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14. Face

I have no need to save face, because I was never any good at putting on any kind of face that worked. There is the Face of a Man, bloody, bruised, and unashamed; His Face is sufficient for me.


14. Face

© Daniel Yordy - 2014

You are free of me. You most certainly do not need me or anything that I write in order for Jesus to continue living you all the way into life. You belong to Him; He lives as you; He always leads you in triumph; and He most definitely does all things well.

Many readers have unsubscribed from my letters over time, usually one a month or so. I put the unsubscribe at the top because I want every reader to feel completely free in Jesus to unsubscribe. I do not think that you are losing out in any way, how could such a thing be? I will never assume I know why you left; you are free of me. Yet I have been amiss. I have not always deliberately blessed each one who unsubscribed; that is now changed. I will bless you in your leaving with as much joy and honor as I bless you now.

Jesus lives us through seasons all through our lives. Wineskins must be changed regularly. If any reader thinks they might “miss out on God” if they unsubscribe, and so stays on, enduring my letters showing up in their inbox, even though Jesus is not speaking life to them right now through my letters, please, you are free of me. It is destructive to anyone to cling to wineskins beyond their sell-by date. If you wish to unsubscribe, you will only provoke a heart-felt blessing from me as I rejoice in Jesus-as-you knowing exactly what He is doing.

You belong to Jesus, and He does what He wants with His own, and He asks no man's pleasure, especially not mine. Jesus does all things well. The woman who is from above is free. She will lay down her life for you, but she will not be ruled by anyone but that which comes out with joy from her own heart; His name is Jesus.

I think a terrible mistake has been made. If I have had any part in this mistake, please forgive me. It has never been my desire to deceive you or to cause you to think things about me that are not true.

Some may have picked up the idea that I am a man of God or that I am mature in “the things of God.” Some may think that I am an outward expression of the things I speak. None of this is true, and if any of my words have ever led you to believe such a thing about me, please forgive me.

I once wanted to be a man of God for many years. I wanted a continual and certain anointing, the ability to speak with authority. I wanted the ability to pray and see great miracles so that everyone would know that I am God's “sent one.” All that has vanished away, and I find that all I can be any more is just me. I make big mistakes all the time in everything I put my hand to. I let people down; if you rely on me, you are not making a wise decision. I have learned my lesson; I will never enter into an agreement or sign a contract to perform (non-teaching) work again. I'm not able to meet anyone's expectations. And yet, I forget that lesson so easily because I always want to please, even though I almost always fail to do so.

I get frustrated and the blinders come on, and I cannot see anything outside of the path right in front of me with the people around me on the outside of that path. I write, sometimes, out of that frustration.

You see, I always wanted to be with Jesus, but I couldn't make it. I couldn't produce or perform. I have great natural abilities, yes, but something always has been cross-wired inside and in the crunch, I short-circuit  and everything collapses and I no longer have the strength of heart to continue. That happened again in this last semester of college courses I'm taking, and the only way I was able to finish was the sheer reality of financial ruin if I did not – and your prayers and God's mercy.

I will always let you down.

But the most interesting thing has happened inside of me as well. I no longer need to be something I am not. I don't need to prove myself “mature” in Christian circles. I don't need people to leave interaction with me thinking, “Wow, Daniel sure is a man of God,” or any such thought. When people leave, shaking their heads, thinking, “But I thought...,” it's okay. I don't need to do anything except what I want to do in the present moment and what is necessary for my family. I don't need to be anything except what I find myself to be.

And what I find myself to be is a weak and vulnerable man – who still wants to be with Jesus and to know Him, even though I'm incapable of such a thing. Everything I write and everything I speak, it's only because it's what I want, not because it's what I appear to be. I speak what I see written in the New Testament, at the core of the gospel. I don't know what else to write. I try to write other things, but they go nowhere.

You see, in this terrifying world we live in, a world that deceives everyone, and especially in the psychotic world of Christianity where everyone has an “in” with God and everyone will tell you the way it is, I don't know what else to do. Since I'm not a man of God, I have nowhere to stand. So many don't need Jesus, I do.

I write what I write for one reason only, because I cannot imagine living without Jesus. And I can't have just part of Him in part of me. Such a way of thinking took me to the edge of mental illness and then kicked me over that edge. So in this place of insanity that I live in, I must see Jesus as all that I am, in all I find myself to be. And I must see me, especially my immature inability, as entirely and only and utterly inside of Him.

