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7. Prophetic Words of Power

I want to hear of those who show each individual person that he or she is already the image of God, already filled with God, already redeemed, already loved, already the expression of God's heart in overwhelming abundance and wealth just as they find themselves to be. This is the River I look for; this is the real GLORY of God, the Father as He is. This is the only thing I want to know.

Prophetic Words of Power - PDF

7. Prophetic Words of Power

© Daniel Yordy - 2015

I received the following note from a reader:

Hello Daniel, The following is a long time friend's view of Tabernacles; he just posted it this morning. I would like your thoughts, not trying to discredit the writer but so that I personally can stay on the direct path. My goal is to know God..... This friend seems to always have a safety net to the world dangling.


Arthur Burt Saw This Coming: Now It Is Here!

"What we've been looking for is His Kingdom Here and Now on Earth In Us and Through Us! Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven! Jesus said the Kingdom is at hand. It's here, it's been here since Pentecost but we've been stuck at the baptism of the Holy Spirit. To this day the Church is in two-thirds. The Church is in Pentecost, meeting man's need instead of moving into Tabernacles and meeting Gods glory. God is governed by one thing. His Glory. 

Pentecost brought us to two-thirds. But we are entering into the fullness of times. 1,2,3. Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles. The underlying principle is Tabernacles, the third-third. God will fulfill and fill full in Tabernacles. Tabernacles is for the glory of God!

If God has dictated three, then two will never do the job. Pentecost introduced it but did not have the power to produce. Only the third third could do it. The third third is joy, fullness of joy! Tabernacles... Fullness! 

What is the third-third? I don't know anything higher than the love of God. Break it down to simple everyday loving. Would I walk in love? It's new wine, it's joy, it produces fruit. The little bud, the bloom, the blossom- then comes the fruit! But even after the fruit is developing, unless it comes to fullness, you've got nothing.

One, two, three. We've entered into that season, the third third, the third day. All to his glory! We can walk in Heavens Kingdom here on Earth. Now is the time. The fullness is here! There shall be no ebb this time! Every move of God has finished with an ebb. When a tide comes in, it reaches high tide and then after flowing in, it ebbs out. Every move of God has been followed by the ebb. This move will have no ebb!"


David, Thank you for asking me for my thoughts, along with your ongoing question about how will God’s precious people hear this word of Christ our only life that we are finding so wonderful, filling us with goodness and truth. Other readers also share with me that when they attempt to share Christ our only life with others, it seems that the word hits a brick wall. God’s people do not yet hear.

I typed a portion of the above into Google search and found that it has been posted on a number of websites, all very similar. Here are some of them.

Now, I share with you a desire not to speak against anyone through whom God is speaking. God is very big and He is doing many things upon this earth. Not everything looks the same, but all of it is God. You and I must know our own hearts, however, what it is that God is doing through us.

I read through the larger version of this note that you copied here, thus I will speak to it. I will not spend time on any of these sites – except that these are those of God’s people who are inside this same approach to hearing and knowing God.

All that I want to share in response is inside the question of – How can God’s people hear this word of Christ our only life? There are two parts to the question and its answer. First – what is blocking their hearts and ears? And second – what will it be that removes that blockage?

As usual, things only make sense to me when I can draw them out of my own history of Christ Jesus made personal in me. I share Christ personal in me, not to make something of myself, but to show all who read that Christ is also personal in them, through all the circumstances of their lives.

I lived for many years in the environment of the Spirit of God released through mighty ministries as one reads about in the letter on Arthur Burt. I know the word, the Spirit, the expectation, and the power. I have seen and heard mighty things and lived daily together with a people who saw and heard mighty things.

Now, as I read across these various websites, I see two things. I see those with a genuine delight in knowing God now revealed upon this earth. But I also see the strong foreheads who are seeking, not the Father, necessarily, but a God of power. I have certainly known both of these over many years, as a careful observer as well as a participant.

Few stories in the Bible bring me to tears like the story of two teenage boys, John and Andrew, about sixteen years old, who ran away from home BECAUSE they had heard that God was moving again among His people, and something inside their hearts said, “I will be found inside whatever it is God is doing upon this earth; I will be found nowhere else.”

I was twenty when I followed the same call into the wilderness. Much more than once I drove hundreds, even thousands of miles, showing up in the place where I had heard God was moving among His people. Even after horrific loss and ruin, there I was a few months later, back again. I will not be kept out!

