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1. My Yoke Is Easy

Jesus subdues by one means alone. He wins our hearts. Love. And thus this series will include a perusal of the love scenes of Scripture, including the story of Ruth and The Song of Songs. These things speak to us of our entrance into the Communion of the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit, our entrance into God.


1. My Yoke Is Easy

© Daniel Yordy - 2015

This letter is the first of a new series: The Song of the Lamb. In this series I want to sing Jesus as I have never sung Him before. If you would walk with me, than sing Jesus as well with all your heart. Sing Him as your only life and reality; sing Him into all those with whom you come into contact. Prophecy Christ; call Him forth everywhere and in everyone. Sing no other song.

Sing no other song.

– Jesus lives in my heart. –


Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

We cannot know God or Jesus Sent unless we chose to know Them as They ARE. And as we think and write and speak of Them as They are, we understand and are simply shocked by the childish and immature way we once spoke of Them, the way too many continue to speak.

There is One God, the Father. This One God, Father, is All Personal Now Everywhere ANDunknown.

This One God, the Father, is, however, more than anything and everything else, Love. And Love means that Father is always everywhere Personal.

Father DESIRES to be known.

Eternal life is to know Father.

We know Father by one means only – through Jesus Sent.

Thus eternal life is also to know Jesus Sent.

Salvation is knowing Father through Jesus Sent.

Salvation is being just like Jesus in all conceivable ways except honor.

Jesus is not co-substantial with the Father (The Father is greater than I). Here is how we know Him.

Father, coming out of unknownness, out of invisibility, first becomes the form of a Servant, the Mercy Seat, Word, Jesus Sent. Father, coming out of unknownness, does so only by unfolding Himself as another person, through whom Father expresses Himself. Father always and only expresses Himself through other persons.

Father, coming out of unknownness, comes first through the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

At this point of our reckoning of God as He is, nothing else exists. Yet we never think of Father coming “first” through the Person of Jesus as a time word. God is ALL NOW every moment. Father coming first through the Person of Jesus is all everywhere at every point of space in heaven and earth and in every moment of time.

“First,” when referring to Jesus, is always and only a source word.

Thus the Person of Father, coming out of invisibility to be seen and known by His creation, comes first as and through another Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is always the action taking place everywhere every moment in all of the spiritual realms of the heavens and in all of the physical realms of the presently visible universe.

Word is an action, a vibration, a frequency, a wave, an energia. His name is Jesus.

Thus this Word, this Person that is the First of Father revealed, is the energia out from which all things of creation proceed.

Out of this Word, this energia, this Person, Jesus, coming every moment in all places out from an invisible God, making this forever invisible God known, comes five specific kinds of ACTION.

1. Creating. 2. Sustaining. 3. Setting Free. 4. Subduing. 5. Restoring

These five actions cannot ever be separated. Yes, in the human experience, they are known as an unfolding through time. That unfolding through time is part of creation. Yet in God there is no unfolding through time, for all things are right now.

Yet, in a very real sense, these Actions, unfolding through time, are not time actions, but eternal.

I can no longer see creation as anything but IS, always IS, always Christ, always coming out of Christ, always sustained by Christ, always being set free by Christ, always being brought into submission to Christ, always being restored through Christ back to the Father.

The phrase, “From before the foundation of the cosmos” is, as Jesus said in John 16, entirely figurative. That does not mean non-existent. Rather, it means by appearance. Yet appearance is only an outward form, in the present season, of an eternal Substance.

In our world today we understand clearly the difference between substance and appearance. Consider a group of actors staging a movie scene. They are in period outfits; they have memorized their pieces. All around them are other people, stage crew, cameramen, director, and so on. At the director's cue, they enact that one scene and then stop when the director says, “Cut.”

