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13. Salvation

Salvation, this middle-realm in which we now live and in which we will live forever, regardless of any manifestation of that same Salvation Revealed, is vast beyond measure and filled with an infinite number of glories, powers, and rooms of experience and knowledge. But none of that is its primary quality. The most important thing we know about this realm in which we live, Salvation, is that Salvation is a PERSON, and that Person has a name, Jesus. – Jesus, this One I love, this One who lives in my heart, this One who fills me with all of His glory.


13. Salvation

© Daniel Yordy - 2013

Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel and said to them, “Pick out and take lambs for yourselves according to your families, and kill the Passover lamb. And you shall take a bunch of hyssop, dip it in the blood that is in the basin, and strike the lintel and the two doorposts with the blood that is in the basin. And none of you shall go out of the door of his house until morning. For the Lord will pass through to strike the Egyptians; and when He sees the blood on the lintel and on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door and not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to strike you.  Exodus 12:21-23

Full salvation has three distinct parts in the New Testament. The first and second parts are portrayed powerfully here in this storyline God gave at the beginning of Israel's journey, the third is foreshadowed by these words, “going out in the morning,” pointing to that larger Salvation that covers the whole earth.

The first part of salvation is Redemption. We will call the third part Salvation-Revealed. In-between these two is the real joy of Salvation – Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Redemption and salvation are closely connected, yet there are significant differences. You and I have nothing to do with redemption; it is finished. But salvation is very much who and what we are.

My seeing of salvation has altered considerably. Salvation hasn't changed, but my knowing of it sure has.

“The door is closed, children, and we are safe.”

“But I don't see the blood, Dad.”

“The blood is not for you to see, son, but for death to see. The door is closed, and we are safe.”

The door is closed, children, and we are safe.

I and the children whom You have given me.

How the cross has been falsified through all the history of Christianity. My stomach is sick considering the long centuries of horror and the years of my own life through which the cross was falsified. God caused me to know it deeply that I might slay the false cross.

WHERE is the Cross? And where the Blood?

Those who do not know the first meaning of salvation, redemption, cannot even see the second, living only inside of Jesus, or the third, Salvation Revealed. Part of the horror comes when those who do not know redemption and who have falsified salvation into the Christian fantasy of “go to” heaven, take the verses that apply to the third meaning of salvation and twist those around to alter the entirety of the meaning of redemption, turning it into terror.

Consider an Israelite boy, firstborn in his house, fifteen years old. He has watched the destruction of Egypt, and he is in awe of Moses. When Moses says that the angel of death will come into every home in Egypt to kill the firstborn son, he believes that Moses is telling the truth. Evening comes, the lamb has been slain and the blood applied to the doorposts in the shape of the cross. They all go inside and CLOSE the door. But this fifteen-year-old boy, let's call him Jedediah, has an unmarried uncle in his mid-twenties, a younger son, a jealous man.

The uncle sidles up to Jedediah, anxiously waiting in the front room after the rest of the family has gone to bed. “You don't see the blood, you don't see the cross,” the uncle whispers. “Here's what you need to do. You should be on your knees in front of the cross with your hands lifted up in supplication and hope that you might be saved. The only real place of safety is on your knees before the cross.”

Jedediah believes his uncle's words. The next morning, when the family opens the door, there is Jedediah sprawled dead before the blood and before the cross, with the terror of death etched across his twisted face.

Jedediah is 1900 years of the Christian church.

Before looking again at the first part of Salvation, redemption, let me state clearly the third part. The third part of Salvation is the Saved, going forth bearing Salvation, not “heaven someday,” but real Salvation for all of creation. And when I say, “the Saved,” I mean manifest sons of God in all the incorruptible glory of Jesus.

The second part of salvation is here where we are, living entirely and only inside of John 14:20: I am in the Father and you in Me and I in you. In this place of safety, I hear the words, “The door is closed, children, and we are safe.” I look over to the edge of the vast dwelling place in which I live, there, down low to the floor, I see a tiny door closed shut. I remember back to the moment, in a revelation of glory, that door, Galatians 2:20, opened wide for me and I entered into this safe, SAFE place, a place called Christ Jesus, the only place I know. But as I look at that door now, I see that it is closed tightly against the wild winds of death on the outside.

The door is closed and locked as a mighty barrier against all death.

“I don't see the cross,” I say to Jesus.

“The cross isn't for you, My dear one,” He says, “the cross is for Adam and for the world.”

