?

Let’s start with a statement of fact. Whenever anyone asks a question concerning the facts of the day on 9/11 in a public setting, they are immediately countered with another question. This happens over and over.

The counter question is always the same. It is this: “Do you actually believe that the United States government would commit such a crime against its own people?”

This is a cleverly designed question and very effective.

First, the question does not inquire into any fact, and second, it does not inquire into any theory. It is probing for a religious response. “Do you believe?” Believing has nothing to do with facts or theory. Believing is a response to divine revelation.

This question is actually probing for two possibilities. They are these.

Does your religion allow you to contemplate the possibility that the US government, and by extension, America, and by extension, government of the people for the people and by the people, and by extension you, the voter – could actually be evil?

Or does your religion insist that God bless America, mothers and apple pie could never ever be evil nor ever do anything in rebellion against God or hurtful to innocent people?

Again, a clear thinking individual could easily see through such a question. The gospel of Jesus Christ, historical Christianity, and the New Covenant insist that the whole world lies under the control, the dominion, the sway of the evil one. Jesus said that men love darkness (no investigation of 9/11, classified, top secret, no court appearances - civil or criminal, secret military tribunals, torture) because their deeds are evil. Jesus said, “The world hates Me because I testify against it that its deeds are evil.”

For the believer in Jesus Christ the question is a no-brainer. The kingdoms of this world cannot be anything other than evil and capable of all evil. This was the full Christian belief of those many freedom-loving Americans, such as Patrick Henry, who openly opposed the ratification of the US constitution that created our God bless America government. It was their faith in Christ that inspired them to oppose the creation of that government. The ones who pushed it were Masons, occultists wearing a mask of Christianity.

But what about the other possibility, that governments created by men cannot be evil? Again, this is a no-brainer. That idea does not come from any part of historical Christian thinking (except for papal infallibility); it clearly comes from the enlightenment, from the age of reason, from the atheistic philosophers of the 1700’s, Diderot, Voltaire, and Rousseau. I can show you the words from which this philosophy comes; I have Rousseau on my bookshelf. They are powerful words, but they are not Christian.

And so, before any discussion of any facts of the events of the day, any one who has any question about what actually happened is forced immediately to take a religious position, to give a statement of faith in some or other divine revelation.

“Do you believe?” Always.

And that question always succeeds in making anyone who asks a question about the facts of the day look ridiculous. Sadly, most questioners of the events of the day, when asked that question, try to answer it. By trying to answer the question instead of turning it back on the questioner, they fall into the same trap.

The right answer to that question is easy. “Who cares what I “believe?” Who cares what you believe? We’re not talking religion here, we are talking about character. Are you willing to follow the facts wherever they lead? Do you want those guilty of 9/11 to get away with their crimes, no matter who it might be?”

Now, I will here make a statement of theory concerning 9/11. It is one of only two statements of theory I will personally make in this essay.

By 9/11 a demon spirit of delusion came upon almost all Christians in America, casting them under a spell of darkness that is marching them inexorably, not just towards their destruction, but towards the commission of the largest crime against God and man ever to be perpetrated in this world.

Let me repeat what I just said. I see by much evidence and knowledge of reality, and by the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that the evil men who control this world, inspired by their master, Satan, are planning to entice the Christians in America into the commission of the largest crime of mass murder against humanity, against the earth, and against God that has ever been committed upon this planet. And by the commission of that crime, the American Christian church itself will damn itself before God, before all history, and before all creation. Those evil plans are far along in their execution, and they are recorded clearly in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If there is any truth in any part of what I am saying, you may want to consider these things. But let me say this more. I have no doubt that the sons of God in this day have the power from God to confound the plans of the evil one and his henchmen and to protect and cover God’s elect.

Let me take the statements of fact concerning the events of 9/11 to a deeper level. Again, these are all statements of fact, statements that can be demonstrated as true or false. I will present no theory of any kind as to who or how or why 9/11 happened. We cannot have any theory as to who or how or why because no investigation was ever allowed; no subpoenas were ever issued by an impartial court; and no testimonies were ever obtained in such a court by due process of law.