So if you find me to be immature and find that I let you down, you are completely correct. And that's okay, for you see, I have lost my face; I have lost my self. I no longer need to appear in anyone's eyes.

I have made an arbitrary decision for myself. I have decided that the only real Substance or reality is the words of the gospel as they come to us through the Apostle Paul, that Jesus is our life, that He lives in our hearts, and that we live in and through Him. Thus I speak those words as if they are my only reality because, for me, they must be my reality; I don't know how to survive otherwise. If I'm wrong, if there is no living Lord Jesus, if the Bible is just a human book, if my reading of Paul's gospel is incorrect, if the role of anointed and mature individuals in the church is the correct leadership for me to come under, the only way I will really know “the truth,” then having gambled all, I have lost.

But I find now at this time of my life that all I have ever really wanted, I have found. I know Jesus in my heart and I know me only in Him, content with what I find myself to be, and I love Him as I always wanted to love Him, though I never thought I could. So if I am wrong, it's okay, because I have found all my heart's desire.

I have no need to save face, because I was never any good at putting on any kind of face that worked. There is the Face of a Man, bloody, bruised, and unashamed; His Face is sufficient for me.

I also want to apologize for not making myself clear on another point as well. I did try, with all my heart, but I find that I was unsuccessful. Please forgive me for my poor communication skills.

There is a practice, found almost only in Christianity, in which one person “sees” something “wrong” in another Christian and then “tells” them what's wrong with them with the idea that battering them will cause them to “fix” their “problem.” This is an entrenched practice, very important to many people who read the Bible.

And I understand the feeling. I want so much to grab certain individuals and shake them hard. I want them to see how WRONG they are. I want them to feel the pain and embarrassment they have so thoughtlessly inflicted on me. I want to correct their “error.” I want to fix their “problem” in a way that puts them beneath and me above. I want to correct people so badly that sometimes it's all I can think about for days and days. I work and work to come up with the perfect word that exposes their darkness and makes them KNOW how wrong they are and how right I am. And I do; I come up with incredible lines that just lays them low.

Except – that's just one more thing I have always been no good at. I'm always too scared to say a word.

And in the end, I can't do anything else except justify God, find Him always right and true, and blame no one. You see, I can't live except inside of God's hand. I can't see anything as not from Him. I know some people argue a different doctrine, but I've never been able even to consider not-God in any part or time of my life. The whole idea of a not-God existence is an unfathomable horror to me, a chaos without mercy or care.

I think you can understand, in this vulnerable and frightful world in which we live, how I seized hold with all tenacity upon the glorious truth of Christ living as me in this world, from the very second I discovered myself, in a moment of revelation, entirely swallowed up inside of Jesus. Because I so very much need another self than this divided and incapable self I once thought was my burden, I was so determined to deny all thought of any such my self and make Jesus my only Self in my own mind and heart, that is, convince myself that Jesus was my real and only Self regardless of my continuing irresponsibility and foolishness, and all my embarrassing mistakes.

But alas, losing my self into Jesus as my only Self did not eliminate my reason. Thus it seems plain to me that if Jesus swallows up all of my darkness, then He swallows up yours as well. If Jesus is my only Self, in spite of my gross inability, then Jesus is also your only Self, in spite of your gross inability. If correct doctrine and correct outward performance have nothing to do with my knowing this One who fills my heart, then correct doctrine and correct outward performance have nothing to do with your knowing the One who fills your heart.

Then, something worse happened. In writing The Covenant, I discovered that my own heart of flesh filled with Jesus is the Mercy Seat of heaven. And in writing Through Eyes of Fire, I discovered that the sword of Jesus' mouth by which He slays all who oppose Him is the words, “Father, forgive them,” and I discovered that “And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren,” is the whole reality of Jesus going out from us.

Make note of those whom Jesus slew with the sword of His mouth. These were the ones who had devoted their lives to correcting Jesus. They followed Him around, urging Him to get right with God. They had the message that would fix Jesus' problem. Their whole ministry revolved around exposing people's darkness. And Jesus killed them dead with three little words, “Father, forgive them.” Then He laid down His life for them and made them His dear and close friends.

You see, my reason tells me that if God so loved us, then we also...

