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17. An Account of My Writings

In all that I have written, except for my continual expression of faith in Christ my only life, I have made only one claim concerning why anyone should regard anything I write. The one claim I have made is that I have found all I have ever sought. I have found a continual and real fellowship with Father inside my heart, a fellowship that comes every moment through the One whom I love, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One upon whose breast I ever lean my head, the One who, in every difficulty of my life, lives now as me, carrying me in all that I am all the way I must go.


17. An Account of My Writings

© Daniel Yordy - 2014

A brother asked me about the order of my writings, how the Lord led me through writing the now (almost) twelve books that are published on Amazon. He wondered which things I have written would be the best to use to introduce the revelation of Jesus Christ to others. In this letter I would like to give an account of what I have written, how it has impacted my own life, and some perspective on which parts of my writing might be most useful to connecting with others who might be drawn to this word.

I often word what I write as if for some extraordinary reason, God has bypassed all the anointed and godly leaders in His church and made the incredibly warrant-less decision to reveal a significant part of His entire purpose for creation, what He is doing in the earth, and even what and who He is through a partly autistic 58 year old man who, while being of moderately above average intelligence and having experienced a very odd, some would say, cultic range of life experiences, yet has failed at most everything he has attempted to do, failed in community, failed in ministry, failed in friendship, failed in business, and even failed at the simple requirement of providing for his family, a man whom hardly anyone notices or would have reason to notice, a man who is so driven by his own vulnerability that he cannot stop until he is in the one place, the only place where he would ever feel safe – approved by Jesus the King in the revelation of His glory as His own.

Yet in all that I have written, except for my continual expression of faith in Christ my only life, I have made only one claim concerning why anyone should regard anything I write. The one claim I have made is that I have found all I have ever sought. I have found a continual and real fellowship with Father inside my heart, a fellowship that comes every moment through the One whom I love, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One upon whose breast I ever lean my head, the One who, in every difficulty of my life, lives now as me, carrying me in all that I am all the way I must go.

In all that I speak, I speak out from what I find on the pages of the New Testament and out from the immediate joy of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would God actually reveal Himself in the revelation of Jesus Christ to His church through one such as I?

The truth is, if He would, then there is hope for you as well, that He would also reveal Himself though you.

I have shared many of these things in bits and pieces, but here I would like to weave the story together into a more complete account. To do so, I must expand the context of my writing to include the relevant parts of the history through which God has led me.

I had always wanted to write, but of course, I have always wanted to do a great many things and have had the wonderful opportunity in life of experiencing so many of the things that do interest me. But the desire to write was something deeper in my soul; something, however, that found no well inside, no words flowing through. I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction, but, although I attempted to start a number of “books,” creating “facts” that came out of my mind only and not my heart held zero interest to me.

Many times over the years I held pen and paper in hand, longing to write out from deep within myself, but nothing ever came. So I did the next best thing, I copied the Bible, whether in writing out many notebooks of verses in innumerable word studies, or by copying books of the Bible out in their entirety. I really enjoyed doing that, because when I write something, I see it much more clearly. I am a visual learner, and when I see something flowing through my fingers onto the page, I am much more able to remember it. Every time I have a new batch of students sitting in front of me, I learn their names quickly, but only as I hand their first papers back to them, connecting the written name with the face.

I did write, then, two books through the 1990's while I was still in the fellowship of Christian communities I was a part of for many years, called the move of God. One I titled “The Unveiling of Jesus Christ,” and the other “The Two Gospels.” I don't look back at them, except for the brief view I wrote about in my recent book, The Two Gospels. The problem with both is that, although I had elements of the vision the same as what I share now, I did not have its heart. I did not know that it is Jesus who comes into union with us FIRST.

After the time of walking with John Eldredge through his books, 2001-2004, when God healed so many of the broken and twisted issues of my heart, I was basically sitting in limbo, longing to hear the words of the Lord flowing through me, Jesus singing in my heart, yet not knowing how or where or what.

Then, in the summer of 2006, my wife finally convinced me to attend the big mega church in Houston, something I had always resisted. I found quite the opposite of what I had expected. I found the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the kindness and favor of God. Probably within the second or third service of our attendance at Lakewood, I heard Pastor Joel Osteen say: “Speak what God says you are.”

Those words were a great light turning on inside of me. I rushed home to pull out my Bible and begin writing out every verse in the New Testament that somehow fits the concept of God speaking what I am. Since John said that we do NOT know what we are, and because I believe John, I then used the only pattern we can possibly use to describe ourselves, to hear God speak what it is we ARE. – The Lord Jesus Christ.