Anyone who insists that they know who committed the crime on September 11, 2001 is lying. (Those who did it know.) No investigation was ever conducted except for the horrific torturing of completely innocent people picked up on the streets of Pakistan and other meaningless places. Testimony obtained by torture is no evidence whatsoever. If America were a “Christian nation,” the men who authorized the torture would be hung by now for treason in obedience to the constitution, and the men who conducted the torture would be in prison for the rest of their lives.

And so to further statements of fact.

Statement of Fact #1. In July of 2001, one Larry Silverstein, a pro-Israel Jew, signed a lease with the New York Port Authority to take ownership of the World Trade Center complex. He put up somewhere around $50 million of his own money, plus investment from others, as the down payment on that lease. Silverstein required that the lease state that if the WTC were struck by a plane, then he would have no more obligations to continue making payments on the lease. Then, this same Silverstein purchased insurance on the WTC complex, requiring that contract to contain the statement that if the WTC were struck by a plane and destroyed, they would pay the full value of the buildings to Silverstein. All this took place about six weeks before 9/11. A few months after 9/11, Larry Silverstein walked away with over $3 billion in tax- free personal profit from his insightful and timely investment. Much of this money has since been invested inside of Israel.

I suspect that in all history only the Rothschild scoop in 1815 beat Silverstein’s brilliant success.

Now, excluding the short sentence comparing Silverstein to the Rothschilds, every statement I have said about Larry Silverstein is a statement of fact. I present no theory whatsoever. As statements of fact, every point in that large paragraph can be proven true or refuted as false. But there is neither theory nor religion to be found in that paragraph (with the exception of the words “insightful and timely.”

#2. Ehud Ohmert and Benjamin Netanyahu, both prime ministers of Israel, were both in New York City on September 10, 2001. Ohmert went home, probably that night, but Netanyahu stayed in New York and the US for some time after. These men have direct financial ties with Larry Silverstein and his investments.

#3. Several dozen Israeli “spies” were arrested in the days following 9/11. These Israelis were interrogated by US officials, but no element of those interrogations was ever shared with the American people. All of those arrested were sent home free to Israel. Many of these spies were members of the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, or the Israeli military.

#4. Five of those Israelis were arrested on the New Jersey shore where they had a telescope set up before any plane hit the WTC. An eyewitness stated that she saw them jumping up and down, seemingly, to her, for joy, when the buildings came down. Those men, members of the Mossad, were also sent home to Israel where they boasted on Israeli TV.

#5. Although most of the so-called cell-phone calls from the 9/11 planes would never survive the scrutiny of an impartial court of law, one that was made on the flight that hit the first tower by a stewardess using a plane-based phone, would stand in a court of law. That phone call was reported by the media on the day of 9/11. I know because I remember it from that day. When events like that happen, I scrutinize the ongoing news reports knowing that the “official” story will always be much different. The stewardess reported that one of the passengers, a man who appeared to her to be Middle Eastern, was waving a pistol in the air. She named the seat number of that passenger. When the single “cell phone” claim that the “hijackers” were winning over dozens of people and crew members with the mighty weapon of a little piece of sharp plastic, then all mention of a gun was dropped and the report of that phone call vanished from all ongoing understanding of 9/11. The man who had purchased a ticket for that exact seat was in fact from the Middle East. He was an Israeli Special Forces soldier, an officer in the Israeli military.

Again, all these are statements of fact that easily can be shown to be true or false. There is no theory anywhere. Let me continue.

#6. The security firm that held the security contracts for the entire WTC complex, for the Logan airport in Boston, and the Dulles airport in Washington from which all the planes of the day took off with their passengers, and the security contracts for the London subway at the time of the bombing there, and the security contracts for the Madrid tram at the time of the bombing there, the same company, through which all of the alleged conspirators would have passed and under whose nose any planting of explosives, if such a thing did happen, would have taken place, the same company in all these places, was an Israeli company based in Israel with strong ties to the Israeli military and government.