But there is a wonderful side to these undeniable facts of common sense. I can feel hurt. I can feel frustrated and angry. I can feel very uncomfortable around certain people and in certain situations, and, oh, what a relief! All of it is just Jesus sharing His own feelings with me. Yet because it is He, and because it is me, I can, for the first time in my life, place my anger, which is our anger, entirely into His love, that He with me might carry those whom I think are so “wrong.”

And because I can place these brethren, whom I think are so wrong, entirely into Jesus, I no longer find any need inside to wear face, face I could never bear. My Face is bloody, my Face is bruised, and I am not ashamed.

I am not ashamed.

And here, in my utter lack of shame, I must cause you to understand something about me that I have tried to express, but have failed.

This practice of “exposing darkness” in a brother or sister, of saying words at some believer in Jesus that they are “wrong” in practice or in spirit or in doctrine, this practice of discovering fault and not Jesus and of failing to regard a brother or sister's heart – this practice I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE, and FEEL LIKE VOMITING when I see it. This practice I will rip to shreds in my writing. Though I do not and will never name names, those who practice this thing do not want to walk with me. Upon this practice I can show no mercy.

I thought I had been clear on that from the beginning, but I was not, forgive me.

I am simply attempting here to be as honest and plain as I can. I thought I had done so in my letter “Two Women or One,” but I find that I cannot beat around the bush; I must be direct and plain.

First, I don't have to justify my hatred of this practice of “correcting” others, because I don't have to justify me. Those who offend me, I lay down my life for them, though they never know that I do. What I do, I do for my Father's sake alone.

Don't get me wrong; I am very much a “corrector.” In fact, in all of my endless years of experience inside the demented psychosis that is produced by “correcting,” I can boast that I have actually succeeded in more “correcting” than all that I have seen put together. A sister who has read my letter from the start mentioned in an email how her family, though they don't understand her knowledge of God, yet they love to be around her because of the freedom and joy and life in which she lives.

Now, all of that freedom and joy and life comes out of Jesus in her heart, entirely Jesus and her. Yet my words had something to do with it, because Jesus used the things I wrote to cause her to know Him as her only life. It may well have been only a small amount of bondage, sorrow, and death that my “correction” drove out of my sister, but regardless, freedom came from Jesus in her partly by my words and drove bondage out of her, life came from Jesus in her partly by my words and drove death out of her.

I'm thinking of one, but there are many others who know life and joy and Jesus and who know the loss of a useless and meaningless self as a result of what I have written. I got rid of their darkness BECAUSE I turned the light on. I got rid of my darkness by turning Christ on in me; I get rid of your darkness by speaking Christ into you. And it works because it's real. You see, I know how to bring down a city. The best way is to have an ally on the inside. A Friend of mine is on the inside of you; He really does share heart with you. All I have to do is expose Him to you and the walls come a' tumblin' down!

I never need to mention your “darkness” or your “bondage” or your “sin,” because they died in Jesus 2000 years ago. God can't remember them, and if God can't remember them, He certainly can't “reveal” them to me.

Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

Never once in all my Church experience have I ever witnessed a heart restored by any correction of “fault” or exposing of “darkness.” Never. Thus those who practice such religiosity never fulfill the law of Christ; rather, that approach produces only pretending, the wearing of many faces. Yet I can describe in specific detail those moments when someone showed me Christ in my own heart in honor and regard for me, and I can recount for you the volumes of darkness that disappeared from my life as a result.

I know the law of Christ. Here it is. Christ is always all first before anything not-Christ could ever vanish away. Again – Christ ALL, here, now, and me, causes all darkness to vanish without memory.

My sin doesn't matter because He already became all of it and took it into oblivion there in that grave where no dead body is found. I am free to know Christ alone in me. And I am free to know Christ alone in you.

And here is what I find. Common sense, REASON, seeing the joy of Christ as me, knowing that I am thus required to see all that you are as the Person of Jesus, my Friend, must grapple with a very difficult reality. The only thing that will alter the horrors of Adam's right and wrong universe and deliver all of our brethren still caught in such useless thinking is the same salvation of Jesus fulfilled a second time through us.

Jesus again lays down His life, this time by us. But that topic, I think, awaits a new series. This series is a definitional approach to the two gospels. Thus I want, now, to hammer the other gospel as it shows itself in endless Christian psychosis.