That heart remains the same in me to this day. I would walk away from everything to be found in the midst of God revealing Himself upon this earth. Yet God has constrained me and confined my way over the last many years. He has separated me to solitude, except for the precious family He has given me. And here in my weakness, I will not be left out. All that I can do is write, sending out my scribblings to be read by only a few dozen precious brethren. Yet if that is all that is left to me, then I will write myself into the revelation of what the Father is doing and is about to do now upon this earth.

As I said, I know well the word and the Spirit, the desire and the expectation found in the letter about Arthur Burt, as well as that expressed through these various websites. Reading through it caught again that heart of awestruck wonder, mesmerized by the power of the things of the heavens. Notice the word I chose carefully – mesmerized.

You see, even though I know all of and rejoice in most of the many anointing’s that rest upon God’s people, even though I am ready at a moment’s notice to climb in my car, leaving everything behind, to find myself once again in the place where God is revealing Himself, yet I also have learned a few things over the years, mostly, a few things about God, and also a few things about His people.

First, let’s place the things talked about in the letter on Arthur Burt. Everything in that letter is inside the third feast, yes, but not inside Tabernacles itself, but rather inside its porch, the Feast of Trumpets. Think Holy Place, then the Altar of Incense/the Veil, then the Holy of Holies.

The Feast of Trumpets is the awareness of Tabernacles just ahead. Those in the Feast of Trumpets are engaged with the Altar of Incense. They see through the veil into the Holiest, but they see “through a glass darkly.” They do not really know the Day of Atonement, even though they believe that they are mightily engaged with the Day of Atonement.

In the course, The Purpose of God, the three How’s of God, found in Sessions 14 through 21, are an outline and expression of the fulfillment of the Day of Atonement in our lives.

Next, let’s go back to my continued determination to be with the Father in the place of knowing Him, as He does what He is doing now upon this earth. When I read through the Arthur Burt letter, and when I skim through these websites, I find myself looking backwards, and my heart says, for myself only, but oh so strongly, immediate and absolute: “NO WAY!”

Let me explain. I am a man of great desire. My problem has been, though, that I desire to know and to do many things – and have been gifted by God with the experience and the knowledge of so many different things. Yet through forty years, now, this December, I have desired two things of the Lord above all, with fervent intensity and unflagging pursuit. These two are really one thing, two sides of the same thing.

I have desired God’s word to be planted utterly inside of me. And I have asked God, many times in tears, to plant His heart in my breast. I so much needed the Father’s heart rather than my own.

The night before last, as I was considering all of this prophetic word of power before the Lord in the middle of the night, the Lord spoke to me. He said to me, “I have given you what you have desired.” And I felt strong in my chest, secure and gentle, firm and forever, the Father’s heart. I can’t express to you the sobs of wonder that wrenched my being.

The next morning I was very weak physically, mentally, and emotionally. I do not judge anything by outward appearance, but only by what God says – by His Word.

It is the Word, the Person of the Lord Jesus, who is the Father’s heart in our breasts. And He connects us to the Father by every word that He speaks.

I have found, I possess fully, I have and I know everything I have ever sought for and desired with reckless pursuit over forty years. I possess the Father; He lives in all of His fullness inside of me, inside my heart, inside all of me.

Thus, when I look back at those mesmerized by the things of the heavens, I am not fooled. To “go back” to be “with them” would be to leave my heart behind, something I would never do, even if I could.  They have a word of Christ certainly, they are looking in the right direction, partly, but they do not possess what I now possess – and you also.

I want to explain very carefully without speaking against those whom the Lord has clearly anointed. We understand that God has placed His ministries at every point along the way – for the sake of His people. If all of God’s ministries were to leave their place, where would there be the light houses and sign posts for those yet to come in? We honor everyone who shines their light upon that way, regardless of any limitation they might have in knowing the Father.

Heaven is real. And the things of the heavens are powerful and glorious.

That’s the huge problem facing the sons of God right now. And that’s why God has placed blinders on the eyes of all humans so that we cannot see the heavens all around us. If you and I could see heaven, we would never find the Lord Jesus Christ alive in our hearts.

Heaven will save no one. Heaven is utterly created.

Heaven will help no one. Heaven is in as much trouble as earth.

But the power and glory of heavenly things will cause everyone whose hearts are unprepared to know the Father to LOOK IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! If we could see the heavens, all humans would be worshipping the “gods” of heaven, and all Christians would be worshipping the “saints.” Oh, I forgot; many do.

The Father is invisible. Heaven does not know Him.

