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15. Real Life

Real life is one thing alone. Real life is knowing Father, and knowing Father is believing that what God says in the Covenant He signed with us is true. Real life is travail. Real life is God known, God revealed.


15. Real Life

© Daniel Yordy - 2014

I sit here in the incredible knowing that Jesus in me and as me has broken the curse. Yes, I know that present reality must and will work itself out in the arena of God's creation. But just as Jesus' real Victory came in Gethsemane before either cross or resurrection, so ours comes in that personal moment inside of knowing Father as He is.

We did not know Him. We did not know Him.

But now we do.

It has just dawned on me that all of Nicene Christianity, no matter all their “theology” and all their brass foreheads, truly and actually are convinced, without question, that Jesus is NOT God. When they say that the bedrock of their “Christianity” is their belief that Jesus is “God the Son,” they are not speaking the truth. You see, they “believe” that Jesus is a form in heaven whom they will be able to “see” only after they die, and they believe that this Jesus is not here now, but will come “someday.”

God is eternal and infinite. That means that God is ALL HERE NOW at every point and in every moment.

No matter how much they call their image of a someday Jesus “God,” the very image they proclaim is entirely a NOT God. Indeed, it is the image of Apollo the sun god, the dude with the halo, foisted onto Christianity by Constantine and his false cross.

Let's remove all things from God the Father in our imagination. Any reference in Scripture to “before the creation of the world” is entirely figurative. God is only all here now; He has, in Himself, no “past or future.”  Thus, if we can conceive of God as ALL HERE NOW, then we know that “removing all things from God the Father” is an imaginative exercise only .

Father is never alone, for all things exist in Him.

Yet that imaginative exercise, in order to conceive of a “God alone” is that Father, then, this invisible One, is without Jesus and without the Holy Spirit. Thus, this total invisibility of God we know of only as Father.

Now, God's movement “out from” Himself in His invisibility and un-known-ness, is also all here now, continuously all every moment at every point of space, time, and substance, in all creation, heaven and earth.  God moves out from His invisibility in two ways. On the one hand, this invisible God we call Father moves out at every point in every moment to create and to sustain. On the other hand, this invisible Father moves out into that which is created and sustained to make Himself known.

The very act of God moving “out from” His all-continuous Self to create/sustain, something that is always all here now in all creation, we know of and describe by the metaphor “Spirit Word.” Note that in English the adjective comes first and the subject of the adjective comes second (In Spanish it's the other way around). Thus Word is always the subject and Spirit is always the adjective that describes Word. The two are never separated in any conceivable way.

Here is the most wonderful thing about God. It is John who gives us the three things God is:God is Spirit, God is Love, God is Light. The largest of these things, and the center, is God is Love. Now, God is Love means first that God is a Person, a Person with a Heart. God is the most personal Person of all. And God is Love means second that God is Family. Thus Father, even in His invisible “aloneness” simply is not and cannot be alone.

This Father, extending Himself out from Himself to be and to know family, by His very nature and being causes persons, many persons, to be the reality of Father out-ness, one might say.

The first “form” Father takes, as He moves out to create and to be known, is always as a person, and that first Person continuously out from Father as Father extends Himself all now here in every place and in every other person, is Jesus. Thus Paul says that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation. Those who attempt to call Jesus “God the Son,” which is, in their minds, an isolated and solitary image, and thus a created “form,” will claim that Paul's statement is attempting to put Jesus into the realms of time, that there was a “time” when Jesus was not.

If God is all here now, then the idea that Jesus was “not” is simply absurd. More than that, the idea that Jesus is a someday Christ is just as absurd. If Father is all here now, then His appearing out from Himself making Himself known, Jesus, is also, in every way, all here now.

Now, remember that God moves out from His invisibility in two ways, to create/sustain AND to make Himself known. It is evident that these are two VERY different things. If God is interested only in creating and sustaining, yet never making Himself known, the universe would be a very different place.

