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3. Light

Inside this Covenant, inside this Salvation, inside John 14:20, I now look out ONLY through Jesus' eyes, through eyes of fire. And I testify with all certainty that everything looks different from here. God is utterly different. Jesus is utterly different. Salvation is utterly different. Heaven/earth is utterly different. I am utterly different. You are utterly different. Knowing fully how all others see, I see now that everything is so different from what all have thought.


3. Light

© Daniel Yordy - 2013

(To a reader) Let me state again your question. Will Jesus come again Himself in His personal glorified body to reign and fellowship with us?

My first response would be: I don't know.

But as I consider such a reality now, I find that it leaves me cold. If it were to be in that way, then very clearly, Jesus is outside of me and I am outside of Him. At this point in my life, that is not something I want to know.

As I become more and more familiar with looking out from Jesus' eyes, carried utterly inside of Him, I also see Him filling you full with His glory. “Christ in you” is no longer a slogan to me; when I see you, I truly do see the Lord Jesus. Thus to look out from His eyes and see Him out there, but not as you, rather isolated and separate, would present a huge question.

If the Father took Jesus' place fully and said, “Okay, I'm the One who fills you full, You live only in Me and I in You. Now, you can get to know outwardly this Man, Jesus,” that might be okay for us. But I would find it very strange having gotten to know Him so well, fellowshiping continually with a Person inside my heart, only to discover Him entirely outside my heart.

You see, being filled full with another Person with whom I visit and rely upon on the one hand, but who also lives as me on the other hand, is how I live and think and walk. Even when I have doubts, it's still Jesus as me. Inside of perfect union, the Lord Jesus Christ and I are one, we walk together in pure and joyous fellowship: He inside of me and I inside of Him.

I live in full Salvation. I do so entirely by faith, regardless of any outward sight or momentary feeling.

Thus to suddenly see Salvation outside of me and me outside of Him would be, at this point in my life, shocking and incongruous, devastating and terribly, terribly lonely. I suspect I would then be ashamed of myself once more. I suspect I would be back to finding others shoving their way ahead of me, securing His attention, while I longed for His recognition of my broken heart in quiet desperation.

You see, in the move (the fellowship I was a part of for many years), we continued to separate the Lord Jesus Christ from “Christ in you,” and thus came up with “the Christ within,” and other concepts of separation. A big part of my leaving the move was that I could no longer try to “be” a “son of God.” It was a burden I simply could not bear. I was very lonely. I so very much needed Someone wiser than me, stronger than me, Someone upon whose breast I might lay my head.

Now I know that Someone was planted in the earth and lives now as me. But I find even in those who teach “Christ as us” a lack of communion with Jesus Himself fully in them, fully inside of Union. At the same time, I find so much limitation of that Union, that it is not total and complete. People bounce off my site because I insist on two things fully in all ways. I insist that Union is now and complete, with NO limit on that Union. You cannot find anything inside of yourself that is not Jesus, and you cannot find anything that is He that is not also you. That is too much for those who continue to insist that Jesus is “God the Son,” far above us lowly humans.

But the other thing I insist upon is full Communion inside that Union with the Person of Jesus living inside my heart and filling me with His glory. I see Jesus in my heart as a Person unique from God the Father who Himself fills me full with all of Himself.

Actually, they bounce off my site also because I insist on a third reality as well – full Victory flowing out of that Communion found only inside of Union and made visible right here upon this planet.

Union – Communion – Victory. Each total and complete in absolute fullness made visible, AND none without the other two in fullness. God inside of me and me inside of God. And when I say, “God,” I don't mean God in general, but God specifically, God in Person.

And so I walk in unbroken fellowship with this Person, Jesus, my Savior, who lives in my heart. At the same   time, I walk knowing that He lives entirely as me, my Salvation.

So if He were to come up to me in another body and say, “Hi, Daniel, I'm here, and not in your heart anymore,” that would be so contrary to all I know of Him now as Savior AND as Salvation.

