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Human Pre-History

Human Prehistory

© Daniel Yordy 2013

I am writing this letter in response to a number of questions mailed to me by a friend and reader of my letters. Yet I want to expand a bit on these things because I believe there are instances where we can stand more firmly if we know the truth about things that will be thrown against a Christian God with all fury before this thing is over.

I wondered at the layout of content Augustine addressed in his The City of God, the book that has shaped so much of what we call “Christianity.” When I breezed through his headings, I saw that out of five large sections, four were concerned with proving that the destruction of the city of Rome by the Goths was not because of the failure of Roman Christianity, but rather the opposite, that Roman Christianity was now the city of God on the earth. Augustine's arguments are identical in substance to the same arguments claiming that America is a “Christian” nation and that it has a covenant with God.

The final section was what the book was really about, though, and I saw there, to my amazement, Augustine's version of The Great Story of God, taking the challenge to a new level.

It has been my desire for many years to write the real version of The Great Story of God, which would be the real version of The City of God. That desire undergirds all that I write; I have made stabs at such a work, yes, but not in a complete way that satisfies me. I place that desire in the hands of God; He does as He pleases through me. Yet I will continue to write as I am able. Yes, I know, every Bible writer dreams about writing the great Summa Theologica. Our whole problem is that God created us in His likeness; that's why our hearts are so large and bold.

The first question was concerning what seems to be two different accounts of creation in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. The second question was the role of Neanderthal man, where does pre-historic man fit into all this, including the question of who was Cain's wife.

Now these questions, and many others all similar are questions concerning various facts. There is no possible way we can understand any fact, what it is or where it fits without applying a theory to the fact. So first, we must know the difference between a theory and a fact. People are not taught to think scientifically, anywhere I know. Thus almost everyone seems to muddle and merge theories and facts. A theory can never be a fact; a fact can never be a theory. The creation of the universe by intelligent design is a theory; it is not and can never be a fact. The development of life by evolutionary processes is a theory; it is not and can never be a fact.

Our problem is that the word “theory” exists in two different language arenas. When we are speaking of understanding reality as it is, we use only the scientific definition of the word “theory.” We exclude the non-science definition as if it is a totally different word, which it is.

A fact is an observable measurement. Here is a bone, lying here in the ground. That is a fact. The bone can be photographed, (a form of measurement), and measured as to size and weight. It's characteristics can be described in detail as well as it's present relationship with other bones in that rock formation. All facts can be verified or duplicated by other dis-interested persons.

A theory is a large umbrella attempt to explain all the patterns taking place between various facts.

In the same way, every individual word God speaks is a fact. Yet the statement “God created the heavens and the earth” cannot be a fact in the larger sense, but rather, a theory. It cannot be a fact because you cannot observe it happening right now. You cannot measure it; you cannot duplicate it. And when I say “measure” it, I very much include Spirit measurement and spirit evidence. Man's knowledge and acquisition of facts is very, very limited and totally in its infancy.

Thus “God created” is a presentation of the umbrella explanation, the larger story, into which we can assemble the facts. A theory can never be “proven” true, but it can be proven false. Yet a theory, not proven false, can be true. I certainly believe that “God created” is a true theory. But I can in no way prove it as a fact because proof is that which stands in an impartial court of law. Proof is a fact, not a theory.

You see, if God actually created something by speaking a Word inside a courtroom, that “proof” would be evidence that God created that one thing, and as evidence of that particular fact, it upholds the larger theory. But it is still not proof that God, in fact, created the heavens and earth back then, because the facts back then are not taking place in the courtroom – or in the science laboratory, right now. Neither is there any form of video, etc. that can be verified concerning events back then.

The reason it is so very important for us to understand and use this distinction between theory and fact is that all confusion rules in the earth and in our own minds by not keeping these two terms clearly defined and separate.

Jesus spoke entirely out from this approach to courtroom evidence. He stated that the Father sent Him as a theory. Then He gave the courtroom “facts” that upheld the theory, the witness of John, the witness of Christ Himself, and, primarily, the particular works performed by the Father as testimony that Jesus spoke the truth. However, no theory can be “proven” true even if it is true. But a theory can be proven false. Thus Jesus was tempted in all points just as we are tempted as an essential element of God's evidence. Had He sinned once, the theory that God sent Him would have been demonstrated as false.