Why did they do such a thing? Because we understand fully the difference between substance and appearance. The actors acting out a scene are a form of substance. But that substance is immediately converted to the first appearances of all substance, light and sound. The light as appearance passes into the lens of the camera where it is converted into a totally different appearance, images on a film strip, and the sound passes through a microphone where it becomes magnetic etching on that same strip of plastic. That film strip is taken, then, to a TV station and inserted into a machine. That machine extracts the two appearances of the original substance from the plastic film and converts them into an entirely different form, electronic signals. Those electronic signals pass through a copper wire. That is, the original substance of the actors is now in the form of electricity passing through copper. That appearance of electricity is converted yet again into an entirely different form, it becomes “light” once again, only this time a high-level frequency of light unseen by the human eye, a frequency we call a radio wave or microwave signal. The original sound of the substance is also encoded into this higher form of light.

Then, these waves of high frequency, a very different form than the original substance, pass through the air where they are picked up by a television antenna and converted once again back into electrical frequencies passing through wires. Another device in the television converts these electrical signals into another appearance, similar to the images on the film, but this time as dots of color on the backside of the TV screen. Yet, amazingly, once again, these images change appearance and become again light, passing through the air where the light becomes an image on the backside of the human eyeball. There, that light causes certain cells in the eye to vibrate. The vibrating cells send their vibrations by electrical impulse down a nerve conduit to the brain. The brain, by determining which cells happen to be vibrating creates an incredible image, an appearance in the human mind, exactly like the original substance, the actors acting out the scene. Every nuance of that original substance is then seen and heard and known by the human, sitting far away at a much later date. At the same time, the sounds of the original substance are transferred to a piece of cardboard vibrating against the air. These signals pass through the air and are converted by the cells in the ear and finally “heard” by the brain.

You, sitting in that chair, participating fully in the appearance of the original substance, know that it is appearance only, but you do not give weight to that fact. More than that, you also know that the original substance, the actors acting out a scene, are also creating an appearance of something not real in substance, a story. Yet that story, passing through a multitude of forms and appearances, both light and sound, becomes a reality of meaning inside of you, the viewer, inside your own consciousness.

I have laid all this out in detail to prove to you that you understand perfectly the difference between the Substance of all things, Father, and Father's appearance as He passes out of unknownness into being seen and touched and handled.

The appearance of Father is never “unreal,” but it is always something other than the original invisible Substance.

But here is the one difference between the example I laid out and Father. Father comes into appearance only through persons. Through very particular persons, all of whom are humans.

In the place that I have chosen.

The first Person through whom the Father is always appearing in every point of space in both heaven and earth and in every moment of time is the Lord Jesus Christ. All things that exist, exist second, only out from that first Appearance of Father.

Jesus is not original Substance, but Appearance. Yet He is a real Person, always arising out from Father into His creation always coming out of Him. And we also are the appearance of God;Christ is a many-membered body. Christ Jesus, then, is the Substance of our appearance.

Now, I have noticed that some readers are bothered by my saying only “knowing Father and Jesus Sent,” and not mentioning the Holy Spirit. They are bothered because of the conditioning of their mind to say things God does not say.

John said that our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus said that eternal life is to know God the Father and Jesus Sent.

I simply speak what God speaks, and as I do so, my understanding merges itself completely into God.

Yet I also speak of the Holy Spirit as God also speaks. But I have no need to force Nicene or Augustinian phraseology onto what I speak. What God speaks is sufficient for me.

Word is never separate from Spirit, and Spirit is never separate from Word.

We know Christ by the Spirit of Christ. We have no need for the mechanical cutting apart and piecing together that the carnal and separated mind of fallen human flesh demands.

Now, because God is All Personal Now Everywhere AND unknown, I know, for myself, that God, all of God, fills all of me, spirit, soul, and body. Yet I also know that I do not know Him.

And I also know that, although I know that God is also all in every other place, I CANNOT know Him there. The moment I attempt to know God anywhere else but inside of me, then I have created an idol, an image, a false “god” to worship. God commanded us not to do that.

God must first be known by Heart and that inside each one of our own hearts.

In the place that I have chosen.

But Father is not known.