More than that, such a strange scenario would also shatter all of my present seeing, forcing me back into the separated thinking of Nicene Christianity that I have gladly fled from as an unmitigated horror. Everything would shatter back into the separated darkness of Adam's universe.

All that I now see, I see out from this perfect Communion carried utterly inside of complete Union with Jesus Himself. I see all things out from Jesus' eyes.

In seeing all things out from Jesus' eyes, I no longer regard His statement, “Whatever you do to the least of these My brethren, you do it to Me,” as being in any way figurative. He was speaking 100% literal. Thus when I see you, I know I am seeing Jesus Himself, in Person. Thus to walk with you and you with me is the fullness of life's delight, because I am, in fact, walking with Jesus, in my heart and as me AND in your heart and as you. What a continual river of joy!

This is not figurative to me, as it was to us in the move. Since I wrote “God is Beneath Your Feet” and “The Weakness of God,” I have known God as a Being utterly different from how all of Nicene Christianity thinks they know Him. Sam Fife tried to throw off Nicene Christianity, but he did NOT know how to do so, and Buddy Cobb brought it back with a vengeance. The move is now so Nicene that they have forgotten everything of the original vision that once captured their hearts. They know only a Nicolaitan Christ.

And so I would suggest to you the same I say to all. Salvation is one thing alone, the full living reality of John 14:20. In that day you shall know that I am in the Father and you in me and I in you.

 This is the tree of life and it must be lived inside of. And it must be lived inside of by faith.

John 14:20 is the same word as Revelation 3:7: To him who overcomes I give to eat from the tree of life.

We overcome entirely by faith, that is, we simply come over.

I can testify with all certainty that I know what it is to eat of the tree of life, to live only inside of John 14:20. I have tasted by measure, yet I declare all fullness; I speak only Christ. I can also testify with all certainty that I know the way into this only Salvation.

Salvation does not exist anywhere outside of John 14:20. The absurd and un-Biblical fable that salvation is a place to which one goes forever is simply vanished. Salvation is a Person, a living reality, here, now, and Personal in us and as us and through us. And we are utterly inside of Him.

I can testify also of a third reality inside this living and thinking, breathing and talking only inside of and out from John 14:20.

Everything, that is, everything, looks entirely different.

I know all things as the unregenerate see them. I know all things as non-Spirit-filled Christians see them. I know all things as Spirit-filled Christians see them. I know all things as deeper-truth Christians see them, those living one step away from life, but refusing to enter into it. God took me through all that knowing and all that seeing BEFORE He granted to me to eat of the tree of life. And He gave me an excellent memory.

 Everything, that is, everything, now looks entirely different.

I find myself studying literature with and under atheists. I see that the God they reject is utterly an image of the Nicene God pushed by hypocritical and judgmental Christianity. Yet, at the same time, it is evident to me that their atheism is 100% a religious impulse with no science in it. True science must say, “I cannot know because science has hardly begun, it is yet in its infancy.” True science always doubts its own conclusions, knowing that 500 years from now, children will be taught to laugh at so many of present “certainties” just as they are taught to laugh about past “certainties.” On the other hand, atheism has no doubt, thus it is entirely religious.

Certainly, as a rational being with a wide range of practical experience and an extensive education, sitting among highly intelligent people who are convinced that there is no God and that Marx is his prophet, people who talk always out from that religious faith, I have my own moments of doubt. Those moments of doubt do not bother me in the least nor do they keep me from seeing out from all the speaking of Christ. Christ lives as me, and He is responsible for all that I am.

You see, the foundation of all that I am is a Covenant God entered into with me and I with Him. I have already bound myself to that Covenant, and I have zero inclination to alter that bond. If I go down into blazing insanity, I will do so in all joy, knowing that my heart belongs utterly to Another.

Inside this Covenant, inside this Salvation, inside John 14:20, I now look out ONLY through Jesus' eyes, through eyes of fire. And I testify with all certainty that everything looks different from here.