If God were interested only in creating and sustaining without making Himself known, the universe would be all perfection as man defines perfection. There would be no darkness or evil or hurt. Every created being would exist in bliss and happiness according to their construction. Because we are humans, our bliss and happiness would certainly not be boring, for we are happiest at the edge of – and just after, adventure. Yet our bliss, in that state, would be robotic.

And in this wondrously happy, but robotic creation, Father Himself would forever remain unknown.

Father known requires something entirely different always coming out of invisibility than that which causes create/sustain.

Father known requires travail.

And here, in this reality of Father becoming known, it is the Spirit who leads, for in the Holy Spirit are the feminine aspects of God, the bringing forth of life. The Spirit leads and Jesus simply places one foot in front of the other.

This is the most extraordinary reality. We are reaching for truth, not reason, here.

How can Father pass into being known by travail, by the picture He gives us, the forming of the Mercy Seat, the walk of the Atonement, except by the beating of hammers, except by the mockery and abuse of men?

How can Father become the Mercy Seat except there be hammers?

And thus it is this great need that is Father's Heart, this deep and personal NEED to be known, to be touched and handled, that then places the circumstances into His creation by which an anti-speaker comes into reality, speaking against every specific speaking of Christ.

You see, I am not convinced that creation is in any way temporal or even finite. If creation is the speaking and the revelation of God, if God is ALL HERE NOW, then how can creation not be?

Now, when I say that, I do not think for one moment that the anti-speaking will continue forever. The anti-speaking will do its work and then it will pass, yet the revelation of God, God known, is forever. But “eternal” and “continuing forever” are two very different things. Eternal is God, all here now. “Continuing forever” is the temporal aspect of creation. The very statement, “continue forever,” is a statement entirely of time. Thus the anti-speaking is most certainly passing away. Eternal is something entirely different.

This is a GREAT mystery because we are speaking of Christ and the Church.

There is One God, the Father. That means that Father alone is universal. Yet this alone-universal God is continuously sending forth out from Himself by creating and by making Himself known. Both of those elements of God becoming we know of as Jesus, a Jesus always filled with and attended by the Holy Spirit.

Father creating is Word, the all-speaking of God.

Father becoming known is Life, the Word doing something that is most extraordinary, almost inconceivable.

The Word becoming flesh.

You see, God can create and sustain by speaking Jesus out from Himself, a Jesus as Word, yes, but Jesus as Word only is a Jesus who is not yet Jesus-Sent.

God cannot become known without a woman, a bride, also continuously coming out from Himself as His image and likeness, yet then receiving that same Word God is always speaking, Christ Jesus, into herself, into her womb, as SEED.

And thus for God Love, the eternal romancer, to become God Light, God known, God revealed, God must become Life, God must become Seed, and God must be planted inside the womb of His bride, inside a heavenly woman, inside a woman of flesh.

God becoming Seed is Jesus. God becoming known is travail, you and me, His woman, who, in our weakness, in our loneliness, in our total inability, believe that what God says is true, personal and now, as our very and only life.

Real life is one thing alone. Real life is knowing Father, and knowing Father is believing that what God says in the Covenant He signed with us is true. Real life is travail. Real life is God known, God revealed.

Why must the woman travail in the face of the serpent?

Because the life she brings forth, God revealed, comes forth to answer every single accusation ever uttered against the speaking of God.

Do you see why we simply do NOT want to be speaking things God does not speak and calling our made up little cute pieces of human tradition “the Bible says”?

I see how most Christians treat the Bible – “Well, that could mean anything.” They act as if God has diarrhea and that the best way to treat with all this endless  ___ coming out of God's mouth is to shove all the offensive bits off to the side, “offensive” being something different to every little group – OR, they pick a few minor offensive things and use those wrongfully to rule over the gospel of Jesus and the reality of Father.