Engineering science is the only science not divorced from reality. Both astronomy and history, including the history of life forms, are divorced from reality. In the exact same way as I have treated divine creation as a theory in the scientific sense, so also is the gravitational theory of the universe and the evolutionary/uniformitarian theory of life on earth. If you cannot show something in measurable reality right now, it cannot be a fact.

Yet all it takes is one solitary, unmovable fact to annihilate the gravitational theory of the universe and to annihilate the uniformitarian theory of the history of life on this planet.

A theory is an attempt to arrange in order the observable facts, to show how they relate together. A theory is a story. Facts are the particulars of character, setting, and plot. We understand character, setting, and plot only by their place in the larger story. We understand the facts only as we are able to fit them into a larger theory.

A fact is one and one and one. A theory is a pattern of facts in symphony. Just as one out-of-tune violin destroys an entire symphony, so one out-of-place fact destroys an entire theory.

BUT an out-of-place fact never alters the observable reality of any other fact.

From around 600 BC on – in matters concerning the last 2,600 years of human history, we can explain with a fair degree of confidence the arrangement of facts. That is, we can state with certainty that Genghis Khan rose to power at the same time that Richard I and John were kings in England. There is no fact to prove it, no. But our theory of timing is fairly certain. Prior to 600 BC ALL facts are entirely in limbo, floating around, connected together ONLY by vague, incomplete, and wildly incorrect theories. That includes all facts of history recorded in the Bible prior to Nebuchadnezzar and the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, the dividing point between history and prehistory.

You see, you have no idea how much you use vague, confused, and very uninformed human theory to deal with and to place all events, all recorded facts found in the Bible prior to 586 BC. Christian fantasy is a huge part of that confusion. And so is the fantasy that is accepted as the theory of history prior to 600 BC in contemporary argument.

The primary thing that blows all arrangement of facts prior to 600 BC to pieces is the electrical theory of the universe, and by extension the electrical theory applied to events occurring on this planet. That electrical theory does an incredible thing to thousands of facts from across the whole earth, the testimony of thousands of people unrelated to one another, turning their testimony from ridiculed nonsense into court-room eyewitness evidence.

To learn more about the electrical theory of the universe, spend time on Watch the movies and buy the books, if it catches your interest. I have studied this theory for years and find it to be consistently sound.

The gravitational theory requires that the testimony of thousands of people, an unending array of observable facts the world over, to be fiction, myth, nonsense, stupidity. The account of facts in the Bible prior to 600 BC is considered to be primarily fiction by that same theory.

The second problem is Manetho. Manetho was an Egyptian historian who might have lived anywhere from 300 BC to 200 AD. He might have been a priest of Ra. Manetho wrote a history of Egypt that has come to us long after it was written in various half-ruined forms. Manethos' record of events can be treated as individual facts, yes. But the huge problem is Manethos' dating of Egyptian history. Those dates are a theory only, and they may not even have been placed there by Manetho.

Yet those dates rule all dating of human history prior to 600 BC. We can, with all confidence, throw out Manethos' dates, yet that puts us in full opposition to the accepted theory of human history pushed by our present world. But throwing out Manethos' dates allows the statements of fact in the Bible to fit fully with the facts observed in Egyptian and all other prior-to-600-BC facts. And it isn't just Bible facts that do not fit into Manethos' timeline; Greek history does not either, and thus a long “dead” zone was created for the Greeks as well. But when you pull the early Egyptian events forward 600 years, pow, everything fits into place. But more on that later.

My main point is this. There is no purpose whatever in trying to describe any event, any fact, prior to 600 BC by any theory floating around in human ignorance today. Every attempt to fit any fact into prevailing theory, Christian or secular, is a waste of time. You will see me giving a number of dates in the following account as if they are definitive. I am simply using Reese's Chronology dating, drawn from careful Bible study. I use these dates only to give us a framework of thinking (a theory). None of them, prior to 586 BC, are presented as facts.

You can never argue fact against fact. Facts remain the same facts inside of all theories. Facts do not change. The battle is always between theories, that is, how we are to arrange those facts together.

But the real history, what actually happened and when, explains every single fact to full and complete satisfaction. No individual fact will ever be left out of the real theory, the true story. For that reason, it is a waste of time to consider the big and obvious facts. No, it is the out-of-place facts, the little facts that just do not fit, that will take us to the true theory. That's why all human bluff carefully avoids the little facts; they succeed by mocking and calling idiots anyone who stops and looks. That's why, when someone mentions one solitary fact from 9/11, everyone screams,“Idiot, fool, conspiracy theory!!! Do you really believe that...”