“I don't see the blood,” I say to Jesus.

“The blood isn't for you, heart of My Heart,” He says, “the blood is for death; it cannot enter here.”

And I am content to turn away from the door, knowing that it is closed, knowing that I am safe, knowing that my everlasting joy is to know this glorious One in whom alone I live and who is all that I am.

Let's start at the beginning of redemption. Sin keeps no one away from God, not since the sacrifice of Christ. You look at a brother caught in the grossest act of filthy sin – that sin absolutely and in no way keeps that brother from knowing all the fullness of God right now. Those on the outside of Salvation imagine that it does, yes, but not those who live inside of Him who alone IS Salvation.

Quite the contrary, the absence of the knowledge of God Personal, Here, and Now is what is causing the sin. Union with Christ never “condones” sin, but it does not condemn it, either. Union with Christ eliminates the source of sin and then allows the knowledge of the immediate presence of God (the Guy who can't remember any sin), to cause the outer acts of sin to dissipate away – because they are no longer an issue.

Sin cannot cause the absence of God; the absence of God in present knowledge causes sin, big and small. In fact, everything done outside of knowing that all of God is present now in me (all fullness) is sin, even normal human activity. And as sin, it's simply no big deal (by the Blood); none of it keeps anyone away from God. The real sin is not knowing in intimate closeness this wonderful Person who has become our entire and only Self without regard to our actions and, in fact, only inside of our total inability.

You see, when we KNOW this wonderful Person who fills us with all of Himself and has become all that we are, when we KNOW that all that is sin and sinner is no longer in our consideration, when we KNOW that Jesus is our only Self and that pretending is unnecessary, when we KNOW the love filling our hearts and flowing out from us, then, guess what – the actions that God calls sin become less and less of meaning or value to us until they simply vanish away as utterly unimportant.

The fullness of God first and now, Personal in us, is the only thing that will ever cause sin to vanish away. From heaven's point of view, that reality of all of God in us now is seen as fiery indignation, the sword of His mouth, from our point of view, a gentle word, a kind touch, high regard for us with zero sense of shame.

Let's look at the door again. You see, the door is open and closed, both at the same time. It is open to all those who would enter in, but closed to the accuser and death. Thus, God has His own ones, whom He has fashioned specifically to hold the door open to many and to invite them in. Those of us whom He has chosen to explore the full meaning of this same Salvation are never “superior” to the doorkeepers; we share all things together.

Now, I'm not speaking of what most Christians call “evangelism.” Getting a “ticket” by which to escape “hell” and “go to” heaven after death is not in the Bible, thus it simply does not enter our thinking as we talk about God's path of Salvation. Christians are in as much need of evangelising as non-Christians. Christians live outside of Jesus in their knowledge almost as much as non-Christians. In fact, most Christians stand outside the door of Salvation, thinking they have found their rightful place. The difference between Christians and non-Christians is that Christians are on the porch looking at the door and non-Christians aren't.

All who live outside of Jesus, though they spend their entire life on their knees before the cross, have never entered the door, nor lived inside the knowledge of Salvation, though He tenderly carries them. The door is Christ as us. The door is “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ.”

The door is closed, children, and we are safe.

We partake of communion to remember, as often as we wish, that the door is closed and we are safe, yes, but God gave us that practice, not to remind a bunch of forgetful sinners about the sacrifice of Jesus, but to help us remember the anchor of all the joy and wonder in which we find ourselves. – Because we are so busy exploring in awestruck delight this vast room in which we now live.

Salvation, this middle-realm in which we now live and in which we will live forever, regardless of any manifestation of that same Salvation Revealed, is vast beyond measure and filled with an infinite number of glories, powers, and rooms of experience and knowledge. But none of that is its primary quality.

The most important thing we know about this realm in which we live, Salvation, is that Salvation is a PERSON, and that Person has a name, Jesus. – Jesus, this One I love, this One who lives in my heart, this One who fills me with all of His glory.

I put on this Person, Jesus, by my continual story-telling, the song I sing of myself. In my weakness, I see all of my weakness and inability as this Person, Jesus, sharing Himself with me. I see all of my difficulty as this Person, Jesus sharing His suffering and the intercession of His passion through me. I see this Jesus, this living Person, living AS me now in all things. I see this Jesus as my entire and only dwelling place now and forever. I visit with this Jesus whenever my thoughts tend His way, which is often. We are the best of friends. He is real, and I love Him. We walk together in sweet communion. All things are of His hand. All things are this Jesus sharing His unfolding, His revelation, with me and through me.