#7. The men who filled the George W. Bush administration that I mentioned above, and the men who controlled completely all legal proceedings concerning 9/11 in New York City, these men who, by simple, Wikipedia-style research, I learned to be the sons or grandsons of Bolshevik terrorists, whether those in NYC who supported Trotsky or those actually from the carnage of Russia, are all pro-Israel Jews. Many of them are citizens of Israel, including many that held top positions in Bush’s government.

Now, in none of these numbered statements of fact have I proposed any theory connecting any of these facts with “who or how or why.” Neither have I made any accusations of any kind. Every statement can be shown to be true or false by a simple investigation of evidence.

But let us, for a moment, suppose. This is not a theory I am presenting, but a simple supposition for the sake of discussion. First, we will know on the Day of Judgment, when all secrets are revealed, the exact who and how and why of 9/11. Who did it, did it. The how and the why exist as unchangeable reality, even though we may not know any of it now. Let us suppose, just for supposition’s sake, that the Israeli Mossad actually committed the crime of 9/11. We bombed, invaded, and occupied Afghanistan because we blamed the Afghanistan government for complicity in that crime. What if they were completely innocent? What if, (as the lack of evidence seems to suggest) that there was actually no direct involvement in 9/11 by people of the Muslim religion? (We are engaging in supposition.) What if, in fact, the Israeli government were far more heavily involved in committing 9/11 than we ever charged the Afghani’s with? And what if the evidence that was actually gathered by US intelligence did demonstrate this supposition to be factual?

[And for any other crime, or any other suspect, the series of “facts” I listed above would be sufficient for any grand jury to indict so that further investigation of these facts and where they might lead could be pursued under the magnifying glass of a court of law.]

Would the United States of America have then bombed and invaded Israel, overthrowing its government, and occupying it with violence?

You can see that if our foolish rambling into supposition were actually true (as will be known in the Day of Judgment) the whole fabric of our world would have been ripped to shreds.

Bear with me in my foolish conjectures a little longer. Let us continue with this bizarre supposition. Let us suppose, for utter folly’s sake now, that the Israeli government and military was the primary force behind 9/11. (My list of statements of fact is only partial; a complete list of the trails of actual facts of the day that continue to suggest this bizarre folly would be several pages long.)

My, if that were actually the facts of reality, then probably, pro-Israeli Jews would be doing everything in their power legally and financially to keep any scrutiny of any part of 9/11 out of the jurisdiction of any court. And if they were true, all of the US media, owned and controlled entirely by pro-Israeli Jews (a statement of fact that can easily be shown to be either true or false and that contains no element of accusation) would probably be engaged in a frenzied effort to squash any questioning of the facts of the day and to mock and demonize any person who imagines that the “official” theory just fails to explain every one of those darn facts.

And if this foolish idiocy were in any way true, then the things I have said in this essay barely scratch the surface of an evil gripping our world too great to imagine or to consider. And everything we have been told about the world by both the world and the church is utterly, utterly false.

But since we know that we know that we know that none of this insanity could possibly be true, let us flee back into the wonderful warm embrace, the comfort, the security, of God bless America.

The Muslims are evil, violent people anyway.

Now that we have recovered from our delusions, let us continue.

[Dear reader, let me speak honestly with you. In my “foolish suppositions” I have engaged in a form of satire, especially the false statement about Muslim people. (Christians are far more murderous than Muslims – based on factual evidence and any honest accounting of the dead.) I have spoken this way for obvious reasons. Let the truth God would speak to you be determined within your own conscience and spirit. Everything I have said is in full agreement with the New Covenant we have entered into with God. We know that the serpent deceives the whole world with the full cooperation and commissioning of God. It is the serpent who brings strong delusion; it is God who sends it. This also is a work of the gospel of grace if we have eyes to see as God sees.]

I am making one primary statement of theory in this essay. Let me repeat it. “By 9/11 a demon spirit of delusion came upon almost all Christians in America, casting them under a spell of darkness.”