I just watched an episode of Hercule Poirot in which he quietly pursued the little tiny facts, keeping himself completely deaf to the screams and threats coming against him by His Majesty's government that his wasted idiocy would ruin England if he did not turn and deal only with the BIG facts. It is a marvel at the peacefulness inside that must exist for anyone to consider carefully the little facts that simply DO NOT FIT the big story screamed by the world. Always close your ears to the big story being screamed. The world does not push anything that is true, and that includes the church in the world.

Consider a finely carved human artifact found in a coal seam deep underground. A real human being carved that gold goblet, a thinking, feeling person with a full life story. Real events occurred on this earth that took that human creation and placed it deep down under the earth embedded in a coal seam. A theory that has no place for that one fact is, by scientific reasoning, falsified. Consider one petrified tree trunk, clearly all one piece, the same tree, running through three layers of stone, three layers that are supposed to be millions of years apart. A theory that has no place for that one fact, that one tree trunk, is falsified. No further argument for it can stand.

Now, the issue for this paper is that the two questions are, in fact, quite different from each other. One question can be addressed only by blowing Manethos' time-line out of our minds. The other question can be addressed only inside a radically different human story than you ever read in your history books. Let's start there.

If you were to time-travel back among humans in the year 3000 BC, and if you were given all resources available to you, you could prove that you were on the same planet, yes, but not only would you find it extremely difficult to do so, you would quickly give up. All the evidence of your eyes and experience would convince you that you are on an entirely different planet, an incredibly different planet.

I am presenting a theory, yes, but a theory that causes many, many facts to find their place, facts that are very real, but mocked and dismissed by modern, hardly educated, man. And that is why it is a waste of time for us to attempt to explain facts recorded in the Bible from our present knowledge of the earth.

The first thing you would notice was that the earth did not revolve around the sun. In fact the light on earth would be an entirely different hue. After awhile you would notice sunlight around the periphery coming and going in odd ways, with the sun coming slightly into view twice a day. But before you looked at or considered anything else, your whole attention would be caught utterly by a marvel right there in the sky, far far larger than the moon, a marvel you had never imagined.

There, before your eyes, filling the entire sky beyond the earth, further away than the moon, yes, but far larger, is a dwarf star. The light of that dwarf star, that binary star is much gentler than sunlight, a soft and gentle hue. The star is simply glorious to behold. Now, remember, that when we speak of size, we are speaking of perceived size, not actual measurement. Perceived size takes into account both actual size and distance away. Thus, when I use the moon as an example all the way through, I am speaking of perceived size, that is, what the human eye observes.

But that glorious dwarf star, casting its gentle light upon the earth, is not the only thing that takes your breath away. Right there in the center of that dwarf star is a planet, much larger than the moon in its perceived size. That planet is blue. And right in the center of that blue planet is another planet, slightly closer to the earth, but smaller than the blue planet. That second planet is red.

Then, as the day progresses, you would notice the sunlight around the edges of your perceived earth fade, but not the gentle light from the dwarf star. In fact, before long you would realize that the earth did not spin, but that the land upon which you stood faced the dwarf star at all times. “Day and night” was only the progression of sunlight, no sunlight, around the edges.

Now, if you had the resources, you would travel the entire landmass of the planet and discover that there was only one, very large continent, and that the continent was encircled on all sides by ocean. You would discover that no part of that continent ever turned away from the dwarf star. But if you built a ship and sailed out onto that one encircling sea, sailing around to the other side of the planet, you would find yourself in an entirely different world. A starkly different world.

Here, on the backside of the planet, there was nothing but ocean and no view at all of the dwarf star, ever. You would now experience the full glare of the sun only, followed by the full blackness of no light at all. If you studied it out, you would discover that the darkness comes, not because the earth spins as it does now, but because you were now on the backside of the binary star, facing out into the void.

You would quickly find no reason at all to remain on this stark and landless side of the earth and you would hurry back to land, to the one continent later called Pangaea.

(Please don't think this is all fantasy. This is a theory that explains thousands of facts, including the recorded testimony of our forefathers all over the planet, testimony that would stand in a real court of law as eyewitness testimony. It is a theory of human history flowing out of the very sound theory of an electrical universe.)

The next thing you would notice was a sensation of life and energy flowing all through your body, making you feel stronger and healthier than you have ever known. With the right scientific equipment you would discover that the frequency of energy coming from that glorious dwarf star always bathing the earth was the very energy in which the human body was created. You would realize that the condition known as health and vigor in the 21st century after Christ would be called death-bed sickness in your present environment.