I cannot comprehend anyone speaking as if for God who does not stay on his or her face before God concerning ALL that He speaks. Have they no fear of God? Do they think that human recklessness is just a-okay? It is fine just to live one's life in peace and quietness, trusting what we do not understand. That is entirely Christ as us. But to speak as if “for God” words that are the anti-speaking? – That is the insane stupidity of the serpent.

As God reveals Himself, ALL anti-speaking, all, will go silent. Only those singing Christ, the all-speaking of God, will be heard. And the creation of the new heavens and the new earth, Father revealed, will come out of their hearts and mouths alone.

God is all here now in every moment of time at every point of space in all substance of the heavenly and all substance of the physical.

Father becomes known, however, only by becoming, all here now, personal in our hearts. Father, now Personal in our hearts, always all, is also Personal, Jesus Sent, always filled with Spirit and always sending forth Spirit as rivers of living water.

The mechanism by which this happens, God becoming known, is by one means alone.

Human consent. – Faith.

The seed of the woman. – Travail.

And the woman screamed to give birth. Revelation 12

 We must know, that Father Himself cannot have the desire of His heart, Father cannot become known by His creation, unless you and I make the simple, quiet, and very human decision, that God is speaking the truth, that our flesh is His flesh, that we are the revelation of Father.

There is no greater honor that can be given to the Lord Jesus Christ than that. In fact, nothing else is honor.

The only way Jesus is ever honored is as you and I, in our inability, in our weakness, in our gross vulnerability, in our travail, KNOW without any shadow of hesitation, that our flesh IS His flesh, that our every step, our every moment, IS Father pouring out His life, carrying all, reconciling the world to Himself.

Here is Love. Here is Life.

This is the picture by which God is forever known by us. This is the means by which God becomes known by His creation.

And the woman brought forth a male child, and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.

There is no greater marvel in all the universe than God revealed, wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger. God manifest in the flesh.

Christ is Father revealed in our heart and in our mouth.

Everything for me is reduced to and comes out from two statements in the Bible.

Christ lives in your hearts by faith -- Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything I teach comes out of what these two words, always together, MUST mean.

The question of “doesn't God create evil?” came up once again in response to my last letter. You will notice that I referred twice in that letter to Jesus' statement concerning the devil. I bring in every word God speaks.

You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. John 8:44

Now, amazingly, the only people who teach that God creates evil are those who teach that it is evil to say that God created eternal hellfire. No one else (the majority of my readers) imagines that I'm contradicting God when I speak of fallen angels. This is beyond me. I am convinced that when Jesus said, "From the beginning," concerning Satan, He did not mean from Himself as the source and the sustainer of all things, Jesus, the beginning of the creation of God. He must, then, have meant, from the beginning of the age of human folly and man walking upon this earth. Words have no absolute definitions. We know what any word means, yes, by how others use it, but also, by how it is used in immediate context. Most human words mean more than one thing – as every dictionary shows.

The first murder was Cain killing Abel. Thus defining Jesus' words as meaning, from the beginning of human folly, is fully appropriate. The idea that all evil actions come, every moment, out of Jesus, is not.

You see, I must take all things to actuality, out of the fuzziness of most human thinking. I must know the source, the root, not the many little branches as they appear. I must see the whole picture in order to know where any part, including any obscure phrase in the Bible, must fit. The blind men of Hindustan is a perfect example of most ultimate reconciliationists. They have lighted upon a couple of things they found in the Bible, things that are entirely peripheral, and they think out from those peripheral things to define the animal they imagine they have found.

We do not know God by the Bible; we know the Bible by God.

I also reason out from core assumptions, as do all. But my core assumptions are at the heart of the gospel, the Person of Jesus living in me. That was a firm decision I made during my time with John Eldredge's books, 2001-2004. I had sought to reason out from lesser assumptions before over many years and in my earlier writing. I taught then much of what I teach now, yet none of it fit and none of it – the same words – was life to me.

Thus all of my teaching on the present state and experience of the heavens, and all the reality of who and what God is and our experience with Him comes entirely out from what these words MUST mean.