When Adam and Eve entered the clearing in the middle of the garden, they saw heaven as much as they saw earth. Man is not a spirit being possessing a physical body. Man is a human being, the likeness and image of God, possessing two bodies, a spirit body through which to see and communicate with the heavens and a physical body through which to see and communicate with the earth. Heaven and heavenly beings are NOT the likeness and image of God, man is.

Because they knew the heavens completely, their eyes were caught, not by earthly things, but by heavenly things. Because Paul said that Adam KNEW God, we know that Adam, momentarily, saw the Lamb of God upon the tree of life; he saw God as a Man, laying down His life for His friends. But Eve had eyes only for the powerful things of the heavens and for the beauty, majesty, and glory of heavenly beings. Adam soon joined her in the hold that the power of heaven holds over those who reject being the image and likeness of God.

All of these brethren see and desire the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles now in the life of the church. BUT they are as mesmerized by heavenly things as Eve was.

Heaven and all of its power and glory is only a distraction, set by God to keep the way to the tree of life open only for those who desire to know the Father and nothing else. The lust for heavenly power grips the hearts of all humans, including our brethren.

Here is the thing. We read about (or even have sat under) the Arthur Burt’s and the Smith Wigglesworth’s, the Sam Fife’s and the William Branham’s. But here is what we find. As we sit there in awe, longing to know what they know, God is far away from us. And what contortions we go through, then, to climb up somehow to this far away God.

Let me tell you something. Yes, all this is “true” for those who are being called into the way. But anyone who places God far away from the heart of the least and the littlest is speaking false. I could care less what wonders they speak of and what mighty anointing and power rests upon their foreheads.

It is NOT the Father’s heart.

If you want to see the Father’s heart, look at a Man on His face in the mud under a cross He cannot carry – the express image of God’s person!

I’ve said it this way before; and I don’t have to go looking where I wrote it, the words are etched in my heart. – Everyone looks for power when they look for God, that’s why they never find Him. If you want to be wowed with God, find the person in your church who cleans the toilets and be wowed with God. –

We must know three things. Heart – Word – Spirit.  Heart is Father; Word is Jesus; and Spirit is the Holy Spirit.

The Father is the One and only God. Yet, as He moves out of invisibility to create and to reveal Himself to His creation, He reveals Himself through two Persons who are always together, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. These two, always together, are known as Jesus Sent, or as Christ Jesus.

The Father is ALL EVERYWHERE NOW. Yet He is and remains utterly unknown. The Father comes into our knowledge, not through heavenly glories that are and must remain outside of us, but through Christ Jesus alive in our hearts.  And this Jesus is always, first, WORD.

I am a Word man. The first word God spoke to me out from the pages of the Bible was this: And the Holy Spirit will guide you into ALL truth. That word is mine. But to me, that truth has always been one thing. The words on the pages of the Bible anointed by the Holy Spirit and coming into me as Christ Jesus.

BUT –here is part of the great blockage we face that sits upon the minds and hearts of our brethren. The “word” has become to most a list of rules, words on the page, a scattered mess of contradictions that can be known ONLY by imposing Augustine’s definitions on everything.

And thus, our brethren, in desiring to enter the Holiest, disregard the word BECAUSE they do not know it. And what they do know is tacked together all wrong, attached entirely to something that is NOT word – the idea that Salvation is found in heaven, that “going to” and “being in” heaven is Salvation. That framework of thinking, then, arranges all the verses of the Bible into a pattern that is NOT God.

Yet that idea is supported powerfully by the impact of present prophetic seeing into the reality of heaven and heavenly things.

Now, I want to refer to one statement I saw on one of the Prophetic Words of Power websites I listed above. This is from a “prophet” seeing into the heavens. The statement was along these lines (I will not directly quote, because I don’t want to go back into the site, so this is a paraphrase). “The river of life is about to be released, held back in heaven by (whatever). But this river of life is not the same thing as the Holy Ghost.”

Do you see the power of “heaven” to break and repudiate the word God speaks?

Anyone taking my course on The Purpose of God will know immediately the word of Christ that this “prophetic word of power” rejects – John 7:37-38. Out of your bellies will flow rivers of living water – He was speaking of the Holy Spirit.

“Oh, but that’s not talking about the thing I am seeing,” they might say, just another form of “Did God really say that?” It is so hard for so many to believe that God is telling us the truth; that’s why they are unable to hear.

The Holy Spirit comes for one purpose only. One only. The Holy Spirit comes for the Word.