I will here present some facts that lead me to this theory as a viable explanation of those facts.

The similarities between the “vision” of 9/11 and the ritual practice of Satan worship in which demonic spells are cast over people, as drawn from the Jewish Cabbala, are remarkable. First, 9-1-1 are special Satanic ritual numbers. Why, I do not know, but they are. Second, when breaking someone’s mind, first a fire is started inside a pentagram (The Pentagon), then two towers come crashing down in ruin before the eyes of the victim. Just like a cobra, mesmerizing its victims, this image has an overwhelming hypnotic effect on the human mind. In that state of hypnosis, whatever is spoken forcefully is fully believed without question.

There is nothing Muslim about these symbols. They come from the Jewish Cabbala.

[A colleague of mine in the Christian school had a picture of the two towers, unfallen, with a light streaming up from them into the heavens. He imagined that he was “honoring” in some way, those who died. Yet that picture, placed there before children, including my own son, was utterly Satanic, straight out of the occult ritual books. Ignorance in these matters bears no excuse. If we don’t know, we at least don’t play games with these things.]

The second piece of evidence is what I have already stated, the utter abandonment of reason engaged in by Christians in America as they traded the laws of physics and the evidence of their own eyes in exchange for an atheistic philosophy from the enlightenment. “America is great; America is good; God bless America.”

I know for a fact that thirty years ago most Christians in America were fully capable of considering the possibility that their government was capable of engaging in evil acts. Most Christians were fully able to hear a word that indicated that the United States of America was part of the kingdoms of Satan in this world and that it played a large role in the victory of the beast of Revelation 13. They may or may not have subscribed to that belief, but they had no problem hearing it.

Today you can barely say the word “America” before Christians are genuflecting in worship. And whenever you parade a soldier before them the praises rise to the heavens. “God bless America.”

Why? What happened? What changed the ability of the church to hear the clear teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ concerning this world?

A huge part of that delusion came from the pages of a little book of history published in 1978, The Light and the Glory, by Peter Marshall, Jr.

In that book, Peter Marshall proposed a re-introduction of the most destructive, murderous heresy in the history of the Christian church. “God and the world are one; God’s “will” is accomplished in this world through the machinations of human government.” His thesis was that America, as a nation of this world, is set apart above all other nations, in that it has entered into a covenant with God and God with her whereby God works His will in the world through the United States of America.

And so, bit by bit, as the years went by, Christians in America, fleeing in fear from the gross wickedness all around them, frightened at the growing loss of freedom, found refuge in this insane belief, that America, after all, is a “Christian” nation. The wickedness, the perversion, the in-your-face screw-you-God arrogance, the violence, the theft. Pornography as our largest export, followed closely by drugs and weapons of war, with outright theft from the poor of this world as the primary engine our main economy. We flaunt our “freedom” in God’s face as the right of our women to walk around naked and we deride those primitive cultures who try to shield their families from the river of vomit we pour forth upon the world. We are the greatest killers on the planet. We have murdered over one million Muslims out of vengeance and self-righteousness and driven more than eight million from their homes. Homosexuality fills our government (the Republican side more than the Democrat). Our military seeks “full spectrum dominance,” including the scientific harnessing of demons as an essential part of our weapons of war. We hold the threat of destruction over the whole earth with our weapons of mass destruction. Any country or people who do not kowtow to our demands, we destroy. And now we torture people. Christian, conservative Americans cry for the defense of torture as a tool of government.

And the American Christian flees for refuge into the insane belief that America is, after all, a Christian nation. “God bless America.”

Yes, it is a theory. But how else can you explain such unmitigated delusion and baseness?

In 1972, in a public school classroom in Oregon, I was taught by a non-Christian teacher that the Nazi’s believed that the end justifies whatever means is needed to get there. He taught us that America is different; in America, no matter what honesty, integrity, uprightness, or justice may cost us, we believe that the end can never be good enough to justify any evil means of any kind.

What happened?