Another thing you would observe, as you find yourself on planet earth in 3000 BC would be that every step you took would send you bounding high into the air. Gravity on this earlier earth is much less than on the present earth. It would take you awhile to learn to walk once again.

Then you would notice the incredible lushness of all plant life and the complete absence of any kind of desert. Of course, you would not understand the lushness, because you would never experience rain of any kind. No clouds ever shadow the deep, inspiring glow of the dwarf star, always filling you with wonder and tingling, surging energy. Then you would notice an incredible profusion of animal life. You would see all dinosaurs, including the very largest of species, and you would see all mammals, including all that are extinct today.

But most of all, you would wonder at the humans, proliferating everywhere. You would see humans of every shape, size, and color. No, it would not be like walking into a bar in Star Wars. But still, you would see “oddities” of many kinds. You would see humans twelve feet tall and others five feet tall. You would see humans with huge and strangely shaped skulls. You would see every skin color in today's world, and maybe others we don't know. You would see men you would swear are Neanderthals walking side by side with others you would call “Cro-Magnon.”

Amazingly, everyone would be speaking the same language. You would soon ask someone what they called that wondrous dwarf-star filling the sky. The name you would be given, translated into today's English, would be Saturn. And very soon you would learn that most everyone worships Saturn as god. Yet you would also find that others would have called it Uranus, or heaven.

The name of the blue planet would be translated into today's Venus, and the red into today's Mars. Yet Mars would not be called the god of war, not yet. People were very familiar with killing each other on earth, but war in the heavens was as yet unknown.

Now, let me suggest to you that this is the reality of earth out from which the facts found in the Bible are seen in their place. Considering this utterly different scenario seems like a big deal, but remember that you spent years in the classroom learning the nonsensical theories of the present day. Don't be surprised at the possibility that considering the truth takes some doing. When Solomon suggested that much learning brings sorrow, to a large extent, he meant that most of present learning is about things untrue. You can also see that, if there is any semblance of reality in this picture I am describing, a picture that comes from quiet and sound study of facts upon the earth, then talking about the facts of the Bible out from modern theory is a complete waste of time.

Now, let's scroll forward several hundred years to 2319 BC. There is no Egyptian history taking place because there is no Egypt. The earth still contains only one large continent, everything continues as I have already described. Yes, the lands that will become Egypt are definitely inside that continent, in fact, near the center right, on the south side of the great bay. And the river course that will become the Nile may very well be in place in parts. You would be able to walk this entire continent and discover most every land on earth today. Here is it's rough shape.

However, today's mountains and rivers would find few counterparts. In fact, there are  no mountains on this continent. There may well be elevated lands, but no tearing of the earth. There are likely no, or very few, islands.

In 2319 BC, you have long been aware of this idiot, Noah, and his building of a very large boat. He provides many of the favorite laugh lines you enjoy with your buddies at the bar, the same buddies you have known for the entire 680 years you've walked Pangaea. In fact, if you had been anywhere near Noah, you would have been dimly aware that his father, Lamech, had just died quietly in his sleep five years before and that Noah's grandfather, Methuselah, had just passed on in the same way only a couple of months ago. A bunch of old fogeys, the few antiques who died apart from being murdered.

Let's step back, however, and take a larger view of what happens next. This description of events is not intended to be precise, but rather, to give a picture that is very likely reasonably close to what really happened.

Unbeknownst to you or anyone else on earth, a massive spike of charged particles has been traveling for some time down the Birkeland currents powering our arm of the Milky Way galaxy towards the sun. This huge spike was most likely set in motion by Adam's choice, a certain consequence, an essential element of the death he had chosen, the tearing to pieces of heaven and earth. It was concerning this huge spike in charged particles of which God had warned Noah a hundred years earlier when it was still a long way away.

As that spike of charged particles hit the sun, it glowed much brighter, yes, but it was not the sun that took the major hit, but rather Saturn, the binary star. In one blinding flash, Saturn split all into pieces, into many pieces. In the same instant, Venus turned from glorious blue beauty into the blazing serpent-hair of Medusa as she was launched dead on towards earth. Venus looked just like the static spark creator at the science museum, only far more so, wild, deadly, and glorious, spitting slow-motion spark hairs in every direction.