When I am depressed, I see only Jesus, in me, as me, with me, through me. When I am in distress, when everything goes wrong, when people I thought were my friends make a public mockery of me, when everything in this world goes haywire, when all things fall to pieces, when I am hurting and lonely and confused, ALL of it, I see only Jesus, sharing Himself with me, walking in sweet communion, all of it He living as me, all of it the Father, reconciling the world to Himself through my well-chosen path.

I give Him thanks and I know Him.

I want to share, here, a note from a reader of these letters, just sent to me in the middle of God showing me again, in an ever deeper way, His perfect union with my own lack and distress.

First, Daniel, let me say (again) how grateful I am for your letters and how much they help. Right now, particularly, the concept of substance versus appearance, in the face of weakness being held up accusingly to establish the strength of others around. Like the brothers throwing Joseph in the pit. I understand it now. How they could not bear his way of thinking, which, by its very nature, showed them up. That is, that the carnal mind is indeed the enemy of God. And how, in the face of that accusation, the only thing is to cling to our weakness, to face it, to bear it, in and with Him. This, I realise, is what John means in his first letter, where he says that we do not need any man to teach us - how to be one with our weakness and lay down our life for those in our lives. So, this is what I have you to thank for - for bringing me here to where I trust my own weakness, because of Jesus. Nothing anyone can say can be used to manipulate me into capitulating to whatever demand the other (whoever) has of me. My heart is clear. My heart is right. This is a big relief. This is the love of the Father. This is true power.


How much I know the depths of these thoughts this last several weeks! But I would not speak against anyone, thus I will hold this place of “laying down my life” for my brethren before God alone. It is all for the sake of Father, and not for anyone else. Whatever Father wishes to do with our lives, that's His business. We live and walk for Him; He does all His perfect pleasure with, as, and through us, for we belong utterly to Him.

Let us turn now, secure that the Door is closed against both sin and death, things we know nothing about ever again, and contemplate the full extent of this place in which alone we live, inside this person named Christ Jesus. We live now in the fullness of present salvation exactly as we find ourselves to be, just like Jesus, naked, bruised, bloody, and unashamed, saying “Father, forgive them,” to the worst pretenders the world knows.

Salvation IS a Person named Jesus, He who is the Christ of God. We live IN Salvation only as we live inside another Person – Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

We know this Person by experience in four differing ways, all at the same time, yet there is a progression of knowing that is important always to keep in mind. Christ is first every Word God speaks. We receive Him as the speaking of God entering into us. But this Word, coming forth always from Father, becomes flesh, that is Christ is second the One who lives AS me. Third, we behold His glory. It is here that we see and experience and live in all that Christ as a Spirit of Power is and means. It is the Spirit who transforms us into the image of Christ. And fourth, full of grace and truth, Christ is a many-membered Body, rich with all the wealth of Father revealed.

Christ cannot be my only life except as the One coming into me as every Word God is continually speaking and being fulfilled though I see it not. All the realities of Christ as a Spirit of Power become twisted except they always come out of Christ living as me, as I find myself to be, a simple human without strength or ability or wisdom or any need for pretence. And finally, Church, Father revealed, Christ as a many-membered Body, cannot be real except it always flows out of that dual reality of Spirit and Flesh in full marriage union.

Spirit-power is not a part of Christ as me, though it is most definitely a part of Christ as His body. When we find any part of our identity in Spirit gifts, we turn those gifts into pretending. Let gifts and powers and anointings come and go; they never define us. The only thing that defines us is a Man on His knees to serve, a Man laying down His life for His friends.

I'm talking about living inside of Jesus – Salvation. This Jesus is our only Self, our only identity, ONLY by who He IS, in spite of what we do or don't do.

Let's zero in, now, on an “act of sin.” Let's say I just got frustrated with my wife and hollered at her in an unjust and cruel way. I have hurt my wife; I have done badly. What does that mean, what do I do with that INSIDE of Salvation, inside of Jesus as the only Self I am?

Did Jesus just treat my wife in that terrible way? Of course not.

Here is the great watershed between Salvation and another gospel.

Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! Romans 5:20-6:2

You see, another gospel never raises the question of “Hey, we can sin all we want because of grace.” Only Paul's gospel brings in that accusation. Jesus did not hurt my wife; I did. What I did was wrong.