God is utterly different. Jesus is utterly different. Salvation is utterly different. Heaven/earth is utterly different. I am utterly different. You are utterly different. Knowing fully how all others see, I see now that everything is so different from what all have thought.

Now, this reality is self-evident. Consider this necessary logic.

The core of the Covenant is these words in 1 John 3:2.  Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. – But we cannot separate from Paul's gospel any understanding we hold. Thus we never separate 1 John 3:2 from 2 Corinthians 3:18.But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

1 John 3:2 seems to be “future”; Paul's gospel says, no, it's right now, a continual transformation from glory to glory.

But let's apply rigid logic to John's statement and in light of Paul's statement. If I am not just like Jesus right now, it is ONLY because I do not see Him as He is. Thus, if I do not see Him as He is, the “Jesus” I think I know cannot be real, it must be another Jesus. More than that, John's statement must mean that ME, as I find myself to be right now, am just like Jesus in all ways.

Yet both of these statements, one from John and one from Paul, are known ONLY inside of John 14:20. Inside that present living reality, we see their full meaning. Outside of that living reality, I am just talking gibberish.

Logic is a useful tool only, but we do not live there. God is first heart, and we live entirely inside of His heart; we share heart with God.

What I'm really trying to say is that I cannot answer your question inside the talking points of Christian thinking. I can't answer it there for two reasons. First, I no longer live there, and second, none of that is real. In saying that, I am not speaking of you in any way. You are utterly inside of Jesus and He fills you full with His glory. However, it is our knowledge of that glory that grows, causing us to see everything brand new.

Thus we bring that same word, “transformed,” that Paul uses in 2 Corinthians 3:18,metamorphosis, and lay it alongside the other place he used it, Romans 12:2. And be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

This is NOT that old way of anti-Christ thinking we once knew – “Get out of your carnal mind, brother.” Rather, it is the same as being transformed into the same image from glory to glory. We become what we already are. And that becoming happens in our minds, that is, in how we see all things.

Wrapping ourselves utterly inside of John 14:20 by the continual speaking of our mouths, that is by faith, is how our seeing changes.

Our Savior is simply incredible, but His Salvation is extraordinarily difficult. Agreeing to become all our mess was the most difficult decision ever made by anyone, a decision made by a Man rising to His feet the third time in Gethsemane. To be able to make the statements I make in full comfort, I must see all things differently than Christianity sees.

And that brings us back to heart. God is Heart, and we know Him only there.

People want me to read this site or that message. I glance at those things and see mixture only, some truth mixed with false seeing, seeing not out from John 14:20. If you read anything not spoken out from a full knowledge in present intimacy of John 14:20, then you know it cannot be true seeing. But what breaks my heart, over and over, is that no one gives a damn about God. No one cares for His heart.

I say that explicitly. Most teachers of Christian “truth” do not give a damn about God. It can be said no other way. God is heart, and one reason He has been slow to show Himself as He is is that people despise His heart. He sent His only Son, and they killed Him. If He sent Him again today, most teachers of the gospel, whether of grace or of jeopardy, of orthodoxy or of “heresy,” would turn away from Him just as quickly.

God has sent His Son again, and few desire to know Him.

God is meek and lowly of heart. He never pushes anyone around. He is known only by those who would know Him alone by Heart. Everyone is finding exactly what they are looking for.

I want to talk about the inversion of light.

When light passes through a lens, it inverts, that is, it appears in a different form on the other side of the lens. For instance, light coming into our eyes forms an upside-down image on the back of our eyeballs. The brain reconstructs that image and we “see” it right-side up. In a similar way, when you see a fish below water, you know that the fish is not where you see it, but several inches away. You know that by experience, first, but then science shows you that the light bends as it passes through the water and thus places the appearance of the fish in a different place from its substance.