Because of God's mercy, the largest part of Saturn was blown clean away in the opposite direction of earth and sun. That largest part we now call Jupiter. Yet Jupiter still remained for many years inside the story of man upon the earth, still close enough to be very large and active in the sight of men. Then several horrific things happened, right there in the heavens before all mankind, with dramatic and overwhelming affect upon the earth. We have no idea the order of these things, but we know that they occurred, all out of this same spiked explosion and break-up of the sun's binary companion.

One of those things was seen only, but still, it left a deep impression upon the human psyche. The chunk of Saturn that remained closer to earth, the chunk we today continue to call Saturn, seemed to suck back into itself other smaller fragments of  the original explosion, Saturn eating his children.

Now, understand that electrical events taking place on a much larger scale in the heavens take place over a much longer period of time than those same electrical events in small size on earth. Therefore, what people on earth beheld, including Japheth, Shem, and Ham, was like a slow-motion scenario.

At the moment of the dissolution of the binary star, it's electrical/gravitational hold on earth was broken. Now, the larger gravitational pull of the sun took precedence upon a captive earth. At the same time, a large fragment of the explosion, possibly the chunk we now call Neptune, hurled by very close to earth. This fragment could possibly have done two things. One, it could have kicked the earth into its present spin, and two, it could have dumped upon earth much of the water content originally found in that binary star, either that or the earth itself passed through a great band of water molecules flung off the exploding small star.

“All the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.”

It is a mistake to attempt to define the strange words and idioms of the early accounts passed on down from Shem to Moses by anything found in human ignorance today. And here is where we are unable to fit any chronology of events together. Yes, at the end of forty days, Pangaea still had no high mountains upon it. Let's just assume that the highest point was less than 1000 feet above sea level. Thus the level of water, rising 1000 feet, would have covered over all land, making the entire surface of the earth one total ocean. Yet the land may have been lower than that.

In the same progression of events two other things were happening to the earth. Some of these things began before the waters fell, and some of them happened while Noah and his family were tucked in blindly inside the ark However, many things did take place upon the earth in full view of Shem and Ham, the two story tellers, as they watched from the deck of the ark waiting out their time. First was the shaking of the earth, as it staggered to and fro, causing the first splitting apart of Pangaea. The present arrangement of continents and islands likely did not settle in until after 1400 BC. Thus the shaping of our present earth's surface covered a period of around 800 years.

It is possible that India crashed into China in 1422 BC, thrusting up the sea bottom in between them to the top of Mt. Everest. Remember that in 1422 BC, people all over the planet wrote down their eyewitness testimony that the earth instantly stopped spinning (the sun stood still) and did not lurch back into its spin for a period of several hours. People today laugh at them and call them liars, but their eyewitness testimony is admissible as a statement of fact in a court of law. And it comes from many locations around the earth.

The earth spins at 1000 miles an hour at the equator. If the earth did stop, something easily caused by the passage of a nearby electrically-charged body in space of similar size as the earth, then the continents could not easily stop as well. When you slam on your brakes, things in the car keep moving forward until they hit something else.

Second, at the same time that Shem and Ham observed the lands splitting apart, they also saw massive pillars of fire arcing out from the remnants of the binary star or from Venus, scouring the earth. Those pillars of fire, huge tornadoes of electricity, carved out river valleys in dendrite forms, like Medusa's hair, and they formed arcing mountain ranges here and there upon the earth.

At a later date, eyewitness testimony claims that a huge pillar of fire arced up the Japanese islands and mountains in full view of people watching from the mainland of Asia. Similar things were seen all over through centuries.

I have said nothing that cannot be supported by sound science and many observable facts, both across the whole surface of the earth and in any electrical engineering laboratory.

The mountains of Ararat upon which the ark rested did not exist when the rains began, nor did they find their present height until long centuries later.

Now, the shaking the earth first experienced in 2319 BC did not die down fully until the 800's BC. In fact, that shaking seemed to take place about every 50 years, that is, by the transit of another body in space of similar size to the earth passing close by on a  semi-regular circuit. Our forefathers testified, over and over through centuries that this other body bringing continual death and destruction every time it passed by was, in fact, that body we today call Venus. One of those disruptive times took place in 2219 BC, when the continents split apart even further.

The most disruptive time, however, happened in 1462 BC, a time of which people's all over the earth testify that their forefathers survived through fire and darkness only because of a sweet bread that came upon the ground with the dew every morning. But that is another story.