There are THREE things I could do with my “sin.” Three, not two.

There is no difference between the first two things I could do with my sin. I could enjoy the sin without concern because of “grace.” Or I could take the sin and place it between myself and God, claiming that God must be far away because “look at me, look at what I just did,” and then proceed to “try very hard not to speak wrongfully at my wife,” until the next time that I do. Both of these approaches are living in sin, the second more than the first. To use one's sin to drive God far away is a greater sin than simply to revel in it. The person who sins has committed one sin. The person who then takes that sin and places the sin between self and God as “the cross,” and, “Oh me, oh my, Daniel has to die,” is committing a second, far greater sin. In fact, placing sin between self and God is the very act that creates the false self.

Yet neither approach is found inside Salvation. In fact, I have gone so far from both that I cannot comprehend either one.

I do the third thing with my sin. I place it continually and only inside of Jesus-WAS-dead upon the cross on the outside of that closed door and outside of the only place I live. Then, with no consciousness of sin, I continue to behold the glory of the One who fills me full in whom alone I live. I sorrow over the hurt I have caused my wife, but I do not regard or fix sin or sinner. Rather, I hold her inside of Love upon my heart. Anything that might come from me towards her is NEVER to “fix sin,” but only as the river of life flowing out from the Love One who fills my heart full.

I do not live in the law of sin and death, but only in the law of the Spirit of Life, only in Christ Jesus.

I neither “enjoy” nor worry one moment over my “sin.” And I never place it between me and Christ as all that I am. I see only His glory regardless. I see Jesus; I see through eyes of fire. And the “need” to react in frustration fades slowly away without any “trying” on my part. When I didn't get enough sleep, or am pressed by difficulty, and I react and speak badly again, I do the same thing again.

But inside of Jesus there is NEVER a voice of accusation. Accusation no longer even comes near my ears because I WILL NOT hear it.

You see, this is why it never works to try to “correct” someone who lives inside of Christ as their only Self using external words spoken at them. Your words won't even get close; they will strike those words to the ground and will never hear them. If you press, you will discover that they have simply vanished from your circle. The only thing that will ever cause darkness to cease is the full and continual acknowledgement of Christ. Those who continually cast down the accuser will never allow in external words. Those who will subject themselves to external correction do not know Christ as their only Self.

Recently I have been pressed hard by hurtful accusation. I woke up in the middle of the night with the horror of darkness and wailing accusations pressing all around. I did not regard nor hear their cries. Rather, I instantly reached up, as it were, took hold of Jesus' face with both hands, inches from mine – in my “seeing,” looked straight in His eyes looking into mine, and repeated twice, “Jesus, You are my only life: You are all there is in me.” After the second time, the press of darkness vanished and was no more. I had not heard it at all.

And this is the crux of the present Salvation in which we live. Let me explain.

In this three-part definition of Salvation, I am not speaking of being born again and being baptized in the Holy Spirit; that is, I am not referring to Passover and Pentecost, but only to Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles has three parts, the Feast of Trumpets for seven days, the one Day of Atonement, and then the Feast of Booths for seven days, culminating in the final Sabbath, the last day of the Feast.

I had always imagined that we “passed through” the Day of Atonement in order to arrive at the final part of Tabernacles. I was so wrong. You see, it's Trumpets (hearing) – Day of Atonement – Tabernacles. That is, entering Salvation, living in Salvation, revealing Salvation, or entering into Jesus, living inside of Jesus, revealing Jesus. The Day of Atonement is forever; it is the Day of Salvation. Regardless of any outward ministry or no outward ministry, we will forever be living inside of the Atonement, inside of Salvation, inside of Christ Jesus.

As individual persons, inside of Jesus is the only thing we know. What is true of Jesus must be true of us, because we live only inside of Jesus. What is true of us must be true of Jesus, because we live only inside of Jesus.

This is Salvation, and it is forever. Salvation Revealed, going forth bearing fruit, all the manifestation of Spirit and Body, all of it is just the out-workings of this most precious union and communion of Jesus and me – Jesus and you. – The Day of Atonement is forever.

Trumpets is every Word God speaks coming into me as my very and only life. Tabernacles and its aftermath is Spirit and Body going forth revealing Christ to all. But Salvation, this most precious of dwelling places, this place where I live is Jesus having forever become me in what I find myself to be in all things in the present moment. Precious communion inside of forever union.