Thus, from within every point of my being, spirit, soul, and body, Christ Jesus arises every moment in Person causing me to know the Father who fills me full.

Now, here is something interesting. When I think of Jesus arising into my knowledge every moment out from within my spirit, I think of the Holy Spirit as the One who fills my spirit. And when I think of Jesus arising into my knowledge every moment out from within my physical body, I think of the Holy Spirit as the One who fills my body. But when I think of Jesus in Person, I see Him always arising, every moment, from one place alone.

Jesus lives in my heart.

Yet my heart is the central organ of my body; it is the central organ of my spirit; and it is the central organ of my soul. Yet all those things are just parts of me. I am the one here, deep on the inside of all my parts. My heart is me. Jesus lives in my heart. Jesus lives in and as ME.

And because Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high, in all ways and in every place, fills my heart with all of His glory, then my heart is the Mercy Seat of God, the throne of heaven.

Out from my heart, the Father is always passing from unknownness into being known, first as the Person of Jesus and then as the person of me, Daniel Yordy.

But I know Father only through this Person of Jesus always arising first inside of me.

I am the appearance of Jesus the Christ. – Now, let's go back to our text.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

We know God through Jesus Sent, this One always arising into our knowledge through our hearts, through ME into me. This, then, is how we hear and know these words of Jesus.

Here is another way to state Salvation: Learn of Me.

And another way to say the same thing: Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are two causes of all the difficulty in the universe. The first cause is that Father is not known. Father not known is called vanity. Sin has nothing to do with Father not being known. Father is invisible. He cannot be known. Yet Father not known is the first problem in creation.

The second cause of all the difficulty in the universe is the third Action of Jesus, always every moment everywhere and in all.

Jesus always sets you free of Himself.

There is no such thing in all the realms of creation as Jesus not setting all material/spiritual substance and all persons free of Himself and free of Father. Father does not know force. “Subdue” is not force.

I pointed out in the closing chapter of Musings on Union, titled “Communion,” that Paul's statement that this corruptible must put on incorruptibility is the most blasphemous utterance ever conceived.

To put on incorruptibility is to bind ourselves utterly with Father. We cannot remain in the creation if we do that; we must pass entirely into God, into the communion of the Father and the Son.

This entire series is about that communion: The Song of the Lamb.

I said that “subdue” is not force. Jesus subdues by one means alone. He wins our hearts.


And thus this series will include a perusal of the love scenes of Scripture, including the story ofRuth and The Song of Songs. These things speak to us of our entrance into the Communion of the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit, our entrance into God.

Faith which works by love. – Love abounding in our hearts.

Let's look closely at this arising of Jesus every moment inside of us.

First, He is known only by those who are “heavy laden.” Another way to say the same thing is – only the lost know salvation, only the forgiven wash His feet with tears. Another way to say the same thing is – that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. Another way to say it is – Shut your mouth.

We are speaking of Galatians 2:20, AM crucified with Christ, the only entrance into the knowledge of God. But in this series, I hope to approach this concept on a higher level than we have known it before.

Then, Jesus arising every moment inside of us, out from our hearts, as the connection by which alone we know Father, says three things that mean the same thing. He says, Come to Me. – Learn of Me. – Take My yoke upon you.

Another way to say that is Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and again, Abide in Me and I in you.

What does that mean? It means, very simply, that we allow the singing of Jesus, arising every moment from within every point of our being, but especially out from our hearts, to be all that we are. We allow such a thing by faith, by rejoicing with all joy that He IS and then by giving thanks in and for all things.

Now, in the center of this utterance of Jesus arising every moment within us, causing us to know the Father, He speaks one thing of Himself.

I am meek and lowly of heart.

You know, if I were capable of plumbing the depths of these words, if I were capable of making them real and alive to you, then I could show you God.

We are speaking of the Song of the Lamb.

Jesus, arising every moment from our hearts, repeats the word “rest” twice. First, He gives us rest and second, we find rest for our souls.  All things are first of the action of Christ, but then, we must connect with that action. He gives; we find. Word coming into union with Faith and bringing forth life.