Appearance and substance are two very different things and must always be understood as very different. Appearance and substance are not always opposite things, like the upside-down image in our eyeballs, sometimes they are just slightly skewered from each other, like the location of a fish under water.

Thus when Paul said, “The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men,” he did not mean what most think. Most think that man's wisdom at tops is a ten, and God's wisdom at bottom is a ten thousand. Thus the bottom of God's wisdom (foolishness) is, of course, far higher than man's wisdom.

That is not what God means.

God's wisdom, as it passes through the lens that is the continual boundary-line all through this heaven/earth realm in which we exist, turns into, by appearance, what appears to man as abject foolishness. Thus turned-away man never “aspires” to God's “higher” wisdom. No. He laughs it to scorn – “Idiocy.”

And God's strength, as it passes into the human experience, is also despised by man as despicable and faint-hearted, “WEAK, Loser, really, really Weak.”

God's shining glory and power in the heavens is known as a simple man stooping to serve in the earth.

A simple man stooping to serve is the outward appearance of Almighty Substance inside the physical realms.

A simple man stooping to serve is the most awesome thing heavenly beings see in all the heavens of God.

When you see heaven's view of the brother sitting next to you in the church service, you will fall upon your face in worship. Yet, he like Jesus, will lift you up and say, “No, look at yourself, you also are all the glory of God. Jesus, the King of Creation, is all that you are as well.”

And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid.” Revelation 1:17

And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you don't do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

(Some people, receiving this revelation from God, go around in church service calling each other “God.” But one who truly knows God will always say, “See that you don't do that.”)

Light is the first part of God's creation. How we see is most important to God. Light became as God spoke Christ. We see as God sees when we, also, speak Christ.

Sceptics look at Genesis One and say, “See, it says that light came on day one, but the sun did not appear until day four, so it can't possibly be an account of 'creation.'”

No, light does not come from the sun. If there were no light, the sun would be nothing more than a large gas ball, like Jupiter, only far larger. The sun comes out of light, not the other way around. The light we see blazing “on” the sun, is neither on the sun nor from the sun. That light is a great electrical discharge thousands of miles above the sun's surface. The light comes from all the charged particles flowing through space in great twisted binary currents, discharging upon the largest object in the area. If a larger object than our sun were to come into our solar system, the light would instantly transfer itself to that other object and we would see the sun as it is, just a large ball of gas with no light of its own.

Light comes first, everything that exists in the physical realms is light in its electrical form. Everything that exists in the spirit realms is light in its life form. I have no way of knowing, but I suspect that electricity and life are simply a scale of frequency.

Light comes from the speaking of God, thus Word precedes light.

Now, I just said all of that without thinking of the following passage.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. John 1:1-5

And there you have everything I just said with scientific language stated by John as the opening of his gospel.

The Word God speaks becomes Life in the spirit realms and then Light in the earth.

Word – Life – Light

Science and the revelation of God are 100% compatible.

It is lying calling itself science and screaming at the top of its lungs that is neither compatible with God nor with science. Science is always meek and lowly of heart. Science always says, “You know, I don't really know.”

People do not comprehend light. They study it, finding it fascinating beyond measure, but it still makes no sense to them.

Yet, for us, learning to see is a brand new exercise. We have been blind all our lives; that is, the eyes of our spirit are literally blind. They have not functioned. Thus we don't see the heavens in which we live. Part of the faculty of faith is seeing in the realms of spirit.

“Faith is blind,” is a phrase stated by people who have little faith. “Just be content and don't desire to see heavenly things,” is the opposite of the gospel's command.

Faith sees God. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Faith is substance.

Faith knows where the fish is in the water. Faith turns an upside-down image into it's true form. Faith IS seeing. Faith is the real assessment of light.

When an infant first begins to see, the brain deals with the upside-down images literally. No infant remembers this time of literal seeing, but it takes an infant's brain a period of time to stop seeing by appearance, and start seeing by substance. The brain begins to turn those upside-down images into a right-side-up seeing by faith. As the infant reaches out to touch, bit by bit, its brain determines that what it thought was on one side, was actually on the other. By the time the infant is old enough to remember, faith has taken complete residence in the child's brain and he or she no longer sees things as they appear, upside-down, but only as they are.