This letter is predicated on the reader having read the prior letters, “Church” and “People,” as the first parts of this topic. For the rest of this letter, I intend to be simply straight and direct without my tendency to “explain.”

Central to the other gospel wielded by the Nicene Christ, that is, by a Christ not in Person theONLY life of the believer, is the terrible misuse of the cross typified for us by Constantine's using it as a symbol of conquest. This “cross” is the most effective psychological weapon in the manipulation of fellow believers.

A ministry, looking around at the obvious mess Christians are, sees the cross (not Christ as them) as the “answer.” So they say, in one form or another, as if they have rediscovered the gospel and not because they are abusive manipulators of others, that dying must come to you before you will know life.

Anyone who places the cross in-between you and the knowledge of God in you in fullness is your enemy. The cross has already done its work; you are now entirely and only inside of Christ alive forevermore.

Now, this person who tells you that dying must come before you can know life will themselves never engage with this dying. If you “correct” them, watch out, because they will show themselves to be very much alive, BUT they will use unending Bible verses and all the catch-phrases of Christian psychotic control to subdue you back down under them. They do this for one reason only, to FEEL superior. They could care less about you.

But they tell you, with great argument, that you must die in some way first. Of course you can't do that and neither can they. But their power over you comes by your belief that they are speaking the “gospel” to you. The moment you “believe” that, you now see that one as ministry over you “in the Lord,” and thus you grant them what they want, you “look up” to them.

Don't ever “look up” to me. You are as Jesus Himself, who happens to fill you with His glory. I am always looking up when I see you. Don't ever ask me for advice. If I make so many foolish mistakes myself, I cannot help you. I will share perspective with you, that is, I will seek to show you how Jesus is already victorious in you in all things and in every way, but I am incapable of giving you advice.

I'm thinking that the best way for me to convey what I intend in this letter is to use the point-of-view of “I” and “you.” So, for the next little bit, the “I” is the controlling I, that is, the judge just like God, but marred by the superiority/inferiority complex from the serpent. And “you” are my target, one whom “I” view as less than I, while “they” will be those “others” most necessary for controlling you, the “others” that all controllers use.

Now, I am speaking out of years of experience in human interaction in close-knit and continual relationships, in cCchurch community. I KNOW the words that denote Christian psychosis, and the words that reveal the existence of religious cult-building. I also know that these things are universal, prevalent in ALL, and few there be that escape them. I am writing this for those who would escape the cult-formation religious garbage so normal in Christianity and in the world. The only way to escape it is to escape one's false self, and the only way to escape one's false self is by casting one's self utterly into another Self as one's very own.


As a judge, “I” judge by outward appearance. I see what I see and by God, it's real. I am a judge, after all, and I know what's real and what ain't, and I see that you do not measure up to my definition of Christ, which is, after all, a definition of me. But I am a powerful man (or woman – makes no difference), and I know that I am a man of God and that God has sent me as His emissary. I represent God.

Now, since it's obvious to me that you don't measure up to my definition of Christ (and I surely know what Christ is, because I am wise, my judgments are right and true and everyone else's are wrong), I tell you what's wrong with you; I expose the darkness in you. I tell you that dying comes first, before you will ever know God.

Now, I never think that “I” must die in this situation, that's a given; I'm the man of God. But you see, now that I have split you into two by the “cross,” light and darkness, Christ and flesh, I have you divided against yourself. You look up to me quite naturally because we both know that I am a man of God. More than that, I have this thing called “discernment.” The Catholics used confession to gain control over their flock, blackmail in its most powerful form. I don't need your “confession,” because I have inside information on your sins given to me by God. Pay no attention to that heretic who says that God can't remember anyone's sin. I see your sin; I represent God; therefore, this inside info I have on you is the spiritual “gift of discernment.”

This gift of seeing your darkness gives me blackmail power over you. Since I'm the man of God, you must now come under my covering in order to connect with God. But that's not enough. In order to exercise my rightful place, I need two other control objects. I need the “other,” that is, the heretic, and I need those who “left,” that is, the apostate. Joel Osteen makes a great “other.” Look at him, he's wealthy and successful, he teaches God's favor; he is a deceiver. Let's all speak against Joel Osteen; he's a great “other.” But there are more, let's find as many “others” as we can so that we KNOW that we are the in-group, the true “elect.” With all these deceiving “others” out there, the only place of safety and protection is for you to stay close to me. I represent Christ to you.