Christ lives in your hearts by faith – Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Along with – Today is the Day of Salvation.

It is only after writing the last letter, and as I started this one, that Jesus passed in my understanding from being what was obviously a "created heavenly form" into being fully omnipresent and eternal, though not as Father is, but rather, in a very particular way. All the "God the Son" stuff in Christianity keeps Jesus as an image of a created heavenly form. Now I see Him as the continual entrance of God into our knowledge out from within us, every moment in every point of space in heaven or earth. The Father, passing out of invisibility, comes through Person - Jesus, the Mercy Seat, our hearts, in order to be who we are, God revealed.

This is what Jesus meant when He said - The prince of this world comes and finds nothing in me. He said that just before He said, He that has seen Me has seen the Father. Jesus broke all imagining of God as some heavenly form. God is the One who arises from within our hearts, right here and right now. We put upon ourselves, this Person of Father, by putting upon ourselves, spirit, soul, and body, the Person of Jesus, arising as the DayStar, all the light of God, every moment, from within our hearts.

We do so entirely by faith. There is no outward sight involved.

Thus those who die and see Jesus coming to them in the heavens, filling them with light and love, comfort and joy, cannot know God as we can know God. For that expression of Jesus, at least through the present time, remains outside of them.

It is to your advantage that I go away. John 16:7 (Read all of John 14, 15, and 16 in this light).

Now, we must continue to deal with the reality of the anti-speaker in God's universe. Do all evil actions come, every moment, out of the Lord Jesus Christ, OR do created beings who are created and sustained good by God through Christ, the word God is always speaking, choose to do every individual evil action they commit by blinding themselves to the knowledge of God?

Finally, I have gone to the Hebrew of Isaiah 14:12. I find exactly what I expected to find. Here are the words.

napalta - missamayam - helel - ben shahar.

fallen - from heaven -- shining one -- son of the morning.

Yes, translating helel, shining one, directly into Latin, is "Lucifer." That is a correct translation. English is half Latin. We could say it in English Saxon - shining one or lighted one, either way. Or we could say it two ways in English Latin, illuminated one or luciferous one. Thus, by the laws of human language, I see nothing amiss in using the Latin translation of helel as one way to "name" Satan, one of several. Now, here is an interesting thing. Paul said that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11). The Saxon word "light" is the Greek wordphotos, or phos. Thus we could also call the guy, Photon, the phosphorescent one, Greek, if we wish. or Spanish Luz, an angeles de luz, which you can see is also from the Latin, luc.

I find that most religionists do not understand what language is and what it does, what words are. Thus they stumble over the wrong things and magnify the wrong things. There are those so bent with evil hearts concerning the words and sounds of human languages, that they would damn to torment in hell fire forever all English-speaking Christians who imagine that they love Jesus, because the English tongue pronounces the soft Indo-European j/y as a hard "J" sound, and that using a hard "J" sound is anti-Christ!

Then, we assume that “son of the morning” is a Hebrew idiom for DayStar, although we can't know for sure.

Calling this "king of Babylon" in Isaiah 14 “Adam,” does not ring true for me with anything God says in the Bible. But some say that a "man" is never used in the Bible as a metaphor of angelic beings. Wow! God uses human rulers as metaphors of the powers of heaven all the way through the Bible.

Calling Adam the DayStar does not work for me, neither out from my knowledge of the Bible (Adam did not eat of the tree of life; Jesus was the last Adam only to bring the first to death) nor out from my knowledge of the history of Venus and its dramatic and overwhelming affect on earth, as it turned from the single, most beautiful object in the heavens, before the flood of Noah, in full view every moment to all on earth, close and vivid,  turning in one instant into a raging Medusa, scarring the surface of the earth with vast tentacles of interplanetary lightning as it raced by, and then coming around again to destroy about every fifty years, the last time being while Isaiah lived, in the 800's BC, before settling into its present orbit around the sun.