Although I wrote out only a simple list, book by book, I was overwhelmed by the things I was speaking (to me, speaking and writing are synonymous). And the greatest of all the lines were these words, from Colossians 3, Christ is all there is in me.

And so I had the material for my first book, The Jesus Secret, the bulk of which I cobbled together in the fall of 2006, not completing it entirely until sometime in 2007. I wrote The Jesus Secret both from all the things stored up in my heart over many years, all the word spoken into me, all the drinking of the Bible into myself, but I also wrote it from present experiences, for the Word God speaks is always present tense and personal to each one of us in the present moment.

The Bible is just a bunch of ideas until it becomes personal as Christ Jesus inside of you.

Now, there is a large difference between how I seek God to write and how many ministers of the gospel teach. Most that I know teach out from what they already “know.” They teach in an attempt to make clear to their hearers a given body of knowledge already possessed. I know of those who have taught under the anointing of the Spirit for forty years and have never changed what they teach. The same same knowledge of God coming through them now is no different from what they knew forty years ago.

Such a thing makes zero sense to me. I do not know God hardly at all. I mean, we are talking about God, here. More than that, I am blind as a bat and have been so all my life. I am ignorant and dim-witted. When I write I really do not know what I am talking about.

I write for one reason only, because I would like to know this One who tells me to call Him Father. I would like to know Him very much.

The truth is, most of those who teach the same thing over the course of their ministries are simply repackaging Augustine. They do not know that, but they are. No one ever questions Augustine as he has been thoroughly planted in them, and no one ever notices when they read things in the New Testament that simply do not and cannot fit Augustine. – They do not see.

You see, I cannot read these words, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God, without knowing two things about them. One, almost all other teachers of the gospel studiously avoid them, and two, this line is the largest line in the Bible, bigger than everything else put together.

What I mean is that, from writing The Jesus Secret until now, my knowledge of God and what He means by what He says has increased.

BUT – how do I know that I'm on the right track and not whistling Dixie or turning myself into the worst blasphemer in history?

I love God this morning as I have never loved Him before or even known or heard of such love.

And that is enough for me.

Thus, I have gone back through The Jesus Secret and changed a few things here and there, twice. If I did it again now, I would find more things to change to fit my present knowledge of God. One thing I changed was the idea that sin is in our bodies. That idea is refuted by Paul in 1 Corinthians 6.

And also, when I edited more of my earlier volumes, particularly Our Path Home, I also made the alterations to things I said then that I know now were not correct to what God says in the New Testament. We pick up so many ideas along the way and don't really know where all of them come from.

Before I talk about the next volumes I put together mostly from my Christ Our Life letters, I want to insert this distinction between my earlier letters and my later letters. God released me to begin sending out the Christ Our Life letters in November of 2008. Then, in September of 2011, I received an email in response to my letter, “Knowing God” (found in Gathering to Life), an email that hit me like a terrible battering ram with the false Christ that had caused so much agony against me all my years in Christian community.

That mighty blow of hurt and confusion, turmoil and pain, I responded to in the same way I have always done. I opened my New Testament and sought for the Lord Jesus in the words of Paul. I sought for Him, and He found me.

That mighty blow, sent only through my Father, and the letters that flowed out from my desperate clinging to Jesus in the midst of total vulnerability, mark a significant line in my letters and books. The primary distinction is the anointing resting upon what I write before and after. I recently read The Kingdom Rising, written three years ago, from start to finish. I found in its pages an anointing and clarity of the Revelation of Jesus Christ that is not the same in most of my earlier letters.

Yet I know this. Just as I have walked every step of the way, so others must walk that same journey. Thus my earlier letters are important to those who have not been this way before, and many of the things I teach now are built on the assumptions I came to know as I wrote those earlier letters.

We know everything we know based upon certain bedrock assumptions each one of us hold. This is true of every human on this planet. Most argument does not come from what people think they know, but from the wrongly defined assumptions out from which people think and live. Thus I wage war on the bedrock false assumptions out from which the shallow thinking of Nicene Christianity flows. Many people see that the thinking of Nicene Christianity is not correct, but because they hold the same bedrock assumptions, they cannot see the truth of Christ even though they look straight at the words of truth on the page.

I have readers who have been reading my letters for years. Yet they say to me in the present, “Wow, I've never seen that before.” My cynical part wants to say, “Well, hey, I've only said exactly that 1000 times and from the very start.” But the heart of Jesus in me wins, and I give God thanks, for God alone can open our eyes.