Yet the continual stream of information coming up from the eyeballs to the brain is of upside-down images. The brain is convinced, that is, it believes, that those upside-down images are incorrect – appearance only, and thus automatically flips them right-side-up without thought.

If you were to see literally, the whole world would be upside down.

No one sees literally, everyone sees only by faith.

The exact same thing is true in the Spirit. Appearance and substance are two very different things.

Seeing is a learned response. When people who have been blind from birth because of hard cataracts undergo an operation and thus can see for the first time in their lives, because they are full adults, it is always a shocking, even terrifying experience. The images coming into their brain are completely disjointed. A cat sitting still they can deal with, but a cat moving just makes no sense to their brains. It takes them weeks and months to learn to see. Some chose not to learn, but close their eyes and stay in blindness. Some even commit suicide; seeing was just too awful.

The most striking thing about those learning to see for the first time is that things they thought would be beautiful turned out to be ugly. And things they thought would be ugly turned out to be beautiful.

The inversion of light.

Consider the birth of a wildebeest. The infant wildebeest must learn to see in the exact same way that any infant must learn to see. Seeing is a learned response of the brain that comes only by trial and error. Yet the infant wildebeest MUST be running for its life within minutes of birth. It must come into the world, seeing and running; that is, it has just a few minutes to learn both. Yet it's not happening as quickly as the little wildebeest knows it must. So he fixes his eyes on his mother, who is a confused mess of images and smells, yet instinctively familiar. As the wildebeest keeps his eyes on his mother and runs with her, his seeing rapidly becomes real.

And the dragon stood before the woman to devour her child as soon as it was born.

We come out of the womb running. Only, not from the dragon, but out from God. The dragon is just making his biggest and final mistake.

The change of our seeing is of critical importance to us.

We must see things as they are, not as they appear. Yet that seeing is a learned response.

Your brain receives into itself a continual stream of upside-down images. Yet you only KNOW a right-side-up world. How? You know a right-side-up world entirely by the faith your brain has learned. Your brain has learned to continually take appearance and instantly transform it into substance without thought.

There is no difference in seeing in the spirit realms. The realms of heaven are just as real and substantial as the physical realms. The two realms are always totally integrated. Your spirit is not some little thing deep down inside somewhere. Your spirit is the largest part of you; it fills and energizes, gives life to, every single cell in your body. Your spirit is not monolithic like a fog or vapor, rather it is as complex as your body. Every organ of the body has a corresponding organ in your spirit. (I say this positively, not because I see such a thing outwardly, but because I see according to what God says.)

The heart is the central organ of the body. At the same time the heart is the central organ of the spirit. For both of those reasons, the heart is the central organ of the soul, of who and what we are.

We learned how to see by faith in the physical realms when we were infants. That is, we constructed our world out of deciphering all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches coming as mass confusion into our brain. We turned contradictory appearances into substance. We made sense out of our world; we created a story in which to live.

Learning to see in the heavens is the same thing. Things are not as they first appear. We must learn what is really real by experience. Just as we are born a second time, so we must learn to see by faith a second time.

In those who don't know faith, there is the thought that faith is “seeing something that ain't there.” No, faith is comprehending the light coming in correctly, that is, by substance and not by initial appearance. Those who see by appearance are the ones “seeing something that ain't there.” A person who insists on believing that the fish is where they “see” it is simply deceived. If they hold to that “belief,” they will never catch the fish.

Let's bring all this back into the original question.

Will Jesus come again Himself in His personal glorified body to reign and fellowship with us?

Yes. My body is His personal glorified body. I put on the Lord Jesus Christ. No, He will not “come again.” How can He “do” what He already has done.

Let me explain. I will include portions from an earlier letter, “Meek and Lowly of Heart.”