This communion that is Salvation takes place only inside of Union, thus the Door, for us is always closed and sin and death are always far away, kept far away by both blood and cross on the outside of that Door. You see, in that moment of horror in the middle of the night, my Salvation was not the casting down of all accusation. My Salvation was Jesus; it was knowing Jesus alive and now and as my very and only life.

Yet it is God who has placed the voice of accusation right there inside of our present knowing of Jesus, not for us to hear, God forbid, but for us to cast down. It is in casting down all accusation, both within and without, that we KNOW this One in whom we live.

Our job is not “to set creation free.” Our job is to know what living inside of Jesus, what Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, really is and means in its depths and reality. And then, our knowing of living in Jesus will by its very nature, set all creation free as that same Spirit flows out of us together as one Body.

With zero thought of “myself,” my job is to enjoy this Place in whom I live, knowing Him in all that He is and as far as He goes. I'm not speaking, here, of anything outward. I cannot move out through One Spirit to connect with you as One Body except I know, ever more deeply, this Jesus in whom I live. And I do not know Him by His outward ministry, but only as He showed Himself to be, a Man laying down His life for me, and I also.

For, you see, you and I carry inside our chests the very Mercy Seat, the Throne of heaven, our own hearts.

You shall put the mercy seat on top of the ark, and in the ark you shall put the Testimony that I will give you. And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat. . . Exodus 25

– I am the Ark of the Covenant, human flesh, with all of God on the inside of me and all of God on the outside of me. The New Covenant is not written “upon” my heart, rather my heart is all the Words of the New Covenant in its fabric and makeup. The Mercy Seat of heaven sits as the top part of my heart. And there, upon that Mercy Seat, between the cherubim, I meet with you and you with me. There, and there alone, we speak with one another and God through us to all. – (Please say this as yourself.)

This is the core and center of the Covenant.

This is My commandment that you love one another. – For we are members one of another. – He who loves God must love His brother also. – Love one another just as the Father loves you.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.

When friends hurt me so badly and without cause, what do I do with them? I draw them upon the Mercy Seat of God, my heart, here above the Blood, and I forgive them of all on my part, but on their part, I extend life and honor to them. You see, this Blood, though it is One with the Blood out on the outside of that closed door, yet this Blood is for a different purpose. By this Blood, sprinkled here upon my heart, I extend Mercy to you.

It is here and here alone that we KNOW this One, this Salvation, in whom we live. Whatever goes out from us, goes out from this place alone. The river of life flows out from the Mercy Seat. Spiritual gifts and ministries can operate freely inside of church. But Church comes only out from the Mercy Seat, only out from my laying down my life for you. You see, “laying down one's life” is just another way to say “Mercy, or “the highest regard,” or “Love,” or, as it turns out, “Father.”

Let's go back up to the moment. – Friends who hurt me badly and without cause. – Every human emotion comes into play, this is normal. I am and will always be human, Christ as me. I am frightened, stunned, hurt, angry, and more frightened. Every part of this is Christ sharing His emotions with me. Don't think for one moment that Jesus did not feel this way as Judas betrayed Him to death, as Peter cursed and denied, and as all the others ran away.

In this place of frightful vulnerability and bottomless weakness, what do I then do?

I could create my own life either by striking back in some way or by withdrawing myself into bitterness and hurt. Or I could lay down my life, who is JESUS, for the sake of my brother or sister. I could, here inside of Jesus, in-between heaven and earth, here, inside of Jesus, above the Blood upon the earth, my heart, the Mercy Seat, I could continue as I have done, speak with the highest regard and the tenderest compassion.

If you want Church, this is the only place it is found. If you want Christ revealed to all, here is its only source.  You gather together with other believers and they WILL offend you and you WILL offend them and both as awful as one can invent or imagine, with each one arguing that he or she is “right.” Church for real does not come out of Spiritual gifts or ministries. It is not known by place or order. Church comes only from one source, a man laying down his life for his friend.

And you know what? There is neither death nor dying to be found in my laying down my life for you. For here I know Father, and there is no death in God.

As the final days of this present age of human folly unfold, and we are most certainly in them, we will watch every form of pretend witness of Christ go forth across the earth. Do not be swayed by power or signs or gifts or anointings, even if they be from God. You will know the true second witness of Christ; they will lay down their lives for you. And you will know the true second witness of Christ as you also lay down your life for your friend. – You will know Father.