Now, the word “open our eyes” is an idiom of English that means, specifically, that God has altered one of our bedrock assumptions, removing one piece that was false and replacing it with Himself, as He speaks. When we say, “Now I see what God is saying,” we mean that now we are reasoning out from a different base assumption than we were before. This is what being renewed in our minds means. (I am re-explaining here the main argument of my first series,Home as It Really Is, also titled, The Goal of the Believer, and Journey's End.)

Writing The Kingdom Rising altered the largest base assumption of all inside of me, my definition of “God.”

Your definition of God RULES everything you think and know. If you have that definition wrong, everything else you think about God and truth MUST BE wrong. Your definition of God has been ruled entirely, first by Augustine, and then by the image of an exalted heavenly form, the highest of the angels.

A friend posted a snippet on the salvation of all on Facebook. First, someone responded with a complete rendition of the old and tired trot-out of Nicene theology, void of any knowledge of Jesus inside of him or any actual word God speaks in the New Testament. Then a second person responded with this question, “If everyone is just 'saved,' then why did Jesus have to die?” In the mind of the second person, he had defeated my friend's words with one mighty and scornful blow.

The very question, “Why did Jesus have to die?” demonstrates that the underlying base assumption, the definition of “God,” is false. No verse or argument can alter these brothers' minds unless and until that bedrock of their reasoning is obliterated, the lie of the serpent replaced by Father Himself.

Because my definitions of God were still mixed up and confused, my writing in my earlier books came out of what I knew must be true because of what God says. From completing The Kingdom Rising on, my writing has not come out of what I know must be true, but rather out from the immediate knowledge of Father arising in me every moment. The letter that first altered my definition of God was “God Is Beneath Your Feet.”

In the spring of 2007, I had not finalized The Jesus Secret, neither did I have any outlet to express the word burning in my heart. God was not ready to release me to speak His word because I did not yet know the one thing that is the source of everything else, our precious union with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet I had to speak, and, not having any congregation, nor any ability to gather one, I spoke into an audio recorder and put what was in my heart onto CD's. Those first words were entirely spoken, not written, thus they were a literary mess, but at least I had found an outlet for the fire in my heart. I spoke three series of words, with nine messages in each series, “The Goal of the Believer,” “What Is Man,” and “Transformed into His Image.”

Then I waited, longing to share with others, but still being completely unable to do so.

Meanwhile I finished The Jesus Secret and had copies printed into books. I mailed out most of those copies or gave them away, but nothing, really, ever came from that first sending out.

(1.) The Jesus Secret – written from September, 2006 through (ca.) August, 2007

This book is simply taking verses from the New Testament and turning them into statements of faith which we can speak. Our right to do that is based entirely upon the core contract we signed with God, that we are just like Jesus as He is. Thus we have the right to call those things that do not appear as though they ARE.

Many have begun reading what I share through The Jesus Secret, although that is not necessarily the first book I would share with others.

The anointing to write this book paused when I had completed Matthew through 2 Corinthians, and though I have wanted to write a second volume, Galatians through Revelation, I have not done so yet. The anointing to complete it, shaped differently than the first, shaped around the Covenant, may be there, yet it takes brain power to be that methodical and right now what brain power I may have must be used to support my family.

I do not write these letters by brain power, but rather by the upwelling of Christ from my heart.

Then, in February of 2008, as I was hiding in Jesus from a brother pounding Old Testament theology into the children in the Christian school where I taught, something more incredible than all other experiences of my life happened to me. – “I” disappeared, and Christ Jesus became the only life I knew.

In great excitement, I searched the Internet and quickly found the Christ as Us website and began to read, particularly from Fred Pruitt. From that time, for nine months, I spoke, “Christ is my life; I have no other life,” daily, nightly, moment by moment, against every wailing cry of accusation that hurled itself at me. Meanwhile, I had created the dyordy website, connected it to Gary Sigler's “Kingdom Resources” page, and gathered people signing up to receive my newsletter, Christ Our Life, which had not yet begun.

My letters are not read by many, but God does not begin with many, but with a few. He then brings those few to completion before He builds His house upon their poured out lives.

In November of 2008, the intense attack of the accuser faded away and God released me to send out my first Christ Our Life letter, “Faith Is Christ Made Personal in Us.”