And that's what makes that person who left our little in-group so immature. The fact that he or she left proves that I am right. That person's leaving the in-group means they didn't really ever have the “message.” They left because they were so easily offended. You don't want to be like those apostates who are now following the heretics. Stay close to me so that you don't fall into their darkness.


I've heard these things said in so many different ways over the years, often from the pulpit, often under the anointing of the Spirit of God. I'm not easily swayed by “anointings.” Someone who presents their “gifts” as their identity does not have my ear. The Word ALWAYS takes precedent over the Spirit.

But let me distinguish something very important. Part of our human foolishness is that we forget, and, moving out of frustration, we “correct” our brother or sister by throwing words at or about them. Early in my writing this letter, I did that to Bonnie Morris, using her private words to me in a public letter. I immediately received an icy-cold email from her, “You had no right to do that.”

Now, my blundering was the normal foolishness of the human, just part of life. But the moment I read that reply from Bonnie, I saw the REAL issue. The real issue was this precious relationship with a sister in Christ and a friend. My being “right” was as meaningless as dog crap. The thought of losing her trust and her friendship was more than I could bear. I never looked again at my “argument.” My being “right” in even a little bit was worth nothing to anyone; in fact, at that moment, any need in me to be “right” was the enemy of Christ.

I immediately replied to Bonnie. My first words were, “Oh Bonnie, I was so wrong, please forgive me. Your friendship is more important to me than anything.” Then immediately I sent out a secondChrist Our Life note explaining my fault and correcting what I had said. I also eliminated that section of my letter on the webpage. I could not do another thing until our friendship and trust was fully restored.

So, when someone else does the same foolish thing I can still too readily do, I have a very large heart that swallows all such stumbling up inside of love. I simply pay it no mind. But I cannot ignore the religious cult building that almost always comes out of this form of “correcting by exposing darkness.”

Any group you may be a part of will enjoy the rich sharing of Christ with Christ, heart with heart, for awhile, depending entirely on a ratio of distance. The closer people live their lives together, the shorter the time of the enjoyment of Christ sharing with Christ. Then, a controller does his thing; he speaks thoughtless correction; she sets someone “in their place.” Suddenly, everyone pauses and looks around carefully. “Am I next?” is the unspoken fear. At this moment, everything hinges on one thing.

You see, what the controller really needs is for the “corrected” person to leave the “in-group.” There is nothing more important to religious control than heretics and apostates. Heretics are important, yes, those “others” out there who will condemn your soul to hell if you listen to them instead of to the “elect/elite” ministry (me). But far more important than a heretic is the apostate, those who were once “part of us,” but who turned their backs on the true fellowship, the true light, the true message (me) and walked away.

Everything hinges on the next words spoken, words I have heard spoken openly and forcefully over many years in so many different ways and versions. I know those who have lived for decades by these words.

“The fact that the apostate left PROVES that I am right.” – Speaking against those who leave our elite, I mean, “elect” group is the primary weapon of religious control. It's root is scorn.

I lived in Christian community for many years believing truly that “those who left” simply demonstrated that they were never really a part of God's elect. It was impossible for us ever to consider or think that God might have led them away from us. We are God's greatest thing in the earth; God would never speak to anyone to leave God, I mean, us. But when I moved with my family into Fort St. John in the fall of 1998, having now become, myself, an “apostate,” I saw over the next few months something I had never considered before. As one who had “left the move,” I now fellowshipped with the Christians of Fort St. John. And in fellowshipping with them, I saw what they had seen for over 24 years, an unending, continual stream of broken, hurting, confused, and precious people fleeing those “elite” farms in the wilderness. A hemmorhage that just does not stop.

From the beginning of my writing, I have stated that any group I would walk closely with will bless the one who leaves, for WHATEVER reason, more in their leaving than in their coming, and that we will NOT assume one thing as to “why” they left. Jesus led them away in joy, and He does everything wonderfully well.

If you wish to practice what makes me vomit, that's okay. I do not hold it against you. I see you carried entirely by Jesus. I know that He will live you into ruin, of course, before He lives you back up into a willingness to live without pretence, but He knows what He is doing with you and I am content.