But how do I arrive at my theory that the evil people who control this world are delightfully preparing a very nasty surprise for the Christians of America? Let me explain.

The people who control this world and the United States understand how to manipulate and control Christians. Christians, especially American Christians, are some of the most gullible and easily manipulated people on the planet.

I have raised and worked with pigs, small scale, off and on through my life. Pigs are not easily persuaded nor pushed in a direction they don’t want to go. Getting them into the back of a pickup for transport to market can be difficult, except – there is a really easy way to do it. You get the pig into the aisle and let him face his pen. He knows something is up and all he wants to do is get back into the safety of his pen. So you take a bucket and place it over his head. To get away from the bucket, he backs up. So long as you keep the bucket over his head, he will back up all the way into the pickup. And off he goes to the slaughterhouse.

This is the exact technique that is used so successfully on the Christian church. I have watched it over and over since the 1990’s. The best bucket for short term success against the church is to wave the horrors of homosexuality. For instance, just before George W. Bush ran for re-election, suddenly the television news showed us gay wedding after gay wedding. These shots suddenly appeared for a few weeks, then just as completely disappeared. Their effect? The Christians rose up out of their lethargy, ran to the voting booth, and re-elected Bush to a second term.

Gay weddings on the TV news was the bucket, Bush’s second term the pickup to slaughter into which the Christian church was so easily persuaded to run. And so it continues.

One-world government and the suppression of the last vestiges of freedom in America come far more easily under a Republican government than under a Democratic government. Why? Very simply, the Christian church is powerful in American politics. When a Democrat is in power, the Christians think the devil is in control and oppose him; a Democrat President cannot accomplish anything. But when a Republican wins the presidency, the Christians think that God has now re-asserted Himself and therefore they refuse to look at any evil committed by that president and he has a free hand to bring the entire nation under subjection to evil. George W. Bush did more to bring American under tyranny and to advance the goals of one world government than any president in history (with the probable exception of the patron saint and messiah of “God bless America,” Abraham Lincoln), all with the blessing and fervent support of most Christians in America.

There is something you and I, dear believer in Jesus, must understand about the United States of America and about its President – every President since 1945. [Whatever America's early history may or may not have been, it has nothing whatsoever to do with America today.]

In January of 1942 three things happened inside of the thinking and action of the American government. First began the military doctrine that eventually came to be called “Full Spectrum Dominance.” It consisted in that month of the beginning of the uniquely American/British practice of burning civilians – families – in their homes with fire dropped from heaven onto the earth in the sight of men (the fulfillment of Revelation 13: 13) on a wide scale, unrelenting and horrifyingly murderous.

In the same month, the foundations of the building to be known as the Pentagon were laid. The Pentagon was the gathering of all control of all military might of the greatest military power the world has ever known into the form of a pentagram – the occult symbol wherein all sacrifice to Satan takes place.

Now consider that the American people, including most American Christians hold to the incredibly blasphemous belief that the freedom we enjoy comes from killing people. You've seen the slogan, “Freedom isn't free.” What that means is that our “freedom” was won by killing people, and our so-called “freedom” is maintained by killing people. Americans lust after killing people; they, including most American Christians, are absolutely convinced that if we ever stop killing people, we will lose our freedom. This continual offering of human sacrifice to the goddess of Babylon standing in NYC harbor and to Satan by the American people is directed from within that pentagram we call the Pentagon.

In the same month, the crusade to create and detonate the first nuclear bomb was launched. The bombs exploded upon the unsuspecting cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the only two Japanese cities with sizable Christian populations), fire from heaven upon the earth in the sight of all men, were dropped, not to bring the Japanese to surrender, nor even to warn the Russians of American capability. No, those bombs were dropped to declare to all men and the whole universe that we now have, in our arrogant hubris and pride, the power to murder all people and to destroy the earth that God created.

Remember that God commanded the nation and people of Israel never to develop great weapons of war or any form of military might. He said that He would defend them if they put their trust in Him. These three actions of January, 1942, changed forever the place of America upon this earth. She had now become a beast, raging in arrogant pride against her creator; her ability to kill now the defining essence of her being. American military power today is in total and open opposition to everything that is God and to everything that is holy.