In my last few years in the move, I came close to losing it. One thing held me to a sound mind. One memory gripped like an anchor in my soul that held me steady in the blowing winds of confusion.

I remembered my time walking together with Abel at Bowens Mill (a Christian community in Georgia), with Don at Blueberry and in Oregon, and with Rick. Those times were as different in my life as day is from night. By looking at the difference and figuring out why I was blessed and anointed during those times versus all the other long years of confusion in-between is what brought me to the present place of emotional stability.

Those three brethren treated me as a spiritual equal. They walked in full respect with me, regarding my input as a critical part of their life and ministry. In that light I blossomed. But though it was a long enough time with each to make a marked difference, yet it was only a part of my years in community.

I am a number two man. Without a number one partner, I am out in left field. This has been true throughout my life, both in natural work and in spiritual ministry. There have been five in my life with whom I thrived. First was Jim, who taught me construction, then the three I mentioned, then also, Amos, with whom I installed cabinets professionally in Oregon. What a team we made! Yet apart from him, I am fairly worthless at building cabinets at a professional level.

When I work together with one a little older and stronger inside than I, one who knows instinctively how to maneuver through this world that is so confusing to me, but one who also relates to me with utmost respect, then I can excel in my abilities in this world. The fact that I have known five such powerful relationships in differing arenas of “work” in my adult life is an extraordinary gift. With Jimmy I framed houses and learned construction, with Abel I worked with needy men, with Don I led large construction crews and moved in anointed ministry, with Amos I installed beautiful custom cabinets, and with Rick I learned the deepest meanings of friendship.

With these men, each just a few years older than I, each who regarded me with the fullest respect, treating me as their equal, ignoring my autistic quirks, relying on my strengths and abilities that in some ways were greater than theirs, I excelled. Without them I am fairly useless in the long run.

My life has been the memory of incredible excellence in varied fields – when I walked together with another, all five of whom were quite similar in nature, versus endless mistakes and befuddledness when I try to do the same things by myself.

Is there something God is trying to teach us through all this?

From the start, the Lord Jesus has always pointed me towards His being that same lead. But the problem is these men were real and Jesus is not. Jesus is just someone I believe some things about. Jimmy and Amos and Don and Rick were real men with whom I had a real, visible, and continuing connection.

How does Jesus become as real as they? This is the question for all of us.

How Does Jesus Become Real?

Jesus is alive, and He lives in our hearts. Yet that is mostly just something we “believe.” How does Jesus become as real as what we see and touch and handle?


I wrote these words in January of 2011, two-and-one-half years ago. At that time, Jesus being as real as Rick is and was to me was far away. I hoped, yes, but I did not see. Between then and now, I have, bit by bit, learned to see.

Jesus has become as real as Jimmy or Abel or Don or Amos or Rick. Jesus actually lives in my heart. I actually see Him; I actually visit with Him all the time.

How? I have learned to see. I have learned that appearance must be inverted in order to see substance. I look at my heart; when I wrote the above words, it appeared “empty.”

But God says: “Christ dwells in your hearts by faith.”

It is the Word God speaks that establishes reality.

So I have trained my brain to see and to know what God says. I have done that in exactly the same way an infant learns to invert appearance until they see only substance.

My heart “appeared” empty, but I spoke what God speaks. The day came, almost imperceptibly, when I began to see what is real. I began to see Jesus Himself in Person in my own heart, visible and for real.

Jesus will never appear to anyone until they learn to see. Once they learn to see they will discover that He was there for real, visibly, all along, they just could not see before.

The “parousia” of Jesus Christ is NOT something that happens to Jesus. It's something that happens to our brain. For the first time in our life, we have learned to see what has been so all along.

Jesus is real. This real and visible Jesus IS inside of me. I look down at my chest, “Hi, Jesus. Good to see you this morning.”

But here's the deal. As Jesus in me has become real for real – I, for the first time in my life, am also real.