Why rest? How rest?

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

For My zugos is chrestos and My phortion is elaphros.

I include these words to discover and to convey to you that there is nothing “deep” in them, particularly the words “easy” and “light.” They are plain and simple words, meaning what they say. We could alter the English words that chrestos and elaphros are translated into, but they would be very close synonyms of easy and light and mean the same thing.

Zugos is a yoke, the wooden bar one wears across the shoulders by which to carry any weight in a balanced and upright manner. I talked about the yoke in my letter “From a Word to a Lamb,” found in Through Eyes of Fire. Here, I want to expand just a bit on what I find in the definitions of the Greek word phortion, or burden.

From phortíon – properly, a burden which must be carried by the individual, i.e. as something personal and hence is not transferrable, i.e. it cannot "be shifted" to someone else. Galatians 6:5 For each one will bear his own load (phortíon).

Now, Jesus did not say that our yoke is easy or that our burden is light. In contrast, He said,You who are heavy laden. Our burden is heavy; that's why we come to Him in the first place.

It is Jesus' burden that is light, a burden that He cannot transfer to us.

But Jesus does say, Take My yoke upon you.

Here is another version of that same thing. – They sing . . . the song of the Lamb. Revelation 15:3

The yoke of Jesus, singing the song of the Lamb, is the easiest thing in the universe.

It is true, however, that the yoke of Jesus cannot be transferred from Him to us any more than His burden, the load He carries, can be transferred.

The load Jesus carries, the task given Him by His Father, is to restore all creation back to the Father, to cause all creation to know and to sing their God. Here is how singing the new creation into existence is, for us, the easiest thing in the universe, as Jesus said. We sing in Him; He sings in us.

We are one with the Lord Jesus Christ in all ways, at all times, through every circumstance.

Jesus and I do all things together.

Go ahead, carry Jesus' yoke for yourself! – Not!

You can't even restore yourself back to the Father, let alone anything or anyone else.

Here is how we see ourselves under His yoke. Jesus carries the yoke and the burden; He cannot transfer it to us. BUT! His deepest desire is to share His glory with us. Glory is the acclamation that comes after fulfilling the great task, after accomplishing the purpose for which He was sent, to restore all things.

Therefore Jesus takes us entirely into Himself. He still carries the yoke, but now He shares that same reality with us, that we also might share His glory. At no point does the weight of Jesus' burden ever rest upon our shoulders, yet it does rest in our hearts. Thus we also are the Mercy Seat of God, we also draw others into that same Love that is God abounding in our hearts, and we also lay down our lives for the brethren.

Yet at no point do we place any weight upon ourselves, but know, in every moment, that it is Jesus, Personal, here, and very present, who is carrying all that the Father has appointed to Him.

What does it mean to sing? What does it mean to prophecy Christ?

It means to bring forth the new creation, the new heavens and the new earth, into the experience of all.

It means to win the hearts of all and restore every created being back to the Father.

This is our job; this is our task, Jesus and us.

It is simply the easiest thing ever asked of anyone to do.

Singing the Song of the Lamb.

You see, I exist only by the singing of Jesus. I exist no other way. Sin is only the actions of a created being attempting to sing some other song than Christ my only life, a song that can only be accusation.

Thus I am created in the new creation every moment by the singing of Jesus as is recorded in John 17. I am sustained every moment by all the good things of Christ singing inside of me. I am set free by this same Jesus every moment in all ways and in all directions. I am free. I step where I step, knowing that I am free, knowing that Father is directing every single step I take.

I am won, my heart is captured, by the singing of the Lamb every moment, singing Love abounding in me.

I am restored to Father every moment as I sing the Song ever singing in me.

The Word, Christ Jesus, is in my mouth. God is in my mouth.

Sing, sing with me. Sing Jesus, the only anything you are.

Sing the Song of the Lamb. Sing nothing else.

Sing Christ alone.