Listen, I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s under the knowledge that the world will be obliterated by nuclear war. That knowledge defined the American people and still does far more than you understand.

But here is something that most Americans do not reckon with, or if they do, they do so with pride. Whenever any person becomes president, the moment they swear the oath of office (in a carefully conscripted ritual of occult pagan religion), they turn and are given the power to destroy the earth in the form of a briefcase containing the control over nuclear weapons. Not only are they presented with that power, but they are told that they must and will destroy the earth at a moments notice to “save” America’s life. They carry that power with them, before their eyes, with the full knowledge that they must use that power, they must murder more people than all who have ever been murdered or killed by violence and war in the whole history of the human race, hundreds of millions, billions – families – fathers, mothers, children, all whom Christ died to purchase for Himself – all must be murdered on the spot, by the sole decision of the president, if “saving” America calls for it in any possible way.

Furthermore, we need to consider the term “Full Spectrum Dominance” in what it really means before God. This is a phrase and a military philosophy cooked up by Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, among others, in the early 1990’s. It simply expresses and extends the “total war” practice begun by America in January of 1942.

Full spectrum dominance means that the US military will and does pursue all avenues and realms of destructive power over others so that nothing and no one could ever pose any significant threat to the well-being of America and to our “way of life.”

Next, we must understand this. Demons are real. They are as real and as present in the earth as humans. Demons consort with humans and humans with demons. Since science is the pursuit of knowledge of that which is, science must pursue knowledge of demons. Military science did that long ago. Beginning in the 1940’s, the United States military, among others, has pursued a scientific employment of demons and the occult as part of the equation called “Full Spectrum Dominance.”

Now, one can cry, “Nonsense,” all one wants, but that does not change facts. I am speaking from a Christian and Biblical perspective of reality, reality that science must probe if it is to know the world as it exists. “Parapsychology” and mind control have been studied extensively by many militaries around the world and were implemented by the 1960’s as full weapons systems into the arsenal of the US military.

Reader, you may suppose, at this point, that I have left my discussion of facts vs. theory vs. religious belief and have entered entirely into speculation. Yet I must share these things now. We will know by first-hand experience whether these things are true or not by evidence before this age of human folly comes to an end.

Whenever I read or hear a Christian say, “Pray for the troops,” I know I am looking at one who has been wounded by the US military using a weapon of war as real as any rifle. They are casualties of war and they are wounded in their minds and hearts. Understanding of reality has been wiped from their minds and they have forgotten the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is an act of war against them fired by the US military. Mind control is as much a weapon of war as any bomb or bullet.

I am speaking straight because times are far too serious to mince words anymore.

George W. Bush was so completely useful to the evil men who are directing this world towards the open rule of Satan visibly upon the earth precisely because he was able to gather the full support of the American Christian church behind him. At the end of eight years, however, his support had grown weary. The pig was no longer backing into the pickup; it needed a fresh bucket.

That new bucket is Barak Obama. I believe that Barack Obama was chosen specifically for his unique ability to work psychologically upon the mind of American Christians to arouse them out of stupor and to get them screaming once again for Satan’s “Christian” answer for God bless America. I see evidence that he is a one-term president, that he knows that, and that he is doing everything in his power, cooperating in all ways with the agenda of enraging Christians to flock to the polls in the next election and to do the stupidest thing they have ever done in the history of the church.

The evil men who rule this world have found the perfect decoy for their trap. She appeared before them and swore her undying service to their cause before they ever presented her to the Christian church.

Sarah Palin is the first, most likely truly, born again person to claw for the power to murder billions of people. Not only that, but she has received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and has tasted the powers of the age to come. And she has openly declared her intention to unleash all American military might for the enlargement of that which man in this world calls “Israel.”

Some may think that’s good; but it is anti-Christ. Those who thing it's good get their thinking from the Enlightenment – the age of human reason and the glory of man upon the earth; I get mine from the New Testament.