Once released, the flow could not stop, nor even slow down. I write because I must. I don't write because God told me to write. – I don't write because I think I should. I write because I must. – I must know Him, and thus I must write.

Yet I am so thankful to God for the Internet, for how else could I find precious believers in Jesus scattered all over the world, into whom I could pour the river of love for Jesus in all the speaking of God flowing out of me.

Now, although I think in patterns and thus what I write must flow out as some sort of “series,” yet before God altered my knowledge of Him in the time of Tabernacles, 2011, my “series” were much more scattered as I bounced around, trying to fit the whole spectrum of what God says into place here and there.

It was in 2012, then, that I began the task of turning my scattered series into solid and thematic books. I have and CreateSpace to thank for that. It is so easy now, and so inexpensive ($8 +/- total cost) to turn one of my series into a published book available on Amazon. I take each of my letters after I have spoken the audio, my first proof, and place it into an already formatted layout in Adobe InDesign, the favorite tool I have ever owned. There I gleefully cut and whack, bringing it down in length. But writing and whacking is the only way one learns to write, and thus I do much less whacking on my present letters than I did on my earlier ones.

Now, I think that The Kingdom Rising was the first of my books to appear on Amazon in August of 2012. The order of the appearance of the volumes is not important, however.

What I did was to turn the core of each series into a volume, some of which combine more than one series. Then, I took many scattered letters and fitted them in thematically where they could go, though still bouncing from truth to truth as we must. Thus, the order in which the chapters appear in the following books is NOT the order in which I wrote the letters.  The core of each of these books is in order of writing, however.

Let me explain here what I mean when I say, “bouncing from truth to truth as we must.”

I write, in part sometimes, as the conductor of a symphony. The music of a symphony orchestra is far, far more than the sum of each individual instrument being played. The conductor goes from one group of instruments to the next, directing each one as it plays its part, but all must play together, all the time. Thus I weave the truth together, calling one reality to sing its part, and then immediately calling the next to sing its part, all at the same time. Some may find my writing hard to comprehend, but I know that truth must be heard in the same way a great concerto is heard, all the Joy of God singing together.

The way many think and teach – and that's right for them because that's the way God made them – is to present to you just the clarinet. Then, just the violin. Then, just the drums. Then just the trombones. The problem for me is that all those lines of music were written to flow together. Each line or instrument by itself cannot give you the full meaning of why it is played in that way. As all the individual instruments, all the separate lines of truth, are played together, following the conductor, a new sound is heard by those listening, the sound of a symphony, a sound that can be heard no other way.

As I am writing, I am hearing the symphony. Thus I can only leap from one instrument to the next, one truth to the next, starting one, then going to the next, and the next, and then calling in again a line I had started earlier, then leaping to the next. I write in that way because I must, because only when all the instruments are playing together in your heart, all the lines of truth, can you hear what I hear.

(2.) Our Path Home – spoken first and then written, from February, 2007 through November, 2010.

These three series I first spoke into audio, then merged them together with my earliest Christ Our Life letters. The first portion attempts to place the first four most important verses in the Bible as the definition of the gospel and of salvation. The second attempts to define what being “born again” means. The third explores what it means to become like Jesus. Along with The Jesus Secret, these three series in one book are the foundation of what I teach, though I did not see Christ then as clearly as I see Him now.

Our Path Home might be a good place to start – for some.

(3.) The Great Story of God – a portion written in spring of 2002, then November, 2009 through May, 2011.

Approaching God as story is my favorite way of knowing Him. I had this title since the early 1990's and always wanted it to be a grand book. It's not, just a little thing, but most precious to me of all my earlier books. Into this book I wove the story of my first experience with Christian community at Graham River Farm in British Columbia, things I had actually written in 2002. In it is the most important truth I teach, “Christ Planted in the Earth,” the forerunner of Gethsemane and the Mercy Seat and the reality I am driving home in every letter in the present series,Musings on Union, that we are flesh of His flesh.

(4.) The Unveiling – written from January, 2010 through June, 2011.

This also is a title I had from the early 90's, and the title I put on my first book, the one I don't look back at, “The Unveiling of Jesus Christ.” I have always wanted to write a systematic theology (I am a human created in the likeness of God, after all), yet I have not known God as I must before any such thing could ever be true. In this volume is found two series, my first attempt at unfolding the book of Revelation in its fulfillment through us in the present day, and my first attempt at “Union with Christ,” which is actually an expansion of my earlier series, “What Is Man,” in an attempt to further define what it means to be born again.