Yes, I know that I am seeking to understand the "universal theory of heaven and earth," the "summa theologica." Yet that impulse is God in us, for only as we understand the core meaning and reality of all things, Father arising into our knowledge by travail through Jesus in our hearts, does any of all the many seemingly contradictory aspects of everything fit together in the surprising ways that they do.

The stars of heaven – clearly used as a metaphor of angels – falling is a frequent Biblical statement.

It is evident to me, over and over, as I read through Isaiah 12, in just the same way as Ezekiel 28, that this is a Spirit word, that Isaiah and Ezekiel are using human rulers as metaphors of heavenly powers and persons, as Daniel also does. These who want to spiritualize what is literal all through the Bible, including "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" then stumble over using the word "man" or a human king as a metaphor of heavenly powers.

Yet, just as man is Father revealed, so also men are Satan revealed. Yet, even in that statement, my naming "Satan" is entirely metaphorical. Satan himself is a solitary and isolated creature, in only one place at a time. "Satan," as I use it there, is a metaphor for all the individual fallen angels under the whip of a very literal Satan (whip being metaphorical - this is how language works).

Father is not metaphorical. Father is real.

Almost all Christians, including most universalists (the only ones who claim evil comes out of God), want to claim that being born again, and God being our Father, are METAPHOR ONLY. That it is not real, not at all. They claim that God's metaphors are literal and not metaphors and that God literal is just a metaphor.

A talking serpent was in the Garden of Eden; a heavenly dragon stands before the woman. Ezekiel says that a cherub was in Eden. Calling the guy a serpent is metaphorical. Calling him a cherub is literal. If the serpent was not Adam, neither was the cherub. The “dragon” of Revelation 12 is also metaphorical, though heaven is literal.

Jesus is the beginning, the source every moment, of all the creation of God. Using Jesus' words, "from the beginning," as an argument that all evil actions come, every moment, out of Jesus, is simply, in my mind, the exercise of minds who do not understand the most basic elements of language. Yes, we have believed many such things in the past because we trusted what earnest and anointed people told us and because Father was not yet making Himself known in us.

We MUST expect everything we ever heard to be turned upside down and inside out. The only thing that will remain is this. – Jesus lives in my heart.

And the only thing we do is this: – Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I said, my present understanding of the heavenly realms as I shared in “In the Place God Has Chosen,” comes entirely out from considering what those two lines MUST mean as I engage with a very real Father filling me full with all of Himself.

Now, as ridiculous to us as it seems, we cannot remove the accuser from the birthing of God Life. The accuser was there in the garden, speaking “Did God indeed say,” right at the beginning of the human experience. The accuser targeted Jesus every step He walked through the Atonement, and the accuser stands before the woman to devour the Life and Revelation of Almighty God, just as soon as it is birthed into the knowledge of creation.

Why? No matter how much we don't like it, we cannot remove this central issue that God seems to require of Himself and of His Word – casting down the accuser.

Ephesians 3:17-19 and John 7:37-38 cannot be known apart from Revelation 12:10-11.

Being filled with all the fullness of God and rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies, cannot be known without and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb.

We know Father and Jesus Sent by casting the anti-speaker out of our entire beings, out of our heavens, out of our perceptions, out of our definitions. What good does it do to claim that believers don't have to worry about the devil, when those who make that claim use his form to define God and Jesus?

Life is God revealed, God as He is.

Now, I want to bring in again several visions given to Annie Schissler. I am quoting from I Looked & I Saw Visions of God, edited by R. Edward Miller.