At the same time, the conflict taking place in the heavens in-between other bodies in space continued in the sight of man on this earth as well. Through the course of the centuries, men also watched the great battle between Jupiter and Mars during which Jupiter struck Mars with a mighty thunderbolt, carving across its face the largest scar in the solar system. The records of battle in the heavens as recorded in Homer's The Iliad, for instance, were likely true events, upon which humans attached divine attributes. Similar things are found in the Bible.

You must know that these great events are written into the fabric of all the stories of all people groups across the entire face of the earth, in an incredible symmetry of agreement. At the same time, they are carved into stone  thousands of times. At the same time they are fully confirmed in the structure and fabric of the earth's surface. Yet all of these facts and all of this testimony, is thrown out by almost all of present-day theory.

Now let's talk about human genetics.

First, all carbon dating was altered by the electrical arcing scouring the earth. Carbon dating has zero meaning or relevance prior to 600 BC. That means that all the “facts” concerning human life and any dating of objects on this planet prior to 600 BC are completely skewed in modern thinking. There is no reason whatsoever, no evidence of any kind, that would require us to consider long millenium of Neanderthal man slowly morphing into Cro-Magnon man. Evolution is a theory attempting to explain a few of the facts. As a theory, evolution draws into its use a few facts and excludes countless others that simply do not fit. I know of no fact, no reason whatsoever, to consider Adam living among many other strands of human DNA.

Every single fact claimed by evolution can stand just as easily inside a totally different explanation. And many facts do not fit evolution and are thus mocked or ignored.

There was no law, no custom, no precedence when Cain was a young man. The idea that he could not marry one of his sisters just makes no sense to me. I know of no fact, either in the Bible or on earth, that requires us to think other than that, yes, Cain married one of his many sisters.

Present DNA research does place all present human races as coming out of one mother. That mother is NOT Eve, we don't even know her name, but we do know that she was married to Noah and that she called her three sons Japeth, Shem, and Ham.

Every human being on this planet from the Hottentots in southern Africa and the bush people of Australia to the tallest, blondest blue-eyed Swede to the wildest looking Mongol are all out of the union of Adam and Eve's remaining genes as found in Noah and his wife. The differences in DNA upon the earth today are very, very minute.

But here's the thing. There was far more potential inside of Adam and Eve's DNA than there was inside of Noah and his wife's DNA. Noah and his wife contained only one small development of Adam and Eve's full DNA potential. That means that many other strains of human expression did exist on the earth before the Flood that did not exist after the Flood.

Australian Aborigines are of the exact same people group as we are; they are one human family with us, separated by only around 4000 years of human development from us.

To understand genetic variations within one species better, consider dogs. You can assemble a great variety of dogs of every size and shape and color. It is almost inconceivable that a hairless Chihuahua and a pure-white St. Bernard/Samoyed Husky cross are both the same thing. Yet all varieties of dog and wolf across the whole earth today came out of two wolves loping down the ramp from the ark and bounding off among the stones. The variety of humans coming out of Adam and Eve could easily have been much more astonishing than the variety of humans coming out of Noah and his wife.

Now we want to look at the telling of stories, the transmission of knowledge of the human experience from the Flood on. Noah's three sons were very different in makeup and nature. Japeth was probably a wide-ranging hunter who liked making babies. Most of us come out of Japeth. But the two story tellers of the human race were Shem and Ham, yet from those two came two very different accounts.

We won't develop Ham's story-telling, but from him comes all the wickedness of the false worship of Saturn out of pre-deluvian times including astrology, and all that we would term occult. The heavens upon which the original stories were based are a heavens that simply do not exist today. Long before the time of Christ, the planets had settled into their present positions of balanced electrical equilibrium. Although the tail of Venus still almost reaches earth to engulf it every now and then, it is no longer visible, nor does it cause any disturbance. When it was larger and visible, enveloping the earth, it panicked everyone, every time it swung our way.

So let's consider Shem. Shem died in 1817 BC. Isaac was fifty years old.

It is not impossible that Shem was known as Melchizedek in Isaac's day. It is likely that Shem transmitted his story directly to Isaac, or at the least, directly to Abraham. Levi was 35 when his grandpa, Isaac died, well old enough to have received and memorized a full account of Shem's stories. Amram, the father of Moses, was also 35 when his grandfather, Levi died, well able to carry faithfully the original stories, later giving them to his son, Moses.

But lets go back in the other direction. Adam had 243 years in which to tell his story in full to Methuselah. And Methuselah had almost 100 years of hanging around with his great-grandson, Shem. Thus Adam's account could well have passed from Adam to Methuselah to Shem to Isaac to Levi to Amram to Moses. The thing about oral traditions is that they are transferred from one generation to the next with great care and precision.