The second witness of Christ is the fullness of Mercy, the establishment of the Mercy Seat out from which alone the new heavens and the new earth come. Yes, we who live and walk inside of Jesus know gifts and power, anointing and ministry. Miracles are normal and incidental. But these things come and go as the wind; they are not our identity. They are not who we are; they are not the story we tell.

Those who receive power from power go out as power-mongers. Those who receive mercy from mercy go out as mercy-givers. Let us be Mercy; let us be Father. Then alone will we know real power, the power of life always springing up, love always poured out, joy anew every morning.

But God has given to us the greatest gift granted to anyone in the entire universe. God has granted us the gift of laying down our lives for one another. God has given us Himself; God has caused us to know Father.

I watched Catching Fire at the theater a second time recently. I must confess that the Hunger Games movies speak truth all through me, a profound study of human integrity versus the abuse of power-over. In the first part of this second installment of the series (three books, but four movies), a primary background character spoke a number of things into the main character's hearing, Katniss Everdeen, as they waltzed slowly across the dance floor. When I watched Catching Fire the first time a few weeks ago, I had forgotten the real role of this ominous character from the books. Thus I saw him as the movie portrayed him, an evil character, a close ally of the dictator. Thus, as I heard his words the first time, I heard them entirely as ominous, as doom and destruction, as horror and loss and endless sorrow.

All of that changes at the end of the movie – that is, it all flips totally around. Then, when I watched that same scene a second time, hearing those same words from a totally opposite point of view, wow! Every word this character spoke was, “I am on your side; I am with you, Know that nothing will be as it appears.” – But Katniss heard only what I heard the first time – horror and fear.

I live only inside of Jesus and Jesus inside of me, only inside of God and God inside of me. Thus everything in my life is found for me only here inside of God where I live. Every circumstance that comes my way, every incident, everything I do or am involved with is me inside of God and God inside of me. We walk together, God and I, in precious communion inside of perfect union. – I justify God in all things and give Him thanks for all.

My present ministry is to write, thus all things that come my way, inside of this Salvation in which I live, are for the purpose of flowing through my fingers onto this page, yet only in kindness and the highest regard for you. The difference of the sound of those words spoken by that character inCatching Fire, was enlightening to me. The words were entirely the same. Yet the first time I heard them, I heard them as Katniss heard them, by appearance only. Then, the second time I heard the same words, I knew the substance behind them. And those same words spoke something totally the opposite as they did the first time I heard them.

The words did not change; my hearing did.

I am speaking of the Bible and of the Nicene Creed. The Nicene Creed has some words God spoke mixed up with the reasoning of man. Some of that reasoning is true ideas, yes, but God is not an idea; He is a Person filled with heart. The Bible itself can be heard in either of the two ways in which I heard the character speaking in Catching Fire. The Bible is a horror if you hear it by outward appearance. It is a glorious wonder if you hear it by the knowing of the substance of God. The writers of the Nicene Creed codified their knowledge of the Bible as a horror. They wrote down partly true words, yes, but they cemented their wrong hearing into the fabric of Christian theology and expression.

But when 1 John 3:16, known only by those living entirely inside of John 14:20, having entered by Galatians 2:20, has become the reality of the life of Jesus as us, this life we live in and love and know, then we read back through the entire Bible, and, oh my! Every word speaks totally different from what we ever thought.

Every word has become God with us inside of Salvation.

Hear Christ alone; hear nothing else. Speak Christ alone; speak nothing else.

Then, as we fling the door open to go forth across the universe, there, piled tightly against the cross and against the blood is a vast pile of corpses twisted in the agony of death. “What are these, Lord?” we ask aghast.

“These are they who listened to the preachers who told them that the cross stands between them and God, that they must 'die' first, before they will ever be allowed by God to enter His fullness. These are they who, looking up to the cross, saw ever their sinful nature. These are they who, looking at the blood from afar, saw ever their continual sin, their continual falling short.”

And we look at one another and say, “Let us go among these our brethren and judge them by the Mercy Seat upon our hearts so that they also may share this Life we love.”

Only then will Salvation Revealed go forth upon this earth first, and after through all the heavens of God and throughout all realms created and yet uncreated, as a Body of Joy, as Life layed-down, as Love poured-out.

– As the laughing wealth of Father now seen and known and loved by all.