That Holy Thing

As I entered His presence, He showed me something so impressive and frightening that I feared greatly. Although He specifically told me not to fear, even so, I could not feel completely at ease, for in almost unbearable pain and in great love, He tore open, as it were, His own spiritual form or body. Even though He had told me to look at it, I feared to and wanted to hide my eyes, for after this great tearing open of Himself I could see within. There I beheld something so terribly perfect in its holiness, that even the word perfection seems to sully it in my memory. This living something was very much a part of Himself, yet it seemed as though He were bringing forth, in a tremendous beginning, a new being from His own person. It was the same beginning in God that He had shown me several days before, in "The Place of a Beginning." For long eons He has waited to manifest this most Holy Thing which He is about to bring forth. – [This is exactly what I have been sharing about, God becoming known inside of and through us.]

The tremendous, radiant perfection - the holy glory of this beginning that He showed me - was so far beyond expression and so filled with holiness and God-life, that I felt greatly perturbed, and trembled even though He told me over and over again not to fear. It was something too high, holy and perfect to look upon.

When He said, "The hour has now come," it seemed that He was about to explode, not in an explosion of terrible destructive violence, but rather a pacific explosion. The He came forth, as it were, in this explosion, and it was tremendously sweet. From this sweet, explosive breaking forth, He extended Himself over all; that is to say, He desired to manifest Himself, pouring this forth upon those of His own ones who were waiting upon Him. To me it seemed so imminent that it appeared to be right now, yet I know it was not at this moment of our time. [Stated in 1972; the time is now.]

The New Life and the Angry Storm

Of late, every time He takes me unto Himself, I am made exceedingly conscious of the coming storm of persecution that is drawing ever nearer. It is already forming and developing, gathering its forces and heaping together its strength, preparing to break forth in hellish fury at a predetermined time.

This great storm of hate and fury, with its pain and bloodshed, is timed to break forth at the very same time as this high and Holy Thing that He [the Father] is bringing forth out of Himself shall be manifested upon the earth. The two things are forming in the invisible world at the same time and at the same pace. The storm of persecution and hatred shall break forth simultaneously with the coming light of this Holy Thing that He is bringing forth; which shall be manifested upon the earth in those whom He has chosen exclusively for Himself, and in whom He shall come forth in this new beginning.

God's View of the Storm

In prayer, God lifted me up into Himself and again showed me the great storm of evil and persecution that is coming upon all the earth. For the first time He showed it to me as He sees it, and not as I have seen it through my own eyes. To Him this storm was a most beautiful and glorious working out of His perfect will, which was bringing forth great blessing and not the destruction I had hitherto seen. In spite of being such a tremendous storm, nevertheless, it was not evil at all, but was filled with goodness. Seeing the storm as God sees it took away all the horror I had felt before concerning it.

Before it had appeared tragic and evil to me, and its image had haunted my natural thoughts because of its evil portents and terrible power, darkness, destruction and pain. I now saw an entirely different image: the storm as it really is - a wonderful and powerful wave of His cleansing power and grace which is bringing forth rich blessings.

His Presence Develops

God placed within His own ones something that did not fully develop in all of them. The development of this living thing only came forth into fullness in those who came into a state of His continual Presence, and who were continually dwelling in Him. This development came not by works, nor by strengths, nor by the strivings of man, but only by the continual Presence of Christ in their lives.


– But only by the continual Presence of Christ in their lives. This is the only thing that I teach, something we know only be faith, yet something that is literally real, literal in spirit, literal in soul or self, and literal in body.

Evil is not any kind of universal spirit; neither is it a mindset. Evil is only solitary wicked actions in violation of the Love of God.

There is one thing God CANNOT create. God cannot create not-God.

All evil actions are part of outward appearance only. Goodness is the substance of all things. All evil actions must be answered with the recompense of justice to each person who suffered by those actions, yes, and God with us turns the outcome of each evil action into goodness. But God makes no being evil, nor is He responsible for any evil action. God cannot know not-God; therefore God cannot be party to any act of self-blinding committed by any angel or any human as they blind themselves to the knowledge of God or as they act out from such ridiculous and meaningless not-God-ness.

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne.Revelation 12:1-5

This whole picture, including every element in it, IS the revealing of Father through us to the universe.