Before talking about the recording of the first five books of the Bible, called the books of Moses, we must consider the place and role of Joseph in human history. Joseph's years were approximately 1717 to 1606 BC. Joseph died before Levi.

It is very possible that Joseph was one of the most brilliant minds in history and the source of many things we find in human knowledge and achievement, including the advance of writing far beyond tally marks on clay tablets. The Egyptians had a different name that they gave Joseph. He was called Imhotep, the man who designed the great pyramids of Egypt.

Now, if you look up Imhotep, you will see his official dates somewhere around 2600 BC, thus everyone will cry that Imhotep could not possibly be Joseph. But as I said, the Egyptian dating that rules everything prior to 600 BC is complete nonsense. When you place Imhotep alongside of Joseph, you see a perfect match. And when you draw the events and rulers in Egyptian history forward by many centuries, suddenly, they fit perfectly with the accounts of the Bible and with much archaeological evidence. Here is one such matchup:

What that means is that most of human knowledge and design came to the Gentiles from the children of Israel. The Egyptians copied Solomon, not the other way around. Queen Hatsheput of Egypt's Middle Kingdom matches the Queen of Sheba in every possible way, including the record of her trip to Jerusalem and the temple she built in Egypt matching the one she saw in Jerusalem. The history of her father, grandfather, and son match the accounts in the Bible of Saul and Rehoboam's actions perfectly as well and all before and all after. Yet “history” severs these two stories, placing Queen Hatsheput back 600 years. Nonsense.

The Exodus took place in 1462 BC, at the end of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. The events of the Exodus and the history of the ending of the Old Kingdom are identical, including the departure from Egypt of a nation of slaves, just weeks before the Old Kingdom was destroyed by the invading Hyksos savages. All this is recorded in Egyptian archaeological finds. In fact, that newly freed nation of Israel met one tribe of the Hyksos hurrying in to take advantage of the destruction of Egypt, except they called them Amalekites.

This is extremely important in our time because the claim that there is NO archaeological evidence of the Exodus is rising in today's world and will become much stronger before this is over. The problem is they attempt to place the Exodus during the time of the New Kingdom hundreds of years later. Yet there is full evidence for everything recorded in the first half of the book of Exodus found in the archeology of Egypt at the end of the Old Kingdom.

Now we come to the question of the authorship of the five books of Moses.

As I said, it is possible that the gift of written language was one of the many gifts Joseph gave to mankind, a gift  certainly passed fully to Moses who “was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.” Acts 7:22  It was about 53 years from the death of Joseph in 1606 BC to the birth of Moses in 1543 BC.

That would make Moses one of the first actual writers in human history. Now, societies that do not have a written language convey their stories by oral tradition. When there is no writing, the exact wording is memorized and transmitted very carefully. The stories of the splitting apart of Saturn, the scouring of the earth and the shaping of the lands, and the great flood that destroyed all life, apart from eight people adrift in a boat, these stories were told over and over, passing them down faithfully, by all people groups on earth.

However, only one person carried the true story of God from one side of the flood to the other. That person was Shem. Japeth didn't care about such things, and Ham drifted to the dark side, the memory of human arrogance.

But whom would Shem tell? To whom would he transmit the true story, most precious? His own children and grandchildren did not hold to the truth. They listened rather to Nimrod of Ham's line and story and soon created all the gods of Babylon. Shem held his story inside his heart for 500 years. I have no doubt that, by the direction of God, Shem told his story to Abraham and Isaac.

Here is another interesting thing. Job was likely a contemporary of Abraham. Yet Job's story would, at first, have been oral only. Was it Moses, the first major writer, who first put Job's oral story down on paper?

Yes, Moses wrote, but it is unlikely that he sat down and wrote out five books as we have them today. Rather, he would likely have produced a vast pile of jottings of every type. At the same time, others also would have kept and transmitted the same oral stories, while even others wrote as well.

Many of the books of the Old Testament were clearly tacked together in later years by scribes, pulling from here and from there. The Psalms, for instance, were not put together as they are until likely after the return from Babylon. Thus we have a continual mixture of authors. Solomon wrote Psalms 1 & 2 and others. David wrote many as well as Asaph and others. Some were written by Ezra (Psalm 119), and two came out of the remnants of Moses' piles of parchment, Psalm 90 & 91. Ruth did not write Ruth. Joshua probably did not write Joshua. Rather, part of the tradition handed down to the children of Israel from Moses was the practice of recording events, keeping a running tally of Israel's history. Many different individuals, unknown scribes in back rooms, would have done that. And yet, probably much of the different scraps of written accounts were likely not pulled together in our present form until after the return from Babylon.