(5.) Gathering to Life – written from June, 2010 through February, 2013.

The letters in this volume include an earlier series, “The Life of the Age to Come,” condensed enormously and combined together with all the letters I had written on the community of Christ merged all through the other series. Thus this book contains individual chapters that seem to me more anointed and others less so. Also, I wrote The Kingdom Rising and The Covenant before I came back to finish this volume.

To answer the brother's question, I would call these volumes introductory teachings. That doesn't mean I would start a new reader there, except maybe with The Jesus Secret and Our Path Home – or even The Great Story of God by itself, though not The Unveiling or Gathering to Life. Of course, where any new reader “should” start is in the Lord's hands and different for each individual.

And, of truth, many readers begin reading what I write with great excitement, but then, after a bit, I never hear from them again. I assume that they came across something God says that they could not allow to strike a blow against their already-carved-out bedrock assumptions. I assume that much of the time, that bedrock assumption is concerning the nation of Israel, or the worship of America's military violence, or a preference of treating with God as the highest of heavenly forms far away, or a love of the Christian fantasy they call “heaven,” or one of so many things that one group embraces and the next rejects.  But I really don't know for sure.

Then, except for finalizing the earlier volumes, the order in which the chapters appear in the following books are the same or almost the same as the order in which I wrote them: 

(6.) The Kingdom Rising –  written from October, 2011 through July, 2012.

The great importance of this book is that, if I am successful, reading it will change your definition of God. Your definition of God MUST change. Augustine's definition must be shattered all through the core of your thinking, and Father must arise inside of you. The Kingdom of God CANNOT be defined by human and earthly kings and kingdoms. Human kings are metaphors of Satan, the “prince” of this world. God's kingdom is something entirely different. God's kingdom is Father walking this earth just being Himself.

The Kingdom Rising could very well be the book you might offer to a new reader.

(7.) The Covenant – written from May, 2012 (“The Two Covenants” earlier) through December, 2012.

I began this series with a desire to know the Covenant we signed together with God more clearly. I based that study on combining the walk of Jesus through the path of the atonement together with the development of our knowledge of God as portrayed by Moses' tabernacle in the wilderness. At the same time, the most important verses in the Bible inform our knowledge of the Covenant. It was in writing this book that the reality and meaning of the Mercy Seat of God, our hearts, became known to me. Although some who had themselves been seeking God to know Him connected with my writing through this book, I don't think I would use it to start anyone out – but then, I don't know what God is doing in any individual person.

(8.) The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible – written February through March, 2013.

I wrote The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible with the intention that this little volume would serve as the introductory book for what I teach, and thus I do recommend to anyone that purchasing and passing out copies of this book would be a good thing. If you desire to purchase more than, say, three copies of this or any of my books, then email me. I can get you those multiple copies at a cheaper price than through Amazon.

I had written out eight most important verses that I inserted into Our Path Home in earlier letters. But my first attempt was not satisfactory. Because of the importance to me of making the truth as simple and clear and connected as I can, I spent much time crafting and re-crafting the pages of The Ten Most Important Verses. Now when I read it, it seems seamless and deeply anointed to me.

Our knowledge and relationship with God is based on what He says in the Covenant He signed together with us. BUT – as I said earlier, we define everything by base assumptions that are largely unknown to us, and most of the base assumptions most Christians hold by which they define everything else God says, are NOT these most important and ruling verses, but rather things God does not say. It is my intention and desire to see these ten “verses” become, not just nice ideas, but the defining base assumptions inside of each reader that undergird and rule over all other thinking and all other reading of the Bible.

(9.) Through Eyes of Fire – written February, 2013 through October, 2013.

I have spent more time writing out word studies of the book of Revelation more than any other portion of the Bible. Before I had turned thirty, God delivered me from the sickness of using my brain to force His words into some scheme of application to the political events of this world. I do not do that to His Word; rather, I take each word God speaks into my heart as Christ my only life and there I hold that word, allowing it to rest and then, to bring forth the life of Christ that is in it by the timing and hand of my Father.

Through Eyes of Fire is my attempt to use the metaphors and symbols John saw in his vision on Patmos to address the elements of the closing out of this age of human folly as God really says. In it I define the beast of Revelation 13 as well as many other symbols in the vision. I do not see anything in John's vision as a reversion back to Old Testament thinking. Rather, John's vision is simply the truth of his gospel and letters in a third form.