– I must draw two strong lines, here. First, there is a godly, Galatians 6:1 correction inside of Church. That correction is kindness only, spoken inside a prior relationship of trust and honor and coming with the only intention to see the hearer released into joy and the glory of Jesus. It is entirely private, heart with heart. It is spoken only by one who is also saying and willing to say, “I am and can be so easily wrong,” as well. Second, we all act out of frustration, hurting one another, but we confess our fault and forgive one another. I'm not speaking of that, but of the thing that cares not for others and will not see the pain it causes nor bow itself in turn. –

But I am writing this to correct my poor communication. You really don't want to have anything to do with me if you wish to use psychological torture and manipulative abuse to play games with God's people. Against that, like Jesus, I have no mercy. Look back through what I have written from the start, and you will see this same thing repeated over and over. There is no need for anyone to be ignorant of where I stand on this issue. If you believe it to be false doctrine, then, of course, you will find companionship elsewhere, hearts that agree with you. I walked for three years with what I did not agree; God used that time to teach me that's a really bad idea.

Here is what happens in any group that hears those sickest of all statements, “The fact that he or she left proves that I am RIGHT.” By those words, everyone is split instantly into two, Christ and flesh. In a split second, everyone, just like Adam and Eve, puts on a mask, a face, a turning of the face towards the fear of power-over. Now, the person who has “corrected” has also established the “truth” that you cannot know God until you first die. Thus they now stand as the only door between a believing heart and this far-away God. The person speaking does not enter in, of course, they have little interest in knowing God. Knowing God would mean that they would have to lay down their life for others without saying a thing – not in their picture.

But the group also splits into two parts. There are those who willingly submit to “correction,” thinking that by doing so they are somehow becoming more like Christ. They are not, of course, rather, they are learning to pretend for the “man of God.” And there are those who would not submit to such, knowing it is not the Lord Jesus who lives in their hearts, but they are afraid of public exposure, and so they speak out from a different kind of face, but a face nonetheless.

And in one moment, the sharing of heart with heart morphs into the presenting of face against face. 

It's the way it works, and it happens every time.

Now, here's the thing. If you really want to know where someone's heart is at, what they really want, what really makes them sing in the middle of the night – right there, in that moment of supremacy, when the words are spoken against the “apostate” who already left in whatever form those words might take, then do something quite daring. Without wearing any face at all, without any need to prove yourself “right” or “not right,” correct the corrector.

Oh, my, that's when the proverbial stuff hits the fan. Then you will see whether this “man” or “woman of God” really loves Jesus and you or not. 

Why did I respond the way I did when Bonnie sent me that very right and good “icy-cold” reply? The reason for my response has two sides to it, closely related.

On the one side was my hatred of this filthy, twisted, sick, perverted, satanic, serpentine, psychotic NEED in the pretending human soul to be “RIGHT,” a hatred forged in me by the hand of my Father over years and years of heartache and abuse and treating others badly and being treated badly by others until I wanted something so different than all that psychotic hell forged by Adam and Nicene Christianity; I wanted something real.

BUT, counterbalanced perfectly with that is a completely opposite knowledge granted to me also by my Father, that so precious knowledge of the deepest of friendships, of the incredible fruit of walking together in full honor and respect, never assuming against your friend, but always assuming only the best. The knowledge that the relationship between two hearts is the only thing of value in the entire universe.

Now, I have written/re-written this letter on “Face” several times over the last few weeks. Most of what I wrote was in the angst of my own distress. Sometimes it is right for me to send out such a letter, as it was with  “God of the Cup,” and “Two Women or One.” But sometimes it is not. I had thought to share just two paragraphs, but I will not.

– The “issue” is never the issue. The only real issue is one heart with one heart holding one another in the highest regard. –

However, I do want to end this letter with a brief view of Christ in His Church, Christ for real, Church by Father.

God lives in a house NOT built with hands. The Kingdom cannot be built; it arises only. The Church cannot be built; she is a free woman. Yet Church by Father is real, and it is what the entire creation is waiting for.  Church by Father is real because Father is real and He really fills us with ALL of Himself.

The WORD itself, Christ Jesus, will fulfill the Bride entirely out from Spirit with no human hand put to her honor. As we flow together in that same Spirit, we will know the most glorious thing possible.

We will know Church by Father.