Thus we have Judges through 2 Chronicles with no known authorship, but probably a few individuals compiling and re-writing the records of many over centuries. Yet Nehemiah probably wrote his own book as well as Ezra and the prophets. We know that Amos probably did not know how to write, and that Baruch wrote most of Jeremiah for him, although Jeremiah wrote a small part of it, because God told him to write.

The Bible is not a magical book. It is a very human compilation, breathed upon by God. Man is the image of God by weakness.

So, let's return to the first five books of the Bible. It is clear to me that Moses directly wrote Leviticus and parts of Exodus. He could well have written Deuteronomy; however, if a scribe recorded Moses' words directly as he spoke Deuteronomy out loud, the authorship would remain with Moses. Much of Genesis was likely Moses' own writing down of the oral traditions faithfully transmitted to him. However, parts of Exodus and Numbers were very possibly the writings of scribes assigned by Moses to the task of recording the history of Israel.

More than that, the final form of those books would not be found until after the return from Babylon. Ezra was a gifted, educated, and highly influential man. It is well possible that the final form of the Old Testament as we know it today was overseen by his zealous hovering over all the written accounts of Israel. Just go through Psalm 119 to see how much all that God speaks meant to Ezra.

Genesis Chapter 1 and Genesis Chapter 2 were two different accounts coming from two completely different individuals, possibly put next to each other in the present form by Ezra. The distinction in authorship is clear by the original Hebrew text. When you read the four gospels, you find disagreement in details. That is real eye-witness testimony. In a court of law, if all the details are the same from one witness to the next, their testimony is thrown out as useless. They must have agreed beforehand on what story to tell; that very collusion meant they had something to hide.

Other parts of Genesis may well have also come from different individuals. That does not make it wrong to call them the books of Moses, however. Moses wrote much and oversaw the compilation of the rest. Ezra could not have received any manuscripts from that time that did not pass first by Moses.

You see, Joseph, Moses, and Ezra had very high IQ's. That did not make them arrogant, quite the opposite. Someone wrote that Moses was the meekest man on earth; it was not Moses who wrote that. What a high IQ gave these men was the ability to see and to remember all the details, to see the patterns and connections between the details, and to make all of it, the overall pattern (theory) and all the details (facts), clear and understandable to all. In equal measure, these men knew a close hovering of the Holy Spirit upon them in anointing. That anointing did not make them super-humans; it just enabled them to see God all through everything. It enabled them to sing for joy in the goodness of God.

Finally, we must look at God's purpose in the events recorded in Genesis Chapters 1—3.

The purpose of each detail in those first three chapters is not to give us a precise understanding of history or science. Yes, every detail comes out from reality, which means each detail is true to both history and science. However, our understanding of things is not. We think we know history and science, but we really don't. Thus the problem is our own lack of history and science, not any lack of such in those three chapters.

Still, those three chapters are a very biased account. All history is biased, that is, the author selects a few things that are important to him and his purposes and ignores everything else as if it does not exist. Two different authors writing about the same event, will pick different details to record and ignore, according to whatever agenda that author has.

God's agenda is the revelation of Jesus Christ, the proving of His Word.  Thus every detail God picked in those three chapters is entirely and only for that agenda. And thus we approach those three chapters in the same way that we approach the book of Revelation.

We do not study what is inside those chapters by what is inside those chapters. Doing so will only take us around in endless circles. Rather, we begin with Christ, with all the reality of His revelation in us, and then, seeking to understand this glorious Christ who lives in our hearts, we reach into Genesis 1—3 and draw into that same Christ the details God chose to place there. We say “Hey, wow, this is that. This reality of Christ in me is that detail in Genesis 1.” We never reason the other way around. Christ is always first.

Now, understand what I am saying. Every one of those details comes out of real science and real history taking place on this earth. When we know all things as they really are, we will see how each detail, each fact, actually fits into that picture. Yet we will be overwhelmed, most certainly, because the real story is so different from what our muddled ignorance knows today. Man has not evolved; man has devolved.

But the purpose of the Author in selecting which details to include was driven entirely by an agenda. And the agenda of the Author had nothing to do with enabling us to know history or science, but to know all the revelation of Christ through us now at the end of the age of human folly. And that is the only theory that counts.