Although many people like to study different takes on the “endtimes,” my interest is only in the revelation of Jesus Christ through us now upon this earth. There are many powerful understandings that developed in me as I wrote these letters. Reading into audio the prayer found in “Sealed in the Midst of the Storm,” on top of all my speaking of Christ coming before, changed my life and experience with God more than anything thus far. This is an important book, but not necessarily one which I would give to new readers. But that's just me.

(10.) The Two Gospels – written September, 2013 through March, 2014.

We can know God only as the base assumptions rooted in the bedrock of our thinking by Nicene Christianity and by reading the Bible apart from living inside of John 14:20 are dug out and replaced with the definitions of God, of Jesus, of Salvation, and of ourselves as they are true in His word. This volume is my strongest attempt to show how Nicene Christianity is false and how the truth of the gospel is something entirely different. I do so by attempting a holistic definition of many specific things.

As I read through this volume now, I find it to be one of the most anointed sets of letters I have written. In the middle of writing this book, I went through a difficult experience of the throwing of spears in which I was the target, simply because of my desire to make the truth of God in me as clear as I can. Thus the last half of the book was written in the midst of difficulties shared entirely between Father and me.

I think that The Two Gospels would be a great book for someone to start reading this word. The first two chapters introduce Christ our only life in a similar way as the first two chapters ofOur Path Home.

(11.) The Feast of Tabernacles – written March, 2014 through September, 2014.

I am convinced that The Feast of Tabernacles is the most important volume I have written. My purpose in writing it was to apply the feasts of Israel's religious year to the glorious truth of Christ revealed now through us. The entire New Testament is built upon the fulfilment of these feasts in the life of the church as well as upon the layout of the tabernacle in the wilderness. No one can comprehend the truth of the gospel apart from laying that truth upon the structures of feasts and tabernacle BECAUSE the New Testament  and all the action in it is based entirely on those structures.

The Feast of Tabernacles is an excellent choice for introducing a new reader to the truth of Christ our only life. Writing this book has so changed my life and knowledge of God. Indeed, thinking in the present moment, it is my favorite book. The image of the crossing of the Jordan in all that it means so rules now my knowledge of Christ revealed through me, of the entrance of the knowledge of God into the experience of the universe.

(12.) Musings on Union – written October, 2014 through January, 2015.

This is the strongest series of letters I have written yet, a topic that grabbed hold of me, not I of it. I would not recommend this for new readers as it is meat for the mature who are already established in the revelation of Jesus Christ and in the bedrock thinking of the ten most important verses of the Bible. In this series I contend that union with the Lord Jesus Christ is for the purpose of Father walking this earth through us, of Father being revealed to and known by creation, through us, His body, the very flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. I intend to finish Musings on Union with eighteen letters, soon completed, before turning it into a book on Amazon.

More books to come?

I don't know; I cannot predict the future. I sense that these twelve volumes are the full expression of the river of Christ arising in me in the present season. I have two other volumes in mind, both of which require brain work. It is perfectly godly to use brain work in expressing the truth, so long as such thinking is immediately and only flowing out from the Spirit of the Father. I know instantly when my words are no longer connecting with that Spirit, and I simply block and cut and write that thought no more. At the same time, I know that there is a level of the testimony of Christ that can be written only out from full Church Life, Christian community. I wait on God for my return to such a way of living.

All of my books NEED editing. If I had the money to hire the right editor, I would do so immediately, probably starting with the last three. The problem is that it would cost an average of $2-3000 per book, money I do not have access to at present. I like good editing. The problem is that I cannot know what the average reader hears by the words that I write. I know what I think when I write, but I cannot know what the reader thinks I am saying. Sometimes those two things are very different. While I believe that what I share is the truth of God, as Peter said we must speak, none of the combinations of words I choose to use can be “sacred.” I would gladly and quickly change how I word anything if by doing so, it would win a dear and precious reader to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ arising inside of them.

Why so many books?

Because I like books. My house is filled with thousands of books, on bookshelves in most every room. If I had the money, my bookshelves would certainly increase rapidly. Since CreateSpace is so easy, I'm just having a blast putting as many books as I can write out there into the public space.

I designed and built buildings of my design mostly because it was fun. I taught school and designed most of what I taught, including whole college curricula, mostly because it was fun. I write and publish as many books as I can because it is so much fun.

With great agonies come also great joys, and I delight in so many things.

I am just like my Father, nothing fills my heart with more happiness than to design and to create.

Nothing, that is, except you, to see you standing in all the glory of Jesus in His revelation.

And for that, I would lay down everything else, as my Father also does.