Here is Satan’s strategy. By getting the Christians of America to vote Sarah Palin into the presidency, crying to “save Israel,” and then supporting her utterly as she reaches for that power to murder billions and to destroy the earth God created - and uses it, to any extent small or great, to “save” Israel, then Satan will have done once again what he succeeded so well at in the garden. He does not need to destroy the church. Since she has so sinned against God, God must withdraw His hand from her, and she will burn herself with fire.

Listen, those who vote that poor, deluded woman into that position of arrogance against everything that is holy or that is God, are sinning against both her and themselves as they have never sinned against anyone in their lives.

Here is how I suspect it will work. American Christians will be so frightened by Obama and socialism and so falsely concerned about “Israel” that they will come out in full support of a Republican “Christian” president taking the powers of the presidency and imposing force upon those who would “threaten” America. By this means the iron heal of fascism will march through our streets to the prayers and praise of the American church. And then the bombs will begin to fall and the cry of the murdered overseas will rise to the heavens.

We must WAKE UP! This is not a game. The gospel is for real and it cannot be mocked, even by dear American Christians. Some may think that I am delusional, but they will see it with their eyes and will know that they have heard these things to be so.

Let me give a fact of reality. This is neither theory nor any supposition, simply a statement of fact. As a statement of fact it can easily be proven true or false.

Every person who became president of the United States or who could have become the president was descended, literally, by blood from William the Conqueror. You cannot become president (so the evidence tells us) unless you come out of the genes of the royal house of England. Barack Obama is descended directly from William the Conqueror as all others who appear as the final two candidates. They are directly related and also with the Bush’s and both Clintons and all the way back to and including George Washington.

This is a statement of fact. Theory comes in when we try to explain how such a thing could be. Let me present a theory that could be part of the equation. I recently read a biography of William the Conqueror. He was clearly one of the most powerful psychopaths in human history. Psychopathy is passed on in the genes. It takes a person without a conscience to claw their way to the pinnacle of human power in this world represented by the American presidency. From George Washington on the American presidency has been enshrouded in the occult and in pagan ritual worship. It could be (and this is only presented as a theory that may partly explain the facts) that it takes the psychopathic genes of William the Conqueror to go through the required selling of one’s self to evil that it takes to become president of the United States and to wield the power to destroy the earth.

But there are far more psychopaths in history than William the Conqueror, and so my theory cannot explain the full reason why it is that all American presidents or could-be presidents are descended in a direct line from him. May I suggest that the further reason must be rooted in the grip of evil on this nation that many have not considered.

Forgive me for leaving the clear dispassionate arguments of reason and falling back into the passion that fills my heart for my brethren, dear believers in Jesus Christ.

The line is drawn in the sand. If America be “Christ,” then God bless America; but if Jesus be Christ, then worship and serve Him alone. Jesus is at war with “America” and with all institutions of evil in this world that have usurped His rightful place on this earth.

We cannot serve two masters. We cannot.

Jesus will not share His glory with another. If a anyone wants America, then have her, but she cannot save.

Sarah Palin has direct connection to the latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to the teaching of the fulfillment of the third feast and the full revelation of Christ in this earth. As such, by her these holy things have already been brought under the microscope and the mockery of this world.

The church cannot ride the beast.

The church cannot ride the beast.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her just as she rendered to you and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her. In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.” Revelation 18: 4-8

Come out of her, oh my precious brethren. I plead with you with the tears of the Lord Jesus Christ for you flowing from my heart.

“Come out of her, My people.”

Understand this, the demons that are crying now for war against the Iranian people, that they be destroyed by fire from heaven, these demons come out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. Whatever voice is crying for this murderous act against innocent people, that voice is the beast and the false prophet.

Wake up, dear Christian, wake up, and Christ will give us light that we may know how to escape these things and to be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man.

9/11 matters because by it a veil of darkness was cast over the eyes of many so that they cannot see the gospel of Jesus Christ concerning His inheritance nor comprehend the evil of this world.