The Holy Spirit comes before to prepare the way for the Word, to soften the hearts that will hear, that they might receive that Word. The Holy Spirit comes with the Word, that it might be planted in our hearts as a Seed of Life. And the Holy Spirit follows after the Word, to confirm and to establish that Word.

When you see any discussion of the powerful things of the heavens and mighty prophetic words about this or that being released, there is always, so sadly, something missing. What is missing is the precious Holy Spirit drawing into our hearts the Words from the pages of the Bible and making those Words alive in us as Christ Jesus, Personal and real, dwelling in our hearts in all of His glory right now, and connecting us as one person with the Father in all ways and by every word.

You see, when they say, “The glory of God,” they define that word entirely by heavenly glory, which is created glory and not the glory of God at all. The glory of God is one thing only, the Father’s heart revealed through a simple man or woman on their knees to serve, laying down their lives to lift up the least and the littlest.

When I see that, I know I am seeing God. When I see heaven, I know that heaven DOES NOT know God.

We are in the most dangerous times in the history of the church. Heaven is being opened back up, now, by our actions, actually, as we cast down the accuser out from our hearts and minds. But the open heavens are the very thing that will cause the vast majority to turn their attention away from Jesus alive in their hearts.

And as men and women of great power, with strong foreheads and assertive words, proclaim the power and glory of heavenly things, that prophetic word does one thing only in the hearts of God’s people. It places there, with all certain finality, this word. “Oh my, I am fallen short.”

That word, dear brother and sister in Jesus, is the essence of EVIL and all rebellion against God. Do not hear it. When heaven opens, do NOT be deceived. Heaven itself is not evil, but evil works in the hearts of our brethren when they see heavenly glory and then look at themselves and thus join with Adam in the rejection of being the image and likeness of God.

EVERYTHING that is of God is inside of Jesus inside your heart, personal and real. Know Jesus there; do not know Him anywhere else. Heaven will cause all those who turn from Jesus inside their hearts to look at its power and splendor, heaven will cause them to curse God by the evil, evil, evil words of the accuser. I am fallen short.

And that brings us now to what I really want to talk about. – The Father’s heart.

I am not looking for men and women with great power declaring mighty things from the heavens. I am looking for ministers of Christ on their knees in the middle of the congregation weeping before the glory of Jesus in the heart of that little old lady on the fifth row, or that young man on the second row from the back. I want to see men and women so awestruck by the Father revealed through HUMANS as they are, that all they can do is stutter in wonder and amazement.

God is finished with men and women presenting themselves to His people as great powerhouses of faith and anointing. God is finished with the Sam Fife's and the William Branham's. He will reveal Himself now at this end of the age through the least and the littlest, through the failures and the has-beens, through the crippled, the blind, and the maimed.

God will reveal Himself through the tender-hearted, the compassionate, those who consider other people. In the fulfillment of the Great Day of God Almighty, only one thing matters. Only one. The Heart of the Lord Jesus Christ beating in our chests, the Mercy Seat of God, the throne of heaven.

This Heart that carries all, that covers all, that bears with all, that believes the best in all, that expects God arising in all, that reaches out in tender compassion to each hurting soul and shows them Christ living as them by showing them the Blood upon that Mercy Seat, our hearts, and the absence of all their sin.

I don't want to hear about mighty works, about great acts of power in the church. I don't want to hear those who pursue the “things of God.” I don't want to hear about preachers of “repentance,” or of those who exalt this world. I don't want to hear those who are “right.”

I want to hear of those who restore hearts to the Father, who teach the meek and the limited that God reveals Himself through them just as they are. I want to hear about kindness and tender regard. I want to hear about those who lose out so that others might gain, those who honor the least and the littlest in the midst of the Church.

I want to hear about those who speak blessing when they are cursed, those who do good when evil is done to them, those who are silent before their accusers, those who win the hearts of their enemies by respect and compassion.

Of course there will be what are called “miracles” flowing into the experience of the hurting and the confused through those in whose breasts beats the Heart of God. But those “miracles” will never honor the one through whom God happens to move, but rather this one who has such need, that he or she be lifted up and honored, made special and good.

I want to hear about children laughing, about mothers singing, about fathers blessing their homes. I want to hear about young people dancing, about the elderly filling their place of honor in the community. I want to hear about the richness of the earth and the abundance of the heavens and about goodness poured out.

I want to hear of those who show each individual person that he or she is already the image of God, already filled with God, already redeemed, already loved, already the expression of God's heart in overwhelming abundance and wealth just as they find themselves to be.

This is the River I look for; this is the real GLORY of God, the Father as He is.

This is the only thing I want to know.